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Bodycam Video: Militants Are Surrendering Weapons And Equipment In Syria’s Rastan Area


Bodycam Video: Militants Are Surrendering Weapons And Equipment In Syria's Rastan Area

A screenshot from the video

The Russian pro-government media outlet Rusvesna has released a body camera video showing the moment when Rastan pocket militants were surrendering their weapons and equipment to the Syrian Army and the Russian Military Police.

On May 2, militants in the Rastan Pocket in northern Homs and the Syrian government reached a reconciliation agreement. Under the agreement:

  • militants were set to surrender all their heavy weapons and equipment;
  • radical elements and their families were able to withdraw to other militant-held areas in northern and western Syria;
  • members of militant groups, who had not commite war crimes, were able to settle their legal status and to remain in the area.

In mid May, the Syrian Army and its alllies established a full control of the Rastan area, which includes the town of Rastan and over 60 other settlements.

Over 31,000 militants and their relatives withdrew from these settlements in the framework of the reached agreement, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.



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