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JUNE 2023

BREAKING: Houthi Drones Attacked The UAE Capital Abu Dhabi (Video)

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UPDATE: Riyadh said three drones were intercepted over Saudi Arabia

On January 17, the Yemeni movement of Ansar Allah, also known as the Houthis, attacked facilities in the UAE. The group claimed a “qualitative military operation deep in the UAE”, adding that more details would be announced in the coming hours.

Abu Dhabi police said three fuel tankers had exploded in the industrial Musaffah area near storage facilities of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company ADNOC.

They said a fire had also broken out at a construction site at Abu Dhabi International Airport – but added it was “minor” and took place at an extension of the main airport which is still under construction.

Three people were killed and six injured in the fire, the official WAM news agency reported. One Pakistani and two Indian nationals were among the victims, and six others were wounded with injuries ranging from light to medium, according to WAM.

At the same time, no significant material damage was reported. Both fires have been brought under control and air traffic was not affected, according to an Al Arabiya.

According to the local police, small flying objects were detected over the targeted facilities.

Probably, the strikes were carried out by kamikaze UAV. The Houthis have repeatedly used them to attack infrastructure facilities in Saudi Arabia.

The Houthi attack was likely a response to the recent operation dubbed Southern Storm aimed to expel the Houthis from Yemen’s central-southern province of Shabawah. The operation is mainly led by the UAE-backed Giant Brigades, a force of an estimated 15,000 fighters, with support from the Yemeni Armed Forces and backed by air cover from warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition .

Despite the Houthis’ fierce resistance, the Saudi-led coalition’s proxies, led by the Giants Brigade, continue to gain new territories. Most recently, on January 15, they reportedly managed to capture the towns of Banu Qais, Al Musa, Jerada, the Hajla, Ikrimah Al Buthaif, Al al-Atir and al-Helwah in the district of Harib in Ma’rib.

On January 14, the Ansar Allah spokesperson Yahya Sare’e claimed that “the Houthi forces confronted a wide advance of the UAE mercenaries and ISIS towards Haraib and A’ain districts without any advance despite the intense air cover with more than 24 air raids.”

“The armed forces call on the people and families of the UAE mercenaries to withdraw their sons from engaging them in battles that serve only America and its alias in the region.” – the statement reads.


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They were warned repeatedly but all fell on the deaf ears.

Although it doesn’t look like a serious attack, perhaps it was to remind the idiot MbZ what is at stake. If he continues his crimes perhaps the next one will be more interesting. Actions have consequences.


Currently Flights to and from AbuDhabi airport is stopped according to Flightradar24 data. If I have more info I’ll add later. Pity we can’t edit posts after a few minutes…


A birdie told me two large plume of smoke is visible in the sky from any point in the city. Yemenis also targeted a UAE military cargo plane inside Shabwah airport and put it out of its misery. They say about 20 more missiles and 10 drones are readied to follow. A message is sent through Oman and the decision for the next attack is entirely on Emiratis, which freaked out big time! Little Sparta my ar$e!

There’s a party raging in MbS hind

Gracious Guest

Dubai pimpport is a better target and will shut down the UAE hovel as western masters will flee the region.

Simon Ndiritu

Oil infrastructure = economic lifeline of the UAE’s spoilt brats. Every body there must be worried. Very worried.

Arch Bungle

The real oil is the UAE banking infrastructure through which trillions of illegal black market money is funnelled. Hit that and the whole lace goes up in smoke.


Yes, oil infrastructure is very important since about %97 of UAE oil belong to Emirate of AbuDhabi (which is about %85 of UAE, land-wise). Yemenis have all the data needed for any operations as they targeted 2 newly undeclrared oilfields before.

Much of AbuDhabi’s wealth comes from oil. Still since they bit much larger than they can chew, they rely heavily on foreign investment, tourism, banking and money laundering and smuggling. Yemen can force much of that to vanish quickly if MbZ insists on his ways. Of the other remaining Emirates Dubai is wealthiest (with enormous debt and foreign investment on real state bubble, more like a mirage than real wealth), then Sharjah. Many people even don’t know the names of the other ones. The other 6 Emirates aren’t happy with UAE’s involvement in Yemen but not because of humanitarian reasons but because it’s bad for business.

UAE officially invited president Raisi for a visit and perhaps he accepts because one of his plans was better relations with neighbours. News comes from our parliament that Iran and Arabia are to re-open diplomatic missions on each other’s soil. Interestingly, Bennet also hurriedly invited president Putin to go there before president Raisi’s visit of Russia.

There was also a large scale missile and drone operation on southern Arabia. Yemenis rock!

Liberal guy


Simon Ndiritu

Thanks for this free class on UAE. I have learned a lot. Houthis need to cut these losers to size to teach them a lesson for adopting Anglo-Zionist ways of war and plunder.

Dennis Kovac

The snake’s head is next in Tel Aviv , inshalah


I love good news on a Monday morning. Brightens my whole week!

Cuckmander Hebrew

Good. Kill habibi.

JC Denton

Places like Abu Dhabi and Dubai seem so far away and detached from the genocidal war on Yemen, they are so wealthy and safe… finally they got their reality check.

All the terror the fake gulf states helped create will eventually spill over right back at them. Funny how they try to keep this image of super-conservative islam while on the other hand Abu Dhabi and Dubai are on oasis of western degeneracy, it’s the favorite destination of european OnlyFans thots like Jens Holm who know how to satisfy the very special wishes of the Sheikhs.

Oh and the unvaxxed are not allowed to leave the UAE, I thought you want to keep the diseased out of the country, not inside?

Hope those Houthi chads hit some banks next time, it seems the UAE is air-defense wise rather helpless!

Last edited 1 year ago by JC Denton

Have to give it to those Houtis they know how to hit back,the Syrians should take a lesson here.

Cuckmander Hebrew

Kind of a different situation. Syria is tense on two fronts – one with turkey in the north and the other with israel in the south. Also, don’t forget that the USAF in jordan is waiting to pounce the moment things get heated.

Last edited 1 year ago by Cuckmander Hebrew

Hope they hit them some more

Gracious Guest

Next time attack the glass palaces of the Zionist pimps.


Go back to /pol faggot

Cuckmander Hebrew

Slob on your own knob, mystery meat shitskin amerikwan. Which spic and mudshark bumped ugliest to make you?

Cuckmander Hebrew

*bumped uglies


Project much?

Cuckmander Hebrew

The only thing that was projected was the spic that jizzed into your whore of a mother.


Understandable counter-attack. It’s sad though, that people got killed. Especially since they’re foreign workers.


Hip hip hooray boys…just keep multiplying the attacks in Zio Arabia and Uae major cities… target the high rise apartments all over…


Bomb tel Aviv next, just for fun and send some kikes to Khazar Hell


Yemen would be nuked if that happened


Oh wow, who could have guessed that? nOt mE. Clowns in UAE really believed ZIon and yanquis… those clowns never learn. Yeah, this time was Iran as well…No? HOW.


Also, yeah KSA pushed UAE this time to get fuked.

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