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British diplomats caught spying on Russian Airbase

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After being caught spying on the airbase Russian secret services confirmed that British diplomats used special photo and video recording equipment to retrieve as much data as possible.

British diplomats caught spying on Russian Airbase

Carl Scott

Written by Mario Andrijasevic exclusively for SouthFront

A source from Russian security services claims that numerous representatives of foreign countries, including accredited diplomats have been illegally trying to obtain information about the activities of Russia’s Aerospace Forces.

In early March, UK Embassy in Moscow’s Defense Attache Air Commodore Carl Scott and Assistant Naval Aattache R. Coatalen-Hodgson visited without permission the Mozdok region of the North Ossetia-Alania republic, an area with restricted access for foreign nationals.

“This area is included in a list of territories with special regulation for attendance by foreign citizens”, said the source.

The source from Russian security services confirmed they carried out covert surveillance, photo and video recording. The spies did not refute their acts, and refused to demonstrate the material, referring to the diplomatic immunity, he said.

After the British subjects were found guilty of an administrative crime, they were offered to leave territory, which is close to foreigners.

According to this report Carl Scott and a technical worker from the UK embassy were already back in 2012 detained by police in North Ossetia after accessing the restricted area.

In addition, also in March of this year, an American citizen Paul Brian Filmer was caught and detained near the Chkalovsky military airport in the Moscow region for using a radio scanner set on the flight center’s frequency and for photographing military and special task aircraft at the airport.

FIlmer arrived in Russia on a tourist visa and was later released. He was warned and a complained was lodged with the US embassy.

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Zuzana Rehakova

Why didn’t Russsians simply kill them? And let the corpses disappear.


If the dimwits had asked nicely through channels the Russians would have probably given them a guided tour.

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