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Bolivia: Confrontation Deepens As Negotiations Fail, National General Strike And Blockade To Continue

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Bolivia: Confrontation Deepens As Negotiations Fail, National General Strike And Blockade To Continue

The social and political crisis in Bolivia intensifies

The Central Obrera Boliviana (COB – Central Trade Union Confederation) and Pacto de Unidad (Unity Pact) civic organizations, which are a part of the alliance of social movements and organizations making up the Movement to Socialism (MAS), the political party of former president Evo Morales, announced on Tuesday that they will continue to intensify the mobilizations, however, they instructed the blockaders to allow ambulances and medical supplies and personnel to pass through.

COB executive Juan Carlos Huarachi urged blockaders to allow the passage of essential health services and equipment, a call that was subsequently reiterated by the organization’s intercultural executive, Henry Nina, who ratified the instruction to allow the passage of ambulances due to the health situation that the country is going through.

The announcement was made after the government reported that the blockages are preventing the passage of oxygen tubes, which are vital for treating COVID-19 patients.

Tuesday marked the second day of protests called to demand that the forthcoming national elections be held on September 6 as originally agreed between the major political factions after two previous delays. The electoral commission is attempting to postpone the election until 18 October.

The social leaders estimated that as of Tuesday there were more than 50 major blockade points throughout the country.

Bolivia: Confrontation Deepens As Negotiations Fail, National General Strike And Blockade To Continue

One of the blockades that have sprouted throughout the country

Bolivia: Confrontation Deepens As Negotiations Fail, National General Strike And Blockade To Continue

Demonstrators on the march

The executive of the Confederación Sindical Única de Trabajadores Campesinos de Bolivia (Single Trade Union Confederation of Agricultural Workers of Bolivia, CSUTCB), Jacinto Vega, announced the organizations’ decision that it will also “continue to join” the protests and not back down.

The social movements and organizations that have organized the nationwide blockade of major transport routes apologized to the Bolivian people for the inconvenience caused by the blockades, but emphasized that they are necessary to ensure that national elections are held to re-establish a legitimate government.

The leader of the COB leader further stated that the de facto government is not meeting the urgent needs of the population regarding the health crisis and the economic recovery. LINK

Late on Wednesday, after five hours of meetings between representatives of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and the social organizations protesting the postponement of the elections, the respective sides announced that no agreement had been reached.

Consequently, the indefinite national general strike and roadblocks will continue for the time being.

The executive secretary of the Federation of Trade Unions of Mining Workers of Bolivia (FSTMB), Orlando Gutiérrez, reaffirmed that the miners are ready to expand the mobilization in the event of any attempt by the police or military to end the blockade by force.

The leader of the COB, Juan Carlos Huarachi, expressed his regret that no agreement has been reached. “Unfortunately, there is no will from the TSE. We have spent five hours justifying the people’s request, covering the social reasons for the demand and legal arguments,” he said after the meeting amid cheers and calls of ‘elections now’ outside the TSE building, in the Plaza Abaroa in La Paz. LINK


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Under Evo, the majority of Bolivians saw a general increase in levels of education and standard of living and their participation in the productive market was greater than ever, that’s why they’re resisting the global Zioterrorist CIA-backed coup bible-thumping regime. Bolivians rightfully learnt to abhor the idea of IMF debt and “pro-business” measures, which is ever greater under the coup regime’s tyranny.

Tom Tom

When a satanist thumps a bible I don’t think it means the same thing. Argentina’s been going to the IMF no-stop whether left or right. gov’t’s are in power.

cechas vodobenikov

due to amerikan buitres capatalismo—u fascist fool

Tom Tom

Nah, you’re the fool, fool, but yeah, American gov’t has helped that but they did not set it up, just did business with them and used CIA in that regard. Still the same point, the American satanists helping the Latin satanists doesn’t mean a thing about Jesus.

Removil Pedro Mata

Yes they did, they even blackmailed the government towards the resolution of the debt payment that they postponed,

cechas vodobenikov

many free clinics created in Bolivia during the past 15 years, many staffed by cuban physicians/nurses…income/wealth disparities reduced…even in the right wing Quechua dominated south Morales, an aymara is popular

cechas vodobenikov

no pasaran!

chris chuba

Time to call in airstrikes and then to see some smug, millenial, conservate chick with large black framed glasses on FOX’s ‘the Five’ make a snarky remark. Oh, if we had to live with what we imposed so callously on the rest of the world. Maybe we are sleep walking into it without even knowing.

Tom Tom

wait, so you actually believe someone getting paid lots o’ money on t.v. also has values, whether left or right? It’s all a dog and pony show, Chris. Joe Scarborough was a tea partier in the 90’s, so now he’s “changed” on MSNBC? It ain’t ’bout the left vs. right, red vs. blue, it’s about the green. That’s why Hillary pushed Obomber to bomb Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, with drones strikes in Pakistan, all Executive Orders to bypass the Congress to do it, just like Bush did in Iraq.

Ivan Freely

There’s hope for the Bolivians. I wish them well in their fight against the sycophants in their government.

johnny rotten

With the lies about the electoral results, by the regimes owned by the North Americans, they managed to impose a fascist government that has already started the hunt for the natives, in the complicity and pleased silence of all the Western countries that fill their mouths with anti-racism, this is yet another proof of colonialism that does not want to die, that the Force is with the Bolivians.

J Roderet

The Bolivians will win, in the end, against these Zionist freaks that are currently and illegally in power.

Tom Tom

The Hispanic (white) power structure in all of the Central and South American (and North, of course) countries holds into control of the economy. It might be 12 families in Honduras, 40 families in Mexico, etc., but it’s still the same thing. If they could somehow break through that, however they do it, it would be worth it. Socialism’s a waste of time, but if they do take over maybe instead of killing millions of everyday people like the Bolsheviks did in Russia, they could just expel the top families. Then go back to democratic Capitalism, since it does actually work as long as the word democratic is involved. It has become rarer these days.

cechas vodobenikov

fascist racist—democratic capitalism—an oxymoron…u r an idot


The jew George Soros and its enslaved monkeys.

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