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JUNE 2023

Bolivia: Social Movements Prepare For Major Confrontation With Post-Coup Regime, National Blockade Starts Monday

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Bolivia: Social Movements Prepare For Major Confrontation With Post-Coup Regime, National Blockade Starts Monday

The social mobilizations reinitiated in force last week

During a mass mobilization last week social movements declared the commencement of a general nationwide strike, and that they will initiate a blockade of major roads throughout the country on Monday the 3rd of August if the interim post-coup regime doesn’t back down from its attempts to further delay elections scheduled for the 6th of September.

In a massive open assembly held in the city of Alto to condemn the announcement that national elections have been postponed until 18 October, the trade union confederation Central Obrera Bolivia (COB) and other major social movements demanded that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) confirm that national presidential and legislative elections will be held on the 6th of September as required by the relevant electoral law. On Monday, the social movements will begin an indefinite general strike and nationwide blockade of major roads.

“At the request of the social organizations of El Alto, of the 20 provinces of the department of La Paz, of the Tupaj Katari Federation, of the provincial trade union confederation, collectives of the north of Potosí, miners, factories, builders, community councils, parents and youth organizations have asked that as of today the indefinite general strike be declared”, the executive of the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB), Juan Carlos Huarachi, announced following the assembly.

The massive march preceding the assembly began in Senkata, where dozens of Bolivians were killed during the repression last year, and stretched for several kilometres from the streets of the city of El Alto. There were also mobilizations in other regions throughout the country.

The movements also expressed their disagreement with the policies that have been implemented by the regime of Jeanine Añez, which have generated economic instability, unemployment and crisis throughout the state apparatus, in addition to the many acts of corruption that have been revealed during its short term in office. LINK


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Zionism = EVIL

It is time to liberate Bolivia from the CIA installed cunts who illegally overthrew Morales.

Lone Ranger

The Monroe Doctrine will be crushed. CIA failed in the middle east and now they are failing in South-America. According to financial experts whom predicted 2008 a runaway hyperinflation of the $ could hit as soon as November this year.


But what about the Tommy Doctrine.?


Will there be a ‘Big Mac’ price and inflation marker for the US, as seen around the globe?

A wee bit of hyperinflation in the US could easily see a Bic Mac in the US @ $100. :)

Lone Ranger

Will be interesting to see what happens when one can only buy a couple of burgers with their foodstamps…


Thats why the bitch should be at the top of a hit list,its the only language the filth understand.

cechas vodobenikov

interesting that the US coup in Bolivia targeted Morales—a nation where none speak Spanish as their 1st language except for the elites—mainly of German/Spanish ancestry….the amerikans r upset that living conditions improved and poverty decreased enormously during Morales tenure…amerikans despise freedom and democracy…Morales and MAS were even popular in the right wing south—Santa Cruz de la Sierra where US spies r observed frequently….that Morales expelled the US corporation from El alto and Cochabamba when they privatized water and increased costs and nationalized water except in Santa Cruz where a private coop is quite successful, upset amerikan imperialists and the Bolivian military—that has long excluded aymara, Quechua, Guarani peoples from officer positions—officer ranks r mainly Germans, some Croations, some of Spanish heritage. while it is claimed that lithium was the reason, this is obvious nonsense—Chile produces 4 times as much than does Bolivia…..the USA fears examples such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Cuba…it was Gabriel Garcia Marquez that remarked that without Fidel the amerikans would have had us speaking amerikan from Patagonia, northwards

Gary Sellars

The US will ALWAYS attempt to crush and de-legitimise any home-grown political movements or idologies that fail to meet the approval of eleite Western owners of capital. They cannot abide an examples of systems that deliver more to a nations people than the corrupt Western neoliberal private-owner capaitalism model.

cechas vodobenikov

unfortunately true

Gary Sellars

The best place for Jeanine Añez is hanging from a tree.


Remeber the dope head Elon Musk, huh, said something about they wanted an coup and they got one, but somehow this creep was just uh…. joking, isnt it fascinating, and I know that the elite in the banana republic Moronika is rotten to its core, and the entire Aplhabet soup is there to be an tool for the international leauge of evil scums, like E. Musk and the rest. Yeah, Bolivia isnt the only nation that have been attacked by the UssA, its all over the globe, incl Freedom Gass to the european bitches, and to read about Germs and the Frogg f…. in Paris talking about doing something about this like conversing an child about Santa Claus, you cant do anything than smile a bit to the childs delution without destroying this childs reality, and let them talk and all you can do is smile and nodd along.

Bolivia was doing the right thing, for Bolivia and it people, in every bloody way, reminds me about Libya etc to Mali, witch got an fear election and the new leader did just one mistake, just one, wanted to nationalise their resorces and the French attacked Mali, and the rest is history, but the west, whom is screaming about BLM and Racism is dead silent when it comes to the coup in Bolivia among others, but what to expect when its the same scums of this earth that owns the MSM, and the MSM are the hendgemen of the elite, denying even riots, and that is all over, incl European Media, even they talk to us like we are idiots. I hope and pray the Bolivians kicks them all out, never ever trust the Yankikes, and anyone whom suports them is to be dragged out and hung in the nearst possible lamp post, the only way to deal with traitores and turncoats. Hang em all.


johnny rotten

Natives Live Matter, after 500 years of abuse it is time to leave them alone.


Adelante…Protejan a su pais del imperio y sus dictaduras capitalistas…


I have seen these US backed Fascist Regimes all my life in South and Central America,they all have one thing in common,they respond to any demonstrations with brutal violence and death squads,so i would say to the people get ready and get armed.

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