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Bridge “Blocked” At Colombia-Venezuela Border Crossing To Stop US Humanitarian Aid Has Been Never Opened

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Bridge "Blocked" At Colombia-Venezuela Border Crossing To Stop US Humanitarian Aid Has Been Never Opened

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Allegedly blocked Colombia-Venezuela border crossing bridge appeared to be a permanently closed point. Contrary to MSM reports that it was blocked specifically to stop US humanitarian aid.

Writing at FAIR, Adam Johnson argued the whole affair was a “transparent, cynical PR strategy to delegitimize a Latin American government” the US is trying to overthrow.

Johnson pointed out that Elliott Abrams, the State Department’s special envoy for “freedom and democracy” in Venezuela, has a history of abusing humanitarian aid for shipments of weapons to US-backed militants in Latin America.

It is also possible that the bridge was to be used as the humanitarian aid delivery route, since old photographs dated June 2017 show that it was blocked, but the containers were not there.

Bridge "Blocked" At Colombia-Venezuela Border Crossing To Stop US Humanitarian Aid Has Been Never Opened

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Meanwhile US-proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido said that on February 11th his opposition team had delivered the first batch of humanitarian aid.

“Today we delivered the first donation, or the first cargo of humanitarian aid, albeit on a small scale, because you know they have blocked the border for the time being,” Guaido, 35, said in televised remarks in Caracas.

Regardless, rallies urging to allow all US humanitarian aid into the country are continuing, as per Guaido’s twitter account.

“We Venezuelans return to the streets tomorrow #12Feb to demand the income of #AyudaHumanitaria which will save the lives of more than 300mil Venezuelans who are at risk of death today. It’s time for unity and struggle!”

He also announced that on February 14th a World Conference on the Venezuelan Crisis will be held in Washington DC. With specialists, entrepreneurs and humanitarian NGOs from more than 60 countries in attendance, to coordinate efforts “o meet the needs of the most needy Venezuelans.”

“The objective is to make the governments of the world, multilateral agencies, companies and NGO’s aware and willing to increase #AyudaHumanitaria and alleviate the suffering of Venezuelans who suffer from the lack of food and medicine caused by the Maduro regime.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro seeks OPEC support against US sanctions.

The request was made in a letter sent to OPEC Secretary-General Mohammad Barkindo dated Jan. 29 and seen by Reuters, but reported on February 11th.

“Our country hopes to receive the solidarity and full support of the member countries of OPEC and its ministerial Conference, in the fight we are currently having against the illegal and arbitrary intrusion of the United States in the internal affairs of Venezuela,” Maduro wrote.

I seek “your firm support and collaboration to jointly denounce and face this shameless dispossession of … important assets of one of the members of OPEC”, the letter said.

He wrote that OPEC should help to determine potential solutions based on “the impact that this action has on the global energy market, and the risk it represents for the other countries … of this organization”.

On Twitter, Nicolas Maduro praised the creation of the “Country Brand Institute,” which is to “govern the process and the impulse of the “Venezuela is open to the future” strategy, as a major body that unifies tourism investments and external diversified trade.”


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The Americans create their own reality, they do it all the time.
There’s a movie called Wag the Dog it demonstrates how easy it is for them to do.

Promitheas Apollonious

Venezuela is a country under attack for a very long time from the axis of evil, so maybe is time to look else where for markets and ban anything originating from the west and get it over with. I am sure russians and chinese can more than compensate, west to them.


There is no where else so much oil, and not only oil !

northerntruthseeker .

Yes… Venezuela is mineral wealthy, especially in GOLD…

Promitheas Apollonious

yes I know

Xoli Xoli

Venezuela people are steadfast iron against any occupation forces.Their will never allow economic destroyer USA to disrupt their economic goals and determination.GUIADO will be surprise threatening Venezuela people with USA will make them more aggressive.Their will never kill each other for any puppet leadership benefit.Retreat no more forward ever that is Cuba and Venezuela peoples determination.Fake own elected Guioda is shaken by Biblical goliath Trump and kitchen fat fuck Pompeo obesity.

Mr Bray

Why do people need to be spoon fed and have things explained to them these days? can people not pick out the essence of a leak or disclosure anymore?

Let me help – The essence of the original leak was that the road was going to be used by the ‘oposition and thier backers’ (ie to suppoert an Coup and Civil War) by allowing the opposition and thier backers to move bus loads of returning ‘refugees’ back home.

These refugees would of couse quickly become renamed as ‘freedom fighters and rebels’, and the logistical hand of the US and UK would be revealed at an appropriate time as providing humanitarian aid to the refugees (and others who would like to join them).

Food, water, fuel, vehicles, communication equipment, and other logistical support (short of actual weapons) that could reasonably be shown as being ‘humanitarian’ in nature but which could be repurposed to support insurection would cross the border by road (and rail and air if possible) to support the establishment of a foreign beachhead under the guise of supporting the new popular government.

The road was simply closed (and covered by appriate military units) to prevent its use by the enemy.

The issue of the road being available to the public prior to its military closure is not an issue at all to any thinking strategist, only the propagandist.

Tommy Jensen

We can only do what our government tells us.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Surely time Maduro accepted the aid and then donated it on to Haiti as a gift from Venezuela.
Bit like passing on an unwanted present (from an unloved one) to a relative.

Gary Sellars

No, the Muricans and their tame Venezuelan 5th-column compradors will hand out the “aid” themselves and make sure all the MSM and Hollywood cameras are there to record it. They’ll pick out the lepers and handicapped from the crowds and give them first-row seats for the cameras, and for an extra kg of bread they’ll get them to read out “statements”…

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