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JUNE 2023

BREAKING: Negotiations Between Kiev And Moscow Finally Begin

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BREAKING: Negotiations Between Kiev And Moscow Finally Begin

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Negotiations between the delegations of Russia and Ukraine began on Monday in the Gomel region on the border of Belarus and Ukraine.

The Russian delegation is headed by Vladimir Medinsky, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation. It includes Deputy heads of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Andrei Rudenko and Alexander Fomin, head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky.

The Ukrainian side is represented by Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov, adviser to the head of the presidential office Mikhail Podolyak, head of the faction of the ruling Servant of the People party David Arakhamia, First Deputy head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Contact Group on the Settlement in Donbass Andrey Kostin, deputy Rustem Umerov and Deputy Foreign Minister Nikolai Tochitsky.


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No more brothers wars!

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

East Ukrainians are brothers because they are ethnic Russian. West Ukrainians are Polish. The two nations were never brothers not even friends.


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Last edited 1 year ago by CharletteTaylor
Tommy Gun

Ukrainian territories could easily dissolve into the surrounding neighboring countries based on ethnicity in areas of Ukraine. Ukraine was actually protected when part of Russian empire from this possible dissolution occurring.


How can you say Poles are not brothers for Russians? We are – so are Ukrainians. Russians always got our backing – but not your crazy government – Putin will destroy not only Russia but our dream of PanSlavic Union!


West Ukrainians are Galicians and Ruthenian, heavily polonized but the never like Poles.

Hungary Guy

Drop A- bomb on Kiev if Zio Zelensky dont capitulate

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Hear hear.

Hasbara Hunter

What is there to negotiate? Let them Filthy AngloZioNazis & their North-Atlantic-Terrorist-Organisation piss off out of Ukraine….or suffer the consequences….

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Waste of time. Just level the kiev regime. Make them pay for the last 8years.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Time to roast some Azovisis…

Hungary Guy

How many khazarian faces in “Ukraine” delegation…

Tommy Jensen

Dont stop the war. Its about our way of living. Its for freedom folks.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tommy Jensen

Just look at the body language of these ukronazis. They are not there for any peace deal. Its a PR stunt just to say “we tried”. Wait and see.


Astana 2.0? Hopefully not. NO cease fires! No pauses. We know what happened in Syria every time Russia agreed to cease fires. Fuck that.

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