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BREAKING: CSTO Sends Peacekeeping Forces To Kazakhstan

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BREAKING: CSTO Sends Peacekeeping Forces To Kazakhstan

Military in Almaty

The CSTO Collective Security Council has decided to send the collective peacekeeping forces of the CSTO to Kazakhstan. This is the first time that the CSTO peacekeeping forces are deployed in a CSTO member state.

The CSTO includes Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan. The President of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan is the current Chairman of the Collective Security Council.

The total number of the Collective Peacekeeping Forces of the CSTO is about 3,600 people. Their composition and strength are determined by the decision of the CSTO Collective Security Council for each peacekeeping operation individually, according to the each specific situation in the conflict zone.

The composition of the Collective Peacekeeping Forces may include military, police (police) and civilian personnel, from which are formed:

  • combined Command; combat units;
  • police units;
  • a group of military observers;
  • units of combat,
  • technical and rear support;
  • other bodies and departments to ensure the implementation of the tasks.

They may may be assigned with such tasks as separation of conflicting parties, creating conditions for negotiations and other measures for the peaceful settlement of the conflict, control of the locality and actions of the population in the area of ​​responsibility, combating mass unrest, protection and defense of vital objects, taking measures to ensure communication between the conflicting parties etc.

Earlier there were reports that the 45th Regiment of the Russian Airborne Forces stationed in Kubinka (Odintsovsky District of Moscow Oblast) was put on alert. According to Russian media, this very regiment may be deployed as a part of the CSTO force to repel the aggression against the country. Military units of other CSTO member states are also reportedly ready to be deployed.

The decision was taken following the request of the president of Kazakhstan Tokayev.

An anti-terrorist operation was previously launched in the airport of Almaty against armed rioters. Two servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan were killed. The Kazakh military took control over the airport. The airport is now being transferred to normal operation, according to deputy head of the city administration.


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Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Bye bye CIAtrolls.
Bon voyage to hell…

John Brown

Its another attempted Zio coup like in Ukraine and Belarus.

The idiots in Kazachstan like Belarus and Ukraine were stupid enough to believe the Zio bankers who helped them loot their own country and stash the money in Zio banks weer on their side.

The Zio empire wants it all, why share with the local corrupt elite when the can exterminate them and intall Zio oligarchs and have it all.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC


Last edited 21 days ago by Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

The fact you can’t prove me wrong and falsely accuse me of being a troll whenever you cannot prove me wrong only goes to show you’re a troll yourself.


Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

I would like to mention that the Geneva Convention doesn’t protect terrorists.:)

jens holm

Yes it does.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

No it doesn’t.


Show me the relevant section.


When I first heard the news of ‘riots’ over fuel price hikes this sounded like another ‘Arab spring’ of lights, cameras, action engineered coups. Same old modus operandi.

Ukraine didn’t go so well for NATO as a distraction against the CooF narrative, so now they are aiming at the heart of Russia with Kazakhstan. They will keep trying until these rabid dogs in the west are put down for good.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

Inshallah russia completely puts them down sooner rather than later

jens holm

USSR retro ah ha.

Icarus Tanović

Tou and chriss are the worst pathogens here and around. You are even worse than him, because you are more stupid.

jens holm

We in west do our best to avoid having Ukriane in Nato. You are lied for.

The Chaos in Alma Ata is about fuel prices which people cant efford. Of course their internal problems has to be added to it.

It has nothing to do with west. We have our problems too according prices for the fossiles.


Its not the problem with protest, the problem are infiltrated groups assaulting security forces, civilians, burning and loothing properties. Those groups are organized terrorists.


Well, that’s how you play chess: pretend you are going to attack on one side, then attack on completely different. Basic strategy. They forced Russia to focus on the West, but instead they struck from the South.
Even if Russia managed to stop CIA putsch in Kazakhstan western media will accuse them of aggression; and it will be just another frontline. Russia now has to directly support governments in Syria, in Belarus, in Kazakhstan, and somewhat even Venezuela and Armenia, stretching thin its resources. America can print dollars infinitely, Russia can’t…

Last edited 21 days ago by gonzalo
Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

And Ru still wins.
Crumbling americant empire is toast.
Belarus is already stabilized no troops needed.
Armenia always had a Ru base, also stabilized.
Venezuela the same.
Only an intel HQ is present and a couple of strategic bombers.
Only active zone is Syria and Ukraine, but both is closing to a Ru favorable finish.

jens holm

Our intensions are to take the whole Sibiria and put all unwanted muslims in Europe to there.

The USA number one intensions is to put 7 million mexicans into Syria. They will renew what people use for hats. Even the women has to use somberos.

Next they will grow tequila and raise pigs and make so many fiestas and siestas, so people has no time for any disputes. Its sponsored by Cuba by tons of cigars.

S Balu

Jens Holms
Like wise ALL ILLEGAL WHITE EUROPEAN GARBAGE SQUATTERS OF SIOUXLAND,ABORIGINALAND,MAORILAND ETC WILL BE SHIPPED BACK TO EUROPE and they will include few Indian Babus who will defecate in the streets to remind you of your glorious days ok


In principle, you are right. But we all see just visible moves. For chess, two players are needed. There should be no doubts Russians, who had learned their lesson in Caucasus, Georgia and Ukraine, certainly have a protocol to follow. Their political leadership should cancel meetings with Biden and NATO, but they will not. Even if the two meet, I do not expect the outcome to help decrease the degree of the escalation. The opposite will be true. As for Kazakhstan, let us wait next 48-72 hours to watch Russian determination in hitting the cells implanted in the country by western intelligence agencies. This time USA and co. are really playing with the fire the extent of which they cannot imagine. I expect a demonstration of Russian capability to do serious harm to the players on the other side of the chessboard. So far for the chess, which is a traditional game in Russia. Let´s be patient to sit and wait. The clouds are gathering on the horizon already.

jens holm

Its a normal protest against fuel prices. We see the same for bread and like that.

It makes me laugh and cry people below blame everybody else then the locals. Its visible people in those areas are not learned own responsability as well as they are forbidden to.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

You told the same about isis jens ..
Time to lay off the LSD.
Its bad for you…

L du Plessis

Operation Iron Fist must start immediatly Cia-Zio proxy terrorist “protesters”!!


Russia should have intervened in Ukraine like this in 2014.

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