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Breaking: Special Forces Land In Syria’s Greater Idlib, Engage Militants In Kill Or Capture Operation

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Breaking: Special Forces Land In Syria’s Greater Idlib, Engage Militants In Kill Or Capture Operation

File image.

Early on February 3, a suspected US special force landed from several helicopters near the northern Syrian town of Atimah right on the border line with Turkey.

The force came from the direction of Syria’s northeastern region, where the US-led coalition maintains a number of bases.

After landing, the force, which was backed by several attack helicopters, combat drones and fighter jet, engaged in fierce clashes with unidentified militants while apparently carrying out a kill or capture operation.

The clashes lasted for around two hours. Sputnik and several other news sources reported casualties in the ranks of the attacking force, which eventually withdrew towards the Turkish border.

Atimah is located in the northeastern part of Greater Idlib, along the separation line with Turkish-occupied Afrin. The town is a stronghold of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the de-facto ruler of the region.

On 26 October 2019, a force from the US Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) killed ISIS founder and leader Abu Baker al-Baghdadi in a similar landing operation in Greater Idlib. The operation, codenamed “Operation Kayla Mueller,” took place in the town of Barisha that is located near the Turkish border, just like Atimah.
The target of the suspected kill or capture operation in Atimah was likely a senior terrorist like ISIS current leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi, or the leader of al-Qaeda’s Horas al-Din Abu Humam al-Shami.

While HTS leader Abu Mohamad al-Julani is wanted by the US, it is unlikely that he was the target of the operation. The US has not targeted any personnel or assets of HTS for more than three years now.


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maybe it is an extraction operation 😆


Yes, US Spec Ops need to get their mandated vax immediately, and Sleepy Joe means everyone.

jens holm

I dont see those troops need that. Its more like Biden should sleep more but he insted work harder then ever. Presidents in that kind of systems has to.

jens holm

It seemes at least 5 sheep has lazy bum presidents. Trump learned golf from them.

jens holm

Most likely itg was UAE jets in zipfiles from UAE.


“The force came from the direction of Syria’s northeastern region.”

So they were transporting escaped ISIS prisoners to the front line after the al Sina’ah prison break in Al-Hasakah.

Last edited 1 year ago by 0use4msm
jens holm

Yes, in golden bathtubs to support the liras and rials.


No need to take notice, the US is just changing regime again…

jens holm

No they havnt.


Hasn’t Baghdadi already been taken out multiple times?

jens holm

Splutnic cant even see which kind of heleicopters it is. Thats typical for any information.

Its not needed. Its constructed.

jens holm

Seeveral hare seemes to have been hancuffed by own oppinions made by their owners.

Putin is proud of You and soon will convert to any You religion. Alexander the Great did. But cit was a short lived Empire as well.

jens holm

Do people has to read the article, before they comment here ? Oh no, its a free site…

Chris Gr

In my opinion, there is no thing such as “jihadist” but there is a thing such as mercenary.

jens holm

Read the idiotic comments below, where its even told USA has moved ISIS people to there. And very strange: The Splutnik Propagandalf again didnt know anothibng correct. It not even was able to IS the helicopters and fx say they were not from Russia.

BUT: Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi blev dræbt under at angreb på denne bygning i det nordvestlige Syrien. Foto: Yahya Nemah / Ritzau Scanpix


The US has moved IS militants before. To Afghanistan from Syria,also during the Raqqa Siege, during the battle of Deir-er zor and the battle of Al – Bukamal. Etc, most of them with proof, so I don´t blame them for thinking they did it again.

jens holm

So what. Normal people can see it makes no sense to put those in jail for years and next use air taxi for them.

You are highly incorrect about DEZ, Raqqa as well as Abu Kamal. There has been no proff of any kind for that. Its total propaganda.

There has been several incidents. When the last part of Manbij was taken ISIS was allowed to leave with mainly wives as hostages. By that the whole manbij has none from ISIS anymore.

At the liberation of Raqqa it was same thing. IThe ISIS leftovers was allowed to leave and by that there was no more ISIS memebers in Raqqa. Those left east to Khabour and joined ISIS there.

The only transportation was FSA leftovers from the desert between Abu Kmala and the American border base. Those FSA were very few and they could not fight anymore. They now are kind of repatriarcated in the SDF but are not SDF soldiers.

And You should blame Yourself and those others for having learned to think like that. Its very hostile creating false things as its done here. It seemes many here are indoctrinated as parts of their brains are removed before they were born.

That goes for Jews and Israel too. Blame them for what they do and dont but also use a mirror Yourself.


I don’t know the full facts of what happened,what i do know is that Russian special forces and the Syrians should have taken that bastard out a long time ago and also the HTS command,hit the rats nest.


Not sure why Russia’s special forces don’t go after high value targets in the first place like the US does.


Thats my point,many times they don’t even need to send men in,get the intel on the ground then hit them with a missile or a drone.


While that nakes since, a lot of intelligence can be obtained by conducting raids like the US does.

jens holm

Its where it is and also capasity. USA and Nato are much bigger in special troops for that kind of missions and seemes better equipped.

Someone like me would say it makes sense that Russia is adviced and agree in that kind of mission and close their eyes.

jens holm

Thats crap. You expect something else because You are learned things are even they are not.

You never get full facts if you not even try to look even Yiu have searh machines for checking up incidents.

You just use fx Sputnik as high ranked source even its well known Sputnik is like a Dentist putting sand and ruble in Your bread to have a well paid job too. .

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