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JUNE 2023

BREAKING: Head Of Donetsk People’s Republic Announced Reinforcement Of Russian-Led Forces

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BREAKING: Head Of Donetsk People's Republic Announced Reinforcement Of Russian-Led Forces

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On June 13, Denis Pushilin, head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, said that the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory of populated areas in the DPR had become more frequent, in connection with which he noted the need to increase the military contingent of the Russian Federation and the DPR. He claimed that “An understanding has been reached that all the necessary additional forces of the allied forces, primarily the Russian Federation, will be involved”. The head of the republic also noted that Ukrainian soldiers violate the rules of combat and use prohibited methods of warfare.

June 13 marked one of the heaviest attacks of the AFU on civilians in the city and nearby settlements. At least three more civilians died on the spot, including a 11 years-old-boy and his mother. The shelling was carried out throughout the day and it continues.


In his video message, Denis Pushilin states the following: “The enemy has crossed all lines. Forbidden methods of warfare are being used, sleeping areas and central districts of the city of Donetsk are being shelled, and other cities and settlements of the Donetsk People’s Republic are also under fire right now. In this regard, there is an understanding that all necessary additional forces of allied forces, primarily in the Russian Federation, will be engaged.

I would also like to note that over the past 24 hours we have destroyed and suppressed about 30 enemy firing points, and also destroyed the enemy command post near the settlement of Myrmryk.

Of course, even taking this into account, the enemy still has enough weapons to attack our settlements. In this connection, the heads of ministries and departments have been recommended and instructed to employ a minimum number of people at their workplaces. It is necessary to transfer the main working personnel to remote work. Such a recommendation was also given to private enterprises. In the coming days, I still recommend all citizens of the Donetsk People’s Republic to stay in safe places as much as possible and not to leave children unattended. The authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic are taking exhaustive measures to ensure the full safety of the citizens of the republic in the shortest possible time”.

It is not yet known what scale of additional military contingent he is talking about. At the same time the demand is clear, the DPR forces need to be reinforced by additional Russian troops. This could affect the consolidation of the territories of the republic by the DPR and Russian forces. Thus, the transfer of additional Russian forces or even a partial mobilization in Russia can be expected.


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Hans raus

Russian trolls are in panic mode. They claim that ukr losing 1000 people /day and ukr are still able to attack donetsk ? Russian propaganda is much worse and dumb than cnn :D


stupid Nazi troll again


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Stephan Williams

You could have left your description of him at “stupid troll” and you would have said all that needed to be said.

Jessica Abadie

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jens holm

Ha ha. Its a good one. You are right more worse makes no sense.

Muhammad your Prophet

I can just leave your description as a sick and deranged psychopath and have already said all there is to say.


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Last edited 11 months ago by Julia

US has been killing million of innocent peoples in the Middle East.

Sandra Lundy

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Lance Ripplinger

I guess now we will wait and see how Russia will respond. What ground troops will they commit to put an end to the terrorist attacks by the AFU, etc.

Hans raus

donetsk is in ukraine, just take a look at map. russian invaders must go back to russian shithole or die :D

Last edited 11 months ago by Hans raus

Creo que es localizar las zonas de lanzamiento y barrerlas con la aviacion

jens holm

Almost all will be lower then the already arived ones. Its the meat grinder version. They win when the Ukras has no more bullits.


If you don’t want to be shelled, push the Ukrainians out of range. It’s ridiculous to whine about something you control.

jens holm

Thats a very incomplete statement. Its highlyu incorrect Russians control as You assume. If so they had won long time ago.

Its more a much smaller but clever one can neutralize and sometimes even defeat the big one.


Learn English cockbreath!


It might provoke more shelling in retaliation before it was completed, also they might be difficult to approach due to the terrain, they might have well protected positions underground. I think it gets fairly flat and exposed to the west of Donetsk. Possibly they intend to cut them off from the rear later, and are choosing to advance at the weaker spots for now. Just some guesses. Those Caesars in the other article had a 55km range, it’d need to be a long way.


These are the most established positions of the Nazis, and they will rather spend their last bullet on civilians, rather than soldiers. Regardless of the speed with which the Russians will liberate that territory, these Nazis will use all their arsenal against civilians in Donetsk!


push? first you need time to push

second, do you have the faintest idea of how ukraine territory is shaped and how big it is? you cannot do a pip about a couple of trucks moving at night on the steppes, positioning in firing position and they fire at the Donbass cities

it is said but true

the only way is to destroy the soldiers and the weapons, this is why the russians have the stated goal of demilitarization


It’s time to cut off the head of the snake. We all know that the Evil who gave the orders to bomb civilians came from Kiev, so take down the decision makers, not the small soldier at the end of the command chain, well him too of course, but the final responsibility relies on the Elenski. he has to go.

Last edited 11 months ago by Jay
jens holm

It started by The russians and their bombardments. They any time has bombarded and killed many more then the Ukras.

That of course is no good thing and against many rules.

I will remind You we also sondem the Ukra attitudes about it. Its about the same for Turkey and Erdogan.

Ha always tell its about the Kurds there. But facts are we condem what he do to with thre rest as well.

Just as the Russian he could retreat from other countries. By that it would be less biased.


The entire chain of command having any authority in the Donbass need to be considered war criminals. The Russians should have special ops snatch teams ready to grab high level fucks as they leave their conscripts behind to die.


The command are US, UK and nato whit boots on the ground as “instructors” for the sofisticated armaments. Everiting is guided by us satelites and spy planes. Russia has to cut those satelites and send drones to the spyplanes on the border so they crash. This time dont do any seasfire, because then the us, uk “instructors” can be evacuated. Catsh them and expose them to the world, before executing them !


Russia should triple the number of units involved in the war! The time is long overdue to crush the western terrorist scum! ANNIHILATE ALL WHO SEEK DESTRUCTION OF OUR SLAVIC RACE! Ukrops are enemies Slavhood, they are germanized and americanized Khazars, fascists, zionists of the highest caliber! Destroy them, so that normal life can return to our lands!

jens holm

There we go again. Russia just simply dont have that many troops for this kind of job.


They also cant even support them.


If the americans and Germans really was there, there would not be a single Russian foot – dead or alive.

Last edited 11 months ago by jens holm
Michel LeBlanc

Your delusions of wermarcht 2.0 will go down drain, just like your money.

John L

Like when you said they could not support Syria? :) Perhaps you don’t remember since it was years ago. Germany has no army to speak of, you can thank the US for that since UK, FR and USSR have all left years ago. As for US, the only “war” they won alone was… none. They did won a front against Japan but then again, nuclear bombs so, not sure the results would be so good on the capitulation. Anyway, we will see the results in a couple of months. Hope you at least get your money.

jens holm

It tells so many Rusaains are killed. Now the send more to avoid russian overpopulation.

Russian has invented coffins on wheels. By that only one soldier wirth one arm can bring it home and even use the spade. They now produce coffins with a spade on instead of a cross.

Last edited 11 months ago by jens holm
Muhammad your Prophet

The 65 year old Russian grandaddies are joining the battle for the survival of the phony Lunga Lunga People’s Republic.


How about your granddaddy joining the battle to defend your barrio? Is your abuelo up to the task Yamil Perez? You dumb wetback, tomato-picking, porch monkey spic??

jens holm

Thats no reinforcement. The russian soldiers which was there are dead.

We have seen them. Most of them only armed with a WW2 riffle and an umbrella for protection.

And Putin dont care. I hear the other day it protects against sunshine as well.


Can you please learn English and post things that actually make sense you dumb ass Eurofaggot?


and the 3 brain cell clown zilinlski believes civilized peoples will ever allow the ukie hyenas to seize their territory or submit to being governed by these nazis…..how much does the CIA pay him to claim such nonsense?

Rick Jefferson

Plenty. Zelensky will retire in Miami as a billionaire.


nazi Hans Jens comments now censored while they undergo improved electro shock therapy


cleanse kiev and western ukraine with nuclear hellfire. blow all radiation into poland. no loss.



When this conflict started, I knew Ukraine was a piece of shit, POS, PUPPET of the US and NATO. A NAZI STATE.

What I didn’t know is that the NAZI state hated Russian citizens to the point where indiscriminate bombing of Russian speaking citizens was fair game because they were not ethnic Ukrainian.

These NAZI pigs need to learn a lesson in criminal justice planning. Breading NAZI PIGS gets the entire farm fire bombed. That includes the farmers that created the NAZIS.

Don’t forget to kill the farmers that breed them. The Machine that created these NAZI parasites need to die. We know who they are.


The creator of war is the blood dollar !!! Stop using it !!!


Russia has not power enough to push Ukies 100 km west from Donbas.


Come on man. The stupid Ukies just trying to open another front as a distraction from the pain they’re having elsewhere. Now they gonna get pain here too. Like many other times, people like you will run away from here when that pain arrives


They allready pushed the ukies much futher than that in every direction,watch what happens.


T80 are rolling towards Donetsk line to push up that front line more north towards Dnipro and Kramatorsk as they are already softened up by the cruise missiles in last 100 days. In my honest opinion if 3elensky want to save some territories for the peace negotiations he should pull all forces towards Dnipro and maybe leave Kramatorsk with the skeleton defences. Dnipro is much better position to deffend the advancing paratroopers and Chechen “volunteers” shadowing the tanks. Those T80 are capable among other things to locate and return the fire towards an RPG and jawlin type weapon in mere 4 seconds maybe 5 but still I wouldn’t step in its range from the big barrel. A titanium shell goes through two high rise apartment buildings lift shaft concrete core and all other walls in between before stopping at the last outside wall of the second building. T84 was about a kilometre from the first building and T80 Plus must have that capability for sure.

Last edited 11 months ago by CrniBlack

I think Russia could or should really have done more to secure the civilians i the two republics. Can somebody give a logical reason why it is not happen?

Theedrich Yeat

The civilians dying are in fact being murdered by the United States. Ukraine is simply a suicidal vassal used by the U.S. to slaughter non-combatant people in the Don Basin. This should always be kept in mind. America is a criminal empire led by felons, liars and murderers.

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