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Britain To Deploy U.S. Nuclear Missiles On Its Territory

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Britain is ready once again to host US nuclear missiles in the face of increasing tensions with Russia, said British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond. It seems Britain is scared that Russia plans to rearm all its missile brigades on tactical systems “Iskander-M” by 2018. But the reality is more obvious: NATO started to place more weapons in order to unleash war with Russia.

The Minister Philip Hammond explained that Britain should send to Russian President Vladimir Putin “clear signals” in response to the “warning signs” of increased Russian military activity, including the installation of missiles in Kaliningrad, according to British newspaper Daily Mail.

Who would believe in these excuses divorced from reality? Russia sent a lot of “clear signals” that it does not want to attack NATO (Putin marked this idea could be true only in “insane” person’s dream). All Russia wants is to defend its people and sovereignty. But NATO has own plans, provoking a nuclear war. And Britain most likely wants to occupy an important role in this bloody process.

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