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Boris’s Garden Party – A More Pressing Issue Than Yemeni Genocide

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Boris’s Garden Party – A More Pressing Issue Than Yemeni Genocide

Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Written by Gavin O’Reilly exclusively for SouthFront.

Over the past several days, the news story that has dominated British news headlines, and consequently, the news headlines of the rest of the Western world, is controversy over a leaked email confirming Boris Johnson’s attendance at a Downing Street garden party in May 2020 – a time when the Summer weather is usually at its peak in Britain, and incidentally, the same time when the entire country was under stringent lockdown measures.

In spite of offering an almost immediate apology in the House of Commons on Wednesday, Johnson has faced intense calls to resign from his position from not only the opposition of Keir Starmer’s Labour, Ed Davey’s Liberal Democrats and Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP, but also from prominent members of his own Conservative Party such as Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross – with the main point of contention being that members of the British public were prohibited from seeing gravely ill loved ones at the same time as Johnson’s attendance of said garden party due to the restrictions put in place.

The ongoing controversy over ‘partygate’ however is in stark contrast to the miniscule Western media coverage of Boris Johnson’s key role in what is currently the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, the now seven-year long Saudi Arabia-led war on Yemen – a conflict that has resulted in the worst Cholera outbreak of all time, the deaths of 10,000 children directly through the ensuing violence, and the further deaths of more than 85,000 children through the mass-starvation the conflict has triggered.

In July 2016, following his appointment as Foreign Secretary under the then-government of Theresa May, Johnson approved the sale of more than £1.2bn worth of British made-weaponry to Downing Street-ally Saudi Arabia – the Gulf Kingdom immediately putting it to use on Yemen’s agricultural, health and sanitation infrastructure, leading to the aforementioned Cholera outbreak and famine in what is already the most impoverished nation on the Arabian Peninsula, a situation exacerbated even further by a Saudi blockade preventing food and medical supplies from entering the country.

British support for the Saudi-led conflict goes far beyond lucrative arms sales to Riyadh however, with British military advisors on hand alongside their US counterparts in the Saudi command room to assist in the selection of targets for the Royal Saudi Air Force – more than 100 Saudi pilots have also been trained at RAF airbases in Britain over the past decade alone, with both policies remaining in place since Johnson became Prime Minister in July 2019, alongside the aforementioned arms sales which have resulted in significant profit for British defence contractors such as BAE Systems.

Perhaps the most crucial role in Britain’s decision to support the Yemen war however, is a geopolitical ambition that Downing Street shares with the United States and Israel – the containment of Iran within the region, with the Islamic Republic, a long-time Western foe since the 1979 Islamic Revolution saw the US-UK aligned Shah deposed and replaced with the anti-Western and anti-Zionist Ayatollah Khomeini, being widely accused of backing the Ansar Allah rebel movement, more commonly known as the Houthis, who’s seizure of the Yemeni capital Sana’a and overthrow of the then pro-Saudi President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi in early 2015 would result in Riyadh launching its US-UK backed air campaign in March of that year in a bid to restore the government of its favoured candidate.

It is also the reason why, in addition to multi-billion pound arms deals between London and Riyadh, that what has now amounted to a seven-year long US and UK backed genocide of the Yemeni people, has received scarce media coverage in the West – in stark contrast to a Summer garden party held by a British Prime Minister who has himself played a key role in the slaughter.


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Chris Gr

UK helped put Khomeini in power. This is fact.

S Balu

Chris Gr Absolutely exactly same as you using toilet paper to wipe your backside and still remain smell unclean DESPITE OF FACT YOU CAN USE WATER MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY LESS POLLUTION

Chris Gr

Look at aangirfan site. He is anti-semite but he is right on that one.

Ivan Freely

France. As much the UK deserves blame for many things, this isn’t it. Khomeini was in Paris; otherwise he would be in London.

Chris Gr

Both France and UK in order to kick out the pro-American Shah.


This article is just a tiny description of what the majority of British voters want. A government ruled by parasitic politicians who are pro-perpetual war, pro-oligarchy, pro-big business and pro-monarchy. Just think of Britain as a very small version of it’s pimp – the US – without the daily amount of murders by the bushel, rampant violence and crime and every type of anti-social behavior a sick, deranged, demented brain can think of. That is Britain. Add to all of that the extremely arrogant, condescending, hypocritical, but very proper, English language accent. (There were even studies in the US that concluded that Americans find the British accent in commercials make the commercial more appealing and credible. Talk about really gullible, naive, dummies).


You are delusional a fuc.k up brain washed Comunist.


You are stupid aS fuc.k illiterate cretin.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Take another booster shot snd crawl back under your rock. We dont want to see your agony.

Chris Gr

Pro-monarchy is the only good thing.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Pro pedonazi you mean. No thanx.

Chris Gr

Not this. Meritocratic monarchy is good


Let them eat cake

S Balu

Boris is saying What can I do if I have smelly backside I use good quality toilet paper I cannot change over to environmentally friendly system of using water It will not leave any smell anglo saxons love smelly water

S Balu

Boris Johnson loves to deny reality as he says anglo saxons ie english people love LIARS CHEATS AND DENIER TO REALITY MORE YOU LIE MORE english people will love you and more popular you will become Look at how our ruling establishment and english people love war criminal Tony Blair who lied in the British parliament and INFRONT of world cameras about SADDAM’S WMD he insulted intelligence of all anglo saxons more he insulted them more they love him and more popular he is now

Chris Gr

LOL Pakistan was against Saddam because Saddam supported India.

Ivan Freely

When you have leaders partying during lockdowns then you know the official narrative is pure bullshit.


This is called Real Democracy ..when you don’t like what the leaders wich you vote for are doing you can fire them. But in China or Russia or North Korea and other Comunist Countries people don’t have this choice. Hell they have no right, zero rights If you raise up you voice as a citizen you are either killed or imprisoned That why we are free from Comunism and Comunism doesn’t have a place in our society in 21st Century We will always defend Democracy and defeat the filthy Comunism.

Chris Gr

Meritocratic monarchism is the best system. No communism, fascism, anarchy or faux democracy.


Meritocratic military dictatorship. Caesar or Napoleon style.

Chris Gr

Not like that


Only complete and utter retards call these tyrannical muppets “real democracy”.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

This is called Real Fascism ..when you don’t like what the leaders wich you vote for are doing you cant fire them. But in China or Russia or North Korea and other democratic Countries people have the choice. Hell they have no right, zero rights in the U.S or the UK. If you raise up you voice as a citizen you are either killed or imprisoned That why we are free from democracy and democracy doesn’t have a place in our society in 21st Century We will always defend fascism and defeat filthy democracy. Fixed Trollstoy 🤗

Last edited 1 year ago by Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

BoJo the Clown

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

This effin traitor and warcriminal will hang upside down from a lampost one day, mark my words. He will be beaten with metal pipes like an effin pinata.


I am English,let me tell you the whole system is corrupt,if there is a chance someone like Corbyn would be elected and really change the status quo the whole deep state kicks in to take them down,if that fails they would probably kill them.

Chris Gr

Probably if Corbyn gets elected he will move away from the US?


Money & Media control masses. You can’t fool all the people all the time, but you can fool most of the people most of the time… that’s what they call “democracy”.

Lazy Gamer

This has not been a very good mourning. lol

andre zulu

while raf pilots play cat and mouse with russian bombers over the black sea every day, KGB agents at bem square do everything they can to destabilize their own country and cut nato supplies…

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