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Syrian Air Defense Systems Intercept Aerial Targets Over Damascus (Videos)

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The Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF) intercepted several unidentified aerial targets over the capital, Damascus, in the late hours of May 17.

“Our air defense systems detected and intercepted enemy targets coming from the direction of al-Quneitra,” the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said in a short press released without providing additional information.

Several sources claimed that Israeli missiles hit several targets in southern Damascus. However, pro-government activists said that no airstrike took place. No explosions were heard in the capital, which confirms these claims.

The incident over Damascus coincide with an Israeli violation of Lebanese airspace. According to a statement by the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), several warplanes of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) flew over the southern part of the country on a low altitude.

The IAF was likely behind the unidentified aerial targets which were intercepted by the SyAADF. Tel Aviv may have been testing air defense systems deployed around Damascus in order to collect additional information.

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These Israeli rats will be soon BBQd in the air. The Netanyahu and Trump asses are etched a lot.


Its only fair to return the favour


That’s a good idea, if Syrian planes fired missiles from Lebanon?

Xoli Xoli

Deploy portable manpads in Lebanon and anti aircraft guns.


If they flew at low altitude? usually they fire from high altitude to get the range.

Manpads don’t have the altitude to get the planes, if they did I’m sure Hezbollah would have been using Israeli planes as target practice for a long time.


Anti aircraft guns can be extremely effective against low altitude aircrafts. Also, man pads would work but not ideal, however, I doubt lebanon would be prepared to go to war for Syria.

Promitheas Apollonious

no but Hez is already fighting for syria and they are at war with israel so I dont think they mind kicking their asses once more. But all in good time. They are all waiting for the moronic westerners to make the first move and then it be no peace talks no negotiation absolutely nothing. They just going to be eliminated.

Xoli Xoli

Manpads missiles can easily down low flying aircraft. Hit seeking missiles can be the answer.Remember Israel has already instigated USA against Iran so the is no mercy.Any violation of Lebanon airspace must mean death 9f Israel terrorists pilots.Israel action is in support of Syrian terrorists and weakening Iran, Hisbollah and Syrian defence.

klove and light

hezbollah will never give the enemy an idea of their capabilities unless they are in full scale war…..thats very very smart of hezbollah………manpads….u bet hezbollah has them……..and i would also take a bet ob hezbollah having pantsir Systems or something alike…..but again…they will only use them in a full scale war……….bad surprises are the best surprises

Icarus Tanović

Great point, and I thinks so too.

Xoli Xoli

Thank for great tips.

Xoli Xoli

Tanger Satanyahu Palace and nuclear sites,air bases and Bridges.Tatget civilian places kill many civilians.

Israel also has variants of flying objects shaped just like any missile, except without any explosives. Some of them even contain some rubber-fillers. They also have less tech and are cheaper. They can be launched to test air defenses, and they have a kinetic impact from the weight if they land on someones head or hit a non-armored vehicle. They are designed to be cheap yet have the same flight characteristics as the armed explosive variants. The US has similar items. Such as their switch-blade missiles that kill from landing on you, yet have no explosives whatsoever. It could be possible that Israel wanted to deny launching anything, yet wanted to test Syria’s defense abilities. Israel is fixing to strike the S-300’s for sure this year of 2019, no doubts there. If successful the US and Israel wish to analyse to death the operation. It will be their trial run to know if they an hit everything they need to in a future operation against Iran within a 24 hour window. Israel only wants war against Iran if their air defense systems can be knocked out in the first wave so that in the 2nd and 3rd waves Israel and the US can eliminate many of the Iranian long range missile stock piles kept within mountains. Israel only wants Iran to be able to launch 20% of their stored missiles at Israel. And not the full 100% stockpiled.

Carlos Correia

thats a good point but you forgot Iran tomcats using the phoenix, and currently no Israel or US have any counter to that missile range and radar

The US laser defense systems work at the speed of light. Even mach 14 is ultra slow mode compared to the speed of light. Putin says so. Did you read what Putin said yesterday about everything depending on Laser defenses and weapons? I post the RT news article below. https://www.rt.com/russia/459586-putin-laser-weapons-remarks/

Promitheas Apollonious

either you not very bright or you are using one track thinking if any. You assume that if iran is attacked will be no retaliation the moment they are attacked by all its forces on the ground of syria as well in iran. As for 24 hours window the american bases and israel if they do attack they dont have more than 2-3 hours max of survivability if that, so go back to rethinking your analysis and conclusions because are based on the assumption, that iran is seating duck rather than israel and the americans and allies are.

You did not read what I wrote. I wrote that it is simply Israels plan to do so, I never said that any war on Iran would be successful. However I do think that Syria is a sitting duck, but not Iran. Also, the US does not care about near by bases to Iran. Us has over 4,000 bases on planet earth. The US does not even care if 2 or 3 air craft carriers are sunk. The US has 10 and another under construction. Also I gave no analysis in my original comment on who I think would win or loose between Iran and the US/Israel. So it is obvious you skimmed over my comment, faultily assumed things, then wrong an emotional reply. But for the record, I think Iran can win. Though over a hundred thousand Iranian’s will die sadly. Unless of course Iran can procure S-400’s, then I think that Iran will suffer far less casualties. The US will loose a minimum of 8,000 dead. Perhaps even as high as 40,000 dead US solders. That is if the war only last a few months before non-aggression treaties are signed. If the war goes for a full year, then the US will be loosing somewhere between 40,000 and 100,000 dead. That is my opinion anyway.

Promitheas Apollonious

I did read what you wrote but in all honesty you have no idea what israel plans are or any one else. You keep assuming in everything you say and you decide what americans care about and what they dont so you selectively pick one scenario after the other so my advice to you stop watching too many movies and land on mother earth and see peripherally, reality on the ground.

As for syria been a sitting duck, yes it used to be, before russia got involved. As for the rest you saying only talking about a war with iran will last a year shows you are not able to comprehend reality. So lets drop it here and believe what you like.

These are quotes that you said Promitheas Apollonious “You assume that if iran is attacked will be no retaliation” – Promitheas Apollonious “rather than israel and the americans and allies are” -Promitheas Apollonious And obviously your statements are out of touch from being near anything I said. Explain how, when, and where I said these things? Quote me okay.


Your opinion is another point of view and unless you have inside information and are privy to secrets your opinion is respected. Whether you are right or wrong only time will tell. Cheers.

Promitheas Apollonious

what I like is you up voting your self and no they not out of touch. I did not answer your words I answered the spirit and the conclusions you been making and make. It is called putting the dots together in the meaning the message is giving and maybe you should begin to think what you post, if your aim is give the message you trying to pass here to me.

Their was not ghost or spirit. Only facts. Just quote me and quit being so emotion. Just stick to facts and quoting. https://scontent-ort2-2.cdninstagram.com/vp/a555676934aff73530dcc06d17f2d63b/5D9E2F84/t51.2885-15/e35/38486437_298649944047008_2974990603168776192_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2.cdninstagram.com

Promitheas Apollonious

stop be a pest. read what you wrote that what I answered to now get lost.

klove and light

spot on …ty…..

any attack on Iran…. will have the utter destruction of USA bases in Saudi,uae,bahrain… and probably 1 or more sinks will be sunk…. as i pointed out already….the USA CANNOT win a CONVENTIONAL war with Iran.Thats pure logic.Iran is a Nation of 1,600,000 km2………..compare this to the size of the bases and ships of the Evil amaricans…..lol… but here exactly is where the danger for ALL of us lies. #The USA has, after they got kicked in their ass..only 2 OPTIONS

1. accept defeat……. nope..not with These pyschos and their jewish bosses

2. go nuclear…….

and they will go nuclear 100%

ps. remember last year in december 2018, the murder of Admiral Scott Stearney……he was CHIEF of NAVAL OPERATIONS for the entire middle east.


Promitheas Apollonious

you do understand if any one use nuclear weapons will be an instant retaliation against his country right? When I said that uk/usrael are ready to open pandoras box that exactly what means if they use nuclear will be hit in their home ground. As to what the scum of the earth do to their own this is not news and goes back as long they exist.

Chris Gr

Why would Iran and Israel want to go at war? They don’t share any borders.

Real Anti-Racist Action

This is why my friend. http://www.inspiretochangeworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/ISIS-is-working-on-Mossad-CIA-plan-to-Create-Greater-Israel-2-750×400.jpg

Chris Gr

This is far fetched. I don’t believe it. Even if it is true, Israel don’t want to invade Iran.


Poland and Italy should keep Jews under strict observation. Jews are state terrorists and economic terrorists.


The S400 was chasing its own tail while the Israelis were laughing XD

Russian junk


Syria has no S-400. They use only S-300. Have a nice day.


Those Russian pussies do though


Not one take two captagon pills at once then I will reply to you.

Lena Jones

“pussies” just like the US marines RAN AWAY from Lebanon in the 1980’s NEVER TO RETURN lol!


Suck your own cokk on your time. Do it here and you are wasting everybody’s time.


……………white dickless american trash………………..another useless eater………………




Nope US supplied junk that was shot down lol




It was 3 Israeli surveillance balloons, presumably sent to test the Syrian air defenses. All were shot down. No Israeli missiles were launched at or landed in Syria.


Soon the world will declare America and Israel terrorist states.

klove and light

would be great…..but that only occurs in a Fantasy movie….


Observe that the world political condition is moving in which direction.


Jews keep two networks one global network and one the country’s internal in which the Jews are obviously loyal to government to collect data about the financial sector, defence and industrial sectors etc and utilize into global network against the host country.






The new form of warfare?


Hitler saw this coming

klove and light

exxon mobile employees leaving iraq……….Breaking Sputnik news

Rhodium 10

SAD have intercepted all missile launched by IAF or IDF on ground…SAF have termal cameras with long range in TELAR of BukM2 and also in Pantsir system..so operators can track and see the incoming missile..thats why they reported the Israeli attack!

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I dont read arabic , but if the first video is shot in Damascus i hear two explosions at the very end after something few through the air and you see the flashes at the Very bottom of the frame, suggesting either a muniton impact or something got hit and then crashed.

Either way, explosion where heard in Damascus if that video is shot in Damascus

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