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Bolivian Coup Leader Announces Presidential Bid in Upcoming Elections


Bolivian Coup Leader Announces Presidential Bid in Upcoming Elections

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On December 1st, Luis Fernando Camacho announced that he would run for President in the upcoming Bolivian elections.

He is a Bolivian oligarch and one of the suddenly appeared opposition leaders, responsible for the military coup in Bolivia.

Following Morales’ resignation, protest leader Luis Fernando Camacho stormed into Bolivia’s presidential palace, with a Bible in his hands. Essentially, he showed that the far-right opposition had overthrown the leftist government under Evo Morales.

Camacho was the leader of a right-wing fascist group, Max Blumenthal’s investigation into Bolivian opposition figures showed.

Wyatt Reed, one of the journalists reflecting the situation in Bolivia from inside the country interviewed Maribel Vargas – a member of “former” Bolivia President Evo Morales’ party MAS, who said that “fascist shock troops” brutalized her and others when they were celebrating Evo’s win in the October 20th elections.

According to her, those that carried out the military coup began their efforts as early as in August, when the Amazon fires were happening. She claimed that Bolivia President Evo Morales was blamed as the first stage of the coup against him.

In terms of foreign policy that required changing, the right-wing coup government restored relations with Israel on November 28th.

Foreign Minister Karen Longaric made the announcement in a meeting with foreign reporters, without giving a date for the establishment or giving any other details.

Evo Morales cut relations with Israel in December 2008 when an Israeli offensive in Gaza left hundred of Palestinians dead.

“It was a political measure that did not take into effect the collateral effects, such as economic and trade issues,” said Longaric, adding that restoring these ties would be good for the Bolivian tourism industry.

To show that support for Evo Morales is still strong in Bolivia, a poll by Atlas Electoral showed that if elections took place on November 22nd, 12 days after he resigned and left for Mexico, he and his party would win 57% of the vote.

Protests throughout Latin America took place on December 1st in support for Bolivia.

Regardless, there is still very limited information regarding what is happening inside Bolivia, and that is due to the revoking of media licenses of many of the outlets covering the situation in the country.

The majority of information that comes out is of “democratic” actions undertaken by the coup government and self-proclaimed interim president Jeanine Anez. They are mostly to the benefit of the US, and now Israel.




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