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BREAKING: Ghani Resigned, Mass Fleeing Of Afghan Top Officials

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According to the sources from diplomatic missions in Kabul, the president of Afghanistan Ghani has resigned.

He signed his resignation approximately at 14:45 CEST.

The video shows evacuation of Afghanistan top officials from the center of Kabul to the airport by USAF helicopters. According to available information, the former president of Afghanistan will first go to one of the European capitals.

Former Afghan Interior Minister Ali Ahmad Jalali is now officially head of the transitional Government.

The top officials were spotted fleeing Afghanistan. There are no border guards, customs does not work in the Kabul Airport.

August 15, 2021 will go down in history as the day of the defeat of the Americans in the 20-year-old Afghan war. At the same time, by their actions, the United States not only failed to eliminate the “threat”, but made it stronger in every sense: militarily, politically, and ideologically.


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The truth


Last edited 1 month ago by The truth

Pathetic from the beginning.

G2 Man

Even a low IQ brainwashed American should be asking why they are spending $1 trillion a year on an inept military that simply can not fight when half the country is unemployed, has immense social problems, millions are homeless and addicted to drugs and the vast majority has no access to even rudimentary medical care?


Lets be honest…….they didn’t spend anything near that amount. They always give with one hand and take it away with the other. Only the defense contractors made money……That’s what this was about. The only good thing here is that thousands of hillbilly and millions of wahabbi were killed.

Fog of War

However, how many trillions were made from the poppy / heroin trade ?


‘The United States spent more than $88 billion to train and equip Afghanistan’s army and police, nearly two-thirds of all of its foreign aid to the country since 2002.’

This quote is from current US MSM, so some very basic question should be asked in US. Most know US officials were lying through teeth for last decade about achieving any progress. As US forces on ground had obviously lost faith in project years ago, and limited leaving security of their compounds. Sadly, it all went on so long the accountability will just be kicked backwards in time to past official’s and administration’s decisions – or lack thereof, to either negotiate or withdraw years ago.

Last edited 1 month ago by SevenUps
Americunt LOSERS

What did you expect from a low class cowardly puppet pimp like Ghani LOL did anyone really think that the ANAcunts would fight ?

The truth

I was hoping to see justice being carried out on these puppet.

north K

he will show up somewhere in north america with a bunch of stolen gold bullion if go by the south vietnam puppet president. hope the taliban arrest all the traitors and collaborators and put them on trials or summary executions like french resistance. in mild cases, put them in reeducation camps like vietnam.

G2 Man

Ashraf Ghani was recruited by the CIA at the “American University” in Beirut in 1972 along with a fellow traitor Zalmay Khalilzad and 6 other Afghans. 2 were killed in the Socialist coups in the late 70’s under Karmal and Amin. He has an American wife and a home in Washington DC suburbs. He was destined for failure as he had no following in Afghanistan and like Karzai was hated as a puppet.


You’ll note that like in Iraq Amerikastan found not a single puppet among the people who actually live in the country and had to import them from elswhere.


Victory with a capital V. And that folks, is how it done. From US’s Bagram retreat in the dead of night to the capture of Kabul, 1.5 months!

G2 Man

So the US humiliation in Afghanistan is coming full circle with rapid regional implications as an Iran-supported Shia militia insurgency against the US and allied occupation in Iraq and Syria is well under way. The objective is the similar withdrawal under fire of US and its NATO vassal forces, Afghanistan-style. This increasingly effective campaign, already intense, probably has not reached its height yet. It is certain though that US will choose to flee when the heat gets too hot. The Taliban has set the template for US defeats.

Peppe il Sicario

IEDs, IEDs, IEDs, plenty of sniper attacks and a mountain load of mortar and rocket artillery strikes will break the will of the pussified American GIs and their lackeys. The heat on them in Iraq by the Shia militias will intensify ENORMOUSLY now that Rouhani is out of the picture in Iran and replaced by a hardliner. The Afghan fiasco will only embolden Iran to step up its attacks on US forces all over the Middle East.

Last edited 1 month ago by Peppe il Sicario

I predicted 2-3months…

Americunt LOSERS

The dumbass Americunt losers should recruit a better class of spineless puppets. ROFLMAO.

Peppe il Sicario

Americunts can now only win “Shoving Your Fat Ass” contests with prized Big Macs, Kentucky Fried Chicken Big Buckets all downed with a six-pack of Budweiser Light mule piss and a one gallon Diet Coke.

north K

It didn’t take even 3 months to get rid of them. that is the initial assessment, but it took much less time than that. north america is done in cental asia. they are completely locked out of the area. In comparision to south vietnam, kissinger went to china and established a diplomatic relationship with china after the defeat not to retreat all the way to hawaii. next up is the middle east.

Last edited 1 month ago by north K
Arch Bungle

One of these days the Jews will be fleeing back to Europe out of Ben Gurion airport as Hezbollah and Hamas fighters take Tel Aviv.

This I guarantee.

S Balu

Arch Bungle
Juggernaut has started in Poland
zionist days are limited as their BLACKMAILING HAS BEEN CHECK MATED

Arch Bungle

Time to load up on popcorn, the next few years are going to be sheer comedy gold!

S Balu

Absolutely I see Saigon 3 in Horizon from Jaffa in Occupied Palestine

The Black Terror

As a Taliban commander once said years ago; “The Americans have the watch, but WE have the time” Prophetic words if there ever was. Now Europe and the US can expect the 21st century version of South Vietnamese “boat people” – this time arriving by plane.

The Black Terror

Not knowing the mindset of the Taliban, I am really surprised that they have not fired any surface-to-air missiles at the fleeing rats considering how much death, destruction, misery, terror and humiliation they caused to Afghanistan.

Arch Bungle

They also do not want to put their own people in harms way.

As Sun Tzu said:

“Do not press a desperate foe too hard. When a foe is cornered, they must fight for their lives and will do so with the energy of final fear. If you force them to go down in a blaze of glory they will do so, taking more of your troops than you might otherwise expend.”


“There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare. The greatest victory is that which requires no battle. ”

In this sense the Taliban have carried out their war according to the finest traditions of the martial arts and achieved the ideal victory in Kabul – one without fighting.


How long till Hamid Karzai International Airport is renamed? 15 minutes?

S Balu


US & EU are Zion slaves

President Ghani leaves Afghanistan as US-backed govt relinquishes power to Taliban – media


The Taliban overthrew the Kabul vassal regime faster than the stuporpower USA “defeated” the Taliban 2001-2002.

And with no F15s and with no nukes, as per J.O. Biden’s recent blathering that such things are needed to defeat the gay US military.

All these trillions of ZOGbux spent on this boondoggle could have made every single American rich, but instead US regime criminals preferred to give it to billionaires instead.

S Balu

AFGHANISTAN is such a pivotal state of such strategic importance that historians will be saying that what Blunder USA/NATO made

The Black Terror

This defeat is similar to the US disaster in Vietnam. There, they also had air superiority plus command of the coastline and a multi-trillion dollar arsenal. The Taliban will now need some very competent accountants and bookkeepers to tally all of the enemy war material they will inherit.

S Balu

The black Terror
This defeat is even more important as it marks beginning end of zio Christian west
Strategic and economic prosperity ie their sunset has started

The Black Terror

“What do you suppose they will do when we lose this war? Prepare for the next one.” – Hauptman Kiesel answering Oberst-leutnant Brandt in the movie “Cross Of Iron” (1977). In the case of the US and its lapdog vassals, let them finish their disastrous interventions in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Somalia first.


Slow clap CIAtrolls…


This has to more humiliating than Vietnam.

Jim Allen

Taliban were the first “terrorist organization” the West created. Followed by al CIAeda, and ISIS.
While y’all are celebrating here, and before you get all touchy – feely with each other, where are the US defense contractors, and what are they doing ? Reportedly there’s a large number floating around somewhere, US Government isn’t out, until it’s defense contractor’s are out of the country. Where did US military forces go, USAF was bombing a day, or two ago. US Government was attempting to park the military in a next door country. Those countries may not be interested in having US military parked on their soil.
The talk about China, and what it will do, if this, or that, is speculation. China will back Russia if it does anything. Afghanistan is a corridor for the new Silk Road. There’s large deposits of rare earth metals, in Afghanistan, so the country has something of value after all.
I think Taliban are being honest in what they’ve stated to China, and Russia, they initiated contact with both countries, as to their intentions, and they need allies, and support, Russia currently has the best trade alliance’s
being mutually beneficial, as military allies, Russia’s proven, when the Bear makes an agreement, the Bear’s there with, best I can tell more than the agreement covered. Unlike the Bear’s Western partner’s. Shouldn’t take long to find out.
Taliban appear’s to have learned from it’s first attempt to Govern. There’s no way they can do worse than what Afghanistan has enjoyed these last 20 year’s.


US appointed government fleeing – via the Hamid Karzai International Airport no less – named after first (failed) US appointed vassal. Not sure how long that airport name will last.

Last edited 1 month ago by YepItsTrue
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