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Bolivian Coup Government Struggles To Consolidate Power With Repressions And Violence

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Bolivian Coup Government Struggles To Consolidate Power With Repressions And Violence

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On November 21st, protests continued throughout Bolivia, after a violent response by the coup government to a blockade of El Alto’s Senkata hydrocarbon plant.

Despite recognition by the Organization of American States (OAS), the US and even a conditional recognition of Russia, self-proclaimed Interim President Jeanine Anez’ government struggles to consolidate any sort of power.

It is attempting to do so through heavy repression and is resorting to violence even in the face of little to no provocation. Various independent correspondents are on the ground in Bolivia, providing videos and reports, and they are, as expected, getting very limited mention in the media.

Supporters of “former” President Evo Morales marched in El Alto, one day after authorities broke off a blockade of the Senkata hydrocarbon plant. At least 8 people were killed in the clashes.

This brought the total number of officially reported dead to at least 23.

During the procession on the next day, the coffins were carried as part of it and authorities forced the protesters to drop the coffins on the ground.

The video underneath shows people peacefully protesting, with authorities clashing with them with teargas and armored vehicles.

The video shows the procession of thousands of people descending on the capital La Paz from El Alto and how they were met by authorities supporting the coup government.

There are, furthermore, reports of heavy press censorship and “sellout press.”

Another video was uploaded, showing military personnel praying on their knees, before they go out and thwart the protests of the indigenous people who aren’t Christian.

In the city of Sacaba, Bolivia, there was only one single foreign correspondent reporting on what was going on the ground – a Russian journalist from Vesti, his report and the situation can be seen in the video below, with included English subtitles.

Wyatt Reed, furthermore recorded how peaceful protests marching on the ground were met with tear gas and immediately dispersed, when they’ve clearly done very little to warrant such a response.

As it was becoming more and more obvious, the new government, under self-proclaimed interim President Jeanine Anez is a government of repression and violence and it may just be a matter of time that the military and police’s heavy-handed response escalates the situation to a civil war.


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These police and army soldiers behave like they are not Bolivians, not even humans.Such hatred towards their own people.

Dušan Mirić

Don’t let them consolidate!!! It would be much harder to do it later.

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