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Brazil: Are Extreme Right-Wing Elements Stealthily Preparing An Extermination Of Their Opponents?

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Brazil: Are Extreme Right-Wing Elements Stealthily Preparing An Extermination Of Their Opponents?

Brazil’s Military Police

A recent analysis by Almir Felitte describes three related events in Brazil which indicate that hard liners are preparing a three-pronged armed assault on what remains of the country’s wounded democracy. Sectors of the Military Police, from their command posts, are flirting with ‘Bolsonarism’. There have been numerous scandals in shooting clubs where they are trying to form militias, while the president has installed military personnel in three thousand strategic federal government posts. Meanwhile, President Bolsonaro is pushing to loosen gun laws so that extreme right-wing political militias can be armed There are ominous signals that the country faces grave risks, whether the three ideologically-aligned armed movements (military, police, political militia) are preparing to respond in case of widespread left-wing mobilization, or, perhaps, to launch a pre-emptive strike to deal a decisive blow to their historic enemies.

Talking about democracy has become complicated in Brazil since the 2014 election, which right wing elements refused to recognise. Brazil has lived under a coup regime since Dilma Rousseff was removed from the Presidency in a legally flawed impeachment process two years later. The damage was aggravateded when the Brazilian authorities decided to ignore all kinds of illegal acts committed in the lead up to the 2018 elections to guarantee Bolsonaro’s victory over his left-wing rival.

Since the end of the military dictatorship (1964-1985), there has never been so much heard about the possibility of the military taking power in Brazil once and for all as has been discussed in recent weeks. Discussion about the risk that the country will move from this shameful dictatorship that we are living to an openly military dictatorship, as our sad history already knows, has already become a daily topic, even in the mainstream press. And to understand and contain this risk, it is essential to examine three different political groups in the country.

First, we have to examine the activities of the Armed Forces. At this point, it is worth remembering that Bolsonaro created his government with the goal of total militarization, with 9 members drawn from the military to occupy posts at the highest level of the government: Bolsonaro himself (a former captain in the armed forces) and his deputy, General Mourão, in addition to 7 others appointed to ministerial level, almost all from the army. Strategic secondary positions, such as State-owned enterprises and agencies Caixa, Correios, Petrobras and FUNAI, were also occupied by military personnel and even the civilians named in Planalto (the presidential palace) had military connections, such as the former Minister of Education, Vélez , for example.

This situation has only intensified with the passage of time and, among so many confusions that are occurring in the centre of the Government, the figure of a member of the Armed Forces designated to play the role of “firefighter” to the latest political or administrative crisis has become commonplace. The latest and most emblematic case was the appointment of General Pazuello to lead the Ministry of Health, in the midst of the pandemic. Once sworn in, the general immediately surrounded himself with 12 more servicemen in important positions in the portfolio and imposed a series of censorship measures on the data related to the covid-19 crisis.

The presence of the Armed Forces has become so expressive in Brasilia that, this week, the TCU decided to carry out a survey on how many active and reserve soldiers occupy civilian positions in the Government. At the end of 2019, Folha had already discovered more than 2,500 servicemen in leadership and advisory positions. Today, there is talk of more than 3 thousand.

The number of uniformed men who rule the country, of itself, would be enough to worry about. However, worse than a de facto military government, Brazil really seems to be forming a de jure military government. The military formation that is steadily taking over the government and the State, well symbolized by Minister General Heleno, constantly attacks the other sectors in public institutions and the opposition, portraying the Army as a Moderating Power in the country. This Moderating Power that we have already seen in action, when on the eve of a trial in the Supreme Federal Tribunal that ultimately determined the course of the 2018 elections (the prosecution of the lead presidential candidate, Lula de Silva), the then Commander of the Armed Forces, General Villas-Boas, made a calculated statement on the national networks threatening the rest of the country if the military’s instructions were not followed.

However, the imminent danger posed by the military is not the only uniformed danger that confronts the country. The politicization of the police forces, aligned with the extreme right is becoming an irreversible phenomenon. But, contrary to what many say, this does not appear to be a movement restricted to a low “insubordinate” level of the police. To the contrary, the phenomenon appears to be institutional and dominant.

Structured in a rigid and vertical chain of command, in the streets the Brazilian police rarely express behaviour that is not in accordance with the ideas of their superiors. And these are the ones who are leading the phenomenon of police politicization. In 2018, for example, the country’s Legislative Houses were taken over by a large number of elected police officers.

This politicization manifested itself in the streets in an emblematic way in São Paulo, when the Military Police ignored the Nazi fascist flags raised by Bolsonaro’s supporters and provoked protesters who opposed the Government and then dispersed them with force. Another symbolic case occurred at the beginning of the year, when military police were stationed in Sobral and caused terror in the town of Ceará. At that time, the political performance of some police officers went far beyond the already routine confusions that have always occurred in police attacks, with strong indications of the influence of Bolsonarista politicians on the police officers involved.

It is worth mentioning that this phenomenon of politicization of the police, placing them as central actors in a potential coup movement, was recently demonstrated most forcefully in Bolivia, where the police played a leading role, along with the Armed Forces, in the removal of President Evo Morales. In Brazil, the news reports are multiplying about state police officers that may have joined Bolsonarism and are escaping the control of provincial governors, as Correio Braziliense reported this week. In short, contrary to what some have said until recently, it does not appear that the police commands are losing control over the lower echelons. Worse than that, it seems that civil society is about to lose control of the police institutions as a whole.

But the Brazilian armed coup has not only been built by the military and police. Among many crimes that it revealed, the scandalous video of the ministerial meeting which was recently made public revealed once and for all a political objective that seems to be an old dream of the Bolsonaro family for Brazil: a political armed militia. The President was explicit in the meeting in saying that his gun-release policies were for political ends, so his supporters could use them to pursue political opponents. And, in fact, since taking office, Bolsonaro has taken a series of measures to loosen arms legislation in the country.

Therefore, it is not surprising that a group like “300 do Brasil”, while pathetically small, has publicly admitted that they carried weapons in their camp. Likewise, the National Arms Association – CAC Brazil, which gathers collectors, snipers and hunters, has already admitted to being a “reaction force” that will protect the country and support the President”, which resulted in a formal investigation into the possible formation of a paramilitary group.

These are only two examples that symbolize the turn suffered in the Brazilian arms discourse, which seems to have abandoned the arguments of “legitimate defence” to finally admit the political nature of the possession of weapons, pointing to the political persecution of the left. This character is very reminiscent of (and seems to copy) the structure of the United States’ private militias, often linked to far-right groups.

These three phenomena – the Armed Forces, the police and the militias –  may or may not be in direct communication to coordinate their plans and activities, in order to become a single movement with coup objectives and consolidating the total militarization of the country. The three ideological lines are very close to each other and are also aligned with the Bolsonaro government. Since the democratic rupture caused by Dilma’s fraudulent impeachment in 2016, the Brazilian political situation has continued to deteriorate. Underestimating armed political movements like these could be a fatal mistake for Brazil’s future. LINK


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  1. Tommy Jensen says:

    I miss the angle of the Brazilian society, the issues the population have. The article only describe the infights between various political movements in the higher circles.

    One of the biggest problems in Brazil is the violence and crime plus unemployment, why the population are not especially in opposition to military rule if they can get a better hold on corruption, violence and crimes so the country can grow.

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      It could indeed get worse in Brazil.
      It could end up like the USA. :)

      1. Tommy Jensen says:

        Its not the same. Infrastructure and policing in Brasil is weak and appreciated as people are much benefitting of it.
        Therefore nobody starts destroying their neighbourhoods or wants “defunding of police” like the jerks in US.

  2. shylockracy says:

    The global Ziocorporate terrorists have been working overtime to install pro-“free-market” fundamentalists and extremists in Latin America from Chile to Mexico, and to polarise internal and external positions across the board . A new phase of the new world order looms with the plandemic and the network of extremists ready to be used.

    1. occupybacon says:

      You found us 0_0

  3. dontlietome says:

    ……………. And when they are finished in Brazil, invite them to the USA and give them a free hand to get rid of the Zionists, the LBGT left and their liberal bum-buddies, the ADL, the SPLC, the entire Bolshevik inspired BLM movement……………..

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      Can they sought out the UK next? :)

      1. dontlietome says:

        We’re all fucked Florian, Trump is a “has been”, and if he makes it to a 2nd term, I’ll be amazed. He has kissed so much so much zionist arse, I’m surprised he doesn’t fart stars of davids. He has enough shit on him to be incarcerated since he was targeted by messers.Epstein and Maxwell, ( Mossad honey trap )and with a son-in-law who looks like the anti-christ, to direct him to his own destruction;- Allowing the take over of the west-bank, forcible vaccinations of the populous using the Military ! Vaccines which are designed too control, kill as well as alter your DNA. So where is the “right” in the USA? They are not out on the streets ……………..cowering behind bolted doors ? God help Amerika if Biden takes the helm.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          WW3 is on the cards, I fear.
          What Trump has done is to unintentionally expose the alarming and hideous state of a dying empire. A few of us have seen this for years now, BUT the majority of the US have not, and never will do until the forthcoming civil war erupts where thay live.

          The Covid19 event has also exposed the fact that a unified and powerful force of puppeteers have largely managed to ensure that nations rich and poor have adopted the same kamikazi destruction of their economies.
          Global debt has soared, with the banks reaping the rewards .01% ‘free’ money from the Fed etc that is being loaned out to companies big and small at circa 5% interest on newly created Covid loans money, and the puppeteers will also be rubbing their hands as fire-sales for distressed assets transfer the wealth of generations to zionism.

          There is only one group with a global reach that has the power, wealth and over 3000 years experience of sociopathic traits todo this, and they are Jews.

          1. dontlietome says:

            …………….Ah ,yes, not surprisingly, it always manages to return to that spawn of satan………………..and they scream, “Why does everyone hate us “????????

          2. dontlietome says:

            , ………………take a gander at this vid, Florian, I think you can see Trumps demise unfolding before your eyes………….( watch it all ).

          3. FlorianGeyer says:

            I listened to the whole video and it makes 100% good sense.
            It confirms my view that the US and UK institutions are ALL controlled by Zionism, the result being de-facto totalitarian states .

            Who last year would have imagined that the economies would have been shut down with citizens movements tightly restricted by government statute during the Covid19 furore?

            WW3 would certainly be an attempted strategy to retain power for the elite.
            With a bit of luck the zionists would lose. The spark being an attack on Iranian assets perhaps? The oil price would rise as well. Is this why US diplomatic staff are leaving the KSA? The shit is about to hit the fan.

            Thank you very much for the video.

          4. dontlietome says:

            Zionists ( + their willing Jewish helpers) + Freemasonry = The Deep State. Without the Freemasons, the Zionists could not succeed……………and it is no surprise then that in 1933, when A.H. was made Reichs Chancellor, one of the first laws he created, was the outlawing of Freemasonry, and the rooting out of those masons in key influential positions of power and control. In one fell swoop, he neutralized a large portion of his opposition. Not enough emphasis is placed on the role of the Masons and how much leverage of all things evil they have. Again, as with the Talmud and Kabbalism, their rituals are founded in satanism.

  4. carl299 says:

    Pure fantasy written by a leftist lunatic.
    The group called “300 do Brasil” are a bunch of losers, more like 30 deluded retired seniors, housewives and some nerds with flags, posters and fireworks. Not your typical terrorist with military training.
    The only coup going on in Brazil is the one being carried out by the left supported by the MSM, the Supreme Court, Parliament and the Senate.
    If you believe BLM is about race and Antifa is about democracy then you probably believe this article.
    If you know what the organizations supported by our buddy George Soros do than you know better.

    1. dontlietome says:

      Is that so ? Any links that would shed a bit more light on this group. My friends wife, she’s in Sao Paulo, thinks they are a force to be reckoned with, and hidden in the background. She claims that the left makes a lot of noise, but has no real access to finance or a stable power base.

      1. carl299 says:

        The left has majority in the Senate, Parliament and all Judges in the Supreme Court, also they control the Media.
        In the past the left could gather a lot of people in protests.They used to gather people in the slums give free transportation and pay them something like 10-20 Dollars plus a sandwich. They used to have a lot of money from syndicates to pay for this, but that is not the case since the worker’s contribution is not mandatory anymore. In the past everyone in Brazil had to give one day of their payment for the syndicates. So syndicates used to be a gold mine where you get free money for doing nothing. Right now we have almost 17.000 active syndicates. How many do you have in your country?
        Below is a link with the description of the group. Maybe your friend is impressed by them, but looking the picture you can see they don’t look anything like a force.


  5. cechas vodobenikov says:

    the removal of rouseff was USA created—amerikans hate democracy–they conspired against Lula also; during his tenure conditions for the poor improved more than in any administration…Brazil could become as bad as the USA: at least they are civilized enough to have universal health care in Brazil

    1. Tommy Jensen says:

      Private hospitals are doing ok if you have money to pay. There is a system. But a public hospital’s emergency room in Brazil is a nightmare.

    2. occupybacon says:

      If it goes well in Brzil maybe the spirit influences some Americans, who knows?

    3. carl299 says:

      Honestly doesn’t matter who created what. I believe the Americans gave intel on where the stolen money went to and who took it since many companies involved in the corruption scandals were listed on the NYSE. And thus subject legally to the rules against corruption to protect its shareholders.

      The only reason Lula was arrested and Dilma Roussef Impeached is because they both were corrupt. If they were honest no judge in the world would be able to condemn them.

      You probably don’t know that Lula and Dilma were responsible for the biggest corruption scandal in the World. Tens of Billions of US$ were stolen to support the worker’s Party and the corrupt dictatorships in Cuba, Venezuela and other nice places like Angola, Guiné etc.
      Brazil paid for the subway in Caracas, highways in Venezuela, the Muriel Port in Cuba, gave money to Chaves and Maduro’s Election and so on. Brazil used to be a huge cow with its tits full of milk for these leftists.
      I would ask anyone reading this if you would advise you government to buy bonds from the Venezuelan government. Well Brazil just did this, gave Billions to Chaves and Maduro in exchange for worthless paper.
      What we have here is not perfect, but is lot better than we use to have. We changed from LGBT, racial issues and equality (equality in misery) to Family Values, Freedom and Prosperity.
      And the left usually can’t stand people think for themselves and not fitting a race or gender category were they by default vote on the MSM lefty/woke politician.

    4. Paul says:

      Chineze will lose

  6. J Roderet says:

    Keep in mind that “extreme right” in Brazil = US/Zionist puppets. These are mostly hordes of fools who have been brainwashed with Zionist-Evangelical propaganda, spread by US “missionaries.” They want a weak Brazil with only one purpose: to obediently serve its US/Zionist masters. The biggest problem with former president Lula is that he was far too kind and did not smash these traitorous rats when he had the chance. Brazil has the potential to become a great power in a multi-polar world, but that will definitely not happen with freaks like Zionaro in power.

    1. carl299 says:

      Yes of course, please lead by example and start doing right in your country.
      Please invite BLM, Antifa and all the Africa/Asia/Middle East refugees to your country.
      Please also allow LGBT and gender issues to be main think in your politics. Allow schools to teach that you can choose your sex for kids as young as 5 yo. (and is not just choose sex, they like to teach all positions and names you can imagine).
      Please also defund police and the armed forces.
      And please kneel next time you hear your national anthem. Since Russia is a racist, homophobic and misogynist country that was never great.

  7. PRAEFECTUS says:

    Quanta besteira nessa matéria. É o contrário de tudo que está escrito aí.
    O grande risco que nós no Brasil corremos é se a organização criminosa que governava antes o país voltar ao poder. E, para que isso ocorra há toda uma movimentação da grande mídia nacional e internacional que apóia as ideologias globalistas esquerdistas e seus asseclas dentro e fora do país. Inclusive hoje à mais alta corte da justiça do país(STF) esta dominada por “juizes” que em sua maioria foram nomeados pelo governo anterior e que busca diuturnamente sabotar o atual presidente criando todo tipo de obstáculos para não deixa-lo governar. Inclusive, tem criado inquérito para investigar ativistas políticos e mandado prender quem apoia o atual presidente na tentativa de intimidar a grande maioria da população. Aliado a todos estes, a câmara federal e o senado federal da mesma forma fazem de tudo para sabotar, paralisar, minar, derrubar o atual presidente. Na matéria fala que há 3000 mil militares em cargos no governo, antes fosse verdade. Mas não é! Os militares gozam de grande respeito em nosso país, e a população vê com grande satisfação os mesmos ocupando espaços no atual governo. Tudo isso por conta da reconhecida competência dos militares no trato da coisa pública. Aliado a tudo isso que estão fazendo para sabotar o atual presidente algo terrível está acontecendo em nosso país que é a perseguição velada aos cristãos que em sua esmagadora maioria apoiam o atual presidente.

    1. dontlietome says:


      So much bullshit about that. It’s the opposite of everything written there.
      The great risk that we in Brazil run is if the criminal organization that once ruled the country returns to power. And for this to happen there is a whole movement of the national and international mainstream media that supports leftist globalist ideologies and their minions inside and outside the country. Even today the highest court of justice in the country (STF) is dominated by “judges” who were mostly appointed by the previous government and who seeks to sabotage the current president creating all kinds of obstacles to not let him govern. It has even created an investigation to investigate political activists and has arrested those who support the current president in an attempt to intimidate the vast majority of the population. Allied to all these, the Federal House and the federal Senate likewise do everything to sabotage, paralyze, undermine, topple the current president. In the matter it says that there are 3000 thousand servicemen in positions in the government, before it was true. But it’s not! The military enjoys great respect in our country, and the population sees with great satisfaction the same occupying spaces in the current government. All this because of the recognized competence of the military in dealing with the public thing. Allied to all that they are doing to sabotage the current president something terrible is happening in our country which is the veiled persecution of Christians who overwhelmingly support the current president.

      1. zman says:

        Yes, those Christians who have chosen to be led and controlled by Bolsonaro, the Israeli cheerleader. “Evangelism is the commitment to or act of publicly preaching of the Gospel with the intention to share the message and teachings of Jesus Christ”. But apparently, spreading the word is one thing, but practicing his teachings is something else entirely.

        Funny how these so-called super Christians support Israel and all it does, including killing women, children and old men. How so very Christian. Just exactly what part of Jesus teaching proclaims slaughter and starvation as Christian ideals? Not to mention Israeli support for KSA as they also attempt to slaughter and starve to death Yemenis. We have the same Christians in the US…that’s why we send Israel billions upon billions every year, paying off their debts and gifting them weapons of war. Bolsonaro and his progeny proudly proclaim their devotion to Israel…the very same Israel that Jesus proclaimed to be the church of Satan. Take a good look at what GW’s evangelism wrought upon the world since 2001 when, in collusion with Israel, they brought down the WTC, blamed it on Arabs (Muslims) and brought the world to where it is today. Epstein is a great part of this Israeli control exhibited throughout the world, yet no one openly speaks about it…because it would anger Israel and set off retribution against anyone who speaks out. But yeah, evangelists have no qualms whatsoever about supporting Israel, the church of Satan. I just have to wonder what Jesus would have to say about that…and I’m not talking about the BS interpretations that justify (to evangelists) their support of Israel, but the actual word of Jesus…without all the ‘interpretations’.

        1. carl299 says:

          Nobody here cares about Israel, US, Russia, China, Middle East or any of the hot zones in the world. The only problem we have here is drugs and corruption. So this Left/Christian thing makes no sense. All we have here is a group who used to be in power and stole a lot from government and now want to take the power back.

          1. zman says:

            Yeah, that’s the same shit told around the world by the very purveyors of those tactics…Israel. Seems their ploy of divide and conquer works everywhere. They continue their assault on the public support systems as well…socialism is bad…capitalism at any cost is good. When you end up like Chile under Pinochet..or Bolivia, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador today, with death squads run by militarists doing the dirty work of the CIA/Mossad…then see what your heros do to those that disagree. Then you will understand what it is to be a Palestinian. Who do you think runs the international drug trade? Hint: Who runs the poppy fields in Afghanistan? What do you thing Epstein does in govs around the world…and at whose bequest? Yeah, don’t worry about Israeli/US influence among your military/gov…until it’s far too late.

          2. carl299 says:

            Poppy fields = Americans/CIA
            Pedo Epstein = Mossad
            Drug Trade is complicated, which drug and which country? But I would say mainly controlled by the richest in the world supported by many governments.
            England used to sell opium to the Chinese. They stopped selling drugs officially, but I doubt they gave away their influence in the illegal drug market.
            You can buy drugs in every country of the world and every country has it own Mafia supported by local figures in power.

            Production depends on the drug, cocaine Latin America, Heroin Asia, Sintetic drugs Europe, but that is a very poor summary of the situation.
            The thing is, try to see the bigger picture and don’t buy what the media or your cool History professor tries to sell to you. Think for yourself.

          3. zman says:

            You post this and wonder why anyone would show Ballessanaro’s ties to Israel? The drug trade is not complicated…the vast majority of trafficking is run/controlled by CIA/Mossad run intel of other countries. You should TRY to think for yourself. As for seeing the bigger picture, follow your own advice. Inviting Israel/US input is the last thing any sovereign country needs, as they will no longer be sovereign, they will be lackeys, the vast majority of people will be indentured through IMF loans, that will be unpayable…either through impossible repayment terms or orchestrated local gov manipulation. One look at the unrest and debting of those other countries in SA I mentioned (which you ignored) should speak volumes as to the effect of US/Israeli influence. Every one of them had a good economy, good public service/health, good education systems and the people were generally treated with respect. Where are they now that they have gone into the US/Zionist sphere? BTW, what was the biggest lies that were told to get those countries where they are now? Corruption and vote irregularities were the top excuses. In almost every case, these lies have been outed. Well, those complaints are now real and now violence against the people can be added to that list…and it’s going to be a tough fight to get rid of the infestation…if at all.

          4. carl299 says:

            By the way, why just Chile? To mention just a few… Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Mugabe, Kim Family in NK and so on. Look all the dictatorships in the world and make a fair analysis.

          5. zman says:

            Well, the discussion was not about dictators or the history (written by the west) of the world. What about the turn of events in the other countries I mentioned? Too bad you didn’t include Nixxon, Reagan, GHWB, GWB, Thatcher, Majors, Blair, et al western leaders. They don’t fit the description of dictator, but they were and are every bit as blood-thirsty and killed millions and took control of world finances. What do they ALL have in common? Support for Israel, and are all now controlled by Israeli controlled pols. Those dictators you mention controlled their little corners of the world, but those I mention, have destroyed the entire world.

        2. dontlietome says:

          I regard myself as a follower of Christ , who I recognise as an extension of God the almighty. You raise many good points , and I will not try to justify anything that mordern-day Christianity has done. The church of rome is a corrupt vessel, and the anti-christ resides there. Since the church of rome murdered one of its last popes Pope John Paul I who “died” suddenly in September 1978, 33 days after his election. He was a pious man who saw the corruption that had infested the Vatican and its teachings, and was going to radically, bring down that house of cards. He was silenced much like Kennedy, who was also a whistle-blower. Christians should have sided with Islam and its followers, and created a united front to confront the Synagogue of satan. Instead they have divided us and now rule……………with all its vile consequences. Ignore the evangelists, most do not have the ability to think, nor the eyes to see, but are simply sheep…………..and you know what happens too them. There are just a few evangelicals who have seen the light, and are exposing the zionist/satanists for the filth that they are. I note with interest, that many Christians fight shoulder to shoulder with their Muslim brothers within the Hezbollah, and it is right to do so. Can we bring about change……………….it will come……………and we can be sure of it, just as we can of the day of judgement. Forge bridges with those that you can communicate with, especially those of other beliefs………… United we stand.

          1. zman says:

            Although I do not profess to be a Christian, I do follow the tenants of Christ. I applaud your post and your stance. If the brainwashed mass of Americans had your attitude, there would be much less death and destruction in this world…and a much happier world. Again, kudos to you.

    2. carl299 says:

      I like southfront because is one of the few places that cover the news about Syria and Lybia, but they clearly know nothing about South America. Or maybe they got paid very well to show this piece of propaganda.

      1. zman says:

        An opinion that reflects YOUR beliefs. Their news about the ME is good, but news about SA is paid propaganda? Guess how that makes YOU sound?

  8. Paul says:

    Brazil USA alliance will win against Chineze a****ho**s

    1. carl299 says:

      There is no such alliance against China. China is the main commercial partner of Brazil.

    2. zman says:

      Now that is funny. The US will not be able to win anything after the economic SHTF. Brazil partnering with the US/Israel will be their downfall. Chinese and Russian gold reserves are unmatched by any other country…as is their economies, regardless of the western BS. Brazil and the IMF…https://www.imf.org/en/News/Articles/2019/07/25/NA072519-Six-Charts-on-Boosting-Growth-in-Brazil

      Can you say ‘austerity’? All to pay the usury (which always ends up unpayable) inflicted by the wonderful democratic countries that run the IMF. Say goodbye to pensions, healthcare, public sector and infrastructure spending. Funny how such a wonderful organization ends up destabilizing govs, indenturing the people and owning state assets.

  9. Sukhoi says:

    What you understand about Brazil, SouthFront?

    This is just a piece of $hit written by a neo-comuno-marijuana dumb, known in Brazil as “mortadela”, member of a comuno gang that, between 2002 and 2016, stole USD 2 trillion from public funds, lead by the mega-criminal Lula da Silva, and near transformed Brazil into a colony of Cuba, as Venezuela is.

    That gang of criminals still is running the Supreme Court (STF) and the parliament.

  10. Trap Is Not Gay says:

    As nobody names the Jews, so let everything as it is.

    Fake ‘big changes’ will only lead to further bullshit of no use, and changes nothing in the end in the ‘democracy’ of Soros, etc.

    É o que tem pra hoje.

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