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JUNE 2021

Brief Look: Spread of ISIS And Al-Qaeda In Yemen In Context Of Saudi-led Intervention

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Brief Look: Spread of ISIS And Al-Qaeda In Yemen In Context Of Saudi-led Intervention

The article is provided by Islamic World News exclusively for SouthFront

ISIS has released a 12 minutes long video about its training facilities in its self-proclaimed province of Al-Bayda.

The southern parts of Al-Bayda as well as Taiz are one of the main battlefields of the ongoing Yemeni war. Houthis, Hadi loyalists (backed up by the Saudi-led coalition), Al-Qaeda and ISIS have own interestes in the area.

However, the slow growth of ISIS and the rapid expansion of Al-Qaeda in the areas controlled by the Saudi-led coalition and their allied units from the Hadi forces is extremely worrying.

Widespread acts of terrorism and assassinations are observed in many small and large towns, including Al-Mukalla and even Aden, the main stronghold of Hadi forces.

There are significant behavioral differences between the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda (formerly known as the Al-Nusra Front; now known as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham) and the Yemeni Al-Qaeda branch when it comes to the usage of force.

The Syrian Al-Qaeda tries using populist rhetorics in order go gain at least minor support from the local population. However, the Yemeni branch of al-Qaeda doesn´t show even significant interest in following the example of its Syrian counterparts. Thus, the Yemeni Al-Qaeda branch has proven itself to be as murderous and violent as ISIS.

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Sunnis are criminals, stupid and violent. What do you expect from them ???
Standing with shias is a better option.

If Palestinians were shias, they would never have been expelled from where they were living since 1000 years.

Real Anti-Racist Action

While 1 in 12 in the Gaza strip I have been told are Christian. Perhaps in the future many will convert either to Shia or Christian.
Perhaps that is just my wishful thinking.


I agree, Shias are much better!

Moussa Saab

I really do not know why Palestine did not expel the Zionist land-grabbers from the beginning, so much could have been saved.


Because Sunnis are weak and Saudi Arabia stands with israel.


Because it started relatively small, with small groups and numbers of Jewish settlers coming to Palestine, because then they paid for the land they settled on, because the land owners who sold them the land did not live on it themselves but in the cities, and because Palestine was a faraway province in the larger Ottoman empire, so the problems of the locals were of little interest to the Ottoman rulers in faraway Constantinople? And later to the British of course. For a long time it was only a small trickle, then the torrent took place after WWI, followed by a tsunami after WWII. Parallels could probably be drawn to the current immigration of Muslims in Western Europe, be it imperfectly. After all, despite similarities every case still has its unique differences.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Tsunami was during and after WW2 ,Hitler was busy exporting the bolsheviks out of the country and then more left after they were asked by the US/UK to keep on creating a colony in Palestine.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They didn’t think the UK would sell them out to US interests of which they did and continue to do so.

Real Anti-Racist Action

US interest? It was in US interest to reject all Jewish invaders who flooded into NY in the 1920’s and 30’s.
Israel is in the Jews and UK’s interest.
The Jews promised the UK that they would deceive the American republic into fighting the First World War for England who started it.
And in return the UK would give Palestine to the Ashkenazi-Jews.


The Jews wouldn’t allow the US to fight in ww1 until the Brits promised them Israel! The Rothschild organised this and admit to it!
They keep the records of it in their castle on display!
As in both world wars, Americans came late in order to profit!
ww1 gave Jews Israel
ww2 handed the spoils of the war over to America (Jew owned) and so the British empire became the American (Jewish) empire!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Jews started the both wars and bank rolled both sides. The Jews really nobody wanted as they have always been disruptive where ever they went. The Jews ever since the 1800’s have been trying to get support for the takeover of other people’s land who have been there thousands of years. They created these wars to facilitate exactly that and are believed to have faked much of the charges and claims against Germany.

The US has never needed much deceiving to make money as they have always been greedy and looking for ways to join in the wars. That is just a fact about the US it has always been a bunch of greedy grasping power hungry players looking for conquests. They even passed laws in the late 1800’s to this effect. Try feeding the nonsense about the US not wanting to get into fights, ever since they had delusions of an empire this has been so.


Just a little hop for ISIS to go from Yemen to Saudi Arabia.


A popular saying is that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is another, older ISIS which did succeed in building a stable state… No wonder they are Al Qaida’s and ISIS’ spiritual father (while the US and other Western regimes are their military father (yes they are children born from a same-sex union between two gays, I am sure they hate hearing this…)


Saudi will soon be Surrounded!
Iran, Iraq and Syria (East and North)
Yemen (South)
Qatar is Iran’s beach head on Saudi land!
And Bahrain has 80% Shiite population so no problem there! Good bye 5th fleet naval base!
Shit gonna hit the fan!

We will see Wahhabi sunni Muslims ally and fight with Jews! How disgusted must the muslims of Saudi Arabia must feel to admit this fact! This will be the end of the Saudi monarchy!

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