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JUNE 2021

Breaking: US Military Helicopter Crashes Near Syrian-Iraqi Border. Casualties Reported

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Breaking: US Military Helicopter Crashes Near Syrian-Iraqi Border. Casualties Reported

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On March 15, a HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter belonging to the US military crashed near the Syrian-Iraqi border in the western Iraqi province of al-Anbar, according to the Miror. The source said that the helicopter had been carrying seven persons when it had crashed.

The Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV reported that all the perons onboard had been killed in the crash, which had been caused by a “technical failure”. Right after the crash, the helicopter was caught on fire as it was carrying ammunition, according to the TV channel.

Iraqi sources also revealed to al-Mayadeen that the US military helicopter had taken off from the Ayn al-Asad airbase in al-Anbar province along with several other UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters.

Several US military officials confirmed to the CNN that a US military HH-60 Black Hawk helicopter had crashed in western Iraq.

The HH-60 Pave Hawk is a special variant of UH-60 Black Hawk, which is used by the US military for special missions as well as search and rescue operations.

According to CNN, the US military helicopter “was not on a combat mission”. However, the type of the helicopter, and the fact that it was loaded with ammunition suggest otherwise.

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Woohoo its nice to to hear the ISIS air force has lost an aircraft


Why does this website attract so many trolls…


So…. your definition of a troll is someone who thinks the US sinks and says so?


These are special kinds of trolls. Usually, two groups of trolls would be deployed for a cyber psy op, two sides: the pseudo-our side, and the pseudo-their side. Both sides would be saying inhuman, awfully cruel things about each other. In this case, the pseudo-our side (I mean trolls masquerading as pro-Russian, anti-US or anti-Zionist-Empire) would be saying something like this, see above, while the pseudo-their side would be saying the opposite things, like “US rules,” “USA! USA!” or “See how many russian airframes have crashed” or “hooray, another russian airframe goes down,” etc.


Hmm… seems to me folks who disagree with me (esp on the subject of the USA) think I’ll feel insulted and go cry in a corner because the upper limit of their intellect and response is to call me a troll.


I have noticed that trolls are very quick to call you a troll (they do so without even reading or understanding what you’ve written in your comment). It’s the old projection technique. It rules everything in modern times, it seems. If they are accusing Russia of a chemical attack, this means they are themselves preparing a chemical attack and/or have previously perpetrated such attacks. Etc. Apply this logic every time, and you will never be mistaken. Who is the first to cry “thief!” at the marketplace? That’s right, the thief himself!

John Whitehot

I didn’t agree with everything you said in the past and perhaps i even called you a troll (can’t remember though, i don’t think it was abt the US), but it doesn’t mean nothing – users aren’t really persons, so the way i see it the troll is in the body text, not the nickname.

although it’s a given that nicknames containing references to identify a nationality, a religion etc, are more likely to be trolls than the others.


Oh… I have no idea of the names of people/users who have called me troll. It’s just not something I’ve ever bothered to connect together.

Though … I think just about everyone who posts to Wapo has called me a troll. :-)) It would be a badge of honour if it didn’t represent a marked frightening inability to look beyond or behind their own state propaganda.

BUT – at least – Wapo is still open to comments/dispute. Big names like CNN, BBC, Sky and now even Al Jazeera are not.


PS. I neither expect nor want everyone who replies to agree with me – that would make for a very boring online world.

It’s just that … well… it takes a while think up and write out a good bìtchslap across the chops so I guess sometimes I’d appreciate a little more than “troll” in disagreement.


So how do the rest of us tell if you’re not full of it? Because you say so?


The rest of you are free to think whatever you like

northerntruthseeker .

Please give us your definition of “troll” here…

The real trolls are of course those Hasbara/JIDF agents that come in here and try to make the criminal US and Israel look good…


Trolls write things that annoy you. Non-trolls write things that don’t.

It’s a ‘gut feeling’.


More to the fact a troll defines the lies as truth,it cannot accept the truth so it cowardly goes about defending the lie at the expense of the truth to please its sly

cia/nazi master,and generally is the first to brand the truth bearer as a troll too,
so toi deliberately try to conn us of our freedom and justice to prevail in humanity! In a nutshell a troll is mainly western orientated,their leaders whom aspire to destroying other peoples property is paramount in their ethics,where as the russia we all come to know of does more good for humanity than evil,does the troll wanna argue?

See the trolls don’t like it when i state the cold hard facts,hell no!
They are liberals that’s why,evil demented twistfkd in the head and for what?


Took a look at your account / profile little jimmy, you’re one sick little monkey, aren’t you little jim jimminnie?


Plus ISIS commanders roasted in that.

northerntruthseeker .

Absolutely.. but the criminals will basically call on the sucker and gullible american taxpayers to replace them…

Daniel Castro


(Rot in Hell)


yesterday also a F/A-18F Super Hornet fell in florida
2 in 2 days..i though only russians could do that,according to cnn etc


Aircraft crashes from technical failures seem to be a common occurrence over the last decade.

But LOL at the fact that the US must be lying because there was ammo in a military aircraft. We all know military aircraft do not carry ammo ever.

Lazy Gamer

Too much aircraft crashing in the region. lol

Bobby Twoshoes

Great news! I hope they survived the initial crash and died in excruciating pain.

Daniel Castro

They deserve no less.


All major US outlets today are running stories MOCKING the Russian ‘mercenaries’ murdered in Syria a little time back (when sadly Putin gave America the greenlight to attack them). The US journos have all been invited to the US base in Syria where the atrocity was commanded, so the base commander can laughingly boast about “exterminating” Russians.

Russian irregulars swore revenge. I guess this US helicopter and its “technical” difficulties is just the beginning. Funny how air travel is the safest form of travel in the world, except when it ‘isn’t’, and ‘technical difficulties’ magically arise to confound the statistics.

I might have suggested this incident was the beginning of Putin’s revenge for the downing of that transport plane full of elite Russian air personel, but these days Putin is more concerned with helping America murder Russians who Putin decides are ‘guilty’ of refusing to be under his DIRECT control (see East Ukraine for similar).

Of course, Putin, by betraying his own people and allowing America to murder them, hasn’t helped ‘peace’ (Putin’s idiocy never does), but in fact increased the risk by giving decent Russians every moral right to go after American butchers operating in Iraq and Syria.


IMO it’s simply because they’ve neglected the majority of their older inventory because lack of funds. Ironically because they channelled their funds for newer expensive and unreliable weapon programs such as stealth here stealth there etc.

Ricky Miller

And overtaxed and overused airframes of all types. It’s hard on equipment and people fighting in so many different Imperial provinces, all at once and for so long.

John Whitehot

you must be the kind of conspirationist put up by the cia in order to discredit all conspirationists.

A tin-foil covered straight-jacket is waiting for ya.

LR captain

im inclined to agree, What starlight is saying is far more insane than even the stuff that CIA say.

hey John mind telling the docs to also put him on meds.

John Whitehot

which docs?



LR captain

the ones at the mental institute

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

He means his Xanax dosage and Bipolar 2 meds might have to be upped.

Ariel Cohen

You missed Passover Schlomo . .


Wonder if any ISIS commanders where on board?


EMP bombs. Was it possible ? That would be a really good clandestine weapons if it’s exist.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

what a shame lmaooooo


Hmm… that was kinda my response too.


It was probably delivering ammunition to an allied militia, no surprise.


Ammo to kill our friends . So we shed no tears


Shut up.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You would be far off to assume as these were SOF a team of 5 that died along with crew and another Officer. They can use CH-147’s to deliver ammo Canada has 2-4 squadrons stationed in and around there along with other NATO partners in the area.


Pavehawk is not a random transport chopper used to carry ammo .. it is a specops oriented support chopper.. even if it is an accident , what it been doing there ?

if the ‘other side’ want to down american choppers , the result would be more devastating than just this chopper.. Shia militias in iraq can make life hell for NATO soldiers currently operating in iraq , syrian irregular armed with manpads can also make life hell for US helo operations in syrian sovereign..

there’s plenty of covert retaliation method to deter and sap US will in syria..


“The source said that the helicopter was carrying seven personals when it crashed.”
It was carrying seven people or persons or personnel.
Personals are little news articles about a person/people.


Persons mean ISIS commanders.


Persons means transgender types,…Because they do not want to be named as a man or a woman… In Holland they even say ‘them’, … They call themself ISIS, we call them ‘sisies!’ ;)


Carrying ammunition for Isis terrorists is a dead end job.


Sauron Lost his air craft to bad for orcs and freedom kurds…


That’s what happens when evil forces attack and invade foreign countries : losing their terrorist “assets” they were moving to another place…


Oh how sad – too bad.
I trust there were six senior ISIS terrorists on board – plus the pilot. – let us hope at least.
And the world is a safer place – no question.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They were US spec ops these helicopters are used for special mission needs and SAR which wouldn’t be as armed as these would be. Canada uses them for multi-role and mission capabilities SAR to Spec Ops most versatile for the money.


More bonus points then……

Cheryl Brandon

Greatl I hope all the terrorists they are ferrying across borders died as well. DIE RATS DIE. Universal Sadistic Aggressors working to fulfill the Yinnon plan/Gladio Plan at the same time.

Langaniso Mhlobo

ISIS evacuated generals died from Ghouta good news.

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