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JUNE 2021

BREAKING: Turkish Military Has Taken Over The Government

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BREAKING: Turkish Military Has Taken Over The Government


A coup is taking place right now in Turkey. The Turkish military has taken over top government buildings, tanks have been sent to the airport in Istanbul, helicopters are flying over Ankara and Turkish officials have been taken hostages.

An explosion has taken place in a police headquarters in the capital Ankara.

The Bosphorus Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge have been blocked by the army and all flights to Istanbul have been canceled.

Erdogan is reportedly on vacation


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The strategic importance of this is astronomical!
#1 Turkey is NATO’s second largest land army, and air power right behind USSA.
#2 Turkey denigrating would end NATO like the UK leaving the EU is slowly ending the EU.
#3 Their are Turkey nationalist, Russian links, Sunni-supporters, PKK, Kurd’s, Hezbollah, Iranian, Syrian and European patriots all ready to do their parts to help disintegrate Turkey, which is one of Israels strongest allies.
If we all work in synergy, and place great pressure using soft war tactics against Turkey. We can finish collapsing their economy, erode their corrupt military, pull down their intelligence services which wage war against Russia in the Ukraine, and the Syrian people in Syria.
The USSA will loose a powerful striking platform against Russia!
This is a Win Win for all patriots everywhere!


I admire your enthusiasm but can not agree with your analysis, to me this bears all the hallmarks of CIA. It came only days after Erdogan and his PM announced a 180 degrees turn in their Syria politics, even the SA FM complained about it to Obama. This is nothing but a repeat of 1981 in Turkey when CIA organised the coup with the generals…

New User

Water cannons don’t match Rheinmetall 120 mm 55 caliber smoothbore cannons.

Tony B.

What is Israhell’s part in this?

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