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JUNE 2021

BREAKING: US-led Coalition strikes Syrian army camp

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BREAKING: US-led Coalition strikes Syrian army camp

The Western coalition has attacked a camp of the Syrian Government Army, killing 3 soldiers and injuring another 13. The attacks took place in the province of Deir ez Zor. The Syrian government confirmed the information and  filed an official protest with the UN Security Council regarding the US-led coalition’s airstrikes on Syrian troops.

This is the first act of its kind in the US-led coalition strikes which have been going for more than a year now.

The province Deir ez Zor itself is very important as it’s one of ISIS’ strongholds and a big oil producer for the jihadists.

The important thing now is to see the reactions of Russia, Syria, Turkey and the United States. Russia has deployed S-400 defense systems which can stop any planes from entering Syria if they want.



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Having refused to coordinate with the Syrian government and army the US coalition will now excuse itself as this being unintended/accidental. However it may well have been intentional because the actions of the Syrian army there threatened to divide the IS territory. Anyway having refused to coordinate it is comparable with manslaughter. Even if there was no intent to murder the US willfully decided not to take the actions necesary to avoid this.


As I understand it, it was British jets. Of course, Cameron acts only on the wishes of the same Jewish masters as his counter-part across the Atlantic – the greater killer of the two.

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