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Bolivian Coup Government Names Evo Morales “Terrorist” Amid Heavy Repression Of His Supporters

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Bolivian Coup Government Names Evo Morales "Terrorist" Amid Heavy Repression Of His Supporters

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On November 25th, Interior Minister Arturo Murillo of the Bolivian coup government announced that “former” President Evo Morales was a “terrorist” and that he would send him to prison “for the rest of his life,” in an interview with the Guardian.

According to Murillo, who is part of Self-proclaimed Interim President Jeanine Anez’ government, Morales orchestrated efforts of his supporters to “strangle” Bolivian cities by organizing roadblocks and protests.

Murillo claimed that an audio recording allegedly proved how Morales was giving instructions and he, himself, was 200% certain it was the former president and that it was genuine.

“This is terrorism and this is sedition,” he said. “We have asked for the maximum sentence … of 30 years in prison.”

“Any terrorist should spend the rest of their life in prison – any terrorist – Evo Morales or whoever. It’s not about whether you’re an ex-president or white or black or a campesino … In fact, it’s even worse when it’s an ex-president. An ex-president should be sentenced twice over because people trust in their president.”

Speaking to the Guardian in Mexico City, where he has received asylum, Morales rejected the accusations as “harassment” designed to prevent his return to Bolivia.

He didn’t specifically decline that the recording was genuine.

“I talk to everyone who calls me. Sometimes I don’t know them. Sometimes they seek guidance,” he said.

Following the accusations there’s also been advertisements running on television, painting an image of Evo Morales as a “chaos-sowing provocateur who has brought turmoil to Bolivia’s streets.”

“Evo is summoning people to confrontations. Evo is not letting food reach the cities,” one advert claims. “The people want peace.”

Journalists were even given a tour of his alleged apartment, a luxurious premise in a recently completed building. It was aimed at proving how Evo Morales lived off the people’s back.

Murillo attacked Morales as part of a group of “fake lefties … who sought nothing but power.”

He further said that he wasn’t worried after “attacking” a Morales who still has wide support in the country.

“I don’t care how much it inflames things … in life you have to take risks and have the bravery to put things in order.”

“Evo Morales has lost his political career – he has lost it all – and he will never be candidate to anything else in this country,” Murillo insisted, claiming that Morales was so bad that “he even runs the risk of Mexico asking him to leave the country.”

Murillo furthermore rejected claims that the right-wing coup government had little interest for the country’s predominantly indigenous population.

Despite self-proclaimed Interim President Jeanine Anez having numerous racist tweets, and swearing herself in as president while clutching a Bible and saying that the “Bible finally returned to the presidential palace.”

In another radical move, the coup government cut all ties with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. There appears to be a significant purge of Morales supporters and pro-indigenous policies taking place in the Bolivian government.

At the same time, Jeanine Anez announced that elections would take place in 2020, and appointed Salvador Romero as first member of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) that will oversee upcoming general elections.

She said he had quite a bit of experience, as he has chaired the National Electoral Court from 2006 to 2008, and has worked with the United Nations and the Organization of American States. Meaning that the OAS has no worries that the elections will not undergo as planned this time round.

It should be noted that there was a protest in front of The Guardian’s headquarters in London, due to the pro-coup government reporting of the outlet.

Separately, several US congressmen and women questioned the OAS and the legitimacy of its claims that the October 20th elections in Bolivia were falsified.

“Before the votes were even tallied, the Organization of American States expressed ‘deep concern and surprise at the drastic and hard-to-explain change in the trend of the preliminary results’ in Bolivia’s October 20th presidential election. This refers to the increase in President Evo Morales’ lead in the race, after an interruption in reporting the preliminary results. It was repeated by the OAS and in hundreds of major media reports and became the basis for allegations of fraud. However, the data shows that this change was neither drastic nor hard to explain. We hope that the OAS will help clarify these issues by answering some basic questions put forth by members of the US Congress,” stated US representatives Jan Schakowsky along with Representatives Jared Huffman, Bobby Rush, and Jesus G. “Chuy” Garcia in their letter to the OAS.

Protests are continuing in Bolivia, and being met with heavy repression from the police and military.

Survivors of the “massacre” at the Senkata hydrocarbon plant on November 21st presented bullet casings as evidence of the military’s brutality to the Interamerican Human Rights Commission.

On the evening of November 25th people in Bolivia marched to demand justice for the Sacaba massacre on November 15th when at least 9 protesters were killed by military personnel and police.

On November 25th, UNICEF released its official report on Bolivia, saying that the situation was dire, 33 people had died so far and upwards of 800 were injured. The report presents the situation in an extremely biased light, presenting Jeanine Anez’ coup government as legitimate and disregards the heavy repression and violence the “interim” leadership is employing in an attempt to consolidate power.


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I dont get it..
I live the same or better at my home ..
This is not insane luxury..
He is a president in the end of the day…
What the fuck they want from him???…!!
To leave in the same place like pigs??!!!
This reporter should show his house as well,, and as well the house of that ugly beach ho self proclaimed president…
All president they have good living conditions…
This people are fuck up in the brains….
This will be a total failure of the coup in final…


By pigs you mean the poor people, right?

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Piss just about everyone off, what a brilliant strategy. Looking forward to these bastards swinging from ropes.

Hasbara Hunter

Bolivia take one advise from me:

seems like a perfect time to get things settled once & for All….


Where is America now that always says that they are with people will????
Where are you America????
80%of the entire country defends Evo…
This people doing the coup are nazi’s.suporters.. they will not win on general election….

Harry Smith

Why do you think they will not win elections? Do I have to remind you how Ukrainian nazzi washed out all the opposition candidates like Tsarev? The algorithm is working since Bolshevik coup in 1917. Why do they have to change anything in a working procedures?

Ceasar Polar

Cheating in elections is standard procedure in the anglo-ZioNazi empire.

Hasbara Hunter

The people doing the coup are America….the AngloZioNazis….Elites….the Parasites of this Planet….

Pave Way IV

…but the U.S. means well. We’re sincerely trying to help these people…

Why won’t anyone believe us anymore?

Hasbara Hunter

Well…basically because the AngloZioNazis have had a couple of Centuries to show their good intentions…They could have build a paradise if they had wanted to….but instead they created Hell on Earth…So my personal conclusion after all these years is: Elites are a bunch of Greedy Narcissistic Psychopathic Paedophilistic Massmurdering Demonic Parasites out to Destroy Humanity & all living things, so that they will have the entire World as Their playground..to stop em you gotta Hang em…

Pave Way IV

“…Where are you America????”

I would check in the coca growing regions first. Watch for small, unmarked aircraft and shifty guys with dark sunglasses.

Ceasar Polar

In Bolivia they want their newly found and nationalized Lithium. Futures cars will be electric, high demand on rare mineral lithium, thus Bolivia’s coup.

Pave Way IV

Plenty of lithium demand, but it’s really not that rare. Bolivia does have over half the total global reserves with the largest deposit on earth – the Uyuni Salt Flats – but does not have anywhere near the infrastructure to support mining it on the scale they hope to have. Until recently, the salt was hand-harvested by locals and trucked to collection points. Harvesting salt isn’t the problem though, it’s refining out the lithium. Then there’s the problem of shipping it. Bolivia has no ports or access to the sea – it’s land-locked.

Bolivia lacks the technical and engineering skills to separate the lithium carbonate from other minerals (specific to Uyuni brine) at a high enough purity to satisfy battery manufacturers. The firm they brought in for that effort is trying some kind of new technique but haven’t heard of progress. Refining also takes a lot of water – water that they don’t have in the high-altitude salt plains. Argentina and Chile have much smaller deposits, but can mine and extract the lithium easier today using known techniques.

The idea for minimizing foreign investment to maximize profits for Bolivia is a noble goal, but it’s not working out as smoothly as they thought. Lots of big firms won’t touch Bolivia anyway due to ‘political instability’, i.e., the US regime-change plans. The next replacement US-approved government will sell out to international miners in a heartbeat for a fraction of the profits now rather than dragging out a home-brew project for years under state control. I’m sure the almost guaranteed bribes for high-ranking politicians will help, as they always do in Bolivia.

This will not really benefit the US directly – we don’t make lithium batteries here. We apparently do use a lot of cocaine, but I digress. Japan and now China make the batteries for Tesla, and it’s not a simple process. Nobody really considered Bolivia as serious global competitor for larger finished lithium batteries – they’ll be a big lithium carbonate supplier if they have success with their purification and can ship it at a cost competitive with other international sources. I really hope it works out for the benefit of Bolivians, but history says otherwise: everything the US touches turns to shit and lots of brown people seem to end up dead. I blame climate change.


China apparently took Bolivia to be a ‘serious supplier of lithium’ and so has a multi-million dollar plant under construction.
China also has a highway planned from the Pacific through Bolivia on to the Atlantic, the east coast of Brazil.
Would imagine the US would be keen to stop that highway, can’t have the natives trading with each other and making money.

Pave Way IV

China’s Xinjiang TBEA Group won the bidding for a joint venture with Bolivia to produce lithium and other minerals from two smaller salt pans north of Uyuni. 51% Bolivia/49% Xinjiang TBEA owned. The Chinese will front theri share of the $2.3 billion, and Bolivia will pay with its share of production. Bolivians might get a few jobs out of the deal, but they won’t see a dime of profit or a kilo of their production share for a decade. Odd deal, but the two smaller salt pans are more remote and further north than Uyuni, and the deposit size is less certain. They haven’t even done feasibility studies of mining/producing those deposits yet, so it may not even happen. Building plants would be several years away. Bolivia might have their half paid off before economical extraction ends, but might not. So even if the project does happen, Bolivia might just end up a decade from now with a paid-off but useless mine/plant and exhausted deposits = zero benefit to Bolivia. And maybe a half-billion more in environmental cleanup costs for the toxic waste dump the Chinese left them.

Bolivia awarded the Uyuni rights to a German firm, ACI Systems GmbH, but Morales canceled the contract just before fleeing Bolivia. Seems shady. That was for bulk lithium hydroxide production and a battery plant. Locals didn’t like the deal – they were only to get 3% of the profits, while similar deals in Argentina and Chile gave 8% – 10% to locals. Why such a bad deal, Morales? ACI still hoping to re-negotiate something with the new government, but they have no idea.

China: [Reuters link] [Dialogos Americas link]
Germany: [DW link]

Ceasar Polar

The world is covertly and overtly Nazified.
Scary times

Stephan Williams

Do you even know what the word, “Nazi” means? Geez!

Lazy Gamer

An ex president who gave an illegal order that resulted in 0 deaths vs. a de facto president who already has 30+ kills. lol

chris chuba

The usual hawks in Congress want to pass additional sanctions against Iran because of their response to the protests based on economic policy but are just fine with Bolivia’s anti-democratic actions here. Aren’t we Exceptionally hypocritical.

Rafik Chauhan

this is the tactic by oligarch and Zionist US. the way they use on iran they are using same in Bolivia. make the freedom fighter terriost . and make terriost a savior of humanity. this woman interim president is clearly a slave of US look like she is a porn star of US and using that in Bolivia

Ceasar Polar

Her husband is a colombia politician.
She def sucks americuck’s D.

Ceasar Polar

For a President this house is exactly how a correct and honest President would live in.
They just see the Palaces of previous Tunisian President (BenAli) when he left the country. Stuffed with foreign currencies with secret rooms. Now that was corruption.
Evo Morales’s house is a humble apt, not a fancy place for a President.

J Roderet

The real terrorists are the US/Zionist puppets leading this illegitimate, coup regime. They have already used incredible amounts of violence (i.e. state terror) against peaceful, unarmed protesters. Bolivia is quickly turning into a Ukrainian style, basket case of a country.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Jeanine Anez is a Hispanic-supremacist bigot who continues the Hispanic conquest of the Indian people. Because Morales is Indian the Hispanics seek to finish conquering his tribes land and people.
Hispanics have genocided over 100,000,000 people in the Americas to date. 100 years from now only Hispanic-supremacist will remain and all others will have been ethnically cleansed.

cechas vodobenikov

amerikan fascism infecting civilized peoples—freedom hating amerikans r envious of people that cherish freedom

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