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BREAKING: 14 US-Led Coalition Military Advisers Captured by Syrian Special Forces in Aleppo

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BREAKING: 14 US-Led Coalition Military Advisers Captured by Syrian Special Forces in Aleppo

At least 14 US-led coalition military advisers have been captured by the Syrian Special Forces in a bunker in the city of Aleppo, according to media reports.

The event allegedly took place in the morning on December 16, 2016 (Voltaire.net):

“The Security Council is sitting in private on Friday, December 16, 2016, at 17:00 GMT, while NATO officers were arrested this morning by the Syrian Special Forces in a bunker in East Aleppo.”

21stcenturywire.com also provided a list of names of the coalition’s military advisers captured in Aleppo, citing a Syrian member of Parliament:

Fares Shehabi, a prominent Syrian Parliamentarian and head of Aleppo’s Chamber of Commerce published the names of the Coalition officers on his Facebook page on the 15th December (emphasis added):

Mutaz Kanoğlu – Turkey
David Scott Winer – USA
David Shlomo Aram – Israel
Muhamad Tamimi – Qatar
Muhamad Ahmad Assabian – Saudi
Abd-el-Menham Fahd al Harij – Saudi
Islam Salam Ezzahran Al Hajlan – Saudi
Ahmed Ben Naoufel Al Darij – Saudi
Muhamad Hassan Al Sabihi – Saudi
Hamad Fahad Al Dousri – Saudi
Amjad Qassem Al Tiraoui – Jordan
Qassem Saad Al Shamry – Saudi
Ayman Qassem Al Thahalbi – Saudi
Mohamed Ech-Chafihi El Idrissi – Moroccan

Damascus-based Syrian journalist Said Hilal Alcharifi also reported on the issue in his Facebook account:

Very urgent
The Syrian authorities were able, thanks to information thorough, arrive at the headquarters of senior officers and western regional in the basement of a district of Aleppo-is, and capture them all alive.
A few names have already been ex filtered to Syrian journalists including me.
Seen the nationalities (us, French, British, German, Israelis, Turks, Saudis, Moroccans, Qatari, etc.. etc) of these scumbags and their military ranks, I assure you
Syria holds in this moment a big treasures to carry out the negotiations with the countries that have destroyed.

Earlier in December, SF already noted that the US despearate attempts to push a “diplomatic solution” in Aleppo could indicate that the Obama administration stalling for time to extricate US mercenaries and special service members from the Aleppo pocket:

Considering that US-led coalition military advisers have been widely operating across Syria, training and assisting to the so-called “moderate opposition” openly linked with al-Qaeda, the recently appeared reports are likely true.

For isntance, British military advisers have officially arrived to Syria to restore combat capability of the ‘moderate’ opposition, retreated from Aleppo:

British military advisers have arrived to Syria in order to restore combat capability of units of the ‘moderate’ opposition, retreated from Aleppo, the Izvestiya newspaper reported, citing a statement of UK Defense Minister Michael Fallon. According to Fallon, 20 British military instructors, who will train the opposition forces, involved in the fight against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, have already arrived at the destination.

The dispatch of British advisers was announced in October, long before the recapture of Aleppo by the Syrian government forces. Initially, they had a task to train recruits to conduct combined arms combat, as well as to teach them the basics of tactical medicine and combat engineering. However, the situation changed and the task was changed too.

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John Mason

UK soldiers on Syrian soil is suicidal, if caught they can be executed and it would be justified especially from all the propaganda coming out of the UK lawmakers and their concern over civilians which is a blatant lie.


Preferably very slowly and with live internet broadcast.

John Whitehot

much better would be capturing them and make them spill everything. Think about the Russian ambassador to the UN going at the security council with videos of British (and US, and Israeli) servicemen speaking about how they were sent there to support terrorism..


And then shoot them?

Tristan van Oosten

Of all the stupid bad ideas that would be the most stupid bad idea. Then you would turn the British public which is now anti-government against Russia and against Syria and they would put pressure on the British government to put pressure on NATO for military action against Russia. Better to release them and just publish the story — that way the government gets indicted and the British public gets to deal with their government in the most brutal manner possible.

Mihail Mantakas

The better thing is to keep them as pawns.


They should trade them for the Russian Pilot, rotting away in a US hellhole right now.


No liberations, all mercenaries caught in the Syrian territory must be judge in criminal courts and put in prison for a long time, also take those countries where they came from to the International Criminal Court and make them to pay for the destruction the have caused in Syria.

Jens Holm

Everything could have been solved Assad been a dentist in Cremlin long time ago.

Kurta Murta Utvandrad

If your mom had an abortion this world would now be a better place to be in.

Jens Holm

Its worse. Im a twin.


Albanians are in the news every day for their cocaine/drug rings in the western European countries and the UK. Also, they use both sex-trafficking/slavery and drug profiteering at the same time. Albanians in Italy use money from their prostitution rackets to buy drugs, which they then distribute through Europe.

The Albanians also attacked northern Macedonia in 2001 and started a war until the west got them their “Ohrid Agreement”.

It was an Albanian who killed U.S. airman at an airport in German a few years ago. Albanians were involved in the “Fort Dix Six” terror plot in the U.S. Albanians are cutting off heads of Syrian soldiers and have been suicide bombers in Iraq. One put videos of himself doing this – and he was a former employee of the U.S. military base in Kosovo, Bondsteel. Many have joined ISIS. In fact, most of the Albanian ISIS from Kosovo come from the U.S.-controlled sector.


Is there enema for the brain? Take a double dose.

Jens Holm

Enema brain gives 8.330.000 hits on google.

Whats wrong taking a job, You are educated to ?

Hisham Saber

Dr. Bashar Assad is an optimologist(eye doctor) not a dentist. He is also the legitimately elected President of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Jens Holm

Putin deserve him as a dentist.

Jens Holm

The real titel is murder of the worst kind.


In fact, the recruitment, use, financing and/or training of mercenaries is an offense against international law, according to the UN General Assembly’s Resolution 44/34 of December 1989. So prosecutions could rely on a pretty solid legal basis.


Or might have done, if international law actually was applied to the enlightened western democracies who occupy their days exclusively in the promotion of freedom and democracy and goodliness in the world.

Margaret Swift

wise words but will they be listened to. America has been spoiling for a war with Russia all year but they want history to say Russia started the war.

Jens Holm



Jen, Margaret is 100% correct.

Jens Holm

No one dares that. its about avoiding war and do a lot dirty hidden – Incl. bunkers i Aleppo.

lene johansen

JEns Holm – find another place to troll


He can’t – he’s been assigned here.

Jens Holm

That would be nice. Handling garbage should be better paid.

Kurta Murta Utvandrad

Your mom carried around the garbage for nine months before you were born. ;)

Jens Holm

More. I have elephant ears and can fly too.


Garbage is what worthless trash like you are called. You’re a waste of your masters’ money, since even your trolling is so low-quality and retarded. Go jump in the lake.

Jens Holm

I have no master and make my own money. I pay tax too and dont think Im trolling.

More like looking at too much shit, which make parts of ME too shitty.

Larry L

Then ask your boss (Soros) for a raise.

Jens Holm

Im for facts and not in the same isolated censured bottle as You.

But of course its also a ind of expected. If some done agree in Your constructurisme – errhhh – wisme, its not allowed.

A forum like this is only a window for selfpromation for You. Very many men here cant even come around corners because of double viagra.

Larry L

Fact is, you’re as goofy as they get.

Jens Holm

thanks, it would be nice if you waved with on of those flags, so I could make us happy by avoiding You.


Get lost you CIA/neocon/whatever shmuck. You’re a waste of oxygen.

Jens Holm

Well, stop breathing than.


Can’t even understand two simple sentences, eh? I said YOU’RE the waste of oxygen.

Jens Holm

Well, You dont own this site and are here for free as the rest of the world.

You might get many to write with, if You made an account for only shit and probatly could make a fertilizer company of it.


Albanians are in ISIS and al-Nusra. They are the west’s pet-terrorists.

And the west was using the NON-Serb separatists to break up Yugoslavia at Serbs’ expense.

The ethnic Serbs were the first attacked and killed in the wars. West and its media was lying the whole time. The west greatly exaggerated the dead by hundreds of thousands, and falsely claimed the dead were civilians when they were mostly army and militants.

The numbers of the Bosnian Muslim military forces were 200,000 – which was 4 to 5 times larger than the Bosnian Serb forces. The Bosnian forces were usually the ones who started up the attacks and snipings each day. UN officers, who were living there in Sarajevo throughout the entire war, said that the Muslim forces were using SEVERAL BUILDINGS with the infamous “Sniper’s Alley”.

The Muslims knew Serbs would get the automatic blame, so it served THEM to pick off civilians. Izetbegovic wanted a military intervention and said he was willing for his people to die to get it.


Not a good idea. Put them on display for the international audience to see what criminal things they did to beautiful country like Syria! Exact the max mileage to counter the western fake news and Disinformations!

Jens Holm

They very naive thought Assads woukld fall – and then it came out of hands. Not all Westerns are like that. Im not.

Your beautilfull picture of Syria might have and extra look, the You would see the 30%, which is not allowed to be in it.

Long lines of disinformation and bad memories by many. Take old Assad and Kurds in 1978 as a well disribes example -If its allowed.


ALL must be stoned to death. Do what the West dont like.

Tristan van Oosten

These people just follow orders. If you don’t follow orders here, you are thrown in prison for the rest of your life. In other countries, you get shot. Better deal with those arseholes who gave them the orders and who lied to them about “recruiting them to defend their country”.

John Whitehot

no? it’s the turks who kill prisoners.


Prisoners rather than terrorist or spies– interesting distinction.

John Whitehot

It does not matter. They are prisoners and execution of prisoners is among the worst barbaries committed by human kind. I pity those who are able to kill a prisoner in cold blood. also don’t doubt – their governments are likely eager for that to happen, they would hit jackpot if it would.

Jens Holm

That normal doing that. Probatly there is only diffrences at Your wife seen from front and behind – If You have one and is not one.

Jens Holm


John Whitehot

yaya. teh fuck if i know wat that means.

John Whitehot

I mean, is it an insult, that only you know, so that you can insult people without they knowing? that would be so typically Turkish.

Jens Holm

Im not insulting. I am insulted.

Nelly Kostova

Killing them would be stupid- first of all because they were sent there by their governments. Second- they would be a nice ‘present” for madam Powel at the next meeting of the UN Security Council. And NATO will find another reason to attack Russia, not that they need a reason. I don’t daubt the ability of Russia do defend themselves, but it will be war in Europe. Not that NATO care- remember Serbia and Macedonia?

Jens Holm

what a joke.

And we do remember Serbia and Croats clashed, because Croats didnt – once again – being serbs.

Next step wa those 2 scumbags tried to divide Bosnia killed many and sendes us many 1000 as etnich cleansing by bus.

After that Serbs by Milosovic forced more then 1 million kosovians to Alabania.

So yes we do remember and all was not beautilfull and are stiil not.

Serbs were the obvius agressor trying to do the same shit, which made Balkan war 1 & 2 in 1912&13 and started WW1 as well, and finally burrid the old and degenerated Ottoman Empire after its at laeast 100 years of being ill all over.

And Macedonia even not alowed to use its own name.

lene johansen


Kurta Murta Utvandrad

Fuck off you loser Swede. Your FUCKING dirtbag Carl “THE DOG” Bildt was doing business with Lundin Oil in south of Sudan while people were being killed by the Sudanese Government! Sweden is full of filthy leftists like you who HATE your own people and accept migrants to fuck and rape your daughters and women! SERBS have dignity and they FIGHT for their rights and land which you can’t say about Swedes who have allowed Sweden to turn into a FUCKING RAPEFUGEE CAMP! Jens Holm you are a DISGRACE to your people! You are a COWARD just like your IDOL Carl Bildt! I hope ISLAM will send you to allah where you belong!

Jens Holm

You are right about Lundin oil, but its the lefties, which made it open.

You are also right about muslims comming to Sweeden has bad habits. Most of them dont. Not fair to read all for one and one for all as You do.

So are You a part of an exchange program with Antarktis. Think I saw an extra pinguin at Djurgarden Zoo the other.

Well, whats dignity – They took Macadonia with not even one single serb in it. They also moved many 1000 albanians from the Morava Vallys to Kosovo and then blamed them being to many there. Who started Balkan wars. Milisowits and Your belowed Serbs did.

The Swedish goverments has a systematic politic by filling in and making sweeden bigger by educating, because the old sweedes get few children.

They didnt expect millions af refugees as incommings, but a little more was ok. Now they have adjusted that and try to fix the problems about it.

Seems more like You are punished by Allah sending me…

Next step will be Gabriel sending You to Sweden collecting Your own extra firewood.

Larry L

Nonsense, you pro islam fools are laughable.

Jens Holm

Yesterday I was kurderloverboy. You might need more than glasses.

Peter Stein

Sweden is now one of the leaders in Rape


Its a good Idea to fill up Sweden with these animals because of retards like you the world lies in Chaos

Jens Holm

Thats right, but Sweden also have one of the widest definitons about whats rape and whats not.

You can take the Assange case. Most part of the world he hasnt done any rape.

You also can take the turkish proposal in the parlament for girls could be marriged, if they got gifts like clothe, candy and sex – instead of being convicted.

Many places in the world unmarried people having sex is rape too. So You cant say sweeden in in top, without harmonising registrations. Thats also what You can read at Wkipedia at written notoses about it.

Checking Your link make me sick. gatestoneinstitute.org/5195/sw…

Everybody can make a moskito to an elefant doing like that – even telling, that swedes support rape.

Peter Stein

You must be really a brainless POS


No, that is still America.

Peter Stein

One of the leaders….. And the US is behind Sweden

Kurta Murta Utvandrad

Jens you’ve got MENS! Btw, I guess your stepdad is an ANALbanian so that’s why you LOVE them so much! ANALbanians LOVE blonde and innocent boys like you too. Especially after midnight when they can teach you sooooooooooo many things about ANALbanian bed games. I am sure you’ve tried lots of them, haven’t you? ;) You’re English is worst than an ANALbanians SERBIAN so I guess you must be a FILTHY moslem, trying to sell yourself as a Swede. Two more days and then it’s Friday, the day for you to go to the mosque and get asswhiped in the naaaaaaaaaame of the imaginary allah. Don’t forget to wash your ass before going there because you loose your virginity this Friday! ;)


No, he might be Piss-raeli.


No, Milosevic did not start the war. The west was working with the separatist republics for over 10 years before the secession started. Germany and Austria were grooming Slovenia, and their politician/activist, Janez Jansa was a NATO spy. Britain was sending millions of military communication behind the Yugoslav government’s back to Slovenia just before the war.

Germany and other countries were covertly army the Croats even before the war and the weapons flow was HUGE, despite the arms embargo. U.S. was aiding the Iranian weapons pipeline, among others. The financing for the weapons was based in Vienna.

Weapons were shipped under cover of “humanitarian aid” – including a group connected to Osama bin Laden.

The Albanian/KLA started the killings/murders, and they kidnapped and tortured and assassinated other Albanians whom they deemed “collaborators” or even whom they were suspicious of.

Most of the Albanians killed before the NATO bombing were murdered by the KLA.


Albania and Serbia are both pro-choice, as is the USA and Russia, but not Donetz, So Albania and serbia have no reason to fight, but Russia has reason to fight Donetz. Sweden can NEVER have too few children because the last swede would own all of sweden and be RICH.

Does legal immunity mean US contractors can perform abortions in Afghanistan? Iraq? Syria? Israeli settlements? Is YPG pro-choice? As an overpopulation activist I support pro-choice factions, which would either be Russia or YPG or Israel. OR the US but not many of it’s proxies as I doubt FSA is pro-choice.

пламен жеков

damn right !!


America has many accomplices in the West, which it calls allies or even friends. Why would a small country like Denmark bomb in Libya? What for? Right, the Danish people have to mobilize and talk all US accomplices to court.

Camilo Cienfuegos

Fuck you little dick, your brain is emty of any relevant informations

Jens Holm

You really show the level, but forgot cunts, motherfucker, zionist, hindus and a few more.

Your comment is not even a comment. Dont know where its comming from. I hope its not a Selfie.

Camilo Cienfuegos

I dont have time to explain all your errors, but you are completely liar. Big liar.

Tim Hadfield

Yes indeed. Nolthing sensible there.


Wrong. The Bosnian government, with unelected President Alija Izetbegovic, wanted a BiH under Muslim domination and even stated in his book, published in the 1970’s that Islam could NOT co-exist in a state with non-Islamics. He had the largest army within BiH and they initiated attacks against the Serbs and rounded them up in GRAIN SILO concentration camps and other torture-prisons. The western media kept quiet about these attacks on Serb civilians by Bosnian Muslims and Croats (Alija Izetbegovic invited the Croatian army in even before the war and they were ethnically cleaning Serbs and created the first mass grave, along with the Bosniaks, which includes Serbian children).

The Bosnian Muslims staged attacks in Sarajevo and sniped people inside their own lines, knowing Serbs would be automatically blamed.

UN officers did witness the Bosnian Muslims staging, sniping and provoking Serbs in order to get return fire.

UNPROFOR command says that the Bosnian government would even scream about being bombed during periods when there WAS NO bombing, or it was relatively quiet.

The Croats and Bosnian Muslims turned on each other and the Bosnian Muslims cleansed 150,000 Croats from central Bosnia during the summer of 1993.

The Bosnian government and President invited Mujahideens to Bosnia at the very beginning of the war – and there are videos showing Alija greeting and meeting them.

These foreign mercenaries mixed in with the local divisions and they both cut off heads of Serbs and Croats together.

Also, WWI was initiated by Austria, which invaded Serbia and started the war. The Archduke’s death was just a pretext, an excuse to a war Austria was trying to set up for years.

Austria did not even like the Archduke and his funeral was boycotted. The Archduke was despised by the military because he stood in the way of a wanted war. The Archduke was worried about Russia. Austrian security gave him NO security, even though they had many forces in BiH (which wasn’t even ethnic Austrian land). The drove him right to Gavrilo Princip and stopped the car and stayed stopped until the bumbling patsies could get the job done.

Jens Holm

Well, I willnot argue with You, seems You have learned something expected from Serbian schoolbooks.

And Serbs and Hroats didnt start the figtings and extermination of each other in Vukovar as well…

Far out.


The Bosniak population ended up OVER 40% AFTER the war. Their population percent is equal to greater than before the war. Sarajevo had a LOSS of 160,000 Serbs. There are many other cities Tuzla, Zenica, Mostar and scores of others where the Serbian population was wiped out.

Serbs were actually larger than the Muslims, percentagewise, until WWII. Back in the 1800’s the Austrian census had Serbs as over 40% of BiH, while the Muslims were only just over 30%.

It was foreign help for the Muslims as well as promoting the murder and ethnic cleansing of Serbs by foreign powers, using Muslims and Croats as proxies, which reduced the Serb population.

Going back in history, the ethnic Serbs were more and more a larger population of BiH. They were there before the Muslim religion came to be. The Muslims were mainly carved out of the Serb and Croat population in Bosnia. It was the Austrians who decided to call the Muslims “Bosniaks” which makes it seem as if it is their land mostly. That is untrue.

And Osama bin Laden was visiting Bosnia during the war; he also had offices in Zagreb. Croatia was complicit with the Mujahideen in BiH even though they killed Bosnian Croats as well.

And Macedonia does have a Serbian population, and historically has had. Serbs were Bulgarized or force-ably had their names changed to Macedonian or Bulgarian names.

Skopje was the capital of the Serbian Empire hundreds of years ago, in the 14th century. Serbs did build many churches there, which were later claimed by Bulgarians. There are still many Serbs in Kumanovo. The girl who represented Macedonia in Junior Eurovision is from there and has a Serbian father. The Macedonians whose names end in -vic are mostly Serbs.

Jens Holm

Shit again. No croats and muslims died in WW2 ? Where are the jews now ? How do You count those many especially in the cities as around the carproduction. You count them as Serbs, but they were mainly Titos doing their best to make an integrated nation.

You also by that forget the urbanisation. Of course poor not needed in the modernized agriculture come to town and industrialize. It happens like that all over the world.

There is no religios excuse for the things. We all should be jews, Balls or have gods from rome an greece.

Those muslims were not carved. They converted volunterly, because it made a small advantage.

The bosniaks were called Bosniaks beacuse they – even being muslims – were Loyal to Austria/Hungaria. Before they were loyal to their masters in Byzants and before that they were loyal to their katholic masters in Konstantinopel.

But in the war there, You still call them Turks and even has constructed them a a non slavian tribe. Genetics dont say that.

You try to make exact the same shit about the Albanians. Albanians was there before You and there has never been any serbish or christian majority in Kosovo. There is no eveidence for Kosovo Polje was a serbish thing too. A ´lot of others didnt like muslims comming as well.

Osma Bin Laden – ha-ha – and what about muslim nazí brigades and Hitler. How many did Hitler kill – In Yugoslavia.

I know most of Your history very well. We even killed som of You by our tanks, so You stopped laughing.

It doesnt matter whereever Your maincity was once.

How much should Italy claim by being romans & latinos, Muhammed for arabs, britts or Djengis Khan.

I see the opposite too. How many did those empires kill to be that big.

I also cant even remember one outside Serbia asking for becomming Serbs again exept some fanatic nationalist in Bosnia.


The Jews in Sarajevo actually left there for Belgrade during the 90s war. In fact, the international community had to pressure the Bosniak government to allow the buses of the Jews to leave Sarajevo. The Bosniak forces had the part of Sarajevo it controlled all closed up. They blocked the roads and had checkpoints all around. The people of Sarajevo could not leave because of the Sarajevo government. Meanwhile, the Serbian parts of Sarajevo, where Serbs were the majority and which their forces controlled – did NOT keep people from leaving. Many people, especially Serbs, had to escape the Bosniak-controlled part to the Serbian to get out of Sarajevo. Also, the UN documents and testimony say that the Bosniak government was withholding the UN food from the Sarajevo civilian population. 60% of the UN food (and it was thousands of tonnes) was being stashed/warehoused by the Sarajevo government to keep up a front of Sarajevo being deprived. Of course the Bosniak military of Sarajevo got all the food it needed, plus the black market got much of that food. There were gangsters running around Sarajevo, and they were not only kidnapping and murdering Serbs, but were also stealing from Sarajevans in general. Josef Prazina was just one. Another Bosniak Muslim – the commander of the 10th Mountain Brigade – was torturing and DECAPITATING Sarajevo Serb civilians and throwing their bodies off of Kazani gorge. Serbs were being decapitated by the Bosniaks. Also there are photos of an identified dead Serb who was ROASTED ALIVE. The mainstream media muted reports of the Serbs being murdered off.

Also, the Bosnian Muslims were a special project of Heinrich Himmler. He formed some pro-Nazi divisions out of them. They also had some who joined the Ustasha.

BEFORE WWI Austria had special death squads of Bosniaks to hunt down and kill Serbs. Serbs were very oppressed by the Muslims and Austrians BEFORE WWI.

Muslims believe in dhimmitude for the Christians.

Also, Serbs were allied to MODERATE MUSLIMS in the northwest. Their leader FIKRET ABDIC, actually WON the pre-war Presidential election, but was tricked/maneuvered into some kind of deal, so Alija Izetbegovic (who was a fundamental Islamist the west falsely advertised as a moderate) took over. FIKRET ABDIC had an autonomous area in northwest Bosnia, around Velika Kladusa, and they were allies with Serbs.

However, in the end, the Sarajevo forces crushed them and tens of thousands of Bosniaks fled into Croatia, where they were kept in “chicken coop” like conditions. Eventually they mostly emigrated to other countries.

So these Bosniaks were friends with Serbs. Also, Bosniaks south of Brcko were allied to Serbs during the whole war, according to an SFOR officer who was stationed there right after the war.

He also told me that Croatia still had soldiers stationed there, south of Brcko, several months after the war’s end, in violation of the Dayton Accords.

And Croats started the war as allies with the Bosniaks AGAINST Serbs. But arguments over weapons distribution, as well as the Croats realizing that many Bosniaks were leaning towards Islamic domination of BiH, started incidents between them only 2-3 months after the war started. It became of full-fledged war around October 1992, and it was only due to western pressure to unite them against the Serbs that stopped their fight against each other.

Yet, even today, Croat and Muslim children go to separate shifts at schools where they both live. There is still separation in Mostar.

“We even killed som of You by our tanks”

Haha. No you didn’t, you angry anti-Serb sadist. You make the wrong assumption that I am a Serb. I am an American – a non-Serb – and have no Serb blood. However, unlike you I caught the media in lie after lie after lie. I could see they were manipulating very heavily, and I searched beyond the propagandistic headlines. You are terribly brainwashed. And you euroweenies are just poodles for the U.S.

Jens Holm

I havnt written Your many words, but I was there, I could go around the Igmann mountain and its firecontrol artillery there and tell exact all serbian possitions there, as well as they got water close the airplane runway for gas to heating for the rest.

Its quite clear You only know or will know the serbian defence for all things propaganda version and also havnt been reading all the facts about it.

One of my collegs left Bosansky Brod, beacuse there in 2 or 3 days fell about 2000 grenades and they heard serbian tanks and artillery shooting. After that were gathered like cattle and stripped for all values and forced to enter busses. They would be shot, if they ever tryed to come back.

The first part war with murdering and etnic cleansig was by serbs and Croats and Serbs had all the best equipment for it and used it. Bosniacks had something like hunting riffels and hayforks.

The first real army came, when they got help from Al Kaida and mainly Saudis and was based on people, which had lost their relatives and everything . Until there You mentioned Iso begovitch had to be a relative moderate muslim to fit to the Balkan mainstream version of it.

You made him be the strong one. You did that too.

The etnic cleansing from muslims came 95% as revenge, when they could -As a thank You and mainly at the Croats – because they could.

The Serbish history books are some of the worst in the world.


I have spoken to those who were there, and I have read books by those there, as well I have read ICTY transcripts. And the Bosnian Muslims did have control on parts of Mount Igman. That’s where Josef Prazina operated. He was just one of many pre-war gangsters who formed a militia group and he was PRAISED on TV by Alija Izetbegovic when he was killing Serbs. BUT he was also robbing from others in Sarajevo. Plus after he did the dirty work of killing or rounding up the ethnic Serbs in the Muslim-controlled Sarajevo, he was no longer needed – wasn’t a good fighter against Serb forces.

So his group was ambushed by the government forces, but he ESCAPED to Mount Igman, then eventually made it to Mostar where he fought on the Croat side. He was involved with stealing homes and property from Mostar area Bosniaks and he and the Croats put them in concentration camps. But remember the Muslims and Croats had Serbs in concentration camps they operated jointly before they turned against each other.

Izetbegovic received 2nd place in overall Presidential vote. But among Bosniaks, he was actually first. However OVERALL, Fikret Abdic won. And he and his followers were ALLIED with Serbs. They were destroyed by Dudakovic’s forces. And there are even some youtube videos of atrocities committed by the government Bosniak forces against the western Bosniaks. The Bosniak forces also WENT INTO CROATIA during Operation Storm and the aftermath and they were burning Serb homes and killing the livestock.

An American UN officer, Stephanie Bond (her maiden name) from Tennessee, who was in Croatia throughout the war witnessed the Bosniak destruction of Croatian Serb homes. She also said they would stack the dead sheep into a pyramid. And this was a threat for the Serbs.

It is also the Serb refugees who have signs of torture and need repeated surgeries to repair the damage. One Serb, for instance, at 14 had his parents killed by the the Bosniaks, while he himself was imprisoned and tortured. They broke all the bones of his feet, knocked his teeth out. He eventually came to the U.S., and a woman who worked with Balkan refugees and had access to UN documents knows him and his case. She says he’s had repeated surgeries on his feet, she also that in his late twenties (when she wrote about him several years ago, that he looked like an old man and would never get married. The Bosniaks who have all these tales against Serbs don’t have any signs of torture.

By the way, the TUNNEL to Sarajevo airport was controlled and for the ARMY. They lie and give tourists tours saying it was the only way to get food and fuel for Sarajevo. What a laugh. The UN was constantly bringing in fuel and food during the “siege”.

A Canadian reporter who went to Sarajevo in 1993 noticed traffic jams in the Muslim-controlled part of Sarajevo.

They were NOT besieged of food and fuel and many other supplies.

And their army became MORE WEAPONIZED during the so-called “siege”.

Weapons were flowing into BiH very heavily.


You push they MYTH of Bosniaks having poor weapons. A LIE. They had control of weapons plants and had captured some Yugoslav barracks at the very beginning. Also, there was arms smuggling in operation BEFORE the war started. SLOVENIA was shipping them stocks of Yugoslav weapons at the beginning of the war.

Also, explain the heavy use of Bosniak firepower, which there is video of, on the RETREATING Yugoslav army from both Tuzla and Sarajevo.

The retreat in Sarajevo was under a UN BROKERED DEAL. The Serbs returned Izetbegovic, whom they had captured, in return for the Bosniaks allowing them to safely LEAVE their barracks in Sarajevo. Serbia/Yugoslavia was OBEYING the UN pressure to REMOVE the Yugoslav army from BiH, after the UN recognized the illegal Bosnian independence vote (convened after midnight without knowledge of the Serbs who were 1/3 the population).

The videos show the Bosniaks opening up on the soldiers with strong and heavy firepower and explosives. In Tuzla, it was a similar story.

So they did have ample and heavy weapons in the Spring of 1992. We are talking about April-June 1992.

So you are IGNORANT and buy into the Bosnian myth regarding their arms stocks and supplies.

Jens Holm

You are totally brainwashed. Go back to the hospital.


You are the one who was conditioned against Serbs for your mission. You were used against Serbs, as the west backed the non-Serb separatists and helped engineer the break-up of Yugoslavia at Serbs’ expense. What year were you in Tuzla? The largest rape camp discovered in BiH was in Tuzla run by the Bosniak army. Also, you repeatedly push false/ignorant information saying there were no Serbs in Macedonia: There were at least several 10s of thousands of Serbs living in Macedonia in the early 1900’s. Even Wikipedia lists notable Macedonian Serbs by name – scientists, painters, historical figures, etc. – and most of them were born in Macedonia before or during the early 1900’s.

Serbs are a historical people of Macedonia, and there were documented Serb settlements there as early as the 600’s. Macedonia and Kosovo (which by the way is a Serb word and was established by Serbs) were part of the Serbian Kingdom/Empire for hundreds of years.

There was no Albanians nor Bulgars noted as living in Macedonia during the 600’s when Serbs were already there. Serbs were living in Macedonia before Albanians and Bulgarians came there. There were battles between Serbs and the Byzantine Empire there and then later with the Bulgarians when they started to come in the area.

Serbs from Macedonia partook in the Kosovo battle against the Ottomans and in battles against them in Macedonia. They lost and some Serbs in both Macedonia and Kosovo went north – some to as far as were Hungary is now. Did you know that the Hungarian town of Pest, before it merged with Buda to become Budapest, once had more ethnic Serbs than Hungarians?

Serbs who stayed in Macedonia and Kosovo were very oppressed but still the majority at the beginning of Ottoman reign over those lands. In Macedonia, the Serbs had uprisings against the Turks which were then brutally suppressed. Macedonian Serbs were killed and more would leave.

Actually the Serb who started the Chetnik movement was born in the Macedonian capital in the 1870’s. Further, before he was born his family had been terrorized out of their little Macedonian village by the Albanians.

The Albanian Ghegs started flooding Macedonia in the 1800’s and they also settled in villages where Serbs had fled.

Then came Bulgarian terror on Macedonian Serbs.

In WWI the Bulgarian commander Protogerov sought out, discovered and killed Serbs by finding out which people had the Slava ritual. See, when he first asked what they were, they claimed they were Bulgarians knowing they’d be killed for being Serbs, but he didn’t believe them. So that’s when he thought to ask them about if they had a Slava or not. That is a Serb ritual not done by Bulgarians.

“During the World War II, the IMRO deported Macedonian Serbs; The Serbian community of Veles faced massive deportations, of the 25,000 Serbs of Skopje only 2,000 remained by the beginning of 1942. The IMRO was active in the deportation and punitive expeditions against ethnic Serbs.[54]”

Also, during Tito’s government 120,000 Macedonian Serbs were expelled. From Wikipedia:

“Some 120,000 Serbs were forced to emigrate to Serbia by the Yugoslav Communists after they had opted for Serbian citizenship in 1944.[55] The population of Serbs in Macedonia which did not lend itself to Tito’s Macedonianization, representing compact populations in the region of Skopska Crna Gora and having significant presence in Kumanovo, Skoplje, Tetovo, and surroundings, was separated from Yugoslav Serbia.”

Serbs in the late 1800’s wrote a letter to the Serbian government to help them against Ottoman and Bulgarian slavery. It had the signatures of hundreds of Serbs. However, the man carrying it was intercepted by the Ottomans, tipped off by a Bulgarian teacher. He tried to swallow some of the letter, but some of it was saved and it had many of the names. These people were subsequently killed by the Turks.

So, you see the Serbs of Macedonia have a long, long history in Macedonia, but they were repeatedly massacred and many kept fleeing north.

Jens Holm

Well we had many soldiers there and our tanks shot at You arrogant laughing shitholes, as well with irridium grenades.

We were in Tuzla as well, where the muslims tried all they could to take some hills north of it with all they got twice. Thats when we were there and not in the beginning. They had only light weapons and lost about 700.

They not even had heavy mortars at that time.


Some mention of specific weapons sent to Tuzla in extracts of Mark Curtis’ report:

secret C-130 transport aircraft were seen making night-time air drops at Tuzla air base in eastern Bosnia – the so-called ‘black flights’. These were known to be covert US arms deliveries, conducted in collaboration with the Bosnian intelligence service and, probably, Turkey. Supplies included *anti-tank guided weapons, Stinger surface-to-air missiles and communications equipment*. Turkey proved to be the second most important arms supplier after Iran, playing a role in the Croatian pipeline from 1992. Pakistan also chipped in to arm Muslim forces, supplying *sophisticated anti-tank guided missiles*, airlifted by the ISI.

Moreover, one former Bosnian mujahid told the media that in the winter of 1993 14 *Americans claiming to be former special forces helped train Arab and Bosnian fighters near the town of Tuzla*; this involved at least 8 Sudanese Islamic militants being trained in ‘insurgency warfare’. The foreign mercenary team was led by Abu Abdullah, a former colonel in the US military.

Moreover, it appears that *Britain, along with the US, actively encouraged foreign jihadists to go to Bosnia*. Washington’s secret alliance with Iran and the Bosnian Muslims meant that it allowed mujahideen fighters to be flown in


By the way, I was going through some ICTY transcripts I saved and I read that the Serbs actually handed over their part of Mount Igman to the UN. So Serbs gifted it to you. But right after, the UN allowed the Muslim forces to overrun this area to murder 20 Serb medics.

Here is the report and quotes from the trial: [Prosecution witness David] Harland also confirmed that the Serbs were double-crossed when they handed Mt. Igman, overlooking Sarajevo, over to UNPROFOR. Karadzic said, “We handed over the Igman zone to you, to UNPROFOR, but they (the Muslims) entered through that zone and killed 20 of our medical workers.” Harland answered saying, “I definitely recall the act when Bosnian government forces crossed through the zone from which the Serbs had withdrawn [on Mt. Igman] and killed a group of medics.”

So it seems every time Serbs cooperated with UN – handed over territory, the Sarajevo airport, etc., the UN would allow the Muslims (or themselves, in your case) to murder Serbs. And the Muslims were free to kill Serb civilians and medics left and right and there never was intention of prosecuting them. And the mainstream media keeps silent on these murders of Serbs. Meanwhile they hyped cases of Serbs being blamed for killing Muslims who were found alive and unscathed after the war.

I also found a bit on Prazina, mentioning his use of Igman: “Following a warrant for his arrest in October, Juka stationed himself on Mt. Igman and coordinated attacks against ARBiH forces until his eventual defeat and expulsion in January of the following year.”

And there was even a report, during the war 1993 or 1994, which mentions a Muslim man doing marathon training and says he was on Mt. Igman as part of the BiH army: Marathon runner Islam Dzugum is on Mount Igman as a ARBiH soldier. He runs between 16-22 km daily. He is satisfied with the quality of training on Igman, “And now I just need the chance to race somewhere. In the world in 1994 there will be a number of sporting events. ”

And this is just a clue that the mainstream media, acting like Serbs had sole control of the mountains, while the Muslims had none is a big lie. Even the Bosniaks own map of parts they controlled versus the Serbs, show that mountains in the north and too the north of Sarajevo were all in their control and it widens as it goes off the map. So they do not look surrounded at all – the Serbs didn’t surround Sarajevo in the north.

Jens Holm

Yes, mainly true, but the main for me is not the revenges after.

The main for me is, how it started and muslims i Bosnia as well as in Serbia/Kosovo/Montenegro didnt start. Muslim at the Dalmatian coast didnt start either.

the war started with a very short one, were Slovenia were allowed to be themselves. After that it was a bloody war between Serbs and Croats, where Serbs had all weapons, but Croats could buy all they wanted exept aircrafts and artillery.

To those days and the ceasfire, there were not war and etnich cleansing i Bosnia, as You have written. Muslim doidnt try to take over, at You write.

They tryed to keep the peace by dividing the power in %, where they were the biggest minority of the 3 large ones.

All versions of peacefull solutions were denied in Beograd by Serbians in Milocowitch and especially the Bosnian Nationalistic serbs.

Writing that Muslims than started killing and etnic cleansing with no army and only hunting riffels would be madness.

They – THEY – might not have forgotten WW2 and how many deads were revenge. Its wasnt only Croats for Hitler against serbs. Many, many muslims died too and jews were exterminated wherever they could be found.

The terrible things in Bosnia started by the famous Napkin map made by Milosowitch and Tudjmann. Thats the date, where all Bosnia went into etnich cleansing as a war part number 2 after Tito.

But was it a war ? No it wasnt. Well armed nationalists from Croatia and Serbia systematicly murded and removed all muslims, they could. Tito had motivated you to marry other religions and etnicities, so You could get ONE NATION. Many of those couples were myrded or on of them were, and mainly very sekular muslims were.

Until there, there was no war. The possible kind of Unity, which was much better then the one at WW1 was destroyd. It was not allowed to be a Yugoslave anymore and go on building thats kind of country.

There was presure to do it in Montenegro as well. They denied it a long time. Almost all Albanian local inflence in Kosovo was reduced silently step by step, and later in the next heroitic Serbs Milisovic way, more then 1,1 mio albianian/muslims and some other religios groups were driven out of their land.

Serbs has never, never have had any majority there whatever some famaous battle were there as well as some famous monesteries was there as well as an important mining area. Moacedonia = NO SERBS. Only for trains, police and at taking tax and people cóntrol at the borderlines.

So how many muslims did those 30 kill with there artilley, before they were killed themselves So for how many millions did they destroy in buildings before that. From that hilltop those canons – as I recall it – they could cover everything not only in Sarajevo valley but also north at the road to Tusla as well as the road and important bridges to Zenica. Think they even could reach old Vares, if they would. I remember Stup Do with media cover there, croate killers got safety behind the Serbian defence line up there.

The main killing and etnic cleansing BEGAN between serbs and Croats.


You are wrong. Serbs were the first ones attacked. Slovenes attacked JNA border guards. The Slovenes didn’t give the JNA even time to leave their barracks before the Slovenes surrounded them – and forcing Slovene civilians to do this so it would look bad if the soldiers tried to break out. The Slovenes even killed a couple of their civilians who were tired of being used to block the Yugoslav soldiers. They then cut off the utilities to the barracks and when the soldiers were hungry and some were sick, they tried to helicopter food in. The Slovene TO shot down that helicopter and there’s a picture of it on a Time or Newsweek magazine article which shows scattered bread among the debris. And the JNA pilots killed were ETHNIC SLOVENES themselves. And the Bosnian Muslims WERE involved in Croatia’s war BEFORE the Bosnian war. Croatia said 25,000 Bosniaks were fighting in their war, and others were training. They WERE preparing. In Sarajevo, it started with the Bosniak Green Berets shooting and killing Serbs who were celebrating a WEDDING. The father of the groom was shot dead and several were injured.

Sarajevo had many of these Muslim gangsters who were taking over BEFORE the war started.

And Bosanksi Brod, the town you mentioned, was SERB majority. Serbs had their families and homes there. What business did your friend have there – was his home and family there? Your friend was a spy and/or working against Serbs.

And Serbs WERE the majority of Kosmet BEFORE the Turks came. All those monasteries were build by Serbs. Prizren was the capital of the Serbian empire for a long time. And Serbs were STILL the majority until the late 1800’s. The Albanians and Turks were pressuring out Serbs. Many Kosovo Serbs fled all the way up to Vojvodina and Hungary after the Ottoman invasion – others went to Bosnia and Croatia.

Even the old forts in Kosovo were built by Serbs.

In an good book of Byzantine history – the VERY FIRST mention of Kosovo has specified Serbs mentioned.


And in Tito’s time, Albanians from Albania were allowed to illegally emigrate into Kosovo and other parts of Yugoslavia.

Also, Bosanski Brod, the town you mentioned WAS taken over by the CROATIAN army in the first few months of the war. Serbian women from and around there were RAPED by Croatian soldiers – this is documented and happened in June 1992.

Further, UN officers did say that the Bosnian Muslims were using heavy weapons early in the war. Were you there in 1992? Because officers and soldiers who were there in 1992 have said they Bosniaks were using them.

Also, during the Croatian war some Bosnian Muslims in a car in Montenegro blew up, they were going to plant a bomb on the coast of Montenegro to try to take pressure of a Croatian front.

So the Bosniaks WERE involved in Croatia’s war.

And Alija Izetbegovic stated himself that he would chose war for “independence”.

Bosnian Muslims in Zenica were throwing Serbs ALIVE in their steel furnaces. They were also part of WWII pro-German divisions and some of them and the Croats were even sent to STALINGRAD.

So they partook in a REAL SIEGE and killed Russian civilians.

Sarajevo was NOT a genuine siege with the UN there and in control of the airport and constantly trucking food, fuel and supplies into Sarajevo. Plus it was the Muslim forces who controlled the roads and way out and they were keeping the population in for their own reasons. One being, to force/pressure the male population to fight in their army. Another being to keep the civilian population as civilian shields. The Bosnian Muslims were spotted shooting at Serbs from hospital grounds and roofs, they were heard launching attacks from around UN compounds (a Ukrainian soldier testified to this) trying to draw in Serb attacks on the UN, they mortared their own people (inside their lines) knowing Serbs would be blamed.

James R. Davis, a Canadian soldiers, said the Bosniaks staged attacks all the time and that he and the UN escorts had to dodge their attacks when Brit politician Lord Owen was on a tour in Sarajevo. And Lord Owen went into Sarajevo blaming Serbs, but after his tour he blamed the Bosniaks and said that Alija Izetbegovic didn’t want peace.

Alija Izetbegovic stated that he would SACRIFICE PEACE FOR INDEPENDENCE. Those were his own words.

Jens Holm

If You cant finf the hospital Yourself, take a taxi. You are totally brainwashed. Almost all You write is the serbian propaganda version and against all facts for the rest of the world.


Even western sources have the Croats and Bosnian Muslims as allies at the beginning of the war. That is official sources. I don’t know where you are coming up with things that even counter the official and mainstream. Besides that you keep saying there were no Serbs in Macedonia which is patently false. There had to have been a couple hundred thousand because just after WWII, 120,000 Macedonian Serbs were forced to emigrate from Macedonia. And even with those gone there were still tens of thousands left. Their population IS shrinking, but going back in time their population was greater and greater.


Macedonia does have a Serb population, especially in Kumanovo and there are some in Skopje and other parts. And in the past, the Serbian population was greater. There was a heavy assimilation and pressure on the Serbian population in Macedonia in the 19th century. There was Bulgarization of the Macedonian Serbs, and this was even sponsored by the Russian Tsar, who favored Bulgarians in those times. The famous Brit writer, Rebecca West, wrote that the Bulgarization of Serbs was sponsored for “generation after generation”. Also Skopje was the capitol of the Serbian Empire in the middle 14th century, and many of the Serbian built historical churches there were given to the Bulgarians. It was also the Serbian army which freed Macedonia from the Ottomans. There was no Macedonian army. And it is only the Serbian-freed part of Macedonia that is Macedonia today. The rest of Macedonia was taken by Bulgarians and Greeks. They incorporated parts of Macedonia into Bulgaria and Greece.

So it is only the part the Serbs freed from the Ottomans and gained that Macedonia exists today. And Serbs didn’t annex it into Serbia – it was brought into the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes – which was something the Croats and Slovenes both wanted and gained from.

Croatia would have never gotten Dalmatia if not for the Serbs. It was the Serb soldiers and Italian who had control of it at the end of WWI. The Croats lost the war. Plus Dalmatia had an independent history. So Dalmatia would have been independent or controlled by Serbs or divided by Serbs and Italians. Also, Slavonia was NOT part of Croatia before it joined with the Serbs. Slavonia had large Serbian population and it would have been divided, independent or part of Serbia, as Serbia ended up the winner of WWI, not the Axis puppet Croatia.

Thanks to Serbs, Croatia got bigger, and despite that they murdered Serbs with gusto in WWI. In fact, it was a mistake for Serbs and it cost them in the long run.

If Croats an Slovenes didn’t join Serbs after WWI, they would have been much smaller countries – Croatia without Dalmatia and Slavonia (or at least much of Slavonia), and Istria would have likely been Italian. Also, they would have had to pay war reparations.

Also, the Serbian king did invest in Macedonia and he is responsible for a bit winery there which still exists today.

Tim Hadfield

Slobodan Milosevic was cleared of all charges of genocide. He was innocent. We lied.

Jens Holm


Tim Hadfield

You sound like a paid troll. Very partisan, and not at all objective.


Understand that Russia is not aggressive, but as for defending itself, it will win. That is why the West dares not ever invade.


Nelly, ne obrushtai vnimanie na Jens Holm.


Only one problem. Even when they’re caught with red-handed, they still lie all the way home. Let’s be frank and honest. If not for lies and stealing on the grandest levels, neither Britain, USA or France can exist. Lies and grand theft are the foundations of those societies. To these entities, lying and stealing are virtues. Petty liars and thieves are prosecuted because that represents competition.


>Le Assad le butcher meme

Fuck off.

It would be a PR disaster for the Zionist douchebags for Assad to very publicly send these assholes back unharmed


NO! They need to be punished for their crimes – which at a minimum include leading and supporting terrorists on the territory of a sovereign state. The hell with so-called “PR” – PR doesn’t win wars; and anyway PR is whatever the Western MSM decide to make it nowadays, with the gullible, ignorant, brainwashed sheeple that make up their audience.

Jens Holm

Well, Im no expert. They have probatly volunteered, but they are send by someone.


NO! Dead men can’t testify at a war crimes tribunal, and corpses don’t make good bargaining leverage.

Vishwas Patil

May they escape and captured by Iranian ex-official forces? Two faced politics of America and Europe has made millions life a hell. The other side, though, not a saint. Wonder whether we, the global commoners, have any right to live?


No need. Aggressive dogs usually calm down once neutered. It’s a simple medical procedure. Doctors are busy with wounded veterans of the SAA and allies right now, but a vet or two can be spared to perform the procedures.


Shoot the ones who sent them there in the first place. That would pretty much take care of the Clinton cartel and their money sources

Bernardo Morais


Tim Hadfield

The Viet Cong did that – what sort of reception did their videos get? They got nowhere.

John Whitehot

xcept that during vietnam war there were no doubts around the world that american “operatives” were fighting in the region? lmao.

Tyler Walker Rango

That would serve no political purpose to execute them. They’re much more valuable as bargaining chips. If the nations don’t agree to anything they will sit in a syrian prison for the rest of their lives.

John Connor

Their governments don’t give a crap about them. They are valuable only as a proof of cooperation of these countries with Al qaida terrorists.

Real Anti-Racist Action

No, they are dangerous if returned to their home nations. The information and experience means next time (they will not fail in destroying Syria, Iran, Russia, Lebanon) Extract all information out of the Nemesis, then execute them the same way they enjoyed executing Alawites. http://www.dailystormer.com/us-moving-1600-tanks-to-netherlands-to-threaten-russia/


EXACTLY! THESE are the operatives bolstering and directing proxy jihadi terrorism over and over again, for years, against independent proud nations to bring them to their knees. THESE are the very people enabling aggression against sovereign countries, keeping the Cold War alive. If sent back home, they will eventually become the behind-the-scenes brains of the next attacks against Russia, Syria, China, Iran, or whatever other nation that U.S./Israel/Saudi Arabia/UK/Turkey etc. decide to target.

Jens Holm

Rubbish. Syria is hardly a country and hasnt been for many years.


YOU don’t get to decide anything, you worthless fifth-rate bumbler troll.

michele wells dinsmore

No they never send anything but cannon fodder and although they give them “special advisor” titles they are nothing more than EXPENDABLES to the NWo fuckwads who installed and funded them. Tough call as many of us have been guilty of being complacent and gullible -if not self justifying, in our perceptions. They will NOT EVER be allowed to live much less tell their terrible tales. It would tarnish the really rotten PTB “image” especially of the rotten cabal now infesting the western powers. the globalists will simply bury this story and these captives quickly and no one will care after a few days and no one will remember. Except the loved ones they left behind,..who will grow up to hate and fight against the same machine …ad infinitum and ad nauseum until the cycle is broken. IF ever.

Jens Holm

Well, if they got some years in prison first, their information would be outdated.


Albanians are involved in ISIS and al-Nusra. They are terrorists and criminals. They have many criminal rings throughout Europe and the UK. They were tools in the break up of Yugoslavia, which the west wanted. The CIA, German BND, and British MI6 had prepared for it and were covertly helping separatists before the wars started.

Jens Holm

You have written that shit again. Timewasting trying to communicate with fanatics like You.

Jens Holm

Im for something like that. Being kind of hostages would get some more protection. Might be som Live Cam as well.

Its a neutral comment. Assads shoulnt be there at all.

Jens Holm

Nothing new in telling about the civilian sufferings and use it. Its not even brittish.

But it seems obvios to me Assads and Russians systematicly has bombarded civilians trying to make their enemies give up as well and they are the mainkillers.

Doesnt meen brits suddenly look nice with or without propaganda. The dead ones are not lies. You can prove them one by one,if its possible to find enough bodypart of them.

Very much propaganda as well almost only to blame britts and those they help.

paul vetran

On the contrary, captured NATO/Israeli/Wahhabi soldiers would be an excellent piece of PR for Syria. They should be paraded before the international media to kill the myth of the Syrian civil war and show this was a war of aggression by proxies. Beside, they also could be used as valuable bargaining chips.

Jens Holm

Could be very short happynes and revenge could accur rapidly – I think.

Bill Rood

I believe if they are members of the official armed forces, they are prisoners of war under the Geneva Conventions. However, if they are private military contractors, they are considered mercenaries and can indeed be executed. John Whitehot’s comment still applies, though their government is not obliged to acknowledge their existence.


The Emperor Has No Clothes!


USA-NATO-Israel have become a shameless countries which they do not care what anybody else can demonstrate about them (corruption, criminal behavior, terrorism) since they control the media and can convince fool people (most of the tv-news papers viewers) that the true is what they say.

Brad Isherwood


France was in negotiation/bidding with Syrian Gov for open blocks of Syria and the Offshore blocks. This is 2011* The Saudi Qatar pipeline route becomes confrontation with Syria as Assad refuses This contract. The war breaks out shortly after. The primaries behind the Fake or trumped up Civil uprising against Assad are the French and British running the same show done on Libya. The US steps in later with support and then ISIS to support its agenda which may be partly To succeed the Saudi pipeline. ..with US Oil giants involved..and with US oil giants Taking Syrian oil/nat gas concessions and putting them on the stock market and trade. Israel wants more of the Golan oil concession. ..and yes….break up Syria so that Iran is ended in its agenda.

Gary Sellars

Don’t forget the GCC goat-fucker regimes….

Jens Holm



Up yours.

Jens Holm

Well, all those fighters could go home right away and give their guns to their wife and children, and them shoot anyone they wish.


Here is a working link to that Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com//permalink.php?story_fbid=384903921843423&id=100009714551392

Note that the page is in Arabic. So it is quite possible that the names of the advisors have not been correctly transliterated.

Prosper KLEIN

The link doesn’t seem to work…. :-(


Is this confirmed?

Marek Pejović


i wonder how this will tilt the diplomatic arena if you parade them in front of TV like monkeys. especially since they’re considered terrorists and can therefore be legally executed or at least locked up for life.

Пламень За Свободу

Look who’s working with “illegal armed opposition” to destroy a country

Jens Holm

Syria is no country. its 57 tribe flags of the Frech protectorat of Syria.

Пламень За Свободу

Philippines is also a country consists of more than 100 ethnic tribes. What’s your excuse?

Jens Holm

Well, is or was Philipines a country. I got my first information about it from the memoirs of General and later on President George D. Eisenhower.

Before WW2 he was there with Marshall as his helper.

There was several uprises for independensy and it was decided those uprises should take over in 1948.

But there was a little problem. The uprisers had a majority in half of the population, but only posseded(with the amricans, which got it, Cuba and Puerto Rico by war) a third of . In the next third, they could come and go, but only if they did nothing else(they could do mining). In the last third they were met by old riffels and down to inland tribes with poisen arrows.

Today You still have muslim uprise in south, because that part should be with Indonesia or themselves.

I havnt counted tribes in Syria, but people behave like they are with flags and local shit . Same thing with Philipines.

But Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq as well as Armenia and several other kind of Emirates were all cuts of The Ottomans by the winners of WW1 and Syria was not named as Syria but the French Protectorat of Syria.

Protcterat was meant as preparing not for one state, but for several independent or more or less independent states – not as one. Protectorat also was meant as preparing the population to be educated to it by education as well as feeling for countries being together homogenes.

It definetly didnt say one state.

How complicated it was is easy to see at all maps produced about i from 1914, where WW1 was hardly started. Turks wasnt almost there anymore, which was because they would be the loosers, but very unfair.

Its easy to compare with the rest. Austra/Hungarian dividing, German ditto, how Poland became a big country after war with the weak Bolsjevicks and took more than. Yougoslavia was in fact a mix of 2 very different system with a artificial borderline around.

So to me Syria went wrong in a mix of interest including at least France and local upperclasses.

So I dont see any solution in Syria being 57 or 100 countries, but I certainly dont see it as one state anymore if it ever was – unless types as Assad and Baads got brainwashed or replaced.

There are many kind of solutions or suggestions, but I dont see any good ones. Solving kurds with kind of agreements with Turkey and Iraq(& Iran)better solve some of it, but look at the rest, where the main populations are.

You are back in tribes also depended in being within “Assads” or out as low class(as fx East Aleppo).

There is therefore no excuse, You can see it on the maps. You can see it on the flags. You can read and here about those tribes as facts.

Some 400.000 deads + handicapped dont solve anything for any kind of peace. 8-10 milions out of homes dont either. Assads hardly posses half of the area.

More than me should reflect about the future, but its very difficult, because most people not even know their own history in those areas. They all think they are heroes and has ancisters being heroes and they all are treated bad by the others.

They also by definition learn obeying well supported by a religion, which make the one dummyhat man-leader after the other, where they only can be replaced by uprise instead of just elect some, which might be better next time.

That infection is all over. Palmyra was the latest example and made by the top in Damaskus giving no or bad orders. The milisia and Tigers behaved doing – nothing. The top leaderships do that. You have to obey top-orders, but the independensy shouldnt be, where the local military units are. Every effective army would right away improve the defence by what they have got, because they could see it and it was their responsibility.

The Syrian Leadership is meant for Emirat seize in a less complicated world. Getting back to Emirates would solve many things, but You had to add more sekularism to it. Many countries are doing well being less than 20 to 25 mio. or what they are now – minus all the refugees.

Paulo Romero

If this is true , then those men have been so dissociated from their own lives by their governments that they will either be traded then executed by their own people or left to die where they are. If true it’s also reflective of the desperate nature of the West’s failed policy in Syria. I would love to see some of them turn against their masters and reveal the exact nature of the US dealings with Isis and Al Nusra.

michele wells dinsmore

indeed. but thats NOT what will be allowed to happen! We will continue to insure that our misdeeds and mistakes and treachery never sees the light of public scrutiny, much less JUSTICE.


It will be interesting to see how the Mossad will respond with an Israeli now in SAA hands.


Syria and Russia MUST impose a no-fly zone in all the Syrian skies now!

Per Knutsen

They already have.


Since the 60s, Syria is called “The Land of The Dead” by Mossad personel, due to the mandatory Death Sentence imposed on Israely Spies.


Now I believe in waterboarding.

Bernardo Morais

“sadistic laughts”

Hisham Saber

super. nice.


I think waterboarding may be one of the milder forms of obtaining information that Syria and Russia will use.

James Ron

Well done, at least the world know the truth for the last min fake news & propaganda from the US/Western media to save time for their escape. How they destroyed Syria & causes 300,000 deaths directly or indirectly. US buying time for cease fire but those foreign terrorists never made their escape as Russian intelligent already knew who was inside the trapped terrorists.

João Davi Pereira Gonçalves

quem são voces malucos ocidentais que comentam contra o ocidente ? que tal mudar do ocidente e viver sobre o poder e regime dos ditadores do oriente?

Bernardo Morais

Que tal você estudar um bocado, abrir a cabeça e tentar entender melhor os conflitos e interesses globais, depois você escreve para um site de análise militar como este.

Se você não tem a menor ideia do que está sendo falado aqui, nem comente.

Prosper KLEIN

If verified (preferably by extensive and detailed video) it’s great, even gorgeous news. The whole ‘coalition’ caught with their pants and undies down on their feet, slightly bent forward, awaiting what’s coming at them! :-)


I believe the war crime trials after WWII were a complete hoax, enhanced by torture. Is it time for a legitimate war crimes trial over Syria and the middle east?

Hisham Saber

‘Justice of the victors, is not justice at all.’


It was important to publicize the photos of these mercenaries, for the world public opinion to see the US interference in the Syrian war

Boris Borisovski

the only sad Thing is that the most People watch and listen only News media on tv or Radio and this is only one side story. all the time i here only things againts Putin and Rusia..there is no speachs from Putin on tv etc so if People dont search the truth they dont know what is real going on and so the blindly follow the agresors….


Putin will never go as low as to respond to them.You don’t tell a full that he is a full,do you?

Jens Holm

fool – I think.


And our governments alliance with Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan and Morocco to overthrow Assad. President Trump and his cabinet need to investigate the history of America’s involvement in this and who were the main actors. I suspect McCain will be on the list along with a lot of CIA management.

William Manning

If this is accurate you can be sure Russia will know exactly how to capitalize on it! Wait for it.


Atleast they are spared of the wrath of a Russian Kalibr missile.

General der Rheinarmee

No court ruling – immediate neck shoot for all…….

farshad rouhani

Tempting … but let the truth be known to all , payment , for damages/crimes, forced out of all those countries involved in destroying Syria .


According to military law, every mercenary capture execute.Of course after Lavrov intervention will be free as so many others.As Lavrov stays in his post no expect Russia and allies to advance.He occupies the Russian foreign policy.He is the fifth column.

chris chuba

The is absolutely not true. As long as they were wearing uniforms they are considered POW’s.

The only way executions would be considered valid would be if they were not wearing military insignia and could therefore be considered spies. Iran is hiring mercenaries from Afghanistan, they should not be executed either. Besides, it is best to keep them and force the respective countries to acknowledge their existence.


Article n1. A mercenary shall not have the right to be a combatant or a prisoner of war… http://www.mercenary-wars.net/law/definition-mercenary.html


Remember the Taliban in 2001. During the ’90s they were received in Washington as a legitimate Afghan government and next thing you know they were “enemy combatants” with no rights what so ever. Syrians don’t need to invent things – just copy Uncle Sam and you’ll be fine.

Vido Dasler

Convict them for war crimes and hang them in public.

Hell Hellraiser



Seeing some mug shots and IDs would blow the western scheme wide open. I didn’t see any other media reporting this. Right now it looks like a hoax. I’d love Syrians prove me wrong.


check 21stcenturywire.com . No msm will publish it.

Robin Morritt

I followed the link.

The Facebook page is Faris Shihabi. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009714551392&fref=nf

This is different to the Facebook page for Fares Shehabi. https://www.facebook.com/fares.shehabi

I have no idea what is the authentic Facebook account of the Aleppo MP. This could be a hoax. Just sayin.

Hell Hellraiser

Mercenaires et tueurs de guerre. Porter à une place publique, et fuzilem.

louis robert

Show them to the whole world, having them identify themselves, giving all the relevant particulars… including what they were doing there.

Hold them till the very end of the war.

Conduct a full inquiry and review, then document and make it all public for the whole world to see, learn, know… and never forget.

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