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Both Armenia & Azerbaijan Claimed Advance in Nagorno-Karabakh

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On October 30, Azerbaijani forces resumed their advance in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh and captured more settlements.

In a statement, President Ilham Aliyev announced that Azerbaijani forces had captured the following settlements:

  • Khudaverdili, Gurbantapa, Shahvaladli and Khubyarli of Jabrayil district;
  • Aladin, Vejnali of Zangilan district;
  • Kavdadig, Mamar and Mollali of Gubadli district;

Meanwhile, Armenian forces continue to push back. In the last 24 hours, a number of villages east of Karin Tak were reportedly recaptured from Azerbaijani troops.

Both Armenia & Azerbaijan Claimed Advance in Nagorno-Karabakh

Click to see full-size image. By the Armenian Unified Infocenter

The Ministry of Defense of Armenia claims that Azerbaijan has lost 232 drones, 16 helicopters, 25 warplanes, 649 military vehicles, 6 heavy rocket launchers and 6,914 service members since the outbreak of the battle in Nagorno-Karabakh on September 27.

Both Armenia & Azerbaijan Claimed Advance in Nagorno-Karabakh

Click to see full-size image. By the Armenian Unified Infocenter

The fierce resistance of Armenian forces slowed down Azerbaijani troops in the last few days. The cashes are largely limited to Nagorno-Karabakh’s southeastern part.

The Azerbaijani military is relying on its heavy fire power, advanced weapon systems and the support of hundreds of Turkish-backed Syrian mercenaries. Armenian forces on the other side are fighting on their own.


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Great Khan

Armeni liar mamtu…horsehit yekshimush claims…Azeri brother have only 500 tanks, they destroy 650 hahahha too much fun….


Nothing really new. 7,000 Azeri deaths? LOL.

Porc Halal

“Armenian forces on the other side are fighting on their own”…that’s the real power!

It is something that the turds will never have

Random Dude

Azerbaijan lost more drones than Turkey and Israel have combined:))))))))


Someone should teach Armenians that the job of a Kamikaze drone is to get destroyed, when attacking :)
They also count Drones like Harop :)

Random Dude

that wont matter. look at other numbers. in the first week they were adding 50 armored vehicles in the list every day. then they saw that the conflict doesn’t seem to end soon, so slowed down a bit, not to exceed the number of vehicles Azerbaijan has in general. Arsrun just pulling some numbers from hit butt.


The combined forces of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Israel, Islamic Jihadists and other mercenaries are having difficulty with the Armenian volunteers fighting in NK. It only goes to show, without drones, the so-called Great Army of Turan is just an embarrassing bunch of blowhards with rifles.


Hopefully the Armenians can fight them to a stalemate here and force Aliyev into a (real) ceasefire. Only when both sides have nothing to gain by fighting will the combat stop.

cechas vodobenikov

the Azeri quagmire unfolds; the amerikans require 20 years to recognize a quagmire. The amerikan sadists invade in order to steal and torture. the Azeris die and murder for land devoid of any natural resources and little agriculture

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