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Breaking: Government Forces Liberate Key Town Of Uqayribat From ISIS

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Syrian government forces, led by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) 5th Assault Corps’ ISIS Hunters, have liberated the key town of Uqayribat from ISIS in the eastern Hama countryside, the ISIS Hunters media wing reported  few moments ago.

Earlier today, reports appeared that government troops entered the town and were clashing with ISIS inside it.

If Uqayribat is really liberated, it will be a major blow to ISIS terrorists inside the eastern Hama pocket and the entire pocket will likely collapse soon.

Breaking: Government Forces Liberate Key Town Of Uqayribat From ISIS

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Michael Qiao

damn that was fast, Heil ISIS hunters, Heil SAA, Allah Souria Bashar w Bas


Hope the SAA by 2018 reforms their whole army towards a more modern aproach with a combination of others such as main forces being trained like the Russians and reserves or conscripts following the older , guerrilla methods but also a bit of the Russian model

Michael Qiao


Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Army reformations you are talking about are as old as Europe itself and have always been used and never really adopted in the US very well. The Current Model the Russians have been adopting has been employed by Canada for decades which is suited for smaller formations and tactics, they have completed there formations a few years ago.

They found these formations beat the superior forces and guerilla tactics in war games for decades and employed it in war zones effectively, throughout the world currently.


Yes, right now there are hundreds of syrians trained by russian and chinnees, soldiers, commands, generals, and especialist in modern weapons.

Joe Doe

Fest action and take advantage of momentum and initiative makes fast and easy successes. This is how should be

Graeme Rymill

You were opposed to diverting troops from the Madan front to the central Syrian front to create these pockets. Now you claim this is the way to do it! Another fraud like Woolpuller!

Solomon Krupacek

i opposed too. of ourese, maadan is 100x nore important. but we are happy also from little succsesses of syrian army.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

One more important step in ridding Syria of barbarians. Congratulations to SAA, allies and the Syria people. Perfect gift for Eid! The good wishes of the entire civilized world are with you!

Politolog Externista

Eid like AIDS … :P I still cant get how people could come up with islam … but I suppose its the culture overthere. If they have no malicious intent like the immigrant cowards who are reliant on violence, then I cant really say they be bad guys.

Michael Wiesinger

Nothing wrong with devout celebrating. Islam still is nothing but an insane invention of a lunatic guy – muslims basically are his victims.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Eid like Aid or even in German and French E as A same sound ,very easy to understand the similarities , but not for some who are linguistic poor and always hear rednecks speaking.

Solomon Krupacek



waooh, such a great blessing for Syria!


Fantastic news. Go SAA go!.

John Brown

As I predicted right on time. I am right again!

Walter White

Awesome news :)

Carol Binkley

This might seem like a stupid question, but what’s going on in the de-escalation zones right now? KiraSeer


Waiting for the doom-day approaching-))

Carol Binkley

I can’t remember, but how long were those de-escalation zones to be de-escalated? I’ll look it up, I guess. KiraSeer


Don’t even waste your time! There are no any margins. Our russian “military police” is the only one. Amd the reputation threat for the “piece”-breaker. Zones are very different being associated with different patrons. I guess the first ones which are going to be eventually “deescalated” (denusrated) are Jobar, Terma and Hama-Homs pocket.

Carol Binkley

Having trouble with your English, Dim. Are you saying the time line of the de-escalation zones is open-ended?


Why that?) No time lines, no deadlines, no terms, no temporal margins – whatever you prefer-) Actually, there are no zones’ boundaries as well. And there can be no ones. No even negotiations are going to be held. Because everybody presumes Syria’s individibility, and what place can Alcaida challenge for when the war ends? Most of them are not even syrians…

Carol Binkley

Perhaps there is/was more deception in the formation of the de-escalation zones than was made public. The U.S. obviously hasn’t observed them.



Well, Trump and Tillerson obviously hate to support Alcaida and wage war on Assad. Erdogan surrendered, horrified by “kurdish spring”. That’s why the agreement on the zones is undoubtedly real: otherwise Putin would never put our forces next to Israel and in Afrin. But for the real power-holders in the USA and The West in general, Assad is a way worse than Hitler (actually their role-model), and war in Syria and the whole Middle East must go on and on and on. And up…

Thus, formation of de-escalation zones is senseless: there is just no formation of de-escalation itself. No even idea.

Carol Binkley

Well, I didn’t care for the de-escalation zones myself, but not for the reasons you state. (I’m having a hard time figuring out your reasons nonetheless).

However, it will be in the best interests of all combatants to know the U.S. isn’t always honorable in its actions.

Jan Tjarks

In Idlib we can see that Al-Qaeda (HTS) is trying to seize control, as the real opposition (local opposition against the government) mostly does not listen to HTSs foreign mercenary demands. One of the reasons of the infightings.

It’s a complex situation, barely anyone will be familiar enough with, to give us a clear picture. There are many different agreements, which are kept or not, depending on the interests in the background. HTS already helped Daesh (IS) to open the pocket around Uqayribat, officially only for civilians to escape SAA forces. But, latest since 9/11, we know that real events and official events are two different stories.



Solomon Krupacek



Thanks !


u r most welcome


Shows they also know time is short and Daesh near Euphrates are pushing that time table forward, so instead of clearing the countryside first they clear the city and then kill the rats out in the open.


That was quick! Excellent job SAA.

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