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Brief Look At US Strategy In Eastern And Central Europe To Deter China And Russia

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Brief Look At US Strategy In Eastern And Central Europe To Deter China And Russia

IMAGE: Marko Drobnjakovic / AP

On October 18 at the Atlantic Council, US Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Aaron Wess Mitchell made bombshell remarks removing the fog of informational cover from goals and actions of the Washington establishment in Central and Eastern Europe. The recent developmenst showed that representatives of the Washington establishment do not contribute much efforts to hide their real goals and double-faced policy as well as the humilating actions against and contemptuous disregard of other states and nations, first of all small states. In the framework of this  behaviour, the October 18 remarks by Mr Mitchell summed up Washington narratives and send a clear message to the international community.

Let’s look at the most interesting part of his remarks.

Mitchell claimed that the United States’ rivals – China and Russia – are “expanding their political, military, and commercial influence” in Central and Eastern Europe to the detriment of the Western alliance. He continued stating that there is “the urgent task of strengthening the West t ocontest the growing influence of our rivals”.

The US diplomat added that the US is going to carry out active actinos abourd, keeping them away from the US territory and sphere of the economic security.

“US strategy towards these regions today is guided by certain principles… First, America will compete for positive influence abroad,” he stated.

In fact, Mr Mitchell openly proclaimed that the US will contest its “rivals” using other states as a battleground. This will allow to keep the conflict away from the homeland interests of the Washington establishment. The US diplomat also pointed out states where this conflict will be ongoing. These are “Ukraine, Georgia, and even Belarus”.

“Today it is the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of frontier states like Ukraine, Georgia, and even Belarus, that offer the surest bulwark against Russian neo-imperialism,” he said.

The logic of this comment raises eyebrows. He openly suggest to contest Russia intervening into the internal situation in Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus. Nonetheless, he does not see any violation of “sovereignty and territorial integrity” in this strategy employed towards these newly created states.

Mr Mitchell also claimed that states of Central Europe are under threat of economic and political intervention in their internal policies. One can think that Mitchel’s remaks is about the US regional policy, but no. He accused Russia and China. The US diplomat also made a classic PR stunt claiming that Washington will “compete for positive influence abroad” using its public image.

“America is a powerful democracy whose example as a beacon of liberty burns bright and continues to draw others to us. ” he stated adding that the US expects “those whom America helps to not abet our rivals.”

Convering these propaganda claims into normal people speak, this means that the US using its unlimited influence tools (financial, military political and personal security threats) demands from its clients to obey and to follow its very policy and interests. This is also warning to national elites to avoid attempting to defend their own interests or intersts of their nations, which are not relevant to the US policy.

An example of this explanation is the following remark by Mr Mitchell:

” Western Europeans cannot continue to deepen energy dependence on the same Russia that America defends it against.  Or enrich themselves on the same Iran that is building ballistic missiles which threaten Europe.”

“The same holds true for Central Europeans.  It is not acceptable for U.S. allies in Central Europe to support projects like Turkstream II and maintain cozy nuclear energy deals that make the region more vulnerable to the very Russia that these states joined NATO to protect themselves against. “

The question appears how is the US defending Western Europe from Russia? What kind of measures does it employ for it? How is Russia or Iran attacking and threatening Europe?

It’s also interesting to note that Washington constantly adresses the energy projects like Turkstream II. This very topic has economic matter only because it threates super profits of the Washington establishment from LNG sales to Europe. Today, using its diplomatic and military power, the US is forcing EU states to buy LNG generating extra revenues (30-50%). These funds will continue flowing to Washington next decades if the US threats ahieve their goal.

Admitting the US neo-imperialism, Mr Mitchell also said that Washington “reject[s] Russia’s territorial aggression against its neighbor Ukraine and [rejects] China’s predatory ‘debt-mongering’ throughout Central and Eastern Europe.” What does Mitchell adress when he talks abotu China’s predatory ‘debt-mongering’? In fact, Beijing is employing a different approach – the policy of soft economic expansion. China provides its partner states and corporations with debts at reduced rates. Additionally, if the debt funds are spent on Chinese-made production, these rates become even lower or event 0%. In the framework of the same approach, the credit user gets discounts and instalments of date for Chinese production. Currently, the US is not able to compete with China in this field. Furthermore, in the ongoing economic war between the US and China, Beijing is slowly gaining an upper hand. This is th real reason behind these emotional remarks by Mr Mitchell.

In general, the speech of Mr Mitchell at the Atlantic Council shows a low level of competence of members of the Trump administration working in the field of the European, Russian and Chinese issues.

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Harvey Swinestein

Beacon of Liberty . …? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah zzzzzzzzz


Beacon of Nazi-Fascism.

Promitheas Apollonious

I wonder what drugs this as*holes are taking.

ابن العرب

In the name of AIIah, the most gracious, the most merciful. And hold fast to the Bond of AIIah together, and do not scatter. Remember the Favor of AIIah bestowed upon you when you were enemies, and how He united your hearts, so that by His Favor you became brothers. Statement by the First Brigade: In accordance with our beliefs that our union is a key to the success of our revolution, we, the First Brigade in Raqqa and Idlib neighborhoods, announce our full and final merge with the Free Idlib Army corps hoping that this step brings us closer to our triumph, freedom and Justice against the regime, its militias and paid traitors.comment image


announce our full and final merge with the Free Idlib Army corps hoping
that this step brings us closer to our triumph, freedom and Justice
against the regime

It does – the dead are truly free.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

It is time for you to meet your 80 virgins, all clones of your sponsor, the EVIL McCain.
Have a nice time!


Of course – that’s why you gotta show us a PAMPHLET!

ابن العرب

Watch this traitors, murtadeen and kuffar https://youtu.be/Tst3PmJPfug?t=11


Uh huh? That’s old hat you silly twat!
How about the new stuff? You know – those interesting goings on down Deir Ezzor way people hint at but no-one says?

Oooah – you don’t know?
Not for real are you.


“America is a powerful democracy whose example as a beacon of liberty
burns bright and continues to draw others to us. ” he stated

That is true in his home galaxy of Andromeda.

Here in the Milky Way, America is a powerful plutocracy that’s the beacon of suppression, oppression, repression, war crimes and the most vicious of crimes against all humanity.


As usual kids talking.

US does not seem to know , US is simply unsustainable looking at their deficits as though the world will finance them forever


…as long as we have the Petro Dollar.


China , Russia and other allies says…. buy only in Yuan all products cheaper… that goes the end of Petro Dollar. Oil is JUST ONE OF the commodities in the world …. China dominates the rest .
..and major oil expoerters are …Russia, Iran , Venezuela… vs Saudis who may throw the dollar. Then what. How is US going to earn a living?

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

“…America is a powerful democracy whose example as a beacon of liberty burns bright and continues to draw others to us… ”

The joke of the century!… Hitler must have felt something similar…

Val Shadowhawk

You mean Stalin.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

This Mitchell creature is just drunk with imperial power. Let me re-state his farts:
“America is a total joke of a democracy whose example as a beacon of total ignorant idiocy burns bright and continues to draw others away from US to the saner countries of the multipolar world”.
The warmongering US elite is in for a rude shock, or the Human race itself will be toast.


The U.S., the UK, IsraHell, Wahhabistan & France: The Demonic Massmurdering Slaughter-Machine…Supporters & Financiers of All Evil… PUBLIC ENEMY NR. ONE…Hang the Perpetrators…Heads on Pikes… Time has arrived to get them Pitchforks out…This Elitist Trash think they can get away with it…..

John Brown

If the racist supremacist global Jewish slave empire dictatorship implements these policies it will only help Russia and China.


The Elite already is made Visible and they are Cornered… which is a good thing… a next step should be; is to Seperate & Isolate them…take away their Finance…so that they are never able to pose a Threat anymore… All of their Warcriminals should face a Court…be Trialed and if found Guilty…. Hanged… this is the situation in the West… I must say I am much more Positive about Russia & China for that matter… though also these Countries have got a lot to Learn… considering Human & Animal rights… Greed & Lust for Power should End… for it will completely Destroy this Planet…


TLDR article

yanks will step out from INF treaty.

jesus gets orgasm. ruskies can use the famous ss-20


You Jew of Zion that you have shit in your mouth, do not name Jesus.




South Front, of all the things you present as news… this. You openly state as fact that US policy is “neo-imperialism” and “double dealing” when dealing with frank statements of US intentions without attempting to argue what the problems are with said policy. This NEEDS to be labeled opinion so that you won’t lose readers and even then you should probably expand it by explaining why the realities don’t match up to the theory.
comment image


Well, they are trying to put pressure on Russia and China. It is NYC style pressure. Lots of talk, some moves and nothing substantial behind it, to the point where it can win.

President Trump is a vulgar blowhard, plain and simple. He is a well established liar. The problem is, he has enlisted the help of MBS, Bolton, Pompeo and a host of other very uncool people, in order to win his little 2 cents out of all this. I have to say at this point, a mistake will be made, an over reach will occur and war will commence. A sad day has arrived. I wish well to all.

Manuel Flores Escobar

They can no longer deter Russia and China…..neither military nor economic….we have seen it in Syria, North korea, Ukraine….they fear to attack Syria with masive airstrike and cruise missile like they did in libya….they fear to attack North Korea even when Kim tested Nuke and ICBM….they dont support Ukraine to retake Donbass….because Russia can invade the west part ( not the east) and end of the Ukraine state beside Poland would be encircle…and so on….


If there would have been an accident like a roof collapse during his speech, and all attendants would have been killed in the incident, I guess the world would have become a bit better. Atlantic council is one of the groups thinking up the Ukraine coup d’etat.


The Americans still think they can win, fools.

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