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JULY 2020

British Diplomat Found Killed In Beirut. Suspect Arrested – Reports


British Diplomat Found Killed In Beirut. Suspect Arrested - Reports

Rebecca Dykes. Photograph: Uncredited/AP

A body of the British diplomat, Rebecca Dykes, was reportedly found on the side of a motorway in on Saturday morning in the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

Local police officials suggested she had been strangled. The body was found without any identity papers on the Metn highway.

According to media reports, a suspect over her death has already been detained.

“No details have been provided on the suspect, who was identified only by their initials, T H, in Lebanese media outlets. The suspect was arrested on Monday morning.

Local media reports said the suspect had been working as a taxi driver. Lebanese officials have said they believe the killing was not politically motivated.

Dykes worked as a programme and policy manager with the Department for International Development and as a policy manager with the Libya team at the Foreign Office, according to her LinkedIn page.

She had previously worked as an Iraq research analyst with the Foreign Office. She had a degree from Manchester University and a masters in international security and global governance from Birkbeck, University of London,” the Guardian reported on the issue.

Lebanese security forces are now conducting investigation.



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  • hhabana

    Probably murdered for turning down sexual advances from cab driver. Similar fate of American woman traveling alone in Istanbul in 2013. Western women should never travel alone in ME countries. RIP.

    • Brother Ma

      Yes could be. Another reason could be a well disguised killing of M16 agent.check her credentials and work.Typical spy cover!

      • George King

        Everything would be suspect here until confirmed otherwise. False flag by fill in the blank to bring in the usual suspects to destroy Lebanon, Hezbollah and to get to Iran. What appeared to be another MbS/Israeli failed intervention. The Lebanese ambassador and former President of Yemen story is the same modus operandi that was going to have the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon rise up against the Lebanese goverment. Split the Houthi rebel and former Yemen president Ali Abdullah Saleh forces.