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BREAKING: An Explosion Rocked Budapest – Casualties Reported


BREAKING: An Explosion Rocked Budapest - Casualties Reported

Breaking news are coming from the Hungarian capital of Budapest. An explosion took place in the Oktogon area. The police and special forces have been sent to investigate the explosion.

It’s reported that there have been casualties, however the number is yet unknown. Early reports suggest that at least 2 people have been injured.

People on Twitter are posting videos and photos from the scene.




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  • Bükköshattyú

    Before one week of the fascist referendum of Viktor Orban it is quite obvious that it can be a gov. self-made explosion to make more fear among the Hungarian people.

    • Duc

      brainless idiot..

      • Bükköshattyú

        Are you a Putin troll and receive your salary from Moscow?

        • are you a pathetic SJW in pay of some (((neocon))) network ?

          • Bükköshattyú

            You are wrong. I am a Hungarian people who like his country and hate nazi Russian scum!

    • Monte George Jr

      “Self made explosion” by the US Government. This is how we introduce chaos into a society that is not cooperating with the US/EU/NATO agenda (e.g., by restricting the influx of refugees from US/NATO wars).

      • Bükköshattyú

        NATO/EU/USA shares and keep our value of freedom and peace, nazi Russian scum bring hate, sadness and war!

    • Or maybe its one of the skittles doing a little dschihad for “our values” Moshe ?

      • Bükköshattyú

        Go fuck yourself and after all your master Putin too!

  • Hassadnah Abraham

    Refugees crisis caused by US Invasion in Iraq, Libya, Yamen and Syria. Stop the invasion and terrorist act and the refugees problem will not happen. Returning back the refugees will caused double suffering to them.

  • hvaiallverden

    Ah…. intresting development and highly suspicious.
    Typical Banana republics warning to an foreign countrys Gov. whom dont follow the tune of the Pipelanistans, playing the pipe.

    And while we are at it, this is the first time I read something I know is true, all thoe it may crash your thinking as we speak about survialance and so on, in this Wiki/leak/pedia times.
    Where the people is been fooled and narratives highjacked, hidden players and intellegence reports of nada intress.

    I warn you, but I think/know, this is true.
    CIA and Wikipedia and the scams that follows its trail.