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JUNE 2023

BREAKING. Russian Armed Forces Burst Through AFU Defenses Near Town Of Izyum

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BREAKING. Russian Armed Forces Burst Through AFU Defenses Near Town Of Izyum

(UPDATED INFORMATION) In the afternoon of March 7, Russian troops dealt a heavy blow to AFU positions near the town of Izyum. The AFU defenses were breached. Russian Armed Forces assault units are operating in the city.

BREAKING. Russian Armed Forces Burst Through AFU Defenses Near Town Of Izyum

The left bank of the Seversky Donets River is completely under the control of Russian forces. Separate units of the AFU are trying to gain a foothold in the southern parts of Izyum.

Russian troops defeated the 81st Separate Airborne Assault Brigade of the AFU that had been defending the city. The offensive is progressing rapidly.

The capture of Izyum would drastically worsen the situation for the entire AFU grouping in Donbass.

On March 7, the Russian Armed Forces also took control of Novoukrainske, Staromayorske, Staromlynivka, Mayorovo and Removka.

For their part, the LPR forces continued their offensive, taking control of Kudryashovka, Voronovo, Metelkino, Medvezhye, Askoronovka, Petrovka, and Aleksandrovka.

The DNR units established control over Latmoye, Berezovoye, Yasnoye, Maksimovka and Valerianovka settlements. Fighting is going on in Mariupol.

The Russian, DPR and LPR militaries resumed active offensives on key fronts in Ukraine.



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Finally some good news !!! I was worrying about the course of russian advancement and i hope that the Russians gain again the momentum and end this war !!


best STRATEGIC plan for russians is to attract ucrainian forces as many as it can into a potential pocket and then with vigour and well prepared defence flanks to CLOSE the pocket. That’s 2 rabbits shot down with one shot. Off course the nazis will make huge efforts to uncircle them and will use large technics manpower and mostly the aviation which can be then grinded down to pieces in open land. Then will be the turn of russian MANPADS to eliminate what’s left from the enemy. The most appropiate plan in this war reality. Minimum of friendly casualties with maximum ones for the foe. Once the banderists will get decimated in that attacks, it sets the time for the full scale attacks in a total different places. That’s what we learned in military academy.


Wow. Now, if the RUF can hold Izyum (i heard one RUF group is advancing to slaviansk) the Nazis are literally fucked up. Wonder if they have the road to Dniepr open to retreat their forces. In any case, now its to late. A retreat will cost them.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gero
Cowboy Justice

Send them to Siberia to build a new Road of Bones II


By far the most valuable assets for the russian military are the DPR and LPR fighters which knows BEST terrain, routes, enemy locations, strategic passages, etc…..

Lesco Brandon

Why is Izyum important?


Because in the modern wars there are ONLY 2 issues: 1. Get the aerian supremacy 2. Get the ‘roads’ supremacy. And nothing else counts.

Cyric Vigilius

Does the AFU have any control at all over these Nationalist groups? Even, if Ukraine surrenders, they are not going to stop.


Correct. But without the regular army those nazis will be wiped out as the flies.


Seems not thats why Russia evacuate the civillian first and let buratino do the talk to whomever still fight inside the city


One missile a day keep stinky Ukrops away

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan



CIA trolls and Ukrops are crying and raging HAHAHAHA


i watch from tel aviv


Is that you Zelensky? ;-)

Horse Cock Putin

Put all captured Ukrainian regulars into forced labor battalions to clean up the country after liberation. Force encircled Ukrainian regulars to fight the Papist Banderists and Azovs or face destruction. Take no Banderists alive.

Slavistan burning

That city is split by that river and looks extremely easy to defend behind that river with few crossings. In the next hours or days we will see the true tactical capability of Russian military power.


Too late for them 22.00 GMT, that city is under full Russian control.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Most excellent Comrades 🤗👍🥇

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

CIAtrolls and ukrobots are crying and raging 🤗 🤡

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Russia is just yet warming up. You have seen nothing yet ladies and gentlemen. Russia is switching into juggernaut mode.

Last edited 1 year ago by Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Lol you all been saying that since day 3. Face it Russia failed this war their economy drying out, going back to stone ages for Russia. Good luck living there now.

Horse Cock Putin

How’s that $10 a gallon gas going for you in FeCalifornia? Russia has all the gas and commodities it needs and will get through the sanctions far better then the West, YOU BANKRUPT SON! Russia is looking to China and the rest of Asia now for products and already has pipelines in place to sell it’s oil. Russia also controls the skies over Ukraine so go ahead and send in as many mercs as you want, they won’t get far before taking a dirt nap. The US and Europe really fucked up this time, but why be surprised, they’re ruled by the same people that rule Ukraine and don’t care if you suffer or die for them, actually they demand it.






Ther is no thing to worry about in 11 das russia is controling almost 2/3 of the country. no army in the world did thibefore. All propaganda the MSM are spreading is to hide how strong, proffessional and human are Russians. We hope they will resume this soon.



You retarted or something? Russia only controls East Ukraine, just like before only few villages were captured. The more Russia progress the more they lose, the west just has much better weapons to fight Russia, they got the money, better weapons, and soldiers pouring in from West. Sooner or later Russia is going to collapse from the cost of maintaining their army and all the sanctions. Don’t forget Russia has to also deal with shit in their own towns now. Russia is in such trouble they have to unplug from internet because Russians going against their government.


Nice bit of cope there son

Horse Cock Putin

Air Power Dummy!! Air Power! How will Western bandits, drug dealers, sex trafficking perverts, and Neo Nazi Clowns fight a war with no air power. They’ll be annihilated while driving on the roads. Maybe they can go to the front riding donkeys. The sanctions will do nothing in the long run and Russia will sell plenty of it’s resources to maintain it’s armed forces. Who was that Corrupt Corporate NeoCon Bozo American politician that said “Russia is just a gas station masquerading as a country.”? Yeah, well there’s a hell of a lot of that gas to maintain and pay for an army. In the meantime, let us know how BRANDON is working out for you.

Timmy Temperance

Well. You can see in the video what is left of towns and cities when the dust settles. NATO are boasting that the result of this conflict is not inevitable, of course they want the war to become a proxy war and sell more weapons. But if this is the first step towards ending the conflict and allowing Donbass to determine their own fate then that is good news for the civilian population.

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