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Booby-Trapped Houthi Boat Attacked Greek-Managed Oil Tanker In Saudi Red Sea Terminal

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On November 25, an attack on a Saudi petroleum terminal located near the city of Jeddah on the Red Sea damaged a Greek-managed oil tanker.

In a statement, Col. Turki Al-Malki, a spokesman for the coalition, said the tanker was hit with a shrapnel that resulted from an attack by the Houthis, Ansar Allah, with a water-born improvised explosive device (WBIED).

The spokesman claimed that the WBIED was intercepted. Nevertheless, the tanker’s operator, the Athens-based TMS Tankers, said the Maltese-flagged Agrari received a direct hit.

“The Agrari was struck about one meter above the waterline and has suffered a breach,” the company said in a statement. “It has been confirmed that the crew are safe and there have been no injuries. No pollution has been reported. The vessel is in ballast condition and stable.”

The Saudi Ministry of Energy said firefighters extinguished a fire that erupted after the attack. A spokesman for the ministry stressed that Aramco’s fuel supplies to its customers were not affected by the incident.

New satellite images shared by observers on Twitter revealed that the attack on Agrari resulted in a large oil spill off the shores of Jeddah’s terminal.

The Houthis have been using WBIEDs in attacks on Saudi-led coalition vessels and Saudi naval facilities for a few years now. However, the Yemen group is yet to confirm its responsibility for the attack on Agrari.

A few days ago, the Houthis claimed responsibility for a successful attack with a “home-grown” cruise missile on an oil facility of Aramco in Jeddah.


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  1. HiaNd says:


    ” Rabat – Algerian media are reporting that Algeria signed a contract to purchase 14 Russian Su-57 fighter jets because of Morocco’s military strength. The media are quoting Russia’s Sputnik News, which reported that Tebboune’s government bought the jet fighters from Russia for nearly $2 billion, citing Avia.pro.
    According to Sputnik’s reporting, Algeria and Russia signed the deal more than a year after announcing their intent. ”
    Iran didn’t buy, will not buy ( have no money to buy ) SU-57

    1. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

      Algeria is a traditional rival of the French and has one of the largest armaments programs in the world. It buys a huge package of weapons from Russia, which includes S-400 and Pantsir S1 air defense systems, Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets, Kilo submarines and more. Why all this;;; What reason is there ??

      1. HiaNd says:

        US, UK, France intervention against Muammar Gaddafi is real reason, “why”.

    2. Ali says:

      Yoo where have you been my guy

      1. Ali says:

        And we will buy some fighter jets (Not sure about the model, SU-30SM2
        will do IMO) because we definitely need them. We just need those
        payments from Venezuela to come through in the form of pure gold. If
        you’ve been paying attention for the last couple weeks, you know that
        we’ve been busy transferring some “goods”.

        1. HiaNd says:

          Yes, I have seen those info’s.
          Licence production is by far the best option for Iran. To stay on the airplane building – development track.
          SU-30SM2 is kind of cheaper version of SU-35S. An excellent choice and best bang for the buck one can have.
          That will open possibility for Iran to get licensed Russian engine production for future 100% Iranian design fighter jet.
          Also T-90 license production (like India) is great choice.
          The only problem is that you will scare Saudi and other Arab Zionist regimes with that so they will push US even more for aggression against Iran.

          1. Ali says:

            Yeah a production licence contract would be a great idea. Specially considering the fact that we can produce many more planes than we can buy. But that’s if the Russians agree with such a deal as it’ll mean less profit for them in the long run. We’re gonna see what happens.

          2. HiaNd says:

            Russia has licence production with India for SU-30MKI so why not having one with Iran for SU-30SM2 ?

          3. Ali says:

            Didn’t know about that. Nice.

          4. HiaNd says:

            Iran is country that merits decent weapons to fend against so many raving enemies…Bravery is simply not enough against modern weapons.

        2. HiaNd says:

          So what do you make out of articles like this?
          Will Trump attack Iran?
          “Israeli Military Told to Prepare for Possible US Strike on Iran Ahead of Trump Exit – Report”

          1. Ali says:

            I was gonna mention this when you said they’re gonna push the US into more aggression against Iran. They are already. They look up to their daddies at Washington waiting patiently for them to do something because they know they’re weak and pathetic and can’t do it themselves. About this “news” thing. i gotta say it’s not really news. I’ve been hearing things like this over and over for a while now. Trump likes to think he’s scary. He likes to make threats and thinks we’re gonna be taken to the negotiation table again out of fear. He won’t do shit. Because his sheep-ish fanbase think he’s Anti-war and you can already tell he’s gonna be trying for 2024 so he wouldn’t burn his chances like that with a war with Iran at the last 2 months of his presidency. As to “Will Biden do it instead?” that’s another question and a better one. He’s planning for a broader presence in Syria. And possibly Iraq. That’ll only make things worse.

          2. HiaNd says:

            Good assessment.
            Biden will be anti-Russia above all I think…not anti China or even Iran..
            US will keep falling apart even faster under Biden

          3. Ali says:


            The revolution doesn’t want the democrat. It wants the abolishment of the system and biden will only speed up that process. And yeah that’s why he’s gonna have a broader presence in Syria. to counter Russia therefore countering us too. So on surface it might seem like we’re having fun with him but the region won’t be. The region will keep up its current pace if not accelerating it.

          4. Lost Empire says:

            Agree with you. Biden is only an insignificant and corrupt puppet at Deep State’s orders. Putin knows that now relationships with Russia will be still more problematics, what why he has not congratulated with him yet. But US now are weaker then some years ago, while, at the contrary Russia is stronger, having in her arsenal some formidables weapons that US can only dream for still some years

          5. HiaNd says:

            We agree.
            This is transition period.
            US will start to grow ever more weaker while Russia will continue to grow stronger. But growing slower than before (slower specially comparing to fast growing China).
            EU will start actively to build their collective army and independent foreign policy.
            China will overtake Russia and US soon and become world strongest power much faster than many could have imagined.
            US will have their hyper-sonic missiles and lasers finally but they will be bankrupted as country and lose any global primacy including military.

          6. Lost Empire says:

            You’re right. China will be the world strongest power. America is printing dollars as tomorrow wasn’t come. In some years, they real power: dollar, will be like venezuelan money and yankees will go bankrupt. The danger is that probably this will bring us to the WW3

          7. HiaNd says:

            Who to start WW3?
            No “allay” will follow them on that path.
            One need viable economy and strong industry for WW3.
            An economy not hit by hyper inflation and also (Jew) bank loans on the top, to start WW3.
            That is why Hitler didn’t start the war in 1934… He wasn’t ready . German economy was still recovering from 1929-33 world depression and German industry was not and its fullest capacity.
            So Jew bank loans to Hitler were not enough to start the war.
            US practically doesn’t have industry apart from military branch, but even there capacity comparing to China’s industrial capacity and man-power is becoming ridiculous once China converts civilian industry to military use.
            On top US debt is insane and dollar will have not much value to buy weapons from the others.

          8. Lost Empire says:

            I agree with you that most of their allies won’t follow US in an war, apart UK, Israel, and maybe Australia and NZ. The problem is indeed the enormous debt that US have with all the world. They know that can print money until the dollar will be the principal value to buy oil and gas. If it one day not too far it won’t be the so, then give back money to creditors will be impossible. America doesn’t want to pay back anyone.

          9. HiaNd says:

            “America doesn’t want to pay back anyone” but they have no choice…Once they become much weaker country they will pay sooner or later + interest.
            Yes “5 eyes” a Commonwealth countries are US buddies.
            For Israel I am not so sure.
            With deep crisis coming and printing press stopping Americans will have eye opening situation with the Israel and they will discover all Israeli crimes against US…
            And on top + Israeli parasitic life over the decades on US budget will push US population to completely reject Israel

        3. Icarus Tanović says:

          Why do you talk to imbecile who claims that Wahhabis are truest Muslims? And that Wahhabism and ISIS are as “Islamic as it gets”. I wouldn’t talk to the snake like that.

          1. Ali says:

            Opinions are like Assholes Icarus. We all have our own. so to rule out the entirety of someone’s opinions/thoughts just because you don’t agree with one of them is wrong. You should try to find points on which you can agree on and therefore share more opinions/thoughts surrounding the same subjects and ignoring the subject(s) you don’t agree on. But for that to happen there has to be mutual respect which in this case exists.

          2. Icarus Tanović says:

            It is not the “opinion”, it is common sense. You are old enough and smart enough to know better. End of conversations with you. Hypocrisy is something people tend to not like.

          3. Ali says:

            “Common sense” is subjective. It varies in every person’s mind. It’s not a universal law. And to be able to talk to somebody without writing them completely off just because of one of their opinions is not called hypocrisy, it’s called tolerance. So what you’re not gonna reply to me to anymore because i have this opinion that makes me a hypocrite? See how that doesn’t work? But definitely do if thats how you wanna do things. That’s you.

      2. HiaNd says:

        Hi Ali, … no sign of flying ,”stealth” Jews over Iran yet ?

  2. Samuel Vanguard says:

    Houthis on the offensive

    1. Pave Way IV says:

      I really can’t imagine the Houthis doing this, much less against an empty Greek tanker. Which begs the question: why is there even an Afrimax sized tanker unloading at Jeddah and then leaving empty? Did the Saudis run out of oil or something? And how did any crude get spilled if the tanker was empty and hit above the waterline? The Saudi chimps must have OK’ed the false flag but didn’t want the CIA to use a full tanker because it would trash the Saudi’s Red Sea coast and they can’t afford a Sudanese clean-up crew anymore.

      This is also being reported elsewhere (ZeroHedge for one) as a mine explosion. Perfect excuse for the in-process U.S. plans to label Ansar Allah and the Houthis as terrorist organizations – something Pompeo and his bottom-boy Kushner have been planning on doing before their pending unemployment. Looks like this didn’t attract too much international attention though, so Pompeo will double down on stupid and cook up something more ‘terroristic’ to false flag the Houthis.

      Note to Pompeo: the world sees the Houthis as the good guys here and everyone hates Saudi Arabia. Shouldn’t you have prepped the public opinion ‘battlespace’ first, or do you really think that everyone is as dim as YOU? F’king traitor.

      1. Garga says:

        Here you belong to the group of critical thinkers. May I ask, how dare you?

        That was the first thing came to my mind when I read this news (the mine version): False flag. Because as much as Saudis shrieked “endangering world’s energy supply” on top of their lungs and even bringing it to the UNSC, other countries didn’t pay much attention to them so they needed something new to generate sympathy.

        Also interesting it’s just like the other similar false flag attacks on tankers before, a hole one meter above the waterline seems a hard task for a submerged mine, but easy peasy for a hypothetical small missile shot from a hypothetical deranged regime’s German-made submarine.

        Ansarallah used remote-controlled boats before, but they were generally sent close, without sat navigation (or repeaters) I’d like to know how they could send a boat >600km and attack not a fixed position, but a ship (so waypoint GPS guidance jumps out of window). It’s radio waves and earth’s curvature, not rocket science!

        1. Pave Way IV says:

          “May I ask, how dare you?”

          I already stole Greta’s dreams and childhood with my empty words, Garga. Once you piss of a psychopath like her, nobody else seems nearly as terrifying. I fashion myself as a bit of a thinking daredevil now (still working on the costume). Shouldn’t be long before they strip me of my U.S. citizenship and cut out my tongue.Plus, once I become a ‘foreigner’ with respect to the U.S., they can assassinate me at will. Exceptional! God bless America.

          1. Garga says:

            If that face doesn’t scare you, nothing else will.
            To help you out, I have some ideas for the costume but one common problem they all have is the freaking bulge! Well, in addition to Greta you’ll piss off feminists too unless you learn to behave like sissies, ain’t that fun?

            Re. assassination, today another Iranian scientist was assassinated, someone they tried numerous times in the last 15 years to remove, he succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. May his soul rest in peace, we owe him a lot of our current deterrence. Depending on the party that accepts the responsibility (maybe this time Israelis loudly claim it), it seems some hands are hellbent on having their war on Iran to the last American before Trump leaves the office (or will he leave?).

  3. chris chuba says:

    That will drive up insurance rates for the Saudis and the Saudis will be compelled to lower the price of their oil in order to remain competitive just like Iran has had to do. Let’s see how they like it.

  4. Ali says:

    This was fun. Let’s do it again.

  5. Icarus Tanović says:

    Let’s sink couple of them.

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