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Boris Johnson’s Diplomacy – Sewn With a White Thread

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Boris Johnson’s Diplomacy - Sewn With a White Thread

Written by Desislava Puteva; Originally appeared at A-specto, translated by Valentina Tzoneva exclusively for SouthFront

The surprising castling accompanying the Brexit, was followed by scandalous appointments on the Island. Boris Johnson was appointed as Foreign Secretary of Great Britain, after Theresa May took the Prime Minister’s post from David Cameron on Wednesday this week. It is expected that the former Mayor of London will have a key role in the negotiations for the exit of Great Britain from the EU after the activation of Article 50 of the Lisbon Agreement.

Taking the post of the Foreign Secretary by Boris Johnson was met with mixed emotions of the players on the global international scene, although he himself said that he is extremely excited by the opportunity to take the position. His diplomatic approach, however, has been sewn with a white thread, due to the fact that he allowed himself to write a cynical poem about Reccep Erdogan and to patronise politicians like Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The Spokesperson of the State department of the USA, Mark Toner, hardly managed to hide his laughter when he heard the news, but did not make any ironic comments addressing Johnson. ”We shall always work with the British, regardless of who their Foreign Minister is,” he said, adding that this is an exceptional moment in the history of Britain. Meanwhile, Angela Eagle, the contender for the post of Jeremy Corbin in the Labour Party, learnt the news about Boris Johnson’s appointment while she was talking about the dedicated supporter of Brexit. After a remark from someone in the hall, she fell into a stupor when she realised who the new Foreign Secretary is. Her facial expression, without words, caused a storm of laughter among MPs and confirmed the common opinion about the appointment.

Not all the observers saw this appointment as fun. ”I wish it were a joke, but I am afraid it isn’t,” the former Prime Minister of Sweden, Carl Built, commented on the social net. A number of high-ranking diplomats, without being shy, acknowledged that it has never crossed their minds that Johnson could be appointed at this post and remarked that this is a risky move and it might be negative. Some analysts are of the opinion that the Cabinet of Theresa May will undertake the major load regarding other states, while the appointment of Johnson will win the good will of those Britons who  voted in favour of the exit of Britain from the EU.

The new Prime Minister of Great Britain started the announcement of the names of the ministers who will stand next to her, hours after she was appointed to the post by Queen Elisabeth II. Theresa May is completely focused on creating a cabinet, which is totally dedicated to Brexit. The former Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, will take the Treasury from George Osborn, thus taking up the second most important post in the Cabinet. Theresa May nominated as Minister of Brexit, David Davis, who is the former Secretary of State for European Affairs. Former Energy Minister, Amber Rudd, will take over Theresa May’s post of Interior Minister. Michael Fallon, who is an outspoken opponent of Britain leaving the EU, is the only one who will keep his post of Defense Minister.

With all of this, Theresa May earlier today rejected the possibility of the current Justice Minister, Michael Gove, to remain at his post in the new cabinet. The Minister of Education, Niki Morgan, who supported Gove for leader of the Conservatives, will have to bid goodbye to his post. The Minister of Culture, John Whitingdale, and the Minister of Health, Jeremy Hunt, will also stay out of the new cabinet.

According to May, the leave of the EU by Britain will help to forge a new positive image of the country, which will work for all and not only for some privileged groups. “This will be the mission of the Cabinet that I will lead. Together, we are going to build a better Great Britain,” May highlighted at her inauguration.

World leaders congratulated the new British Prime Minister at her inauguration, although it was accompanied by protests on Downing Street. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, congratulated the former Internal Affairs Minister on her appointment. At the same time, he requested a constructive dialogue for collaboration in bilateral relations and international affairs. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the French President, François Hollande, also congratulated Theresa May for the leading post and expressed the necessity of good relations between the three countries to continue developing.

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Boris (He-Man) Johnson has the main role of raising global awareness of the UK’s newly won independent status.

All publicity (notoriety) is good.

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