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Scandal: German Navy Chief Resigned Over His Comments On Putin And Ukraine (Video)

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German navy chief has stepped down after his remarks on the situation in Ukraine sparked international controversy.

During his lecture at the IDSA think-tank in Delhi, Vice Admiral Kai-Achim Schoenbach claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin deserves respect and he has apparently no intention of invading Ukraine. He claimed that Putin aims to create divisions among European countries, and he wants Western nations treat Russia with respect.

“Is Russia really interested in to have a small, tiny strip of Ukraine soil? To integrate into the country? No, this is nonsense,” Schoenbach said.

“What he really wants is respect. He wants respect on high-level. And my God, giving some respect is low cost, even no cost. So if I was asked, it is easy to give him the respect he really demands and probably also deserves,” he said.

Schoenbach also said that Ukraine would never regain Crimea.

“The Crimean Peninsula is gone, it will never come back, this is a fact,” he said.

The German Navy commander called for building good ties with Russia, arguing that its support is needed to counter China’s threat.

The Kiev regime was offended by these claims and asked the German government to publicly refute them on January 22.

The German Ministry of Defense did not take long to wait. On the same day, it claimed that these remarks do not correspond to the position of the ministry in any way.

Schoenbach had nothing left but to write on Twitter that he shared his personal opinions which do not reflect the official positions of the government.

“There is nothing to quibble about it, that was a clear mistake,” he said.


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Kindly old Englishman

Telling an unpalatable truth to power, even in an unguarded moment, is unlikely to end well. One would have thought that Herr Schoenbach would have known that.

Last edited 3 months ago by Kindly old Englishman

“Truth Is Treason In An Empire Of Lies”

Zionist police state

Only Hollywood Jew version of history is allowed in the western group think police states, especially US occupied Germany.

Wayne Gabler

He probably knew what the outcome would be. It sure shows how much of a slave of the World Bank Germany really is.

Peppe il Sicario

Germany, under that stinky wicked wench of Merkel, has also become a slave to the racist genocidal Israeli regime in the most ignoble way immaginable. Just this week, they signed a new submarine deal with the Zionist entity to provide 3 subs with vertical launch missle systems for purely offensive purposes. The Resistance will make sure those subs never see the light of day, cause the regime won’t be around at the scheduled delivery date.

deja vu

He was canceled… The truth and common sense are canceled in NATO.


Proof that the cancel culture is the official culture these days.

Zionist police state

Telling the truth or having any independent rational thought is a crime in the Zionist controlled western gulag world.

Michel LeBlanc

Why is it so important NOT to offend the ukro nazies I wonder? How in the hell is this little gang holding all of europe hostage?

Time to take out the trash i think. All the nazis want is war, its what the ukro, american british canadian nazis want.

Are we going to let these scums have their way un opposed?

Wayne Gabler

I guess that answers the question about any NATO member being allowed to do so of their own free will with no punishment by the IMF involved. Leave, and Cuba will look like a holiday resort compared to the future of any defector.

Arch Bungle

The German idiots can’t say one right thing without saying another dumb thing to cancel it out.

Tells the truth about Russia and then goes on to embrace the grand lie about China.

Chris Gr

It is trade war.


if that is southfront on gab you should get the tick mark and stick your crpto address up there too


The only way Putin can screw up now is to use military forces outside of the lines of actual control. Biden is manifestly non campos mentis. Wendy Sherman has the stellar track record of negotiating North Korea’s promise not to go nuclear under Clinton; and the Iran deal under Obama, both miserable failures. NATO is not unified. All Putin has to do is let the house of cards collapse diplomatically without firing a shot. The German Admiral was right, although as with Canaris, being right is costly in Germany.

The Russian German alliance Schoenbach foresees would change the world order. Let the diplomats conclude their efforts. Lavrov will walk away with Blinken’s britches. Putin will get formal permanence to the present lines of actual control, a complete victory, again without firing a shot. Ukraine will never be in NATO. And if Putin plays his cards right, Russia’s alliance with Germany will bring huge commercial rewards and realign the global power structure.

Those parking lots of Russian rolling stock along the border should be vacated before some Ukrainian general, anticipating the pending sell out, tries a preemptive strike to destroy these sitting ducks. Likewise Ivan should get his lads out of harms way for the same reason. Hopefully Lavrov can obtain the necessary assurances so that this re-trenchment can proceed without delay.

Peace, not war. Commerce, not destruction. And yes, despite the noted hostility in this forum to Schoenbach’s last point, nothing could be better for Russian national security than an alliance with Germany and the power such a coupling would render vis-a-vis the inevitable conflicts of interest between Russia and its giant neighbor to its southeast.

Michel LeBlanc

So in a nutshell we are back to 1914, where the anglo world is doing everything it can to halt a german russian rapprochment.

The quislings must be smoked out of germany.



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