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Israel Shamir: “Brexit and the Prison House of Nations”

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Written by Israel Shamir; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

Bulldogs are notorious for their tenacity or “cool persistency of purpose”, as Honest Abe said of General Grant, “He has the grip of a bulldog; when he once gets his teeth in, nothing can shake him off.” The EU master class could give the doggies a lockjaw master-class. Many European states have tried to free themselves from the Prison of the European Nations; all failed.

Will BoJo, as they call the redhead Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, succeed where many politicians and nations failed? He is also a bulldog by his own right; he believes in his cause; he enjoys support of the people and hatred of professional politicians. If anybody can, he has a chance. And if he wins, the domination of the hostile elites will receive a terrible blow.

Israel Shamir: "Brexit and the Prison House of Nations"

Though on Wednesday 9/4 he suffered a defeat, it is not the end of the story. The fat lady didn’t sing yet. There are still many ways for a tenacious man to get England out of the EU by the end of October. Promised support of the Brexit Party in the elections presents one possibility. Going hard Brexit, that is no-deal Brexit without Parliament approval is also technically possible.

The fight for Brexit is not a fight with or against Europe. Europeans are with BoJo against their own elites. The French dream of Frexit, and even Greeks would prefer Grexit to their present position of a country reduced by austerity to shambles. Whenever people were asked whether they want to remain in the EU, this undemocratic organisation wholly owned and managed by hostile elites, they usually answered by roaring No. The list is long. In 2005, the French voted Non to the EU Constitution, Nee said the Dutch; other governments got the message and shrewdly cancelled the referendums. Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, Greenland, Denmark, Greece voted No, but the hostile elites did not take no for an answer. Always they arranged this or that subterfuge, provided a different question for a new poll, or most often ruled that no referendum was necessary. In the case of Greece, the people voted No, but the ruling party said ‘never mind’ and answered Yes.

The most important Western European donor nations want to get out. This is not surprising. The EU is operated by its unelected commission, while the EU parliament has practically no powers. The EU promotes massive immigration diluting and replacing the native population; it obsesses with sexual perversions presented as a new norm; it is violently anti-Christian; it loves expensive green energy and petrol taxes. It works in full harmony with the European mass media, which is as awful as the American one. The EU prescribes austerity for lower and middle classes; taxes labour; is generous with the banks and the bankers. Only new European states, perspective recipients of EU aid, vote Yes; the most enthusiastic are Lithuania, Slovakia and North Macedonia, and it is hardly the most desirable company for a nice country like Britain.

The EU had been described as the American colonial device to rule occupied Europe, but election of Trump revealed a nuance. There are now two Americas, the America of Trump and his nationalist supporters, and the Internationalist liberal America; this second America is in full symbiosis with the EU. That’s why BoJo, a pro-American friend of Trump, wants to complete Brexit.

His chief adversary Jeremy Corbyn also dreams of Brexit to take England out of neo-liberal EU to its socialist future, but he plays a cautious game for he wants to defeat Boris Johnson and get to No. 10 Downing Street himself. He flirts with the Remainers for he needs every vote for victory, and he is worried that in case of successful Brexit, Johnson would be undefeatable. Otherwise, he is as keen on Brexit as Johnson, though for different reasons.

Other people have various reasons and aims; no doubt the cause of Brexit is very popular with people despite the three-years-long torture. It had been proven by the recent elections to EU Parliament; a clear majority voted for the candidates supporting Brexit. If democracy means the choice of people, Brexit is the most democratic act England can entertain, even if for this purpose the Westminster Parliament has to be shut down.

The British referendum of 2016 created an unexpected Overton Window, and people rushed for it. The elites miscalculated when they deemed the British were fully tamed. These smart people knew it is a good chance and a great occasion and voted No. Who wouldn’t! The elites were shocked, like the US hostile elites were shocked by Trump victory. And they immediately began to work to overturn the result – just like their American counterparts. They are persistent of purpose, if anything. The referendum in Britain took place in June 2016, and since then the elites do everything to prevent the people’s will to be fulfilled.

The Guardian is a leading anti-Brexit newspaper. Once I was a devout Guardianreader; it was a cheerful left-wing newspaper with John Pilger, Seamus Milne and other good guys and gals, an obvious choice for Julian Assange and his Wikileaks. Since then, it turned 180 degrees and became the most nauseating rag in whole English-speaking world. I have lost interest in its daily portion of people with exotic names describing the micro-aggressions they suffered; feminists against body-shaming, transgenders in search of a public toilet; Jews fearing nasty Corbyn; 75-year old ladies in search for their first orgasm (no exaggeration) and other stuff that is of no relevance for me at all.

For last three years, The Guardian hasn’t missed a chance to scaremonger Brexiteers. There will be no food, the country will collapse, law and order will be gone, they prophesied. For me, it is a good argument for Brexit: whatever The Guardian calls for, can’t be good for you.

Another nasty piece of media, The Economist, also preaches for Remain. Once a great magazine, it is now a bankers’ voice. The Trots’ SJW media joined them in an unusual combination. It is not often the Economist and The Socialist Worker are united in a single voice.

The British people who wanted and voted for Brexit were described as racists and chauvinists. I am not keen on racism, a misleading and divisive ideology; but anti-racists are even worse. Anti-racism is the ideology of conquest and replacement. The conquistadors were anti-racists, while the Native Americans could be presented as racists, for they fought against the invaders.

If Britain were a normal country like it was 50 years ago, it would go through Brexit like a hot knife through butter. But its working class had been ruined by Thatcher; London became the abode of choice for wealthy Arabs and Russians, served by Poles and Indians. The new cosmopolitan population has no interest in England and the English people, and they also have the right to vote. They prefer the EU, a supranational body that is good for finances and good for immigrants.

The majority of parliamentarians are against Brexit. They hate Brexit almost as much as they hate Corbyn. “Too many MPs try desperately to derail Brexit, – said John Baron MP. – Too many members of the Commons are secretly Remain MPs and have kicked the can down the road too often, and should own up to the fact that what they really want to do is stop Brexit.”

We may disregard their explanations, whether they say they want “an orderly Brexit”, or they want to stop “Johnson’s coup”. What they want is to remain in the EU, in the structure they are connected with. The professional politicians live by their connections, and their connections are with the EU and with American Internationalist establishment.

Meanwhile the Brits can comfort themselves that the agreement of Mrs May had been derailed. This agreement was probably worse than Remain, as it would leave England in every arrangement of the EU except participation in decision-making. Britain would also have to pay over $40 billion, or perhaps more. The EU does not want Britain to leave, for it is a major donor; Brexit is likely to open doors for other states to follow. EU will have less money to spend for feeding its poor new East European members, let alone the dirt-poor Ukraine. All influence EU has in Britain had been mobilised to derail Brexit. Now, with the new Benn Law the EU will be able to make Johnson’s job real difficult.

The best Brexit is hard no-deal Brexit. After getting out, independent Britain would be able to peacefully negotiate new relationship with the EU. By blocking the No-Deal solution, the parliamentarians had made the task of leaving almost impossible and very costly.

The EU does not want to ride into sunset and vanish. It is fighting against Brexit by setting a new standard. If the Roman Empire were run by EU functionaries, Britain would still be its part. If the Russians knew they could charge the Baltic states and East Germany for their leaving the USSR and the Warsaw Pact umpteen billions, NATO would have never have moved East. Boris Johnson has been chided by Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council, for his country Poland is a major recipient of EU aid, while the UK have paid for Polish well-being. He does not want to see Britain leave like any slave-owner hates to see his slave escaping to freedom.

The Brexit debacle is a sign of crisis of democracy. The British people’s will has repeatedly been thwarted by the elected parliamentarians and non-elected administrators. It is practically the same in the US, where the people’s will has been clearly expressed by election of Trump. His supporters wanted to return American soldiers home, to make friends with Russia, to stop mass migration, to end demonization of white American men. All these wishes were foiled by elected congressmen and by non-elected servants of the Deep State.

The people’s will should prevail, in England, in the US and in Europe. For that, the immense power of hostile international elites should be contained; the mass media restored to the people and parliaments purged of people who care more for Israel than for their own states. Indeed, the Labour would be able to tackle Brexit better if it weren’t frustrated by antisemitism witch-hunt. There is a clear correlation between the Jewish cause and the cause of Remain, but that can be discussed another time.

Israel Shamir can be reached at adam@israelshamir.net

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Jacob Wohl's Nose

Thinking How will? ? fit in jail cell? ?

Jacob Wohl's Nose

They will need to consult NASA to build special sized jail for ? nose


The photo at the top is a fake, those girls are to polished, actresses.
Nothing is as it appears, question everything.
Bojo is an evil thug and will sell out the average UK citizen to American capitalists.
The Euro Jewish elite aren’t any better, it’s their EU. Sure Britain deserves its sovereignty but not at the expense of ordinary people or trading one master for another. All Britain needed to do was refuse to pay the EU it’s blood money. It could have shifted public opinion in the EU, well France and Germany and reverted it to a trading block by concerted effort. Make it a standard trading arrangement and not a free movement welcome all emigrants and sexual deviant dystopia.


let’s wait and see and once england has freed itself of the undemocratic eu, you will see better where he will take england . the primary objective is out of the greedy grasp off brussels and then, who knows. I personally think he has better plans afoot than attach england to the unhinged states of A and since the EU is useless for any other purpose than to extract maximum wealth for as little in return as possible – must be something else. resurrection of the empire, the real victorian empire.


Def agree about the photo being bs. Pretty sure you’re right about bojo selling out average UK citizens as well.


He’s absolutely correct. The vermin Jew are a big part of the problem and need to be gotten rid of.


close down the the illegal settlement called israel and return it to the palestinians. the fifth columns embedded around the word in different societies are naturally to follow since the fifth columns are as liable for all atrocities committed by the squatters as the squatters themselves and there should be no respite for them. no ado ’bout little!

Lazy Gamer

British MPs are bent on remaining. They reject the only deal negotiated, and they sabotage all efforts to get a new deal. I dont think anyone, even themselves, believe the bullshit that they utter.
Boris on the other hand underestimated the resoluteness of his enemies. He thought that getting a better deal by telegraphing no deal would earn the support of his opponents. lol. They are there to remain by taking on the cover of finding a better deal. He should have closed all window of opportunities before making his move. Personally, i think parliament will always vote remain. So the govt. now has to think of other ways, extra legal ones, to railroad brexit or to compel parliament to change their votes.

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