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Bolton: US Does Not Recognize Venezuelan President Maduro’s “Illegitimate” Power

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Bolton: US Does Not Recognize Venezuelan President Maduro's "Illegitimate" Power

Nicolas Maduro

On January 10th, White House National Security Adviser John Bolton said that the US does not recognize Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s “illegitimate” power.

“We hold the illegitimate Maduro regime directly responsible for the safety of all Venezuelans who cry out demanding to freely choose their leaders. We will continue to use the full weight of United States economic and diplomatic power to press for the restoration of a Venezuelan democracy that reverses the current constitutional crisis,” Bolton stressed.

“The Trump Administration resolutely supports the Venezuelan National Assembly, the only legitimate branch of government duly elected by the Venezuelan people,” Bolton also said.

President Maduro was sworn in for his second 6-year-term on January 10th and it is supposed to last until 2025. His assumption of office was widely criticized as illegitimate by the European Union and some Latin American countries that have refused to recognize Maduro as the president.

Sputnik reported that “the United States has repeatedly criticized his policies, while the Venezuelan president has suggested that Bolton was preparing a plan to overthrow and kill him.”

Politico further reported that Bolton’s statement came after opposition leader Juan Gerardo Guaidó Márquez used an article in the Venezuelan constitution to declare that Maduro is not the legitimate president, a move Bolton supported as a “courageous decision.”

On January 10th, a State Department release said that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke with Guaidó over the phone to congratulate him on his swearing-in as Venezuela’s new President of the democratically elected National Assembly.

“The Secretary reinforced the U.S. commitment to the National Assembly, the only legitimate and last democratically elected institution in Venezuela, and the re-establishment of democracy in Venezuela. The two reaffirmed their desire to work together closely on a broad range of issues throughout the year to bring about a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic future for the Venezuelan people.”

Early on January 12th, France 24 reported that Venezuela’s opposition called for “a mass protest against President Nicolas Maduro in a bid to oust the socialist leader in favor of ‘a transitional government.’”

The president of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, said on January 11 that the constitution gives the legislature the right to assume transitional power after declaring Maduro a “usurper,” but said it would need military backing and for people to take to the streets to demand change.

“Is it enough to lean on the constitution in a dictatorship? No. It needs to be the people, the military and the international community that lead us to take over,” said the Guaidó, speaking to a crowd of around 1,000 opposition supporters in Caracas.

According to the France 24 report, Guaidó’s bid received “wide international support” on Twitter.

Also on January 10th, the United States Agency for International Development Administrator Mark Green released a statement on Twitter blaming Maduro for “hunger, a severe health crisis, violence, and countless violations of human rights, while causing a massive exodus of Venezuelan citizens.”

On January 8th, the US also sanctioned Venezuelan individuals allegedly connected to President Maduro.

These sanctions come in addition to earlier sanctions on transactions of Venezuela’s digital currency and a ban on Venezuela’s gold exports, a significant source of revenue for the South American country.

“The United States always maintains its unilateral posture of not respecting multilateral agencies while trampling on international law,” said Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, adding that Venezuela does not recognize any sanctions imposed on the country without UN authorization.

China’s position on Maduro’s assumption of office appeared to be positive, as Xinhua reported that “Han Changfu, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s special envoy and China’s minister of agriculture and rural affairs, also attended the ceremony and conveyed President Xi’s congratulations.”

Russia also appears to support President Maduro. In early December, Maduro said that Venezuela has signed deals securing investment from Russia in the South American country’s oil and gold sectors following a three-day trip to Moscow.

Furthermore, on January 11th, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the West may have funded protests targeting Venezuela’s embassies in various countries.

TASS reported the following:

“According to her, Moscow is well aware who funded protests against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s inauguration, as well as “many other performances.”

“Funds particularly came from the budgets of [Western] countries with direct information support from Brussels,” Zakharova said.

She stressed that developments in Venezuela were the country’s internal affair. “We have on numerous occasions called for refraining from meddling in Venezuela’s domestic affairs and give the country’s people a chance to resolve their issues through legal methods,” the Russian diplomat pointed out.”

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John Whitehot

“a transparent, democratic, citizen-responsive government that respects human dignity.”

In other words, a US stooge.

There was so much dignity in Venezuela when the US party was in power.

So much dignity they brought to the whole South America, the Pinochets and the Videlas, the thousands and thousands of disappeared people, those thrown out of flying helicopters, the CIA financing far-right terrorists and military juntas by smuggling cocaine out to the entire world (especially including the US), and a whole set of freedom-loving and democracy-protecting measures known as the South America playbook.

“So much chaos when the US retreats” goddamnit.

stary ujo

Bolton , Pompeo will decision who is legitimate , no people of Venezuela !


Maduro most likely has the same opinion of the US by not recognizing their POTUS and administration legitimacy. US election is a farce and rigged.


Yeah? Too bad, because Venezuelans voted for him and do recognize him as their president, which is more than enough. It’s none of you or anybody else’s business but his own people.

But, the US does recognize Mansour Hadi as Yemeni president, while Yemenis don’t because the guy was selected in a one-person race as a transitional head of state to prepare the country for the elections of a real president. His term has passed and the guy resigned two times after people revolted. But still you think he is a president.
It may look like a joke, Bolton also recognizes the head of MEK terror cult, “Madam Radjavi” as the Iran’s resistance president. What does that mean, my guess is as good as yours).

Half the population of the US don’t recognize Trump as their own president, how about you first solve your own problems and then preach others?


Venezuelans did not vote for Maduro, not of free choice. Venezuela under Maduro is a failed state just like Zimbabwe was under Robert Mugabe. A dictatorship where the president used the army and bands of thugs to intimidate the opposition, perfectly willing to let his country go to shit as long as he could remain in power, implementing failing policies. And Chavism of Maduro fails just as hard as Mugabe’s lets confiscate all the land of the white farmers.

There is nothing romantically heroic about Maduro’s resistance to the US, the enemy of my enemy is never my friend, just my enemy’s enemy, nothing more, nothing less. And even a utterly broken clock like Bolton still tells the correct time at least twice a day. The sooner Maduro buggers off and does the world a favor by dying, the better. Only thing is that it should not by the problem of the US to fix. It’s up to Venezuela’s neighbors to deal with this problem. And if they can live with the millions of Venezuelans seeking a better life in their country, then that is their choice, not fucking Bolton.

You can call me Al

Did you forget about the US “across the board” sanctions on Venezuela ?. It is a failed state due to the US.


It’s a failed state because Maduro and his predecessor Chavez invoked a policy of stealing off the rich and then make everybody poor. Socialist/communist states don’t work, and have never worked. That’s why that ideology is as evil, if not more so then Nazism. Granted, American sanctions don’t help, but Chavez and Maduro don’t need America to ruin Venezuela, their own ideology does that for them. Just like it ruined every other Socialist/Communist country in the world.

I have no love for the leaders of the West, but I thank my lucky stars that I was born in the West and not in some socialist hell hole. Which is why I particularly despise Western leaders, because they too are ruining what used to be working. Instead of working for our best interests they are only working for big capital and multinationals.


Cuba is a socialist state, and the Cuban people have a longer life expectancy than Americans.
The American hatred of socialism has been implanted in the brains of all Americans by the moneylenders.

No wonder the USA is so attractive to Jews, they don’t have to steal, Americans believe that all of Americas wealth belongs to the plutocrats and wants them to take food from their children’s mouths. I’m surprised Americans don’t sacrifice a child to Goldman Sachs.

Bill Wilson

Cuba has an ideal climate and no industries so the air remains clean.


It’s Americans that have indoctrinated brain disease not Cubans.


In Cuba starve the people again. There is no money for reconstrution of buildngs. There are 40-50-60 years old cars on the streets. If the citizens could vote, theyx immediately would change the regime.


In America starve the people again. There is no money for reconstrution of roads. There are 40-50-60 years old people living on the streets. If the
citizens could read, theyx immediately would change the regime.


Hey shithead look it up, nearly 80% of the economic activity within Venezuela and ownership of industry, agriculture and land is in private hands. All that Chavez and Maduro or other left governments outside of Cuba have done, is put with varying degrees is social programs that blunt the effects of their capitalist societies, just like FDR did in 30’s America. Meaning Venezuela is not socialist you fucking alt-right moron, maybe you should see what a neoliberal shithole the Argentinian economy has become under Macri, but that would shatter the myth of the socialist boogeyman.


The only reason Venezuela has problems is America.
America is destroying Venezuela, just like it destroyed Yugoslavia, Sudan Libya Iraq, and all the other innocents who have been put to the sword by America.
Because Americans refuse to mind their own business and kill children for sport, the world will have to give America a taste of its own medicine.


The problem is, that the socialist governments did nothing. Social programs are good, but not enough. They did not support the agriculture, the development of industry. 15 years have fallen out. This is the root of problems.


What socialist governments do is educate children.
The reason China and Russia have gone from backward countries to the technological leaders of the world, is they give even the poorest a chance to excel.
America has turned into a shithole because Americans think they don’t need no edumacation.

Now if you had received an education you might know that China is the largest food producer on the planet, and Russia exports as much wheat as America.
You might also know that industry in America is shrinking, and China has a much larger industrial base.


Another alt-right communist are hiding under my bed idiot.


h and you yanks are going at 22 day with your silly shutdown, learn how to govern yourselves before have the nerve to tell other how to govern.


Americans solve their problems by killing people, it’s the American way.


and in fact most people wouldn’t give their dying breath to pedo bolton but they would without too much of second thoughts allow him to drown anywhere provided it would be a bona fide and certified end to the twat!

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Maduro should declare the Trump regime illegitimate (he did LOSE the popular vote in the US 2016 elections), talk with Pelosi ONLY as the legitimate US leader, and covertly arm Trump’s opponents. Who do the US think they are? The US Evil Empire, of course!


No way, Trump is the greatest weapon in the arsenal of the free world.
Let Trump weaken the evil that is America, then the free world can finish them off.

Tommy Jensen

“US will not recognize the Maduro dictatorship’s illegitimate inauguration.
We will continue to increase pressure on the corrupt regime, support the democratic National Assembly, and call for democracy and freedom in Venezuela.”

I could not have said that better myself. As usual me and Bolton think as twins. For freedom folks.

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