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Brief Look At Military Situation In Yemen On November 12, 2018 (Map)

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Brief Look At Military Situation In Yemen On November 12, 2018 (Map)

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There are little prospects for peace talks to settle the Yemeni conflict as the Saudi-UAE-led coalition continues its large-scale push against Ansar Allah (also known as the Houthis) and its allies across western Yemen.

The most intense clashes are still ongoing in the area of the city of al-Hudayday in the western part of the country. After an initial success of the coalition and its local proxies in the area, their advance has slowed down. Furthermore, coalition-led forces have suffered significant casualties – hundreds of fighters and tens of pieces of military equipment.

Ansar Allah advance south of al-Hudaydah played an important role in the dfefense of the port city. The Yemeni movement cut off the coalition’s supply line near Jabalia.

At the same time, clashes between Ansar Allah and coalition-led forces are also ongoing in the the areas of Qamt and Juban in southern Yemen as well as in the areas of Malahit and Kitaf in northern Yemen.

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Maybe coalition air force should bomb khat plants. Otherwise I see no chance in getting a decisive victory against this sandal wearing soldiers?


up yours moron

Brother Ma

Khat or not they have won till now. Khat is cheaper to grow anyway. Maybe your ameristani boyfriends in Afghanistan should uproot their opium plants and cultivate khat for their black ops budget?

S Melanson

He does not realize that it is the sandals, not Khat that is the secret weapon. The sandals have the power to cause Coalition troops to spontaneously abandon their positions and vehicles, leaving everything behind. Coalition Commanders cannot figure out how to counter Houthi ‘Power Sandals’


This was the same in Vietnam. Sandals are the key!

Tom Tom

Here’s to hoping both Mecca and Riyadh go bye-bye.

Pave Way IV

Attack strategic target; demand ceasefire. Demand ceasefire, attack strategic target.

Hussain Albukhaiti from Sana’a isn’t fooled by this cheap-assed Saudi/US trick. Watch his response on the short video:



The England and Washington have created very nice organizations in this world.

1. Saudia the bone saw organization.
2. Israel the child butcher organization.
3. Al-Qaeda the child butcher organization.
4. Daesh the child butcher organization.
5. Bokoharam the child butcher organization.

S Melanson

What lovely children. I wonder what the grandchildren will be like.

Zionism = EVIL

The Saudi scum have been humiliated and agreed to a “ceasefire” in the area as the Sudanese who bore the brunt of Ansarollah ambushes have refused to fight anymore. The Zaidis have more land now than before the Saudi cowards started their “offensive” against Hodeidah.

S Melanson

Supply problem now affecting offensive as locals reporting intensity of fighting is decreasing although air strikes continue after short lull.

Article Reuters, Saudi-led Coalition renews air strikes on Hodeidah port, Nov. 12, 2018

U.N. official says positive signs of descalation in fighting. Article claims the de escalation is due to Western pressure to end hostilities but forgot to mention coinciding with supply problems

Also notice in article that aid agencies cite casualty numbers that include civilians that are a third of casualties. The total matches close to Coalition claims of casualties and so the coalition claims include civilians.

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