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UK: Boris Johnson Gives Up Prime Minister’s Ambitions

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UK: Boris Johnson Gives Up Prime Minister’s Ambitions

Former London mayor Boris Johnson has said he will not run for the post of the Conservative Party leader and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Johnson’s statement came as a surprise. He was considered to be one of the leaders of the pro-Brexit campaign and one of the main contenders for the post of the UK Prime Minister, in connection with the announcement of the resignation of current Prime Minister David Cameron.

Johnson had announced his pulling out of the race a few minutes before the party presented the list of candidates.

‘I must tell you, my friends, you who have waited faithfully for the punchline of this speech, that having consulted colleagues and in view of the circumstances in parliament, I have concluded that person cannot be me,’ Boris Johnson said at a news conference on June 30.

The day before, Justice Secretary Michael Gove put himself forward as a candidate for the post of British Prime Minister. It also was a surprise for many because Gove was considered to be a supporter of Johnson. It was expected that the Gove will support the candidacy of the former London mayor. However, yesterday, the Justice Secretary said that Johnson doesn’t have enough leadership skills to solve problems facing the UK.

Interior minister Theresa May also announced her candidacy for the post of the Prime Minister. In contradistinction to Johnson and Gove, she was a supporter of saving the UK’s membership of the EU.

Cameron’s replacement will have tough talks with the EU to establish new relations between the country and the block, finding a balance between the desire to reduce immigration to the country and to provide the UK an access to European markets.

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