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British Defense Ministry Releases Footage Of Strikes On ISIS After Reports About 5 Killed British Servicemen In Syria

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On January 10, the British Ministry of Defense released a video showing British airstrikes on ISIS targets in the Euphrates Valley in eastern Syria.

In a statement released with the video, the defense ministry released a list of targets, which were hit by its air force:

• Wednesday 19 December – Tornados destroyed a truck-bomb concealed inside a building south-east of Hajin in Syria.

• Friday 21 December – a Reaper engaged a group of Daesh extremists south-east of Hajin, whilst Tornados struck two workshops making IEDs.

• Saturday 22 December – a Reaper hit a terrorist heavy weapon and its crew to the south-east of Hajin, and Tornados bombed three Daesh strong-points including a heavy machine-gun position.

• Monday 24 December – Tornados attacked two Daesh-held buildings south-east of Hajin.

• Wednesday 26 December – Typhoons and Tornados struck five terrorist-held buildings and cratered a road south-east of Hajin to prevent Daesh moving along it.

• Thursday 27 December – Typhoons and Tornados hit three Daesh positions south-east of Hajin.

• Friday 28 December – Tornados destroyed a terrorist stockpile of weapons hidden underground in the western deserts of Iraq.

• Monday 31 December – Typhoons bombed a tunnel north of Baghdad where terrorists had taken up residence.

• Tuesday 1 January – a Reaper engaged a small group of extremists south-east of Hajin.

• Sunday 6 January – a Reaper struck terrorists in eastern Syria, to the north of Abu Kamal.

It’s interesting to note that the statement was released amid reports that at least 5 British soldiers were killed in a rocket attack by ISIS in the same area. The UK, which denies that its special operations forces are deployed in Syria, has not commented on these  reports. However, the released statement could be an attempt to draw the audeince’s attention away from the recent casualties and show that the British presence in the country has the purpose of fighting ISIS.


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Methinks the UK presence in Syria does have the purpose of fighting ISIS. But that’s also the PR purpose. The main focus has been to do whatever the fuck the US wants the UK to do as part of the ‘Special Relationship’. The UK’s desire to the First Vassal’ of the US. Which is why I laugh whenever some Brexiteer claims that the UK will regain its independence by leaving the EU. As if the 51st State ever had any independence before joining the EU.


Being vassal of France and Germany is more humiliating for the UK than being vassal of the US.


And how exactly was UK “vassal” of France and Germany do tell?

Only role UK had in EU was to spoil any advancement towards true independence of EU form U.S. and for preserving of dominant NATO role in E.U. (which is the same as preventing independence)


You know what? give me a break with “true independence” of EU from US, if you believe such mirage probably you have a Che Guevara tee somewhere in your wardrobe too.


True independence is accountability of EU governments to THEIR OWN PEOPLE not to Pentagon and Deep State itching for WW3.
Problem of “true independence” is not “mirage” but real problem.
Just count the number of US military bases in Germany and other countries of Europe where U.S. is NOT welcome to stay (despite huge MSM propaganda)
Another blatant example is Okinawa-Japan where people for decades protest against occupational force with no response from the PUPPET government in Tokyo

If you Americans believe that huge majority of Europeans are happy with your military presence than

BTW I am Christian & patriot and I have never been communist in my life.
I despise communist as much as I despise neo-liberals.


Okay this became ridiculous, first you assumed that I’m american just because I said EU will never achieve independence from US, why the fuck would an American say that, on this site?

Second you claim that if a country doesn’t have US bases that means their people achieved true independence and are in control of the government.

Let me assume you are Russian ;)


And whuy wouldn’t an American say that?!
Not all Americans are stupid or narrow minded.
BTW I didn’t think that you are American because of those words but because you are so touchy on the subject of EU independence and also for labeling me to be a communist which is their favorite negative label.

And if you are not from US what’s the big deal?!
No I’m not Russian and your irony is weak and logic failed because
Germany is U.S. COLONY despite all their ECONOMIC POWER.
So only full can ignore that and laugh about it.


German sounds credible. I didn’t think that you are a communist but rather an idealist which work hand in hand. However I have doubts because Germans have better English and one could easily see that it’s not my first language.

Germans try to economically occupy Europe under EU name and they have common interest with Russia to weaken smaller states.

The economic balance between EU and US is over 100 Billions in EU’s favor mostly because of the cars export in US.

Well well well, Germany whats to make lots of cars using energy from Russia and sell them in USA, they think they are slick, don’t they :)

Let me remind you that you were the one bitter about UK. UK can block Germany export anywhere outside EU, basically UK can sanction Germany.


“rather an idealist which work hand in hand”
You have not obviously been living under the communist rule otherwise you would never call communists – an “idealists”
They were EVERYTHING BUT idealists, they were rather opposite!

“EU’s favor mostly because of the cars export in US.”

That is now completely thing of the past specially because of huge number of processes against WW and BMW for compensation over the false declarations ( of the Diesel engines pollution’s )
Also now when every country must pay at least 2% for NATO and still execute orders from US what is the utility and purpose of NATO?

This is the 1st time
I didn’t know that UK can “sanction” Germany?!?


Obviously a communist from a country that didn’t have communism since I mentioned a Che Guevara t-shirt you dummy.

There is over 50 billions balance for Germany-USA trade alone https://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/balance/c4280.html

If USA kicks German cars they’re fucked so Germany will follow the Japan example and expand their military budget quite a lot and politely ask USA and UK “Where do you want our soldiers to be sent next, in Ukraine? Jawohl!”.

Or UK will send a fishing vessel right above North Stream to take themselves those 2% cause you know what? without them the most common name in Germany, today was Ivan.


Don’t understand what are you on about with” Che Guevara t-shirt”
…doubt it is important..

As for Germany will “politely ask USA and UK “Where do you want our soldiers to be sent next”
There is no way you will have US kicked out of Germany by only “asking”
If you don’t understand that than you don’t understand much.
They might open “Trump” military base in Poland but still they will not abandon Germany.
They will NOT ever RENOUNCE German occupation unless forced militarily or unless dollar collapses and their economy can’t support expenses any more.

For some reason you are quite brain washed and do not understand that Germany is OCCUPIED country since 1945.
Occupation Armies never leave unless FORCED to leave


You are full of stereotypes, French forced American bases out, after a dispute with de Gaulle, without any military use, also USSR had to withdraw bases from East European countries after negotiations but don’t hold your breathe cause for Germany that’s not even an option. Germany will pay its fair share for NATO because without ‘occupation’ it will be half in France, half in Poland ;)


“You are full of stereotypes,”
Yes I am and thank God for that!
Because some thing in life NEVER change and never will.

So listen to the old bone,;
You have been brain washed as nation, sooo much that your brains have been erased form collective memory on genetic level.
You live outside of reality.
De Gaulle has kicked US forces back to Germany where they have belonged (as occupational force ) and it was easy since France wasn’t occupied…
So France is not comparable to the German situation at all.
France was never appropriate since not occupied but Germany Italy and Japan are ANOTHER STORY
Sarkozy was perfect US stooge and US could have built the military base in France if they wanted to. But US is not afraid of France they are afraid of Germany as competition and what German industrial know how can do when connected with Russian limitless resources and energy.

” USSR had to withdraw bases ”
No they did NOT have to ! They had much more nuke missiles than US at the time and NOBODY could force them to do what they did !
USSR has withdrawn their bases without any compensation from West Germany because Gorbachev was Western agent and traitor.

Yes just make jokes…that shows how immature and superficial is your understanding of that essential problem…
MILITARY FORCE is EVERYTHING and politics is only blah, blah !


“US […] are afraid of Germany” …this is what a Che Guevara boy would think, or a Hentai boy. The other Europeans are afraid of Germans, not the US. If they want to be connected with Russian limitless resources and energy, Siberia can take all of them ;)


Whatever I had it…. can’t even have decent exchange of argument with u.
How old you are? No don’t tell me..this is waste of time!
I’m wasting my time talking to you.


Don’t worry, I won’t tell you.


frexit yes!!

You can call me Al

Hahaha, where did you get that crap from ?.


haha I think after a messy anal with your mum

You can call me Al

Oh, you as well. Fair play, you have answered my question.


Actually they are in symbioses US+UK+Israel…
They are together making strange creature that has many shapes and forms.
Well to bee more exact that creature has “5-EYES” and Jewish head. Usually crawls on people through MSM media and Hollywood movies. And spies on everybody over the Internet and any other possible way
comment image

Jim Prendergast

I count ten (10) eyes. Each person has two eyes. 10


Up-voted for incredible observation and deduction

Jim Prendergast

Thanks Jako. You can never be too paranoid!


Shhh… you might wake the sleeping kiwis

You can call me Al

I understand what you are saying, but many Brexiteers like me, mean independence and I would go so far as to dump the Yanks in their self made shit hole and turn Eastwards (if we haven’t ruined that already).

Remember, against the US wishes, we were the first European nation to join the Chinese Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), then the rest of Europe followed.

Dont believe everything you read.

The Europeans have nothing in common with the US.


The RAF have been supposedly bombing ISIS/whatever since 2013. From 2013 to 2015, the extent of ISIS-held territory dramatically increased as did the logistics of their oil looting operation. So the RAF is either incompetent, was actually not bombing ISIS, or both.

The UK regime sent ~6 SAS members to Syria a few years back. I wonder what happened to them. If they are now gone, there are no eyewitnesses to what they actually did. How unfortunate.


You can call me Al

I am not sure that you can say “The UK, which denies that its special operations forces are deployed in Syria”… as that Williamson idiot, even comments on the first death in Syria.


Xoli Xoli

Sorry British puppet soldiers for dying like flies because of your countries interference and greed.

Jim Prendergast

Nice to know these ancient aircraft can still drop bombs when unopposed. Now off to the Museum.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Just a coincidence, yeah sure it is.


No, that’s just a photo / video of a bomb going off.

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