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Breaking: Israeli Warplanes Attack Syrian T-4 Airbase (Video)

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On July 8, warplanes of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) carried out an airstrike on the Syrian T-4 airbase in the central governorate of Homs, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria.

The General Command of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) announced in an official statement that the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF) engaged with the Israel warplanes and managed to damage one warplane and to shot down several air to surface missiles.

However, other Israel missiles managed to hit the airbase, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA). The state-run news agency added that the missiles caused material damage only.

The strategic T-4 airbase was hit several times before by the IAF. On April 9, 12 personnel of the Iranian military were killed when Israel warplanes bombed a center of Iranian forces inside the perimeter of the airbase.

The new Israeli airstrike is likely a response to an earlier statement by Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the Iranian parliament speaker’s special adviser on international affairs, in which he said that Iranian military advisers will continue operating in Syria to counter the Israeli attempt to gain dominance in the region.

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Coming on the heals of the story about the US leaving Syria this fits the usual pattern. Too much money in war to settle for peace.


Why those guys are bombing in central Syria when all the war fronts are now in the borders? What a strange attack pattern. What’s your problem? Why you don’t attack the SAA in the south, they are already very close to the Golans occupied by you. What’s up, doc?

Jens Holm

Seemes You dont follow much there at all.

Israel is allowed to bomb all Hesbollah and Iran facilities for the russians with several limitations. They dont hit some low life 1967 solders of Assads.

Well, they do hit Syrians, when they store for hesb and Iran.

The fake You have eaten is, that Syria is in war with Israel. If so, SAA and SyAF+RuAF never had taken that much in South – Or we had and escalation, where Russians helped Asssads after all at least for neutralising israel.

Parisa Zoorgoo

hasbarat logic, makes no sense. much like 911 logic….. could it be the same logic?


If they attack the front line when nobody minds them, they appear extremely guilty and in direct support of ISIS. So they attack somewhere else, away from frontlines hoping that this provocation brings a response from SAA, then using their propaganda outlets (MSM) they justify that future attacks are in response to the SAA “aggression”.

Remember last time with “Iranian drone and missiles”?

Parisa Zoorgoo

so a nuke on tel aviv , is the right (only)way for peace and justice? surely there come a point where it is a good deed to kill a genocidal terrorist!


You address me as though I sit in Israeli government instead of being an electrician in small town Canada.


The ‘you’ are the israeli militaries, not you, frankly. The ‘what’s up, doc?’ is for them, not for you. They can’t do practically nothing, they are impotent in face of the russian support to the syrians.

Jens Holm

No, its not. Its a part of a coalision. So far others and mainlt France has taken over. Could be until Trump is gone.


” No, its not. Its a part of a coalision.”

I did smile at your Freaudian slip when you wrote ‘coalision’ Jens , but as most of us know, it is the US Coalition of Terror that is responsible for creating the chaos and death in the Middle East and beyond that ONLY benefits Israel.

That’s the little country that has murdered nearly a hundred unarmed Palestinians and wounded over thirteen thousand Palestinian civilians , often with dum dum bullets, since March 2018 Jens .


Hard to argue with such a nonsensical statement so I agree to whatever the fuck you are babbling about.


ISIS air force


Remember, EVERY one of these jewish terror strikes gets Putin’s explicit permission beforehand. Putin crawls on his belly to the jewish monsters, having been conditioned, like ALL Russian leaders, to see the jews as the ‘master race’ who built modern Russia.

It’s rather like how, a few days back, one of the JEWISH controllers of the BBC promised the BBC would never again allow a bunch of well educated white male britons form a comedy troupe like Monty Python. Of course the BBC jew never questioned why jews- a TINY minority in the UK- are allowed to continue to have the dominant position controlling positions at the BBC. The ‘diversity’ rules at the BBC will NEVER apply to jews- and that in-your-face hypocrisy is the standard jewish way.

The female patsy in the UK has apparently croaked from ‘novichok’, and the jewish controlled mass media of the UK will use this as another stick to beat Russia with- yet Putin will carry on allowing jew central to bomb Syria at will.

What is wrong with this picture?

Every major world politician, Putin included, states the jew terror state must be allowed a massive and growing arsenal of nuclear, chemical and plague warheads- yet Iran must be exterminated if at risk of having the means to make nuke warheads. These same jew controlled politicians claim racism is evil. Nothing could be more racist than the claim that jews can stockpile holocaust weapons while Iran must be denied any means of self-defense.

Putin’s support of jew nukes PROVES Putin is a racist. All pro-jew politicians are likewise racists. This fact isn’t even capable of being challenged.

The jewish terror state, and world jewry, form the greatest threat ever faced by Mankind. Not in the sense of what the depraved jews of Israel could ever inflict on the world directly, but by how world jewry needs to turn Humanity in directions of pure evil to keep their power cult growing.

The demonic action of the jews in Syria is but the faintest aroma of the true stench of this power cult. Want it in its clearest and most sickening form? Go watch that Oscar ceremony where ultra zionist jew Spielberg got one of humanity’s worst child rapists, Roman Polanski, the major Oscar for The Pianist. Evey jew in that theatre stood up and screamed their support of Polanski, purely for the fact that he is a member of their tribe. Not one of those jews cared that they were caught on camera worshipping a child rapist. Not one of those jews considered it a possibility that their public support of a child rapist could possibly hurt them.

A tribe that thinks unlimited child rape is a perfect symbol of their power recognises no limits. Israel, even by its own sickening standards, has a truly neo-nazi ultra racist government. Yet Putin fell over himself to make the monster who leads this government the GUEST OF HONOUR in Russia itself.

Every jew bomb that falls on Syria is a symbol of jew power and evil.

Tudor Miron

Did they get Putin’s explicit permission to get their plane shot by Syrian air defence? You’re pathetic in your silly hope that your lies will reduce Putin’s support (who will benefit?).

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They slipped thru Jordan to Al Tanf to hide from there and shoot.

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

What a joke you are….

Jens Holm

When we meet somene like You we either get destructed or make us strong and beat You.

You as muslims keep Your self low and even insist. Thats why You stay where You are like obeying spendables.

In England as well as most of the West, we hire people for what they can by school, education, skills and hard work. And we pay pr hour.

M.E. mainly are family business – 80%. That is very ineffective and often men are paid with cars and clever vomen are pr definition low ranks payd with flowers.

As long as You insist in that and deny vital elements of non Muhammed Economics, You will need to have 20-40 of Yours for 1 western in the modern parts incl. the jews.

As we can see in a lot of muslim countries, even having the world records of people leaving to be among us sekulars and christians, You make no reforms at all. Its level for driving cars in Saudi or proposekls in the Turkish and Syrian parlament for 14 years girls , which cant be sold because they are used by giving them nice clothe and candy. Proposals like that in our parlament would be jail right away and years.

We even see many of ourt incooming muslims cant even return, bacuse they left in stead of being killed – and therefore pr definitions are traitors. Funny enough they can come back, if we pay all the way from the airport t Your leaders.

Mustafa Mehmet

yeah yeah Screw you idiot

Jens Holm

You have no plans for the future. I see none here aprt from killing each other. And all – of course – is our fault.

Jews probatly invented Islam and Muhammed Economics telling, You could take from hard working people in all from money, private proporty, wives, slaves – ANYTHING.

Your worst enemy is in Yourself.

You are raised by putting a lot into Your brains and by that make the relations among gender. Even so, You make it wrong and dirty, so You have to try to protect Your by covering especially Your women with clothe.

And here we go. Your neighbor has to protect his daughters against Your sons, and You has to protect Your daughters against their sons. What a waste.

Furthermore its well known, that 2/3 of all crime is inside families or close related, where You are learned the women and girls are the active ones, but they are not.

Its about what the little carrot learns from birth pr Your wrong definitions.


” And all – of course – is our fault.”

I agree with you Jens,it is actually the fault of the venal and silly Western NATO populace that your NATO nations are being intentionally flooded with migrants and the Zionist wars NATO has been active in in recent decades.

NATO has NEVER been used in combat to defend Europe from any Russian attack.

However NATO has been complicit with Zionism in destroying countries in the Middle East and beyond in the name of ‘human rights’. Funnily enough though the nations with a deplorable record of human rights that buy US/NATO weapons are ignored. Even you can work out who they are Jens :)

This designed carnage and chaos on far off lands has created a literal flood of migrants to Europe in such numbers that are rapidly destroying the fabric of NATO nations.

NATO has singularly failed in its mandate to DEFEND Europe from foreign invasion.

Jens Holm

I am aware, We are a part of it.


Starlight is a Zionist and most likely of jewish blood as well you know Jens.

What is the point of you attempting to portray him/it as a Muslim ?

Jens Holm

One of my comments were to Mehmet something. Seemes muslim to me.


That is only because you were attempting to obfuscate the situation and to blame Muslims for the Israeli aggression that has caused the mayhem in the Middle East Jens.

Muja Suria

There are honest people and you are one of them. i realized since the beginning that Putin is one of them (the jews), and we see what they have done to the people. May Allah bless people like you in the western countries who are brave enough to stand for truth. https://pics.me.me/stephen-hawking-joins-academic-boycott-of-israel-physicist-pulls-out-10277466.png

Parisa Zoorgoo

hilarious how the hasbarat dancing child burners have found a way of demonising our dear hero apresident Putin, by calling him a zionist excrement! lol doesent work but settlers sure are ignoble exrements to be flushed to the septic tank .


Zionist hasbara jews have a long habit of shitting on both ends of another nations ‘carpets’. :)

neil barron

Yah! Hawking’s pulled out of life on last one, just like what’s going to happen to you and your ilk of aggression.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Shut up you fraudulent tart go cry your CIA nonsense elsewhere we don’t give a shit about your talk as you would have known that the jets went thru Jordanian airspace to Al Tanf to shoot from, just better sources than you can find or use.


Mongolian Navy. See I can do it too. Jo’s integrity.

Lena Jones

Except the Mongolians are NOT stealing the holy land and the greater Levant like you klepto khazarian convert-jews are.

I hope you’ve dusted up your second passport cuz you’re about to go back to your euro home, settler motherfucker!

Jens Holm

Actually jews and chritians as well as a lot of others lived there until Islam was invented.

Before Yours, the whole world belonged to someone else. A minimum should be, You at least should modify in time and other things.

After all the most important things for those 2 religions came from there.

Youprobatly are closer totha Khasars then any jew. Most of the Khazars hardly converted – The upper class did.

Lena Jones

Hello jewish terrorist. For your information, judaism was “invented” by a bunch of paranoid, sweaty Arab-Yemeni rabbis. Christianity and islam were ‘inspired’ by the great jewish lie about ‘god’, so when you talk about christianity and islam, you’re merely talking about branches of dodgy judaism. Oh and before genocidal judaism was “invented”, organized paganism ruled EVERYWHERE FOR OVER 170.000 YEARS! So you can stfu with your jealousy: judaism is the LEAST POPULAR ABRAHAMIC SCHOOL – for good reason: it’s a genocidal belief system that’s stuck in freaking paganism!!!!!!! LOL!

Get the fuck outta Palestine you little klepto khazar terrorist!

Jens Holm

I just told You, that Jewism and Christianism were in Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Abbesinia and at the Arabian Peninsula long time before Islamn was invented. By that You cant say jews invented. “arabs” and others did.

It doesnt matter if there only were 3 jews left in the whole world. They did not invaded Syria and they only has had missionaires along the red sea.

By the science of christians and jews the first kind of jews from Abraham came from Ur in Syria and/or Mesopotamia. The yemeny/arab version is false propaganda even some prophets are burried there and made by muslims to lower jews only.

As a sekular its hard for me to see people in the world join the 3 written religions, if they were not even invented. Besides that Buddism as well as Taoisme is written down and much older then Islam. How do You think they feel being nicknamed as pagans ?

Lena Jones

Religions DON’T OWN LAND, people do – whether they convert or not, they don’t automatically lose their land. Ancient Palestinians were pagan, then some converted to judaism, later christianity, followed by islam. Why do you single out the moslem conversion and hide behind the christian apron? Because you’re a pathetic genocidal invader!

When you pray to a silly bit of old wall, you are PAGAN!!!!!! When you have blood-rituals (circumcision), you are a pagan freak – capish?!!!

And you must be brainwashed and living in a jew-zionist bubble – you’re about the only person on the planet who is not aware that ALL mideast wars have been ‘engineered’ for israel’s benefit – you must be the only idiot on the planet who has not heard of the Yinon Plan, which has manifested itself across the Levant, but failed miserably in both Lebanon and Syria.

Again, you have to make a life-death decision very soon: pack up your scumbag belongings and flee the holy land, or stay and be wrapped in a body bag: the natives are coming to liberate their rightful land, whether you’re ready or not.

Jens Holm

You are barking mad.

You tell me, that all arabia was empty until arabs and jews came. So Allah parashuted Adam and a tree to Mocca or MoccaSahea, where Adam made a wife climbed down his tree and made jews and muslims in 1:10000 scale or something ???

More like the most stupid people walking from Kilimandjaro and after a long walk ended isolated in Yemen or something, are the aborigians to You, but only black inside their brains.

You still can find a few of them like Khaldeans and Arameans. Jesus most likely spoke aramean. The land was not empty, ehen Your belowed arabs arrived. There already was people all over.

Lena Jones

Earth to terrorist Jens: Arabians are semites. Abrahamism came along and some of these Arab pagans converted to it, calling themselves ‘Hebrews’ – then when christianity came along, some of the pagans and Hebrew Arabs converted to Christianity. When islam came along, mega-mass-conversions to islam occured. Now, which part of these summarized FACTS are you choking on?

And I will go further and direct you towards Shlomo Sands book: The Invention of the Jewish People. Read it and weep at the depth of your stupidity and brainwash.


Well said Lena :)

Tudor Miron

Well said Lena, Historically established Christianity as we have it now is merely an “export version” of Talmudic Judaism (for Goyim use) that promotes slavery and usury. Regarding Islam – https://youtu.be/M6HqVDEXKxg

Jens Holm

Islam too is a copy. But You forget Jesus in the New thestamony.

Looking at arabs in arabia its hard to deny their taking slaves and their change og skin color.


Tudor you are misinformed, Christianity is based on the precepts expounded by Jesus Christ and His apostles……not Talmudic Judaism. Since approx. 1400 BC to the days of Jesus, the Jews had the Torah, the Pantetuch that was to define their life as a religious nation before God.

After the Babylonian captivity there was a myriad of religious laws introduced by the Pharisees which constituted the foundation of Talmudic Judaism, that circumvented the guidelines of The Torah and emphasized greatly on ceremonial pomp and observance.

The Talmudic Judaism is a perversion of the Torah which collided with the ministry of Jesus Christ, that got progressively more demonic especially during the Diaspora.

Christianity has nothing to do with Talmudic Judaism, Jesus Christ condemned it and His teaching are diametrically opposite to the Talmudic Judaism.

Tudor, Putin believes in God, he is not ashamed to admit it as a head of state, therefore he can act with sanity and reasonable justice in this evil world.

Tudor Miron

Jesus, Historically established Christianity has very little to do with actual Christ teachings. I do believe in God but church has nothing to do with it. God doesn’t need “mediators” to talk to his children (some people do). Do you know when Bible’s new Testamony was adopted? 15th century – it’s surprisingly young isn’t it? That’s my opinion and I’m sorry if it hurts your religious feelings.


I do not have religious feelings, I stand for truth. New Testament Biblical canon was concluded at the end of first and early second century, the Roman Empire regarded Christians as an enemy from within and tried to destroy the movement, culminating with the purges under emperor Diocletian. Constantine became emperor and he declared Christianity as the Empire’s religion, therefore making the church an imperial institution. That was the birth of the Catholic Church. Over the centuries the Catholic Church perverted the scriptures and subjugated the population under its control.

Early 16th century the German reformation took place and Protestant Churches defied the Catholic Church and became independent. The Bible was printed in book form in the 1454, the Gutenberg Bible. Earlier, the scriptures were written on individual scrolls and copies were made by trained scribes.

I agree a lot of churches have become large business type models that are tax exempt, the Church is made up of unique individuals that gather together to fellowship, it is not the building or the denomination.

As far as Talmudic Judaism, as I said, it started taking root after the Babylonian captivity, it is also known as the oral tradition, various rabbis commented regarding their views of how scriptures were to be interpreted; in due time the Talmud and the Torah became diametrically opposed, as was clearly illustrated during Jesus’ ministry. The followers of the Talmud found fault with Jesus on many occasions and acussed Him of blasphemy condemning Him to death. The Talmud is perversion of the Torah, and this perversion got accentuated after 70AC, as the Jews were led captive to Rome and Jerusalem and their Temple was destroyed. Present day perversion of the Talmud excludes it from being associated in any way with Divine intent, and those that practice it have a one way ticket to hell


“””For your information, judaism was “invented” by a bunch of paranoid, sweaty Arab-Yemeni rabbis.”””

Says who?

“””Christianity and islam were ‘inspired’ by the great jewish lie about ‘god’, so when you talk about christianity and islam, you’re merely talking about branches of dodgy judaism. “””

Again, says who? Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ whom the Jews condemned Him of blasphemy. If you do not believe in God, say so……..instead of making meaningless statements and playing to the choir.

“””organized paganism ruled EVERYWHERE FOR OVER 170.000 YEARS! ”””

LOL, says who? Give me some tangible proof paganism existed over 100,000 years ago?

Lena Jones

Sorry but I don’t respond to charlatan know-nothing cunts pretending to be Jesus.


I think you are referring to yourself. An interesting self analysis.

My nick is Jesus, I do not pretend to be Him, I represent Him, every time you choose to show your ignorance about things you do not care to understand, you will give an account for the nonesense spilling out of your mouth.

Make your case, what knowledge do you have of antiquity 2500BC to 300 AC? Since you do not believe in God, you do not believe in the Bible?

The know nothing c..nt is you spilling all your delusional garbage, without any historical proof or substance. So make your case, ……instead of your feeble. “”” I do not respond to charlatan know nothing……blah, blah, blah.

You seem to be the BS and sharlatan artist. Justify your narrative with some facts.

Lena Jones

A “c..nt” spouting ‘Jesus’? LOL what a mangled motherfucker! And too cowardly even to spell the C word in full! Yeah sure ‘tough guy’ lol!

Here’s a bit of scientific education for your pompous religio wishy-washy brainwash:

The first ‘gods’ that primordial man worshiped in the four corners of the world were the Thunder Gods – archeological evidence of this dates back to 170.000+ years ago. Undeniably, the worship of Thunder is indeed quintessentially paganistic. Therefore you can take your silly, bitty DisneyWorld understanding of Comparative Religion and the Human Condition and shove it, you little bible bombast cunt!


I do not have to stoop down in the mud where you seem to revel. Sounds like from the abundance of your inner man, your mouth speaks nonsense. I take it you are full of nonesense.

“””The first ‘gods’ that primordial man worshiped in the four corners of the world were the Thunder Gods – archeological evidence of this dates back to 170.000+ years ago. Undeniably, ”””

Yada, yada…….archeological evidence? Let’s see it.

“””Therefore you can take your silly, bitty DisneyWorld understanding of Comparative Religion and the Human Condition and shove it, you little bible bombast cunt!”””

I see that comparative religions and human condition as a result of such religions, short circuit your ability to compute. You would rather use some moronic narrative to obfuscate truth and reality.

Lena Jones

You are literally a stupid brat covering ears with hands and singing ‘tra-la-la-trala’. Typical blinkered follower of fantastical myth and self-delusion! I can run circles around you in my sleep on this topic motherfucker! What brainless planet do you live on when you don’t recognize that paganism is as old as caveman?!!! And you want to see “proof” of this? LOL how about you try google’s billion links on this you lazy-brained, entitled, pompous primadonna! And as to “truth and reality”, well you certainly DON’T OWN EITHER with your bimbo-bombast posture!

The REAL Jesus would spit in your face for your utter humorless arrogance and hateful dismissal of simple facts and blatant common sense.

A loon with fossilized gray matter – that’s exactly what you are!


I see your computing circuits are burned out. You would not know the real Jesus if He stood 5 feet from you, FYO, God owns and defines reality, whether you accept or not. Since you do not believe in Him, you have to accept some other form of reality that is satisfactory to you.

Lena Jones

First, you don’t know me at all to know what the heck I believe in so you’ll need to put a sock in it.

Second, for someone who claims to be a christian, you are a most horrid and judgemental bully – the OPPOSITE of Jesus.

Third, if “God owns and defines reality”, then why don’t you go and get yourself a lobotomy? Evidently, according to you, we don’t “own reality”, so really, we don’t need our god-given brains to decipher/discover/explore life with.

All in all, you’re just another disappointing ‘christian’.


Do not call me a disappointing Christian, your value system cannot relate to what I am saying. As far as judging you, you judged yourself with your meaningless diatribe against me. People can read and see the context of what is being discussed.

Lena Jones

You butted in with your despicable prejudice and denial of archeological evidence and you got bitch-slapped, you little fake Jesus!

“I represent him [Jesus]”. LOL how unhinged can you be?!


Despicable prejudice? Sorry to burst your bubble of hot air that compared Christianity to Talmudic Judaism, you were not able to produce any evidence……you got bitch slapped. All followers of Jesus Christ represent Him in some capacity.

Lena Jones

I’m now convinced you live under a stone on your own planet! Any reasonably informed person can clearly see that many churches prostrate themselves to the terrorist jewish state of israel that I don’t know where to begin to explain it to your dimwit brains!

Very little ‘Christianity’ gets practiced these days by people referring to themselves as ‘Christians’. But apparently you’re NOT pissed about this fact, you’re pissed at me for bringing it up! You throw a hissy fit DEMANDING “evidence” when lol the evidence is EVERYWHERE EVERYDAY!!!!! What a freak you are! You’re a turn-off to Christianity – you show no understanding, good-will, humanism or tolerance: fundamental traits of Christianity. On the contrary, you’ve exhibited nothing but pathetic know-it-all snobbery, vile pride and hostility. You’re a looooooooooooong way from being a true “representative” of Jesus. You’re definitely not past the ‘know thyself’ stage.

I feel fucking sorry for you!


“””Any reasonably informed person can clearly see that many churches prostrate themselves to the terrorist jewish state of israel that I don’t know where to begin to explain it to your dimwit brains!”””

Why do you include me in the “many churches” that support Zionism? It is some evangelical churches that are brainwashed, the Catholic Church does not and most Protestant including Pentecostal dont.

The rest of your ramblings about Christians shows a lack of understanding and self aggrandizement of your secular frame of mind

Lena Jones

And how many times, pray tell, has the Vatican apologized to the genocidal, anti-gentile synagogue of satan? Have you any idea how many ‘protestant’ churches in the US support and donate money to the klepto terrorist israel? You need to google again, mister fake Jesus!

Has the Catholic church ever officially demanded an apology from the jews for killing Christ? NEVER! It certainly looks like the church is petrified of the synagogue of satan – submissive!


Vatican did what was politically correct, for the last 1700 years they were no friends of Jews. There are 20-30 million evangelicals that are politically active in the US and they support Israel. The Catholic Church persecuted the Jews because they felt they were responsible for killing Jesus Christ.

I do not google, I know enough history where I can make accurate statements.

Lena Jones

PC = bullshitting and submitting. This proves my point that the Vatican bows down to the synagogue of satan instead of to Jesus and his message. I ask you WHY has the church NOT asked for an apology from the jews for their anti-gentilism that is a good 3000 years old?

You “do not google”? LOL what a pompous ass!


The Spanish Inquisition dealt with the heretics for centuries. PC= saying something that needs to be said, without meaning it. Rome is the arch enemy of the Jews. Move on, your ideology needs to deal with real data.

Lena Jones

“… real data”? LOL you mean like WHAT YOUR LIMITED OPINION IS?!

No dear, I think it’s YOU who needs to move on, preferably to a library of sorts to update your out of date bullshit.


What real data? You have not heard of the Inquisition which was Vatican’s police throughout Europe starting in the 11th century and cleaning the Christendom of heretics?

“””Ferdinand and Isabella chose Catholicism to unite Spain and in 1478 asked permission of the pope to begin the Spanish Inquisition to purify the people of Spain. They began by driving out Jews, Protestants and other non-believers. In 1483 Tomas de Torquemada became the inquisitor-general for most of Spain.May 5, 1997 Spanish Inquisition 1478-1834 – Then Again http://www.thenagain.info › SpanInqui

My opinion is based on historical facts, not misconstrued facts to fit an ideology . Out of date BS? Try again with th history of the Vatican from 1100 thru 1835.

Lena Jones

Man, you are so fucking boring! As if the Spanish Inquisition had anything to do with real Christianity and the message of Jesus. As if ONLY jews were targeted by the Spanish Inquisition!

And btw, your link was sourced through google, as are most articles you find on the net :D

Try hard as you may, you remain a pompous know-it-all with a cork up their arse.


“””As if the Spanish Inquisition had anything to do with real Christianity and the message of Jesus.”””

That is not the point, the Inquisition was an institution of the Catholic church that pushed the catholic dogma on every non catholic, Jews included. The Catholic Church was not in any way receptive of the talmudic Judaism, they tried to convert them.

“””And btw, your link was sourced through google, as are most articles you find on the net :D”””

I did that for you, I do not need to go on google to find out details the Inquisition and the Catholic Church. I think the one that is pompous is you……now you are trying to extol the truism of Christianity when at the beginning of the discussion you did not believe in God and labeled Christianity at the same level as Talmudic Judaism…..or a gentile expression of Talmudic judaism.

Lena Jones

“… at the beginning of the discussion you did not believe in God”

I never said I believe or disbelieve – it’s you who was the presumptuous arsehole here! And either way, who the fuck are you? You on a mission to destroy ‘non-believers’?! LOL! Fuck off YOU ARE NOTHING LIKE JESUS and everything like that crazy Albino from the Da Vinci Code movie!

And as if I need directing to the Spanish Inquisition lol! You really do believe you’re the only literate person on the planet, right?! LOL well another big fat ‘fuck off’ at you, you little pompous shit!


Netanyahu visited Putin again, for another: “Iranian threat!”.

Muja Suria

Evil is evil, and it will remain so http://static.cdn.markiza.sk/media/a501/image/file/21/0620/fXth.rusky_prezident_vladimir_putin_vpravo_a_izraelsky_prezident_benjamin_netanjahu_.jpg

Real Anti-Racist Action

Israeli planes are invincible to all known Israeli aircraft. Russia should set up a trap with a secret S-400 system to shoot down a single F-35I plane, just to embarrass the “Allies” and make them loose confidence in the F-35 plane. Then may countries will cancel their orders, and start buying the much more affordable Russian planes instead.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They already shot down an F-35A and damaged another those are replacements.

John Whitehot

omg what a joke.


Its due to the hit weather John :)

Jens Holm

Very optimistic. Besides that I wonder if airplanes like that are outdated, when we get the ones, we have ordered.

We see more and more of different kinds of drones as well as missiles and by satelites. At the ground the infantery is more and more heavy armed as well.

You cant knock out the confidence for thé F35. Its a very good one a bit better then F16 and F18. If anything it would be they would be more expensive then the russian ones.

We see the russian plans very well. They have invented several good new weapons, but they all are very complicated to make, so they hardly can effort to use them Yourself. And sell them – Nah. Who has money for that in the russian world.


Jens, Denmark is totally irrelevant in military terms and arguably has been since the age of the Vikings.

Surely your government has better things to spend money on ,rather that the US F35, whether it works well or not ?

Jens Holm

We are in Nato, because we are small and today are in several countries.

Its just decided, we make the Leadership for Nato in Estonia, where we already has aircover for them as well as some few elite troops. We give the estinians trainings and god weapons.

A few days ago we regained our activity in Iraq as teachers for the Iraqian army. We are in Afghanistan with a couple og hundred and make supplies for the french in Mali.

We have corvettes against pirats being as helpers to others. For the moment none but sometimes 2 of them. We help others with money, because we have some.

In Syria we had 7 F16, so 3 could be in the air 24 hours, but we could send 20 relative good ones and even have an old series of F16 but not enough pilots for them. We also have many leopards.

Our economy has no problems with that at all. Its first class. The Russians escalate, so we have too and have ordered 4 Skud batteries for the navy as well as many smaller missiles of different kind.

The 20 F35 are not upgradings but replacemenets for the old F16s.


Except Russia is not escalation tensions in Europe and have no wish to occupy NATO nations where most of the populace are mentally unstable , immersed in trivia and rather poorly educated in the main

It is the NATO cabal who have and are deliberately fanning the flames of their own self immolation :)


This is just Israel attempting to create a response so that Israel can justify a larger attack on Syria to save the IDF proxy terrorists on the Israeli border in my opinion.

Pave Way IV

“…and when it will be Israeli’s going home in body bags.”

No chance in hell of that, Florian. That’s the job for U.S. soldiers who will be willfully put in that position by our cowardly-ass commanders and treasonous dual-citizen Israeli-firster political leaders. Likewise, Saudis soldiers will not die defending Saudi Arabia, neither will Qatari or Emirati soldiers for those shitholes. The U.S will, of course, use stand-off weaponry when and where it can. But if/when the SHTF in the Middle East and any of our evil little cronies are threatened, the U.S. will be throwing “Made in USA” meat in front of the bullets. You know… to protect my freedoms and stuff.

Parisa Zoorgoo

hopefully the boycows will be tired of the rat race, whil being mad at their gmo induced cancer and will rise to slaughter the cheneys, and the aipacs


Yes, I foolishly omitted the future reality of US sons and daughters being sacrificed again on the bloody alter of Zionism :)

Only those from the ‘deplorables ‘ of the US of course.

Gary Blake



Israeli Zionist Jews understand only one kind of language and this is it: https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201807091066183920-irgc-commander-anti-israel-remarks/

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Two of the planes were damaged they used the Al Tanaf region to fire from sneaking thru Jordan , that little Dwarf King is a traitor.


As was his father also in the end.


What source do you have for two planes damaged?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

It was Syrian Air Defense was on twitter yesterday.


Yup, just ignore it and add some funds to destabilize Jordan later. The road to attack is from a Jordan in chaos.


Israel have done this attack on Syria because of frustration. Now it is confirmed that child butchers Israeli terrorists see themselves in big trouble.


Oh, yeh, any old “Soothing Words” to keep Syria and Iran from fighting back

Maybe when A MILLION , 2 Million or how about 3 Million DEAD Syrians and Iranians and a couple more Billion dollars of Destruction, will be the time to fight back ? The longer it takes for action against those Zionist Psychopaths, the happier will be ISRAEL and the Rothschild BANKERS…..and YOU

I am betting you don’t have any family or property, over there in Syria ,”Florian” I further bet you are Jewish


There are times to fight back and times to turn the other cheek. The priority is to first eradicate Israels terror proxies without giving Israel an excuse to directly attack Syria on a large scale.

After the proxies are removed, Israel can be dealt with.


I’m aware of you belief


Have the courage to say what you really mean.


I did but if you lack DISCERNMENT, I cannot help you

Here is more to contemplate:

: https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/07/08/gods-precious-immigrant-children-and-parents-in-the-hands-of-the-monstrously-cruel-and-indifferent/ A people or nation which has lost its HUMANITY, as has America, Britain and other Western countries, are DOOMED to final self-inflicted DESTRUCTION, which cannot be stopped, unless Humanity returns.

Does THAT help you?


I have always said that the US and Nato countries are infected with Hubris that is a terminal disease for any nation.



Guanzhou China

Israel is better not to bother

Real Anti-Racist Action

The indigenous Suevi tribal peoples never went to Israel and bothered Jews not once. Yet millions of Jews left the middle east to go invaded and colonized the indigenous Suevian tribal peoples to this day. Does not matter if you never go anywhere near a Jew, they will move into your ancestral homes and kick you out. http://ihr.org/

Jens Holm

When Islam was invented many in the whole region already was Jews, Christians and other religions.

There was not a single muslims in the whole arabia as well. Many deportations were done. Seemes like You not even know Moses in Egypt at the Nile as well as several deportations to Bagdad until the Mongols destroyed it.

The real invaders of the syrian landscape were arabs with Islam, language and culture. That was made as the Chalifate of Damaskus, which later on had Bagdad as Capitol.

You also are incorrect about Your socalled tribes. They mainly was beduins. Today tribers of Syria by Eufrat are big family landowners. Almost all setlling along Eufrat is less then 100years ago, where You hardly can blame jews for it.

Jews were and are spread out because of their jobs and always has. You could compere the somre with greeks as well as phoenesians. You used them because You could trust any contract was in the exact same context from London to Mecca.

Lena Jones

Your revisionist fake history only shows your Arab-phobia. I bet my farm that there’s not a single drop of semite in you, little khazarian klepto invader!

You are the biggest antisemite the world has ever known: killing semitic Palestinians on a daily basis!


I just like to remind everyone that these people or beings running isreal are not real jews

Jens Holm

You can say that.

Tell Turks they are not Turks because 80% DNA is a mix up with indoeuropeans. I see it as we are as we feel. We have many well integrated muslims here. Whatever their education and color is, many of the are more danish and patriots then us.

More then half of the jews once upon a time ago left as emmigrant tribes. They sold what they had and took with them, what they needed and went to Europe. here they during centuries has mixted up some by marrige as well, so You have converters from old time, which never has been even close to something in the middle east.

The rest are. You often can see it by darker skin and in at least first generation in lower education, but You cant rely in skin color just as our danes are as they are and some in third generation.

We also have a group, which hardly fit in at all. And thank You. I know the background for Israel very well. They come from genosiding mainly by Russians, Poles and Lituanians. And when the fleed to Western Europe Hitler killed 5 million of them too.

Whatever their DNA is, the main part came from KZ camps of Hitler.

But 5 millions also went to mainly USA.

Parisa Zoorgoo

propaganda by a propagandist! please ignore


I’m not suggesting a problem with jews in general its just the leadership of isreal seem to be devil worshippers hell bent on world domination I don’t think the people leading isreal have any blood ties to the middle east theyre anscesters converted to Judaism around the 10th century

Parisa Zoorgoo

there are millions of giews in iran , along with 22 synagogues in teheran! just pointing out that real giews like muslims, detest terrorism and its dancing child burners. We ALL demand that Palestinians be given back what was horifically taken from them, and we all demand that ziochitts and wahabichitts receive what they have deserved for so long Death!

Guanzhou China

Iran is China best friend; Israel had better not look for trouble!

John Brown

More importantly China now depends on Iranian oil and that kind of support is more reliable then and trustworthy then friendship.


After ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists the next number is of Israeli terrorists. Their calif has already been dismantled and 20% Israeli terrorists have already left Palestine.


why Syria doesn’t employ long range artilery to threaten Israel, just like north Korea did with US and South Korea? I am not sure but I think that the depth of the ocupied Golan is about 30km..

Manuel Flores Escobar

Sooner or later ( when terrorist threat in south syria be finish)…a war between israel and syria will star..then SAA will launch smerch MLR ( 300mm) 100km range that can hit Haifa air and naval bases!

Hisham Saber

Wait a bit, the forces are being put into place as we speak. Israel is about to be overwhelmed.


I do hope so :)

Elmarie Muller

Attacking T4base by terrorists supporters Israel is a direct attack against sovereign Syrian soil and people. Self defense against Israel needed.Israel leaders are not God but terror and blood sucking war prostitutes.

Hisham Saber

Like any of these small, silly air strikes are going to change the rules on the ground. Israel, the forces of the ‘ axis of resistance ‘ are coming for you. And your air force will not save you, nor will the exhausted , scared and over-rated U.S., French and British going to save the coming day of reckoning.


When is this going to happen?


Not only is this a violation of international law and Syrian sovereignty. It’s also a violation of the Golan disengagement agreement that the baby rapers agreed to as part of ending the 73 war. The same agreement that the evil Jews are claiming allows them to continue occupying the Golan and allows them to attack Syrian forces in the DMZ. And that they’ve been flagrantly violating for many years:



Jens Holm

So far the joke of the day even its not over yet. You also ignore, that Assads has allowed hesbollah and Iran almost to be there as they wish.

But of course that does not bother You at all.

Lena Jones

It’s none of your business whom Syria invites to assist it with its war on islamic and jewish terrorism.

What losers the israel jews are! They started the Syria war so as to land-grab more Syrian land (yinon plan) and ended up with Iran at its doorstep lol!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Always this troll always pops up like a bad whack-a-mole troll!!

Lena Jones

Oh it’s so very clear he/she is a hasbara on the tel-aviv payroll: the lowest specimen on earth.

Jens Holm

I never has blamed the Syrian regime for getting help, but as expected some others gets help too and we as almost usual, we see an escalation.

And dont blame me and the rest of the western world for the Baathistas making close to non e real and very needed reform for many, many years.

Bathistas was and are oilgrabbers, then ISIS took most of it and were oilgrabbers. Now You are blaming SDFs to share at least a part of it with the population actually living there. Nice isnt it. NO ITS NOT. Its dirt treating the rest of Syria as colonies by private proporty. ……………………………………………

Your 2 last lines are same thing. Almost any in the world can understand why Israel has made the military protection line as well as taking water and some liters of oil a day. Its an old thing which goes up and down having Iran sending the madest persians to Lebanon, because of big unimployment in Iran. Not even the war made by saddam could change that.

Lena Jones

Oh shut it down already with your stupid hasbara, terrorist Jen. Only your tribe and lunatic christian zionists (fake christians) “understand” – but the rest of the world hates you for your evil stealing of Palestine and for killing millions of civilians in your constant warring in the middle east over the past 70 years! THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS THAT JEWS ARE NOT THE VICTIM IN THE MIDDLE EAST!!!

Jens Holm

You dont know much do You. So far I only can see, Your whole world is very small. First time I am named as Khasar. So I speak russian too. I did not know that.

No wonder jews now and then only see You as moskitos, if they are like You.

Lena Jones

I think it’s time for your ziocaine injection you little brainwashed terrorist. You must be the bastard of the world not to know who your ancestors were. FACT: THE ORIGINAL HEBREWS WERE ARABS FROM YEMEN, therefore unless you have Arab blood, you’re not a REAL jew, little imposter semite-wannabe!

Jens Holm

If so, they were not hebrews but pagans.

Lena Jones

Only fake jew khazar converts like you don’t know the REAL history of the ORIGINAL Hebrews. Yes, indeed they were a pagan Yemeni tribe. Try reading history that’s not been written by lying fake-jews like your ancestors. THE ORIGINAL JEWS WERE ARAB SEMITES. Full stop. Go argue with history you brainwashed klepto terrorist.

Jens Holm

The history of Hebrews is very well descriebed here as well as it goes.

Semit comes from SEM son of 3 from Noah and Wife from the ark. Thise 3 sons of theirs went out and married some women.

By that description they made arabs, aramæs, babylonians, karthageniens, etiopians, hebrews, phonesians as well as other non existing tribes/countries of today.

Thats not the best we have today, but Noah certainly did not strand in Yemen with Arabs having hebrews included.

Lena Jones

I understand the brainwash is quite thick in you: to the point where your ‘reality’ is based on nothing more than convenient fantasy. Here’s a fact or two to chew on: your talmud/torah/OldTestement is NOT verifiable history. I’ll repeat: the ‘hebrews’ were the FIRST TO FOLLOW THE TEACHINGS OF ABRAHAM (we know this because the oldest hebrew ‘stuff’ was dug up by archeology there in Yemen, backing up the long and enduring oral tradition of other semitic tribes that roamed Arabia, who also speak of trading with the first Hebrews of ancient Yemen.

Also, THERE WAS NO SUCH THING AS A ‘JEW’ WHEN ABRAHAM WAS AROUND – AND… he did not call his one-god ideology ‘judaism’ either!

Jens Holm

The world was not populated like that at all.

Lena Jones

How would you know any facts about “the world”, what with all the zionist-revisionist brainwash you’ve willingly pickled your brains in?

Parisa Zoorgoo

who would be bothered by the presence of just heroes that are also champions of integrity? killing dancing child burners and wahabi terrorists is a good deed , by any standard

Jens Holm

I dont understand pls xplain.


i guess the 50+ heavy missile bombardment by SAa into occupied golan need to be repeated.

last time the syrian bombardment destroyed IDF listening stations on golan.


No Syria just needs to keep killing Israel’s attack dog Isis and clear the terrorists out of their country then soon it will be Israel’s turn.


Assuming it happened that way.

Tudor Miron

One plane damaged. Well done SAA. I expect serious outflow of “brave” IDF pilots from active service. One thing that they can’t tolerate is when someone that they attack hits back.


Ah, they are drawing blood on the IAF. That is interesting.


The telescopic fire impact (light bright at midpoint of vid) looked continuous, yes, as in aircraft (missile would be snuffed out in one blast). Good going for old S125/200 or other air defense!!!


The IAF is most likely continuing there earlier strategy of taking out logistics networks, I ask who exactly was hit but given SF sources I would guess Hezbollah.

Gary Blake


Muja Suria

Exactly the Jewish state based his existence on all forms of terrorism.

John Whitehot

Pacino really said that? I didn’t know he has these views, good info.

Gary Blake


Lena Jones

Terrorist israel trying to get the hits in while it can… right before the Golan is to be liberated from their klepto hands.


I dunno why benny keeps on doing this retarded, antagonizing, do-nothing, bullshit…

But keep up the good work old boy! >_>


SOHR is saying Iranian and SAA troops were killed :


paul ( original )

Although I don’t think this attack is particularly significant, it does give me a certain anxiety. As I understand the situation the T-4 base is deep inside Syria. So the attackers have to be in Syrian airspace for sometime. So why are they not being shot down at a grater rate? Others with more military knowledge than me might be able to comment.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They came thru Jordan and shot from Al Tanf 2 planes were damaged.

paul ( original )

Thanks. I did suspect that this might be the case, but details are sparse .

Brad Isherwood

Syria is either fucking incompetent. .. Or its 100% techno supremacy. .. The Israeli/Zionist got Syria anytime they want.

Pantsir ,Tor M1,BUK M2E, …..Syria’s going to knock down a high % of targets . It’s however like 11:59 panic response. Syria. ….Allways the Victim. Putin smiles…..and warm greeting with Netanyahu.

Israel demands the Primacy military power Image. Putin and Assad conceded.

Or why does the Stolen Golan intel/radar,spy set up remain standing when Syrian Airforce or long range arty could level the Fucking Place!

Putin wants Syria to crawl while Deals are cut with US/Israhell.

Russia meets with the Platform shoe midget King of Jordan. . The murderer Erdogan. .. Both Have caused the deaths of 10, s of 1000s of Syrians. Served US/NATO and Israel in the Genocide of Syria.

Is Putin/Russia this weak …..that Syria is some victory on conditions?

When the shit hits the fan. ….Russia won’t be there fur you. If Iran and China are cut and run when $$Money hits the table. Then it’s certain the little guys going to his doom while great speeches are cast and excuses.

Ya……kinda like all the Crusades and Jew Banker wars.

Parisa Zoorgoo

free golan from the dancing child burners, hang cheney for justice and long live those who kill wahabism and ziochittism

Fayez Chergui

As long as israel exists the world will be in hell.

Jens Holm

Only Yours …Sometimes I think it a punishment from Allah. What did You do ?

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