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JUNE 2020

Bahrain Reopens Its Embassy In Damascus


Bahrain Reopens Its Embassy In Damascus

File image, source: the Bahrain News Agency (BNA).

The Kingdom of Bahrain followed the footsteps of the UAE by reopening its embassy in the Syrian capital of Damascus at the early hours of December 28.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirms the keenness of the Kingdom of Bahrain on the continuation of relations with the Syrian Arab Republic and on the importance of enhancing the Arab role and activating it in order to preserve Syria’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity and to prevent the dangers of regional interference in its internal affairs,” the Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affair said in an official statement released by the Bahrain News Agency (BNA).

The reopening of the Bahraini embassy was not a surprise. A few hours ago, diplomatic sources told the Russian news agency Sputnik that the Kingdom will reopen its embassy before the end of this year.

Following the announcement, Syrian sources revealed that Gulf Air, the flag carrier of Bahrain, is set to resume its flights to Damascus on January 15 of the next year. The decision confirms that the Kingdom is looking for full relations with Syria.

The reopening of the UAE and Bahrain embassies in Damascus is a major breakthrough in the Syrian crisis. More Arab countries are expected to restore their relations with the war-torn country in the upcoming few months.

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  • Jon Gruntha

    The Wahhabists oppressing the Shias must be tossed over in Bahrain.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Bahrain is not a country and is occupied by Saudi scum and their Paki mercenaries who are committing Zionist type crimes against the Shia majority with British gits and Americunt support. It is the base for US 5th fleet in the Persian Gulf.

    • Nowruz

      Well said! The majority of Bahrainis are Shia who are controlled by a bunch of Sunni monarchs aligned with the cryptojews in KSA. I believe what we are seeing now is the endgame of the Syrian War due to their failure to oust Assad.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Historical FACT is that the British devious bastards put all the worst Wahhabi criminal tribes in power to check moderate Sunnis and Shia in the region. Al-Khalifah in Bahrain, al-Nayhan pimps in artificial colony UAE and al Sabah convicted criminals in Kuwait and the al-Thani fat slob who overthrew his own father like the dying midget Qaboos in Oman. Bahrain for over 2,000 years was part of Persian Empire and then Iran. None of these puppet Wahhabi scum puppet colonies is a real country. The British created the al-Saud mega pimps from Wahhabi perverts and then spread out in the Persian Gulf region like a plague of headcoppers, then in 1930’s onwards Americunt dumbasses and Zionists took the Wahhabi cutthroats under their wings for OIL and plunder of region resources and also “divide and rule” to create schism between Sunnis and Shia, however now the average person in the region is pretty savvy and the Zionist project is falling apart like its Nazi and Apartheid role models.

  • Thunder

    careful assad….these r the guys who were funding isis and the occultists backed terrorists along with saudi arabia i sure the fck wouldn’t let my enemies in esp when u r still under siege by their proxies..careful trust me say no

    • Thunder

      i am a seer Assad u know this say no…

  • Lena Jones

    It’s not for the love of Syria that these oil midget fiefdoms are running back to Bashar’s bosom, it’s to counter the hated Turks who, like the Iranians and Hezbollah, have gained power and influence and geopolitical reach thru their participation in the Syria war that these grovelling wahabi terrorist monarchies started in the first place. Bashar is no fool and he knows this: plays realpolitik with them.

    The positive here is that reopening the embassies is a clear sign that the wahabi kingdoms are no longer funding the terrorist caliphate project in Syria.

  • Xoli

    Reopening of terrorist centre in Syria.Fail to annex Qatar and Syria.New spy equipment to be employed on Syrian soil.