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Brief Look At Military Situation In Syria And Iraq On November 12-14, 2018 (Map Update)

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This map provides a brief look at the military situation in Syria and Iraq over the past few days. The map allows to see that ISIS cells are still active across the both countries. Furthermore, ISIS is capable to carry out attacks and set up cells even in the formally “liberated” areas.

Brief Look At Military Situation In Syria And Iraq On November 12-14, 2018 (Map Update)

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al quaida

ISIS are like an STD you just can’t get rid of.


From you have a SAUDI /ISRAEL /USA .Their will always be ISIS or some other kind of TERRORIST , MILITANT , OPPOSITION GROUP

Jens Holm

Of course they can be reduced or exterminated. It will take years.

Moses did not like Baal. Muhammed didnt like Baal. christians dont like Baal.

ISIS are like other kinds of crime. You have to reduce them by reforms showing progress as well as active fight.

They came from good reasons, which are not solved in big parts of the muslim world. Mademaker below tell its about Saudis, Israel and USA. Its mainly an excuse as the usual kind making no reforms and cleaning own houses.

And ISIS as well as old Qaida mainly kill muslims, because they think, You are spendable wrong muslims of the worst kind.

The worst kind is true. You give them fertilizer and space and they are like PKK in Turkey as well. As long as You not even reduce the good parts of their argumentation, You might kill all – But new one will come, unless You remove as many reasons from them, You can.

As a start, You could give every human being duty and right to decide for real asd in importtant matters. By that they learn they dont have to follow every decider with a gun and a random flag.


There is a Holly Torah, a Holly Bible, and a Holly Choran, and the people that follows one of the Holly try to impose to others Hollies his Holly Stuff. Why a Holly one wants to kill other Holly ones because he believe that the degree of Holiness is greater that the others. Let us stop this nonsense war of Holiness, and just be human.


It doesn’t help that uncle “rotten crotch” Sam is refusing penicillin.

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