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Bolivia Trolls United States At UN Security Council Meeting On Trump’s Syria Strike

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Bolivia Trolls United States At UN Security Council Meeting On Trump's Syria Strike

A screenshot from the UN SC live

Bolivia has dramatically trolled the United States during the ongoing meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) held to discuss the US missile strikes on the Ash Sha’irat airbase operated by government forces in Syria.

Bolivian Ambassador to the United Nations, Sacha Llorenti, slammed the US missile launch, arguing that it was detrimental to the investigation of the recent chemical attack in Idlib province.

Llorenti showed a photo of infamous US Ambassador to the United Nations, Colin Powell during his 2003 speech to the United Nations when Powell showed a fake sample of the Iarqi chemical weapons. The Powell speech and fake accusations of the Iraqi government in developing the nonexistent weapons program set a ground for the US-led invasion to Iraq.

Llorenti told reporters (source):

“Now the United States believe that they are investigators, they are attorneys, judges and they are the executioners. That’s not what international law is about.”

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Nicely done.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Up to someone with enough courage to claim his hypocrisy at the face of the greatest terrorist sponsor of all time. Congratulations Bolivia.


Your up vote count is very impressive! Here is another one ^ :)


Indeed I join in from Russia-Insider link’


Surprised that this thread is still active after 2 years. Great job Bolivia! :)

Huisje tuintje boontje beesje

I have to go on holliay there , courageous poeple


Been there very nice yes

Mr. Perfect

Yeah, please go to that third-world shithole.


Way to go Bolivia! Hopefully we will more reports like this come out of the UN today!

Den Tetre

Now bolivians are waiting for cruise missile strike.


The U.S is using weather control program(CHEMTRAIL/HAARP) to create drought, like they did to Cuba during the sixties and seventies and eighties to starve the people.


Or maybe quite the opposite. To control the Atlantic weather system to hit Cuba with hurricanes. And too much water !!



top kek troll by the spic commies


Copy that, praise Kek

Suyanto Ng

UN is done.

gfsdyughjgd .

It is a one sided rubbish USA/Nato organisation opposing countries must pullout from that CIA organisation.It ONLY PROMOTE WHITE SUPREMACY and depopulation agendas.


Bravo to the Bolivians. They’ve shown courage during a severe paroxysm of US supremacism. And I would add that this government, unlike the right-wing clown of a POTUS, is a LEFTIST one that stood by Russia in the past and continues opposing the Evil Empire.

One can only sympathize with those US Americans who held hopes for the new administration and these have been dashed.

Ling Cheung

Brilliant, Humane, Reality, Fair speech made by Sacha Llorenti today at UN, unlike others who blindly support USA accusing Syria Legitimate Government WITHOUT Prove, Trump fell right into the trap of ISIS & Rebels

gfsdyughjgd .

Trump did not fall in the trap he plan the attack with FSA and CIA.Trump is a racist imperialist man with a white umbrella.He want to intimidate Syrian government who has the right to self defence.

Ling Cheung

Trump fell into the trap of rebels & ISIS …. Prove the chemical were used by Assad regime first…. Like prove there were mass destruction weapon in Iraq before causing Millions of Iraqi Deaths !!!


C’mon SF they are not “trolling”, it’s a civilized, well-argued diplomacy… Nikki Haley is a troll, showing photos of dead children, shameless b*tch.


You mean it is “shameless” to show the victims of a crime against humanity? Shameless to show who DIED from it? WTH? This is what happens when the generation who saw the use of WMD on a huge scale and the horrors it inflicted protects future ones from having to deal with it themselves by banning their use and holding those who do it anyway accountable. That protected generation just shrugs and says SO WHAT if countries start using them again. Not our problem. Are you for real? We saw what happened using Obama’s plan -5 gas attacks on civilians, fake claims to have gotten Assad to turn over his WMD and more horrific deaths you wouldn’t wish on anyone if you have a speck of a conscience. And other thugs taking note they are more likely to get away with using it too now -because it will be SO much easier to rein this in again when 8-9 countries are doing it instead of stopping it with this one, right?

Lets toss out the Geneva Conventions while we are at it -what an outdated document whose intent was to try and prevent as many civilians deaths during war as possible when we know now no one is supposed to care anyway.


It´s shameless to claim outrage and act on emotion when so far not a single shred of evidence has been presented for it. We only have ´evidence´ given to us by the Jihadis and their allies. It takes law investigators months to make a criminal investigations case that will stand up in court but only a day for this? That’s not justice, that’s trial by media. Is that the international law you’re harping about?

Also, as history has repeatedly proven the use of despicable weapons is only an issue if its being done by somebody the West disagrees with. Where is the West’s outrage over what Saudi Arabia is doing in Yemen? Where is the West’s outrage at the civilians its killing in Mosul?

Selective outrage, disdain for international law itself, no respect for due process and proper investigation. If that is the Geneva Conventions (which it isn’t by the way), then maybe it should be done away. After all, it’s not like the Geneva Conventions saw any application in regards to the detainees in Guantanamo Bay. Through that facility the US pissed away any rights to appeal to the Geneva Conventions.

Those that believe in might makes right lose all rights to appeal to moral outrage.


Are you for real??? it is not just shameless, it is SICK, it is DISGUSTING, it’s below decency to use children as a tool for her propaganda and lies, to manipulate with victims, to HIDE BEHIND DEAD CORPSES and use them as a pretext for killing even more children. And that’s exactly what terrorists in Syria are doing from the beginning of this conflict (7 y.o. bloggers from Aleppo f.e.), and now even western diplomats using exactly the same dirty tactic to justify their illegal aggressions against sovereign countries. Is it really possible that someone, anyone on this planet support her SHAMELESS acting, fake, crocodile tears and CNN/Pentagon tomahawk-‘humanism’? They dare to claim ‘moral high ground’ – there are too many dead bodies buried on their ‘moral’ high ground.

Hey maybe syrian or russian ambassadors in the UN should show disfigured, burned corpses that Trump’s tomahawks killed yesterday, huh? Including children. How about children of Mosul? Ask Nikki to show her victims. Ask her about the Geneva conventions. And the UN Charter. I’m not even going to start about how many children were kiIIed by Obama, Bush, Clinton etc. etc…… who showed their photos?


No, she was *shameless* for her conduct; by trying to move the audience to suspend their reason and rush to conclusions without proofs; she failed to present any proofs—most likely because she did not have any, otherwise could have presented them—she only threatened that the United States of Aggression would act if the United Nations remained “idle”, she did not even attempt to force a vote, for an independent investigation, the diplomats simply went home and then, right behind their backs, her cuntry launched a dastardly attack. Thus, she deliberately avoided a due process in the United Nations Security Council (and deliberately left it “idle”), then she defended the absolutely indefensible crime of aggression perpetrated by her cuntry by mudslinging the Russian deputy envoy. And in a way that is so typical of the American: the way of shameless blusterous morons.

By the way, the Geneva Conventions were already tossed out by the United States of Aggression during its war in Afganistan.


A military airfield under Assad’s control from which they know for a fact the planes were launched and returned after gassing them and yeah, we’re supposed to pretend it’s a real mystery who did it. Sure,we need more evidence -right? Might take a few more years even after all the previous attacks that went unanswered.

Aside from it being a crime against humanity, using military assets to attack unarmed civilians is a massive waste of precious resources. The message sent was “use it to attack unarmed civilians and you won’t have them to fight your armed enemy”. Whether Assad wants to admit it or not, the loss of a big chunk of his fixed wing planes that were used in that attack was costly.

The UN is a worthless POS that abandoned the purpose for which it was created in the first place long ago. So decide if you want to REALLY deter crimes against humanity both in Syria as well as any other thug thinking it carries no consequences -and the use of poison gas is one of the worst there is-or if you’re satisfied just sitting around wringing your hands and pretending your feelings here are what counts most-not preventing the further horrific slaughter of unarmed people! But the Syrian people sure aren’t impressed with how Obama handled the previous 5 gas attacks so let’s see if we can deter Assad from attack #7 by doing something different and more effective for a change.




However Ukraine says: We contradict Russia in everything, even if they claim that Ukrainians are clever.


Bolivia will be the next target to be sent US Democratic Values and ‘regime’ change I suppose.


I dont support whats been done here but lets not pretend anyone gives a crap about Bolivia, ok? LOL

Carlos Teran

I do. In fact, I give multiple craps.


Despite its seeming ineffectiveness UN is still a major stumbling block for US aggressive foreign designs. That’s why they had to ignore it and launch an attack without a mandate. Because they were not going to get it. Well done Bolivia.


Since the United Nations started in 1945, it seems as though the world has been in a constant state of war and run by the U.S State Department(CFR)

Daniel Castro

World has been on a constant state of war since humans walk earth…


True! We could also say that since the founding of Israel the world has been in a constant state of war etc. No?


Bravo for the Bolivian Ambassador, someone has the COJONES to tell the truth to the BULLIES in the American delegation.


Except it turned out Saddam did have WMD, the NYT knew it and more than 600 US troops were injured. The left pretended since they weren’t loaded on rockets and were detonated on the ground, they don’t really count as WMD. The worst liars are US leftists who bent over backwards to give a known mass murdering sociopath every benefit of the doubt over our President -because he had the wrong party letter after his name.

John Mason

the only thing you found was the remnants of chemicals supplied to Iraq by the US to fight against Iran and when Iraq said NO, the US then fabricated everything to try and justify their aggression. The only fool here is the US and the only victim is the Iraqi citizen. Fortunately history has a habit of introducing ‘pay back’ which is happening now. It started with Trump, a useless piece of turd, US economy which is failing drastically, US defense where only 40% of missiles hit target in Syria and a swamp of deadbeats who wouldn’t know if their arse is on fire. Terrorist cells already established in the US. 9/11 was a CIA fronted exercise that killed over 3000 American citizens and no one has done anything about it. Payback has already started.

Peter Moy

OUCH! That was a real kick to the groin for the boys and girls at the US State Department and Pentagon. The truth really hurts those evil, murderous hypocrites. A big Bravo for Mr. Llorenti.


If you reign in assad for war crimes, you should do the same for saudi arabia in yemen and israel in gaza. Hypocritical pigs. Trying to explain to family and friends all of this, who just cant fathom that the same superpower that once protected them from ww1 and ww2 and the cold war may go rogue and corrupt and lie to us, is a pure headache and an exercise in frustration. BLIND.


Ah well, it is a distraction from the great Venezuelan-Bolivian fight for human rights of their citizens.

Jarek Steliga

I appologize to the free/civilized world for the support offered to Trump by my/Polish president Andrzej Duda. I am sure there are many in Poland who like me find yet another unprovoked attack on a foreign country outrageous beyond words.

Mr. Perfect

What the fuck is Bolivia? Lmfao, go do more cocaine.

Eldridge Davis

Well done Mr. Ambassador.

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