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Boston Dynamics Officially Started ‘Trial’ Sells Of Its Robot Dogs


Boston Dynamics started trial sells its robot dogs ‘Spot’ on September 24.

The Verge reports:

Since June, the company has been talking about a public release for its Spot robot (formerly SpotMini), and today, it finally gave some details about what’s in store. The Spot isn’t going on sale exactly, but if you’re a company with a good idea (and some money), you’ll be able to get one. That also means, for the average person on the street, that the odds of seeing a Spot in the wild just got a lot better.

The capabilities are more or less what the company showed off in June, but it’s still impressive to see them in person. The Spot can go where you tell it, avoid obstacles, and keep its balance under extreme circumstances — which are all crucial skills if you’re trying to navigate an unknown environment.

The Spot can also carry up to four hardware modules on its back, giving companies a way to swap in whatever skills the robot needs for this particular job. If it’s checking for gas leaks, you can build in a methane detector. If you need connectivity over longer distances, you can attach a mesh radio module. Boston Dynamics is already outfitting units with LIDAR rigs from Velodyne (a favorite component for self-driving car projects) to create 3D maps of indoor spaces. Since the Spot is designed to work in the rain, outdoor spaces are on the table, too.

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  • Pave Way IV

    Show me the one with the 20mm Vulcan for a head. Until then, being head-butted in the leg by a little robot dog is somewhat less than terrifying. I suppose you could put a syringe on its head filled with ebola. Now THAT would catch some head-choppers attention… if not immediately, then right at the point where their intestines and lungs liquify and they infect fellow head-choppers.

    • One was spotted jumping off an unpaid-for Canadian LAV III in Houthi-land.

    • BlueHeadLizard

      The guns already exist so quick and easy to mount one now the ‘dog’ mechanics have been sorted.

  • Tommy Jensen

    More inhuman ugliness from Science. Soon the only real true 100% sincere friend man has left, will be gone.

    The dog is in the way for the Erik Schmidt and Cortez types..

  • JPS

    Just imagine when they have giant zionist robotic cockroaches everywhere.

  • BlueHeadLizard

    I curious about power. Are there recharging stations in battle zones?