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Militants Attack Residential Areas In Northern Hama With Supposed Chemical Weapons. Casualties Reported (Video)

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In the late hours of March 23, unknown militants launched several munitions containing toxic substances at the residential areas in the government-held towns of al-Rasif and al-Azizah in the northern Hama countryside.

A medical source told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that 21 civilians were intoxicated as a result of the attack. The injured civilians are currently receiving medical treatment at the National Hospital in the nearby town of Al-Suqaylabiyah.

The injured civilians are reportedly suffering from itching in their eyes and skin as well as burns in their throats. The symptoms are identical to the side effects of some chemical weapons, like Mustard gas.

The Syrian authorities have collected samples from the attack site and the injured civilians, according to pro-government sources.

If the attack with toxic substances is confirmed, this will be the second militant attack with such weapons since the implementation of the Russian-Turkish agreement. Last November, the city of Aleppo was targeted with shells containing chlorine gas.

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Time to clean out that cesspool once and for all. No more pauses until the scumbags are dead and their chemical weapons destroyed. Pi*s on their supporters i.e. Israel, Saudis and their western backers.


Sounds like something stronger than chlorine. N Hama should be liberated first from the Jihadist trash, but we are still waiting. :(

Gregory Casey

My view, for what it is worth is that Damascus says Fugg Erdogan and goes after Hama and Idlib ’til every last Salafist Wahhabi Scumbag has been despatched to roast & turn on a special spit in Hell for all of Eternity. Erdogan can go deal with the Wahhabi Salafist Saudi & Emirati Plutocratic Scumbags who have armed and financed and continue to arm and finance their Spawn in Hama, Idlib & Aleppo and may they all roast in Hell together while the NATO Vermin Rats who are Satan’s Spawn and who have overseen and guided this entire stain on humanity Turn and Roast on Spits in Hell’s Public Square for all Eternity.

Mustafa Mehmet

You had to much baked beans again. blowing dirty air again

Gregory Casey

Thank you Mustafa. Easily seen where your loyalties lie.

Shy Talk

Forget trying to get this in main stream media, wrong side, they can get away with whatever, probably just testing for when Idlib attack happens


Russia has been warning of this for some time; now they have the excuse to terminate the rodents and if France, Germany or the US get in the way then so be it. While the Syrians are at it they may as well start on the Kurds and give the go ahead for the Turks to act.


I don’t understand what Russia thinks they are achieving by constantly appeasing the terrorists. From the very beginning of their involvement in the war they kept randomly backing down and offering ceasefire to the US and its terrorist proxy dogs only to end up having to resume fighting soon afterwards against a stronger and more organized opposition. Now again they are doing the same with the Turkroaches. It’s almost like there is a (((fifth column))) in Russia constantly sabotaging the winning pace of the war and delaying the inevitable victory for as long as possible.


Well, it is much easier to win wars than it is to win the peace that follows. Russia plays the long game and is not prepared to sacrifice the end result for short term gain, unlike the US Empire, that is mainly concerned about winning the lime-light. The ceasefire gestures erode the will to fight, they give time for fractures to appear between the groups, as has happened many times. When the gestures are followed by decisive defeats of the terrorists it further saps the morale. The intention is to spare Syrian soldiers lives, because Assad and Putin know that US aim is to kill as many as possible, even if they lose the territory (which they will).


Well stated indeed. :)


Hmm, now that ISIS are officially defeated I guess the terrorists are keen to give the US a reason to stay in Syria. What better way than to revive the old chemical weapons trope.


Then they should chem bomb their own strongholds, If it’s Assad who breaks the news to the world and releases the images the Empire cannot use the OUTRAGE to its advantage.


Facts don’t matter to the US government or MSM, they’ll just hear the words “Syria” and “chemical weapons” and say “bomb Assad!”

Xoli Xoli

This terrorists does not have shame on them just like Bolton instigated Venezuela Giuado and crooks.


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