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U.S. Forces In Al-Tanaf Strike Syrian Army Positions

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U.S. Forces In Al-Tanaf Strike Syrian Army Positions

U.S. Army soldiers conduct training drills and fire missions with M142 High-Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) at an undisclosed location in Syria (U.S. Marine Corps video by Sgt. Matthew Callahan

On December 2, the US-led coalition launched several rockets from its base in the area of al-Tanaf near the Syrian-Iraqi border at positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the al-Ghurab mount, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

“At 8:00 PM US-led coalition launched several rockets at some of our positions in the al-Ghurab mount south of the town of al-Sukhnah causing material loses only,” a military source told the SANA.

Syrian pro-government activists confirmed that positions of the SAA’s 21st Brigade had been hit by 14 rockets. The rockets were reportedly launched from the U.S. M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) deployed at the al-Tanaf base.

During the last few months, the US-led coalition forces conducted several exercises and live-fire drills with the HIMARS in the al-Tanaf base. The coalition claimed that it was training with its proxies to counter ISIS.

This attack will likely increase the tension between the Damascus government and the US-led coalition, that’s yet to comment on the incident.

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America just shoved an S300 up Russias ass LOL

Get that bullshit “air defense” out of here, NO ONE fucks with America

Your move, bitch.


seriously, u son of a whore…..dont u feel sick u motherfucker writing this???
remember Korea??? LOL got your ASSES kicked
remember Vietnam?LOL got your asses kicked
remember Somalia?LOL got your asses kicked
remember Afghanistan?LOL getting your asses kicked

so go to sleep in your paedophile, cocaine sniffing bs on genocide built country.

Real Anti-Racist Action

This person is not even a Patriotic_White_American. Remember who the deceivers are?
The whole point was to invoke an emotional reaction from you, and to redirect your hate from the Jewish-Zionist, onto their scapegoat (a Patriotic White American)
People like Rand Paul are sticking up for Syrians, and exposing the Zionist tricks of deception.
This person is Jewish and is toying with your emotions to reprogram you to focus your attention on a different group of people.
Their very name is the opposite of who they are.
(Just like the US-defense department is the opposite of who they are, they are really the War department, but name themselves the opposite of what and who they are.)comment image

Real Anti-Racist Action

I just need to inform everyone here that “Patriotic_White-American” is not an ethnic-Japethite at all. This account is being run by a Jewish and pro-Zionist anti-White.
Zionist-Jews are experts at deception. – The goal here is (Divide and Conquer)
The goal is to get Arabs and indigenous-Europeans to turn against each other, to take our focus away from the true enemy of both people groups, which is the Zionist.
This person is running a small scale psychological operation to advert attention and to foment division between two groups who have been working together more and more closely.
Pay no mind, and do not allow this Zionist to faultslie portray American Patriots such as Rand Paul and Ron Paul who are sticking up for the rights of Palestinians and Syrians and so forth.
This person is anything but what their “title” would suggest them to be.
They blew their very own cover.
http://esau.today/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/talmud-2.jpgcomment imagecomment image

Jens Holm

If its runned as You write, then buzz off . Dont You waste Your time too ?

Ishyrion Av

Obviously israel bot. And not white at all, cause it doesn’t have any brain.
S300/400 doesn’t cover south of Syria. Hypersonic missiles are not deployed yet.


You gonna keep barking little doggy? Or are you gonna bite?

Fuck outta here

Not gonna do shit to the US military ?



In time will fuck you as hard as we did the germans, you will be bleeding from your ear, don’t forget to count your dead cia operatives that have died due to our bombing.


Just remember, the same country that invented nuclear weapons is the ONLY country to use them.

Russians send people to the hospital, Americans put them underneath the fucking Hospital.

Just asked Japan how that shit turned out, make your white flags glow in the fucking dark

Ishyrion Av

You know what’s even darker than your mouth? The fact that Oppenheimer was a german ashkenazi jew (from father and mother emigrated in US). So a german jew invented the nuclear bomb.
And a “great” nation like US dared to use it cause it couldn’t won the war against Japan other way.
I don’t see any greatness in this.
Go to bed and cry your sins.

Concrete Mike

Brother…its even worst than that.

The Japanese were surrendering already, they were haggling over the emperors status…and bombed it anyways.

Its sickening.
I saw a peice on it at veteranstoday i think, chilling stuff.


Go back to your hamburgers, if you could you would have nuked us a long time ago.


You seem real proud of crimes against humanity, just like a baby raper.


Oh man, they really nailed you. You are a BS cover.

Concrete Mike

That is false.

You filthy fuckers used a mini nuke on 9 11. The granit rock under there is melted. Guys died of radiation exposure…

Nukes do that not planes.

Even a patriot knows what it takes to melt rocks…ever been to steel mill in pittsburgh….Patriot???

Real Anti-Racist Action

You are letting him win, he is not Patriotic and he is not an ethnic Japethite.
He is a Shemite who is provoking you with emotionalism and misdirection (which is a primary psychological warfare technique.
He is trying to misdirect people away from the source of the problem, and instead get you angry and a different people group.
That is how Zionist stay in power and never get punished for anything.
They just quickly direct your anger to another people group.


Stay on topic, the article.


Real Anti-Racist Action

lol you just gave yourself away again! The moment I talked about Jewish crimes, you got very angry and demanded that I stay on topic. If you were really white, you would be talking about the crimes Jews have committed against Whites for over 2,000 years. Like the 4 million indigenous Suebian tribal peoples kidnapped by Jews and sold to Rome as slaves. I hit a nerve the moment a stood up for Whites! Thus you are an anti-White bigot.


But he used Hasbara tactics, you need to read the manual again.

Jens Holm

Cloned oppinions again


Source: Elizabeth Donnan, 4 Volumes, Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America Washington, D.C. 1930, 1935 Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pa.


Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America
Title: Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America
Editor: Donnan, Elizabeth, 1883-1955
Note: Washington: Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1930-1935

Link: Volume I (1441-1700): page images at HathiTrust
Link: Volume I reprint (1441-1700): frame-dependent page images and HTML at inmotionaame.org
Link: Volume II (The 18th Century): page images at HathiTrust; US access only
Link: Volume II reprint (The 18th Century): frame-dependent page images and HTML at inmotionaame.org
Link: Volume III (New England and the Middle Colonies): page images at HathiTrust; US access only
Link: Volume III reprint (New England and the Middle Colonies): frame-dependent page images and HTML at inmotionaame.org
Link: Volume IV (The Border Colonies and the Southern Colonies): frame-dependent page images at HathiTrust; US access only
Link: Volume IV reprint (The Border Colonies and the Southern Colonies): frame-dependent page images and HTML at inmotionaame.org; pages past 536 may be missing

Stable link here: https://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/webbin/book/lookupid?key=olbp66186

Concrete Mike

This fucker has nothing semite in him. Dont compliment him like that.



Concrete Mike

Youre right…dummies cant even see it coming.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Nice try, but your cover is already blown. We learned from the original story of how a wolf pretends to be something other then who they really are.

Brother Ma

I hear the Deliverance Fiddle.

Dušan Mirić

Those illiterate “brown niggas” in Afghanistan gives no shit for the “us military”
Viet Kong kick their asses too
Then, Sudan…


Yes he gets paid in shekels, and the only thing he knows about Americans, is they feed him.


S-200s and S-300s are hypersonic. The SADF just isn’t going to waste them on artillery rockets. And the US probably choose the target knowing that it didn’t have short range air defense.


“””America just shoved an S300 up Putin’s ass LOL.”””

How? I do not see any F22 and F35 challenging the S300? How come they are staying away if no one fuc!s with America?
Patriot is a bullshit air defense, utterly useless.


Did you read the article?

They can’t even intercept rocket artillery and you want to challenge an F22?


I don’t want you ever to mention the word “defense” again after today

Syrian and Russian Air defense just got SMACKED


You are rather clueless, using an expensive missile to shoot down some artilery rocket?
The Jews use the idiotic Iron Dome rocket costing over $40,0000 to shoot down a $ 20 mortar round, Russia uses its expensive weapons more judiciously, they use EW jammers to render the artilery rockets useless.
Have you considered how useless Tomahawk cruise missiles are against Russian EW and SHORAD systems? Why waste S300 and 400 missiles, when they can do the job cheaply and effectively.


Put it back in your pants there cowboy.

The artillery strike was NORTH-EAST of Al-Tanf not north-west toward where the Syrian S-300’s are deployed.

US military says they were targeting ISIS and the Syrians say they hit them …. so either it’s another case of embarrassingly poor US intelligence / aim or the USA IS in fact defending ISIS after all not fighting ISIS like they claim.


The S400/300 range is THAT small?



They are ripping you a new one clown. In a short while, nobody will even respond to you. You will be treated as you are; somebody disconnected from reality, probably receiving a paycheck from somebody for commenting.

Technically and tactically, you are in error. So, after getting over the ‘shock ‘because of the rawness of you comments, you will be seen as just somebody doing to much of this like drugs or something else. Whether is it is drugs or money. It is going to get very lonely or you. But, that shouldn’t matter, as long as the paychecks still keep coming in huh? :)


50km to 400km depending on the missile it’s armed with. That’s about 2 1/2 times the range of the Patriot Pac-3 at 125km.

Those numbers are deceptive though. The S-300 missiles tend to fly straight toward the target while the Patriot has a nasty tendency to lose control and boomeranging back toward it’s launcher.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSwzwMAVc14 This was taken in Saudi Arabia during a Houti missile attack. The missile, basically a copy of WW2 vintage V2, made it through the barrage of Patriot missiles and hit just outside Riyahd airport. Unfortunately the Patriot did more damage than the missile it was trying to shoot down. I’ll bet THAT didn’t make FOX news did it?

This is why India bought the S-400 over the Patriot and even when the US threatened sanctions if they bought the system.



Stop ????

The Patriot has shot down one of those SU tubs earlier this year

The S400/300 hasn’t shot something down in over 20 years

It’s scrap metal waiting to be recycled, the last time it was challenged 40 year old F16’s flew over the airbase in Latakia and shit all over the S400’s face lmao

Luke Hemmming

S300/400 missiles are expensive. Syria and Russia are not going to waste money on intercepting US missiles with the S300/400 system. The system is more of a deterrent against Israel and the US trying to attack Damascus and surrounding towns and cities. Using the system exposes its capabilities to the US and Israel. They will use it sparingly and only when it really is needed. It is like playing a game of chess. The US does not fly as much if not any sorties west of the Euphrates. The US has been caught out so many times assisting ISIS in the past. It has been proven time and time again. US TOWs and MANPADS in the possession of ISIS! US helicopters flying ISIS commanders out of hot spot areas. Gee even Blind Freddy can see that there is definitive collusion between ISIS and the US. Put the coolaid down and back away from the glass of it. Drink more water instead. Preferably filtered alkaline water, its better for you.


Israel: 15
Russia: 0




I’m pissing myself laughing. All of that fake bluster and threats, those shitty S400’s, the whole nine yards.

Just to get smacked in the mouth by the US military

Learn your place bitch, because those fake Russian weapons aren’t scaring shit, especially when you’re too pussy to use them.

Notice no fake stories of “interceptions” this time either.

You just got fucked, again.


Patriotic American fudgepacker.

Real Anti-Racist Action

This Jewish person pretending to be a (Patriotic_White_American) is toying with you.
They are Jewish-Zionist and playing a psychological war game to (Misdirect) your emotions onto another group of people, to refocus your attention away from the Jewish influence.comment image


Everytime there is an incident you always assume the S300/400 are ineffective – if thats the case why are countries lining up to purchase them – why was Israel & the US pissing their pants when told Syria was getting them!! I’d match the S400 against that shitty patriot system any day lol


The Patriot system has shot down 2 aircraft. ?

The S400/S300 has a grand smacking total of 0 shootdowns


Stick to shooting down Russian IL20’s because you’re not fucking with the US Air Force


gee, if they were so crappy, when have the Indians chosen them over the Patriot? If they were so crappy, why have coalition and IAF aircraft stayed out of Syria for 2 months plus? hmmmm. you don’t know anything dude, just a mouth. Keep running it. You just seem like another propagandist clown. So, go jump in a lake Bozo, costume and all. :)


dude is too fucking stupid to formulate an articulate response, all that is wrong with our country – blind rage, racism and guns


Hi Javier. He is way, way out there. It is not a ‘regular’ person commenting. Something is up with this one.

Concrete Mike

If only.we could find that room….
How does that classic Dr Dre + slim shady song goes?
And when the cops came through
Me and Dre stood next to a burnt down house
With a can full of gas and a hand full of matches
And still weren’t found out

Manuel Flores Escobar

an Old S-200 have shot down amodern Israeli F-16 and damage another modern F-15!…Pantsir have shot down israeli air to ground missile…


A Russian SU25 got shot down by a shoulder fired missile



You know a dog barks at what scares it, you must really be scared of the S400.
But being scared of one Russian missile system is silly, when they have so many missile systems. They could take out Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, and leave Minnie untouched. It’s like when Americans were killing American Indians, you had guns, they had spears.
Now your the ones with the spears, so you should be careful.


What’s the score so far?

>0 interceptions
>0 American planes touched

So scary.

The only ones getting killed in Syria are the Russians

It’s just a vacation for the Americans , and you all are getting stuck with the bill ?

John Wallace

The S 300 haven’t been commissioned and operational yet so a bit early to praising 0 interceptions.. Wait till the F 35 gets blown out of the sky and prove it is just a lemon. I thought Israel had plenty of lemon trees so no need to buy lemons ..


The score?

Syria government coalition 70% of Syrian skies controlled, US, NATO and Israel 30% partially controlled, to zero % for the Jews, down from 100% before the Russian intervention. 70% to 30%, you’re a sore loser, loser. The Russians don’t have to even fire the S-400s and the US backs off, same with Israel and the S-300s.

– Iran fires ballistic missiles at Syria militants; Pentagon says coalition troops were at risk –



R U serious? Learning about weapons a lot you have to!
Going after artillery rockets with an AA System like the S-300/400 ?
There´s a rule in the army about radio usage:
Think. Push. Talk. You can apply that to posting as well.
A Pantsir might have solved the issue – but Syria doesn´t have them in these numbers so they´re positioned in important places.


According to you the Russians should use S300 and S400 missiles to shoot down some artilery rockets? What planet are you from?


Yeah, 14 rockets, probably for a costs of millions of dollars, and what do you get ……. an accurate strike on some toilets. I doubt you are truly patriot, I doubt you are white. Just another paid for mouth piece I would guess.

Alejandro Bonifacio

you’re making propaganda, stop it and live your useless life outside

Pablo Rivera

don’t shame more your fellow Americans world famous for their lack of map reading skills: Al Tanaf is in the border with Iraq, nothing to do with the S300 umbrella in the Southwest and Mediterrean


The M142 is an inferior copy of an old Soviet artillery rocket the BM30.
Wasting an S400 on an M142 would be like using an F22 to take out an Arab wedding, oh wait.

Face reality man, your empire is done, the USA is cactus fuctus.


Poor ignorant. You do not realize yet that your country is totally dominated by jews.


The solution to this problem is dejudification. No Jews, no Yinon plan insanity.

northerntruthseeker .

This one sounds more and more like Hasbara/JIDF…

Pave Way IV
Zionism = EVIL

As their proxy headchopper get whacked, the Americunt losers are trying to prop up a lost cause. Soon US cowards will suffer huge casualties all over the region like they do in Afghanistan now.

Jens Holm

Again only propaganda and none selfreflexions about reasons.


The word “coward” rolls off the tongue easily but unless you are willing to face such people yourself — directly — it means nothing. Don’t cheapen your comments with such silly language.

Pave Way IV

Jabal al Gharab is the top of a small (ancient) volcano. Great for surveillance of the flat plains south of it and head-choppers transiting from at Tanf to points north. It would probably make a good air defense site for Syria’s at Tanf border crossing.

Ray Douglas

Just retaliate SAA, don’t whinge about, just do it.


If the SAA & allies do not take steps to deny the ongoing impunity of US illegal presence & acts of terrorism in Syria, then they will soon find Syria partitioned via the north and east. And those who say Turkey will not allow a Kurdish state are forgetting that Turkey WILL allow a US-Turkey dominated jihadist state, which is what the current control will evolve to. Wake up Assad & Putin – you cannot trust the Turks, and the more the US gets established in Syria the harder it will be to force them and their terrorist proxies out.


Zionism = EVIL

SAA and the resistance forces need to increase the cost of Americunt occupation and support for Salafist headchoppers like in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2008-2010 when the cost of occupation and casualties became too high. Today bankrupt and imploding AmeriKKKa is in no position to fight a sustained asymmetrical war in region of over 2 millions square kms. It would simply bankrupt the Americunt cowards,

Jens Holm

You must be far away from this world writing like that.

USA is not even close to be bancrupt as well.

Do You compare with Lira, Shekel, Rubels, Syrian grams or Iranian rials hardly money ?

You have no idea about, what Western Economy is.

Tom Tom

U.S. is actually much worse off in terms of debt than Greece was when it collapsed. The U.S. economy is a ponzi scheme.

Jens Holm

Those are not comparable at all. USA produce a lot and very well. Its a matter of not hopeless reforms we unfortunatly for USA dont see by Trump.

You also should compare with who has the depth. The Greece state had all of it.

We danes also had big depth in 2008 at the crises, but it was privat overconsumtion and artificial money made on homes.

Our state by that by that was kept in A+ something.

And we in Europa has the same problems around China as USA and others. They dont let us invest in a sensible way as well as they block for import from us.

Around that Trumps are partly right. USA hardly has any unimployed again, but the risk is – as we fx see for Turkey – that the loans by private and state investment will lower what You can buy for the dollar(lira) as well as lower it compared to others.

I think we should confront China and do it better or if they dont understand that part of it – simply tax all their product until they open their markets and raise their Yan to its real value.

Ricky Miller

The U.S. has plenty of unemployed who do not show up in official statistics. That’s one of the factors in the massive suicide and drug epidemic deaths just released in health statistics this past week. And the Federal government is 21 Trillion in debt and adding two more trillion estimated by 2021. As many as three million Americans have low paying jobs in urban areas and are living in vans, cars and old rv’s because they can’t afford to rent a place and pay their health insurance. And my last three baseball trips to San Francisco I watched for some hours the strange and consistent phenomena of large container ships coming in under the Golden Gate heavily laden and low in the water being passed by outgoing ships to Asia sitting high in the water with a low load. That reality is reflected in the USA’s massive hundreds of billions dollars trade deficit. As usual, you know jack shit about what you’re spouting.


Unfortunetly our govt is big on exporting war without our consent here in America.

Harold Smith

I think you should get back to your Talmudic studies before your mommy finds out you’re at the computer again, little Shlomo.

“We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. NOTHING that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy, because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build.” (Maurice Samuel, “You Gentiles” p.155)

“The triumph of fascism will be the triumph of the communist soul. But the communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of fascism will triumph Judaism.” (Rabbi Harry Waton, A Program For Jews And Humanity, p143, Astoria Press, 1939).


A US National Debt of $ 22,500,000,000,000 dollars can of course be paid by creating dollars in paper or digital form BUT when countries or states have done this the result has always been hyper inflation.

The ONLY way out for the US government would be to steal the wealth of others, their own citizens or a country with vast resources such as Russia.


Inflation IS stealing the wealth of others and doesn’t involve unseemly actual picking of pockets. We do seem to have an eye on the Syrian oil though I don’t know how serious we are. Iraq was supposed to be about blood for oil according to the usual lunatics but from what I have seen it is the Chinese who ended up with the oil contracts.

Russia seems to resist the idea that they are sitting on top of our resources. Talk about unreasonable people! :-)


Twas Madeleine Albright as Secretary of State who declared that the circa 500,000 Iraqui children who dies due to US sanctions ‘ was worth it’.

She also said when talking about Russia that ‘ It’s not fair that Russia has all those resources ‘. This appears to have been wiped from the internet by Google about 2 years ago.



Of course, Albright was but one face of the US government but it’s not unreasonable to look at US behavior as a whole and ask whence cometh this cavalier attitude. Trump and Obongo made a huge deal out of, say, some 1,000 supposed chemical weapons casualties in Syria but both propagate an aggressive, unconstitutional war against Syria that has killed over 500,000 civilians and displaced millions. Same casualties in Iraq, Libya, and Yemen where we are absolutely morally implicated in all the deaths there as well. In Serbia, the US was bombing civilian targets with abandon. We are down with such carnage and destruction but weep hysterically about a relatively small number of casualties supposedly caused by someone else. What reasonably aware person around the world doesn’t ask, Who the heck do these people think they are?

And, more to the point, What do these people think they have to teach the rest of the world when their own culture is a bad joke if it isn’t a celebration of pure anarchy? The European politicians like to talk about “European values.” Could we please have a brutal re-examination of what those values are? All told, they are working to create and solidify a crap civilization.


The leadership of all tyrannies , religious, political and otherwise, all seek absolute control to further their political, religious and personal financial gain.


Most Americans want our military out of all foreign wars. Out govt doesn’t seem to be listening plus many of our people are totally ignorant of all the wars our country is engaged in. The press tries to distract us all the time and put up smoke screens devised by the CIA to keep us blind. I for one have no use for the Saudis especially what they are doing in Yemen with the help of our military contractors and US troops.


It’s bizarre that Fox Business News loves Gen. Jack Keane whose sophisticated analysis of modern Russia is that Mr. Putin is “a thug and a killer.” Fox can’t get enough of this fool and only occasionally will you hear from a sensible man like Prof. Cohen. Americans are fed disgraceful, juvenile opinion in the MSM even on the best network relatively speaking.

The internet is another story. Anyone who reads South Front, Russia Insider, Moon of Alabama, SST, Elijah Magnier, Eva Bartlett, Syria Girl, and Vanessa Beeley, Seymour Hersh, Theodore Postol, or Thierry Meyssan knows all they need to know about Syrian realities. There are other good writers too, of course. Any ONE of them will tell you that all is not well with our strategic and moral thinking.

It is beyond bizarre to look at what the US government does in Syria. Obviously it’s purely for the sake of Israel and what they demand of us. We sure are not advancing any American interest. Just more absurd wasting of money and risking the lives of our troops.

Jens Holm

I dont think US/britts can take terrain around Al Tanf and the refugee camp. They could rent baserights in Iraq having good watersupport from Rutba Wells (Ar Rutbah).

It once upon a time ago had an important airfield as well – haha – A no Assad terrain.

Ricky Miller

Russia seems fine wit the status quo, as earned from 2015 on. Or, at least does not see further gains as worth the risk of escalation. Syria, with Russian and Iranian support has won back to the point that they control two thirds of Syria’s prewar territory and three fourths of the population, including the major cities. Russia’s red lines have always been against outside force used against the Syrian government in strength or direction strong enough to enable state sponsored regime change. This strike doesn’t rise to that and in fact may have been delivered against an anti air gun in order to facilitate the passage of the drone tasked on to an ISIS target. Russia will probably respond the way they usually do when the U.S. strikes a Syrian position: they’ll wait for a day or two, pick out an insurgent group that the West has given money or training to in the past and obliterate some position of said group to balance out the scales. Russia is winning this conflict, strategically. It would have to be a big push from the “coalition” to get them willing to risk their gains.

You can call me Al

They do not own the East; they have done extremely well; but it is obvious that the US will continue to push for WWIII – personally, my view is that the Russians especially must act now.

Ricky Miller

And yet the East is a terrible position for the U.S. to be in. The Kurds are surrounded by a now hostile Turkish government to the North, a growingly unfriendly one in Baghdad and the Syrian Arab Republic. Transit must come now, and in the future from at least one of those areas. Add in the hostile Arab population resenting Kurdish rule, especially is areas Kurds have never been and in the long run it’s a terrible strategic position for both the U.S. and the Kurds. In fact the American geopolitical, military and economic position with regards to many places around the world is eroding by the month. Russia is adding new weapons systems and 2019 is going to be a big year for Russian defense improvements, especially with regards to submarines, frigates and corvettes, and a large and growing pace of stealthy cruise missile production, namely the KH-101 and KH-102. I just don’t see Russia risking much right now, at least not until she’s armed up. And why? The U.S. is bungling just about everything, everywhere. In those circumstances, time itself is a fairly effective weapon.


It must surely be tempting to the Russians to retaliate in some way but clearly the correct strategy is to act more like a scorpion and discourage really aggressive US or Turkish action. The US seems to appreciate that this is not like Libya and that there are risks involved when dealing with resident Russians. Keeping it vague is to Putin’s advantage and in the meantime all he has to do is run out the clock on America’s debt problems. Pensions and debt service costs are dangerously high and even the Fed wants to “normalize” rates, meaning “increase debt service costs.”

Look what the Chinese have accomplished. They focus on maximizing their commercial advantages and don’t spend a red yuan on supporting massive military adventures and facilities outside their borders. They do have facilities at both entrances to the Panama Canal but I am certain they could not be used to close the canal if it suited the PRC. But that’s another story. Canal traffic is no big deal to us and it’s way better that we focus on boosting the fortunes of jihadi scum in a distant country that has no strategic importance to us. /s


Good comment but the idea that the US would launch a drone attack against an ISIS position is pretty thin. Dropping supplies and cheese pizza on ISIS positions makes a lot more sense.


“Turkey WILL allow a US-Turkey dominated jihadist state, which .. the current.. will evolve to”.
Absolutely on the money.
The US is setting up “Observation Posts” along the Turkish-Syrian border, a duplication of Turkeys “Observation Posts” along its southern “De-escalation Boundary”
US and Turkey begin the ‘kiss and make up’ drama with joint patrols, etc., etc.,
leading to a joint NATO occupation.
Idlib needs to be liberated now.
The Ukraine drama is only smoke and mirrors trying to stop the liberation of Idlib, which would be perceived as a Russian victory. Regardless of how insane the Ukraine actions are, the rest of Europe is not, and will not follow them into another war.


If there’s any truth to this, why did the strike occur?


Well there were people who could be killed, and when has an American ever passed up an opportunity to kill someone?


‘ISIS’, so US claims.


WOW, who has the pants to answer this attack and invasion ?

Jim Prendergast


Jens Holm

Thats no invasion. It says: keep distance.


I’m sure that the Jews are delighted. There’s nothing more that they’d like to see than having their Yinon plan implemented by the US so that the US fights Syria so that they don’t have to.


US folly summarized in just three sentences!

Elisabeth Jenders

So Siri was right – “When will WW3 start?” “That is Monday Dec. 3rd, Chanukkah”

Tommy Jensen

If it dont start today, I predict WWIII will start 6.6.2019.
That day USA is tired of being the laughing stock and will officially declare WW against Russia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkkF6Zz67TE

Jens Holm

Syria and many could learn from that. 1 Samurai even became a farmer again.


Or….How can it be avoided?


The US is trying to provoke Syria into responding, so the US can start a real war and hide their debt.

The US is on the verge of collapse, this is a very dangerous time. I just hope that everybody just keeps humoring them until they commit suicide.

Brother Ma

Thanks God oceans protect us from the Yanks. Can you imagine them caravanning here to us! Yukk!


Many of us Americans are trying to get our govt to stop these wars and imperialistic actions. We don’t like these wars either. Nor do we like our taxes being spent on weapons of war for other other countries either. Most Americans don’t agree with our govt waging war around the world in our name but at present our military industrial complex and govt are out of control.

Harold Smith

Let’s face it the vast majority of “us” either don’t give a dam or we support “our” “government” no matter what evil it does. Most of the people here are so ignorant, stupid and morally incompetent that they think Trump works for them. Even Paul Craig Roberts refuses to blame Trump for his treasonous treachery.

David Parker

What makes you think that Trump has an accurate picture of what is going on? Do you think for a second that the autonomous US administrative tells Trumps anything accurate? He probably thinks the US military has a right to be in the Mideast destroying every building and road in sight. He probably believes Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons and that the Afghans personally attacked New York.
If Trump isn’t negotiating to build a hotel with a golf course, he hasn’t a clue what is happening.

Harold Smith

I wonder if you typed that laughably absurd nonsense with a straight face?

David Parker

I wonder if you actually have a brain.

Harold Smith

You’re supposed to be looking at your monitor, not your mirror, as you type your infantile jew drivel, Shlomo.

David Parker

Please do.
I am not Jewish, no way could I adhere to that dead religion.
Whatever gave you that notion? I read the Old and New Testaments, not the Talmud.


I prefer Wilbur Smith and JK Rowling for my fantasy and fiction.

Harold Smith

You’re obviously an ethnic jew, asshole.


YOUR religious belief is WHITE SUPREMACY.
You’re all messed up.


I don’t think the idea that Trump only knows what his bureaucrats tell him. He knew “our” Syrian involvement was a sink hole for money and rationality before he was elected.

Obviously he does think the US has a right to bomb whomever it wishes. I do not, however, see any indication that he is a deep or strategic thinker. He’s been under attack domestically since he was elected but to all appearances appears to be oblivious to this. His allied were trying to get documents from the Department of Justice but he didn’t lift a finger to help them. He is strangely passive on hugely important matters and it’s hard to figure out why.


Then we have to try to wake them up before we lose everything…Trump is following the “party line” in continuing wars and taking our rights…NDAA is a good example of that…Bump stock ban, which will be useless, is just another way of saying your private property is not yours…He is not keeping his promises but folks ignore that…His appointments have been counter freedom and liberty for sure…

Brother Ma

I don’t doubt you and i should have chosen my words more carefully. Unfortunately , the good get lumped in with the more powerful bad when we are discussing geopolitics. Just like in WWII one had no time nor ability to distinguish between anti-Tojo Japanese in Japan or not. The actions of the few but -in power bad-tarred all the rest as well.

So short answer ; yes i know there are many righ-thinking Americans who can’t stop the foreign policy of both major parties. I get it.


Thx for your comment. The “US Government” is not much more than a rubber-stamp on the designs of Council on Foreign Relations, AIPAC, CIA, the MIC and the Wall Street, egged on by the corporate mass media. And the entire farago is financed by the globalist central bankers (as they have financed all wars in the last 200 years). That is to say, the Americans are being used, as much as others are being victimised.


Following article from Voltaire.net is interesting historical driven analysis of current divisions in US politics – but also why US foreign policy is currently based on aggressive imperialism.



High-Ranking Military Commander Busted in FBI Child Sex Trafficking Sting:


R Trojson

Clearly US was striking ISIS. Unfortunately there is little if any difference between SAA and ISIS. Case in point. Just 3 weeks ago SAA resupplied al Safa ISIS with at least 4 truckloads of food, money, drugs, ammunition and arms. Then SAA lay down their arms at al Safa and refused to fight ISIS because of “bad weather”. Next SAA let al Safa ISIS “escape” after having them completely surrounded for almost a year. Finally SAA retreated from al Safa to Damascus stating they were going to fight ISIS in Damascus.
SAA and ISIS are working together with Turkey and Russia-Syria-Iran coalition against US-Kurdistan coalition. Every time US strikes ISIS they will also risk hitting SAA-Russia-Iran. This is unavoidable.

Anyone in bed with ISIS will be treated the same as ISIS.

Bigaess Wangmane

Clearly US was striking ISIS

Clearly the US struck the SAA in defense of ISIS, just like they did before “accidentally”.https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-17/syria-accuses-us-airstrike-killing-62-soldiers-serious-and-blatant-aggression

R Trojson

So the SAA was fighting ISIS at the time? This has never been reported. Last report from SouthFront on SAA and ISIS was that SAA retreated from al Safa and returned to Damascus. The excuse was they planned to fight ISIS in Damascus but we all know the cowards are just hiding in coffee shops.

Bigaess Wangmane

So the SAA was fighting ISIS at the time? This has never been reported.

The SAA, along with the russians and iranians are the only ones fighting ISIS. The US prefers to arm, fund and train them as usual


This Zionist shill lies habitually a Jew. If they told the truth they’d have no argument.


How about some proof for your twisted lies and misrepresentation? Any hasbara moron can come on here and spew tons of easily disproven unsubstantiated Zionist propaganda like you.

John Wallace

Should stick to writing comic books or print in media for the deluded

Manuel Flores Escobar

US Centcom have told that rumors of attack vs Syrian forces are false!..thet have attacked with Himars rockets ISIS position in East Homs.


In other news, due to a successful crowdfunding campaign, the US has raised enough money to allow the USS Stennis to put to sea.
This is a big day, as many of the younger crew have never been to sea before.

Elmarie Muller

Both USA, Israel and France are working to destroy Russia. France send special forces to train white helmets how to mount chemical war heads in Syria. France Macron or spaghetti send electronic warfare navy ship to Syrian Coast and Israel tested Syrian defends. USA plan Ukraine provocation which failed yet USA continue to attacked Syrian forces from Al Thank illegal bases in Syria. Turkey plays two way game supports terrorists in Syria and try to be a mediator after calling Nato member countries to prevent Russia to make black Sea its base. Phosphorus transit is Erdogan black mail asset against Russia.


I’m shure that in Al Tanf they have IS/ DAECH commanders worthwhile to bomb !

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