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JULY 2022

BREAKING: Ukraine Refused To Launch Negotiations

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BREAKING: Ukraine Refused To Launch Negotiations

Zelenskii as the Servant of the People

On February 26, Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov has claimed that the Ukrainian side refused to launch negotiations.

“Yesterday afternoon, amid the expected negotiations with the Ukrainian leadership, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and the president of Russia gave the order to suspend the advance of the main forces of the Russian troops,” Peskov said.

It was added that the Ukrainian side refused to sit down to talk. That’s why Russian forces resumed their advance int the afternoon on February 26, according to the plan of the military operation.

Kiev’s position is an expression of the West’s will. 

The refuse to launch negotiations between Kiev and Moscow is a sign that the West is not interested in peace in Ukraine but is aimed at destroying the Russian economy through this war.

The Kiev’s decision was also undoubtedly affected by the slowing down of the Russian advance after the Ukrainian side announced that it was ready to start negotiations on February 25.


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Zelensky apparently still being used by the west. I don’t think anymore that he is simply a moron. He must be really retarded. I don’t think Russia will be taking him seriously anymore. He was a total waste of time since the beginning.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

He will hang upside down from a lampost like Mussolini.

The Objective

I think Russia understands the war will cost more than Putin expected and wants to end it asap. Zelensky should not surrender. That would be Putin’s punishment for this rash decision to start a war. Zelensky has little to lose anyway. In fact, he benefits from a prolonged conflict. Think of the growth of anti-Russian sentiments in Ukraine and other countries of the world should this war drag on with high civilian casualties. It would be worse than outcry over Yemen.

Tom Sawyer Says

No you misunderstand how flipping a media narrative works. Putin has complete military advantage, but rather than yielding to international pressure, to reign in their advantage, Russia is saying: look at this unreasonable fool Zelensky. Who at this critical time wont negotiate with us. and prefers to video himself in street waving a rifle around, and is foolishly telling his population to do the same, and get themselves killed. How are we supposed to deal with such an obvious fool. We have to keep rolling, and sort this foolish regime out out once and for all. This is flipping the media narrative, and creating an unease in west about Zelensky’s actions and his competence.

Last edited 4 months ago by Tom Sawyer Says

Hey Zelensky, you have a job to do. We don’t need actors… Be a man, SAVE LIVES, NOW!!!


Are you really asking a clown to be a man?


USA teleporting to Russia through imperial zelenskyi. USA was formed after rebelling imperialist British. Pick up the phone and call putin.






What a schmuck, Zelensky.

Peppe il Sicario

Reports have it that the Biden US administration will be installing Jerry Seinfeld as the next president of the Ukraine along with Sarah Silverman as the vice-president.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Why not drop a FOAB on zellerboys dickhead?

Peppe il Sicario

Too small for even an electron microscope to find!!!


BIDEN: Are my polls up? US: Nope.


Look, no way Zelensky negotiates when he’s being told to step down, that’s why they gave it up. Ukraine must be squeezed hard by the Russian Military that is obviously holding back due to some weird moral obligation to treat the Ukrainians including those in the regular armed forces as ”friendly”. They will be friendly later, this is not the time.


Correct! the time of friendship is over. Any moment of pity from the Russians is considered a weakness by the Ukrainians.


It’s because the REAL Ukraine is being held hostage by the neo nazi paramilitaries. Don’t want to create more extremists.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Final days of the crumbling americant empire.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Bye bye Ukropistan. It wasn’t nice to know you…

Zbigniew Brzeziński is back.

My boy:)Give this man a cookie.


A Nuland cookie.

helene matz

the degenerate decadent so called west yank poodles should look at themselves in the mirror,they destabilise and destroy counries and kill people,they surrounded the young ussr with enemies after the october revolution,they only came to ussr help when the red army and population were being slaughtered by the monster fascists now they support these beasts without shame,its sickening hypocrisy


complete denazification will find ze in arkansas with rat driver, frizzy tammy Tampax sewer

missile pop

we don’t him here either, try Mumbai, have him begging for dirt to eat like Dahlit

hans raus

Another russian column today has been eliminated in Kharkiv region. Many Technics, apc and many dead russian soldiers on the road. Damn, ukrainians crushing russian invader. Welcome in hell russobots. Here is video:


Last edited 4 months ago by hans raus
The End Of Hegemony

Another Ukrainian column today has been eliminated in Kharkiv region.


Even Austria or Belgium are militarily more powerful as Russia. The world is witness ^^


Yeah, sure. Not even NATO with their 30 members is a match. They fled Ukraine on Monday like a bunch of scared children. Very impressive indeed :-) Why do you think they begging more to join? You might lay off that stuff the doctor gave you, or at least take half of what you take already. It is apparently affecting your poor judgement in a very hilarious way.

Last edited 4 months ago by TopGum

Looks like Ukrainian vehicles to me…..


Biden Said Only the US can negotiate and told Zelenskii to stand down. Zelenskii is bowing down to his masters.

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