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Bolivian President Resigns As Result Of Post-Election Riots

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Bolivian President Resigns As Result Of Post-Election Riots

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On November 10th, Bolivian President Evo Morales resigned, following an international audit that discovered that elections on October 20th couldn’t be validated. In the elections, Morales secured a slight victory over his rival, former President and Vice-President Carlos Mesa.

Both former President and Vice-President Carlos Mesa (and Morales’ main rival in the elections) and the OAS agreed to allow Morales to complete his current term, which was due to end on January 22nd, 2020, to ensure an orderly transition.

A preliminary report by the Organization of American States (OAS) released on the day Morales resigned said that there were “serious irregularities” and that the elections couldn’t be validated.

“The first round of the elections held on October 20 must be annulled and the electoral process must begin again, with the first round taking place as soon as there are new conditions that give new guarantees for it to take place, including a newly composed electoral body,” the OAS said in its statement.

The preliminary report stated that there had been manipulations, as well as the statistical unlikeliness of Morales’ victory.

“The manipulations to the computer system are of such magnitude that they must be deeply investigated by the Bolivian state to get to the bottom of and assign responsibility in this serious case,” the organization’s report said.

The OAS added it was not statistically likely that Morales had secured the 10%-point margin of victory needed to win outright and recommended Bolivia use new electoral authorities for any new vote.

“In the following hours, in agreement with all political forces, we will establish the steps for this to take place,” he said.

Morales said he was stepping down “for the good of the country,” which has been seeing protests in the days following the October 20th election.

Three people have died and over 100 were injured.

Morales, previously agreed to respect the OAS findings as binding, announced new elections and a new electoral commission. Shortly after, Mesa embraced new elections but insisted that neither Morales nor his Vice-President Alvaro Garcia Linera should be allowed to run.

“We have been in the government for 13 years, nine months and 18 days thanks to the unity and the will of the people. We are accused of dictatorship by those who lost to us in so many elections. Today Bolivia is a free country, a Bolivia with inclusion, dignity, sovereignty and economic strength.”

He won his first election with a campaign that promised a government focused on the needs of the country’s poor. But he was also accused of using the system to concentrate power. As the Constitutional court ruled to allow him to run for a third term, back in 2013.

Immediately after Morales resigned, people took to the streets to celebrate, amid the political vacuum that is created by his departure.


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Finally the hegemon gets another regime change in Latin America …. Bolsonaro’s Brazil will have a new ‘partner’ … for a while.


Regime change by another method…


What did the Bolivian President do, that pissed of the powers in US? https://www.cfr.org/backgrounder/bolivias-nationalization-oil-and-gas


Yeah, an Turkish used car sales man have an credibility rate that dwarfs OAS, whom we all know is run from the District of Crimials Washinton in the Imperial banana republic Moronika, and was created to be just an tool for exactly this ocasions we are having in Bolivia, they are as credible as the African counterpart whom we all know was dead silent and complant to the war on Libya, to then think this OAS is for the benefit of the South-Americans is an grand delution of biblical proportions, its simply not even close to anything but an organisation rotten to its core, and we all know that the MSM by means of the Impisses ones, have all been attacking the “socialist” Morales, yeah, evil, evil, socialist, right.

They have attacked, the storm troups of the neo-liberalistic elite scums, have threatened to kill gov peoples familys, attacked them, attacked people whom was open in their suport of the evil, evil Socialist Morales, and on top of it, stil do, puting up hitlists of people whom the scums wants dead and gone, mostly indiginous people, whom have been hunted down before, by pre-evil, evil socialist Morales came to power but hey, the MSM didnt bother to mention it, because they where friends of the Imperial banana republic. And this is done by Trump, and then if you have any doubt of how brain washed the dumbest f…. people on this planet is, the Yankikes, go to sites like ZeroH and read the coments, to then MoA where they stil have an pack of idiots, sorry Yankikes drooling something about maybes, yeah, well pissing and I have years ago, not only stopped to debate with HasbaRats, but they are at least exused because they just Lies, the problem with Yankikes, is that they belive, like their whining about AGWs queen bee Greta, they them selfs are so f…. stupid and ignorant its to me become an comedy central, every article this days are idiot propaganda, and they claim they are alternative, to what, CNN/BBC. They are NOT. Then we have the same in Norway, somehow, the image painted is so obscure its downright riddicilous, and when scumbags like the British Labor rat, GoreBin says something about an Coup, He is dont credible at all, no more than Boris the Bastard have, aka in the sub-zero range, far belove an Used car sales man and cockroatches. Dont for an moment think GoreBin or whomever in the dumb Britain is or will make any difference, that, people is just an ilution, they are just two sides of the same coin, no difference what so ever, and Labour have not in any way of from been an alternative, to even think GoreBin is going to put the Brits and the nation is the forefront is so stupid its breath taking, that will never happen, its the City of London that rules the freak show called Parliament, like the neo-libralistic f…. runs Norway. They are traitores, all of them, no expseptions what so ever.

This, was and is an genuine Right winged neo-facistic/liberalistic coup by the same scrap book as before, and the difference is the violence, partly, but the racism is also in the issue, and then we have the traitores as the Police, and the Military, and the coming uh…. saviours of the Bolivian nations, various Yankikes bitches and the ritch elite. This sould be an warning to other nations where they have gone in full force, Lebanon, Iraq, etc, etc. Yeah, weird how silent it is, isnt it, and even the usual crybabys of the left about indiginous people is dead silent, and then we have the other South-American nations, this time, to see whom is a Yankike bitch is much easier, this time the expose them selfs, and this, is the empires back yard, and they will never ever give it to the people, they have the bitches by their balls, and they benefit from it to, so its an win-win. Again, anyone whom is dumb enough to debate anything with any Yankikes have my symphaty, where they stil belive in the idiot narrative about socialism, and their profs are Venezuela and/or NK, but the same people whom elobrate why socilaism is bad never bother to admit why this nations have problems, due to an corrpt UN and the sactions forced upon them by the scums like Trump in the WH. No, instead you get something about Free mooney, for nothing drivel, and then we have the propaganda against China, jesus they are crasy, and the propaganda is been ramped up to warp drive level of manure throwing, along with an population witch makes dumb as an rock an inult to rocks. I dont bother to take on Lithuim etc, but forcuses on the humans actions.

The truth is, UssA is evil, nothing but pure evil, run by an idiot whom is delutional, irrational and a pedo criminal, and have done absolutely nothing, apart from contonuing the imperial attacks on the rest of the world, nations after nations, do as we say, or we crush you. And never think the average Yankike cares, they dont, for centurys they have proven one thing, they are plain evil, rotten to their core, and have killed millions, and you think they care, are people really that blind, if anything, that scares me more than anything else, the hopeless blindness of the comon man against an evil empire. That, will be our nemesis, ignrance and arrogance. Yeah. War is peace. Ignorance is an bliss. May the lord have mercy upon this that saw this, and tried to fight it, in an world of qujons.



I guess Americans are not the only stupid voters in the world. I can not imagine what kind of issues would cause an entire population to desire to become a serfdom. Is there more to this than we are shown? Unless I have missed something, I just don’t get it. Are Bolivians afraid the US will come for them next? It looks as though they’ve already gotten to them. If the people of Bolivia install a US friendly regime, everything they have accomplished over the last 20 years will evaporate…along with all their resources. As for the OAS, it has been past it’s usefulness long ago, becoming a US foreign policy tool and little else. When is it going to monitor US elections and tell the truth about our ‘irregularities’? I’m still waiting for the final report from 2004…where US elections failed the ‘free and fair’ litmus test. Where was the OAS then?


Weak ass pres. Too weak. Caved in like a bitch.


CIA funded and created—narcissistic thugs r easy to find in any nation…they will always create chaos for dollars and little chayro (Bolivian slang for cocaine)

Saso Mange

Leader who doesn’t speak about Israel in superlatives can not rule for long time these days…

J Roderet

Evo Morales was a great leader, but he should have cleaned the traitors out of the military. He also should have driven out the traitorous oligarchs that control most of the country’s wealth and mass media. When patriotic leaders do not carry out these important tasks, they are at extreme risk of being overthrown in US-orchestrated coups. We have seen this phenomenon over and over again (i.e. the so-called “color revolutions”) — and the only real solution to end it is for the targeted countries to lay down the hammer on the internal traitors.

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