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Britain, France, US seek urgent Security Council meeting on Syria

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Britain, France, US seek urgent Security Council meeting on Syria

AlMasdarNews reports:  United Nations (United States) (AFP) – Britain, France and the United States have requested an urgent UN Security Council meeting on the escalating campaign in Syria’s second city of Aleppo, diplomats said.

The meeting was likely to be held at 10 am (1400 GMT) on Sunday, the diplomats said.

Intense air strikes happened in Aleppo on Saturday, two days after the Syrian army announced an offensive to retake the rebel-held east of the city.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon earlier said he was appalled by the “chilling” upsurge in fighting in Aleppo and warned that the use of advanced weaponry in the battleground city could amount to war crimes.

Ban cited reports of air strikes involving the use of incendiary weapons, bunker buster bombs and other powerful munitions in the offensive launched by the Syrian army two days ago to recapture the city.

He warned that “the apparent systematic use of these types of indiscriminate weapons in densely populated areas may amount to war crimes,” a statement from his spokesman said.

A weeklong ceasefire agreed between the United States and Russia ended on Monday and efforts to revive the truce failed.

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I wonder if Sam Powers will be wearing combat boots so she can stamp her feet louder?

Kristy Rain

shes already filed her teeth into points.. Hessian style.
and got herself a golf bag full blunt objects or “problem solvers” as she calls them.

Tom Johnson

Do you hear that sucking sound?

Kristy Rain

Funny, i thought that was the sound of Gawwy Johnson sucking every door knob, trailer hitch and rock hard throbber on the planet ✊??

Tom Johnson

don’t pick on poor Gary he is a crazy man and cannot help himself.


Looks like a ‘magic stunt’ to me

Suyanto Ng

West has no business in Syria, they just get order from their Zionist and Wahhabi gulf monarch buddies. As usual Ban is lame, as lame as UN. Western should solve their own sh**** domestic problem.

Temístocles Delgado

El terrorismo es una modalidad de agresión implementada por estados unidos y sus aliados para desestabilizar países que son obstáculo a sus proyetos geopolíticos de poder. Por eso estados unidos y sus aliados están metidos en Síria.

Rodney Loder

I’m plugging for Erdogan to maybe talk about being a seperate entity but not to support Britain France and the US advancing their interests by creating havoc in the ME. naturally Russia and China will veto their motion Turkey’s contribution will be a signal of monolith proportion here’s hoping Erdogan will remember Allah in the real deal.

Tom Johnson

? stop drinking

Rodney Loder

I don’t paryake, instead I donate to SF, wise choices never go astray, if Erdogan makes one I’ll take the credit for presenting his credentials in Heaven.Watch what happens to you at 6 o’clock tomorrow, sorry Tom Johnson.one last chance then that’s it .

Kristy Rain

here it comes…
US goes running to its buddies at The United Nations (league of nations)
“guise! guise! check this out! guise! listen!
ok! check this out! guise!

we need to get in there quick! we gotta say RUSSIA actually supports Nusra and ISIS and weve been victimized! trust me! people , libbytards and democucks, love the victim game and groundless, meaningless buzzterms! we say we are victims of ‘Relentless Rabid Russian Racism’ and oppression. we’ll say their *SOVIET* government *institutionalizes* hatred against OUR people and theyre RACISTS and need to be STOPPED!

come on guise! lets GET THEM!” -Samantha Powers, Chief of Bullsh*t


Lmao I can picture the closed door meeting going something like that. Hopefully Russia and China will put nato in its place about this. Especially after power’s little tantrum a few days ago

john mason

Urgent meeting because they are loosing. Makes sense, the perpetrators want time out.


Ban cited reports …. from ???

Hassadnah Abraham

BAN KI MOON is American stooges- WHEN US and its Alies send thousands of terrorist to Iraq, Libya and Syrian and committed murder to millions of population, nothing being said and done by him and UN to punish US.

Guy New

WE AMERICANS DO NOT WANT WAR .. but our false leaders who have tricked their way into power want it because they are satanist and desire WWIII to bring about the end times and make a path for satan to rise in jerusalem and then the end shall come.. please know they are using the bible as their playbook.. most so called christian here in the USA think Israel is Gods chosen people.. but only those Jews who have accepted Jesus will be saved the rest are being fooled as well as christian zionist. this has been done from the 1800’s with the scofield bible.. making false interpretations of scripture and then the catholic Jesuits having gained control over every religion and government have pushed this ideology in seminary colleges which created pastors in churches to push these lies.. Our only hope is in the one whom saves.. Yes this whole Israel taking over the area they call Israel is a forced interpretation of scripture but God has allowed it and it will bring about their end times and satans last realm. When Jesus was tempted by satan , satan offered him the kingdoms of this world. satan does have control over this world if people live for this world but those who live for Jesus will be with him in his world. Jesus told Pontius Pilate right before he was crucified that if this world was his he would call down 10,000 angels to fight for him. But instead he allowed them to crucify him to pay for the sins of all who would believe. Please believe and stay fully repented for all your sins or anger or hatred and know the times we are in. I pray you will seek Jesus with all your hearts minds and souls because if you do i will see you in paradise but if you are more concerned for this world which will falter then you too will go down with satan. that is satans plan to take with him as many as he can as he knows his time is short. satan has tricked all those who do evil. do not fall for the hate.. satan hates humans because we were made in the image of God unlike those fallen angels who fell to earth almost 6000 yrs ago and have reigned here both before and after the flood. it is all in the bible and even the Quran tells of Jesus as the messiah but the Jews and the now corrupt leaders of the catholic church and many christian religions have fallen for satans tricks.. please please please cry out to Jesus to reveal himself to you and know the truth.. He revealed himself to me and he is real amen .


What you want and what will get are two different things. Could start practicing ‘duck and cover’.


Oh, please, the desert religions, including yours, are the problem not the solution. If the world is to survive it must be rid of murderous lunatic religious ideology, including Xtianity.

Tom Johnson

speak for yourself I want Uncle Sam to stick it up mother Russia’s wazoo.

Edmund burke326

The US are good at that, they’ve trashed Korea, Vietnam, Japan (2 atomic bombs to frighten the USSR), Laos, Cambodia, Congo, Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile (supporting Pinochet), Grenada, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Philippines (killed around 1 million filipinos), Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, Somalia, Syria (funding islamic terrorists), Indonesia, Libya, Mali, Cuba, Ukraine… In Cyprus they’re threatening the leadership to accept a permanent presence of Turkish troops. The US military is present in 130 countries around the world out of 190 i.e. full spectrum dominance or ‘influence’ through expansion.”

The US and allies are also implicated in the funding of Boko Haram. And, is currently invading the African continent through Africoms (a couple of American soldiers were recently relieved of duty through allegations of corruption and extramarital relations).

Hitler’s 3rd Reich isn’t a patch on the US military industrial complex, moreover, when the US is prosecuted for war crimes the compensation payments alone will destroy it which is why they, America, dare not stop invading and destroying. A growing number of the world hope that metrosexual US Sam gets skewered. The WADA expose is a good start.

John Whitehot

like every zionist of course. pity for your kind that that way only brings to the flattening of most the world, with israel being among the first to dissolve in the atmosphere

Brad Isherwood

Ban ki moon
comment image

Uncle Benny ( Lethal Weapon 4)……was more honest.

Hassadnah Abraham

The world should not be deceive by US and its Western stooges forever. Terrorist act and invasion by US in Syria must be stopped immediately.

chris chuba

Where was the U.N. Security Council when the U.S. destroyed 75% of Ramadi with airstrikes? That was a really big city too.

I am all for having inspections after R+6 captures the city if they want to see if there was a disproportionate amount of civilian casualties but this is premature. This is the best way to end the siege quickly.


Use of indiscriminate weapons in densely populated civilian areas. Why do I keep thinking about Hiroshima?


their minion headchoppers and their special forces saudi US GB French mentors are put at risk by russian bombings. They are in panic mode

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