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Body Of Pilot From Downed Su-25 Brought to Russia – Ministry Of Defense

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Body Of Pilot From Downed Su-25 Brought to Russia - Ministry Of Defense

Flowers in memory of Sukhoi Su-25 jet aircraft pilot Roman Filipov outside the Russian Defense Ministry. SOURCE: Artyom Geodakyan/TASS

The Russian military intelligence service has delivered to Russia the body of the pilot from a Su-25 warplane dwoned on February 3 in the Syrian province of Idlib. The operation was conducted with the help of their Turkish counterparts.

Russian military intelligence, in cooperation with Turkish colleagues, have returned the body of attack pilot major Roman Filipov to Russia, who died as a hero on February 3 in Syria. The funeral ceremony for Major Roman Filipov with the observance of military honors at the request of the family and parents of the Russian pilot will be held on February 8 in Voronezh,” the ministry said in a statement, according to the Russian state-run news agency Sputnik.

Major Filipov was posthumously awarded the title of the Hero of Russia.

The Su-25 warplane was shot downe by a MANPAD over the village of Khan al-Sabil, within the area controlled by Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda).

Filipov ejected from the warplane, but died fighting with terrorists. He blew himself up in order to avoid captivity.

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paul ( original )

I have seen a few accounts of this development. As far as I can glean the the body was returned due to Turkish pressure. The details are vague but to my taste this seems rather underhanded with the Turks appearing to have a foot in both camps. If they have this sort of influence then are they not part of these groups?


Every nation in this conflict is playing a game at the cost of the Syrian people

paul ( original )

No doubt where the suffering falls.




Handful of scoundrels on the top is not nation. Major Roman Filipov is not Syrian.


Turkey, like Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia, is 100% within the West’s sphere of influence. The Deep State plays Putin like a fiddle, mostly via their jewish agents in Putin’s inner circle.

At the moment what you are seeing is “BASH THE KURDS”, for it is a fact, sad or otherwise, that the Kurds have no true friends. Yet they, as a group, are the most westernised of all muslim ethnic minorities.

The kurds are used and abused, but their leaders conspire with the state of affairs. What every regional power agrees is that the kurds must learn their place, and never be given a state of their own.


” Yet they, as a group, are the most westernised of all muslim ethnic minorities.”

That was once the case in Afghanistan and we know how that turned out :)



They are terrorists plain and simple ! !THe BAD GUYS !


My thoughts as well Paul.


So “strange” that Turkish precisely knew where was the body…Damn it


Yep. Turkey = HTS apparently. But we all knew that

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Faylaq al Rahman is who their TSK operations officers are as HTS cried foul about the body being stolen from them. They had no intention of giving it back without money and weapons in exchange.


A hero!


Here’s a clue for the clueless. The downing of the Russian jet was an intelligence operation of the West, planned and executed at the highest level. Using local CUT-OUTS to fire the heat seeker doesn’t change this fact.

Of course Putin took the biggest ‘SPECTACULAR’, Britain’s downing of a plane full of Russian military musicians flying to celebrations for the recently liberated Aleppo, ‘on the chin’ like the servile chump that he is. Don’t forget MI6 is at the heart of the operation to throw Russia out of interantional sporting events.

The Deep State is using “death by a thousand cuts” against Russia, grooming Putin to give up on appropriate retaliation for state wrongs against his nation. And this allows the Deep State to progress its operation to demonise Russia and Putin more and more. But Putin makes the mistake of his life when he calculates there are just too many hurts against Russia to respond to each.

British intelligence is genius at observing an enemy and identifying ‘cracks’ that can be exploited. British intelligence is also genius at disguising its operations as the ‘work’ of local ‘randos’. Every makor ‘rebel’ team in Syria has british agents in its inner circle. They help guide planning, and can ‘magically’ get any equipment- always from carefully ‘disguised’ sources, so the other rebels don’t have a clue who is actually manipulating them.

Like 9/11, plausible deniability is the name of the intelligence game- and idiots here will always claim braindead rebels just got “lucky”.

Listen to what the governments of France, Britain and the USA OFFICIALLY say about Russia. They declare Russia to be “enemy no.1”. And what do you think Empire powers always try to do to “enemy no.1”? Read a history book, people.

And what does Putin do in response? Vote IN FAVOUR for depraved anti-Human UN resolutions proposed by the West WHENEVER POSSIBLE. The recent sanctions imposed on N Korea, By Putin, for instance, were the most obscene in Human History.

After the genocidal Korean War, N Korea has every right to seek the most perfect forms of self defense. Yet Putin states the jews of Israel may do what Iran and N Korea may not- in an act of PURE RACISM. As a reward, powerful American jews demonise every successful Russian with the ‘Kremlin List’.


I accept all of what you say EXCEPT your opinions of President Putin.

The biggest failings of most Westerners today is that we have become used to Instant Results. These are often achievable in circumstances that to not matter and that have little weight.

President Putin realises the limitations of what can and cannot be done instantly and waits patiently until a response is most effective.

Reality is a game of chess and NOT a ‘Shootem up video game’ .

Bulgarian God

Don’t be silly. Putin is also a Rotschild jewish puppet, and Rotschild command center is London. ;)


Honestly that NK thing is beyond words. Even China is on board. By the way ever wondered how the UNSC successfully passed that resolution to have NK bombed to smithereens in the 1950 when both China and the USSR has veto power? The two were having a spat and were boycotting the UN. That spat cost NK millions of lives. Makes you wonder about these countries..Can they be trusted?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Russians and Chinese learned from their mistakes, yet we don’t see that happening in the west any time soon.

Graeme Rymill

Destroying a Russian military choir was a British intelligence priority? Who would have guessed? I suppose you have some hare brained explanation on why the British would bother?

al quaida

I don’t know what’s worse. You, or the three sheep who up-voted your ridiculous conspiracy theory.

Bulgarian God

Turkish allies of Russia helped. Putin akbar, oh yeah…


What’s your problem brother? You have a problem with Putin or Russia? Ooops. May be you are not a brother but jew. They all believe they are gods. It is a very serious mental sickness.

Bulgarian God

Putin is half jew by mother and puppet of the Rotschild bankers, so eat shits you piece of shit! :)

Tudor Miron

The more this “friends of Russia” bash and blame our president the easier it is to know that he’s doing well :) Trash talking instead of some kind of logical argumentation is their usual way of debate.


I understand their pre- election fever but this is not their only desease.


“our president” Tudor, I beg your pardon, but you and your up-voters look like schoolchildren. I would recommend you to watch interwiev (in Russian) with Michael Lightman – rabby, professor, cabbalist, member of the Counsel of Sages, born in Russia. It was more than a year ago.Here are some fragments:”…Who are these Putins and Obamas? They are our puppets…we helped them in their strive for power…and they do all what we say…There will be 3-rd world war, 4-th, nuclear war, all that we find neccessary…Only WE have freedom of wiil. Q. Who WE? A. WE, people of Israel. This interwiev was broadcasted on Israel’s TV but no action from Russian side followed (flogging Israelis ambassador at least). Worse, some time later Russian ambassador Karlov was killed demonstratively.

Is it”Trash talking instead of some kind of logical argumentation” also?

Tudor Miron

Nikolay, I appreciate your way of debating and this does look like argumentation. But may I ask you a couple of questions before I answer to your post? Where are you from? Nikolay makes me think that you’re my compatriot (CCCP territory). I’m obviously from Russia. How old are you? This important to know what is the span of your personal life experience. (I’m 47) Your nationality ? (I’m Russian of Moldavian nationality) I gave my answers to the same question so that it doesn’t look like I’m asking personal questions while not being open about myself. Also this allows you to have a reasonable assumption regarding my background (so to speak).


Tudor, thank you for reply, pleased to meet sober man, albeit…Russians are “people of the bottle” versus Jews are “people of the book” as Igor Guberman says, dropping a hint that first for him is more preferable. So, you ask “a couple of questions” before you answer to my post… WARNING: A man can be judged better by what questions he asks than by how he answers them. And here I present you 5:53 long video for entertainment (special attention pay between 1:17 and 1:38). This time you look like esaul Katz… A joke. http://tehnemt.ru/music/evrejskaja-kazachja_evrejskoe-kazachestvo Regards, Nikolay

Tudor Miron

Kolya, you try to accuse me that I’m answering with question to your question. This shows that you either didn’t read my post or simply trying to confuse readers of this conversation. There was one question in your post “Is it”Trash talking instead of some kind of logical argumentation” also?”© and I gave an answer “ this does look like argumentation.” Now, regarding questions I offered before replying to your post. I clearly stated that those questions were intended to know a bit more about a person with whom I was about to debate. Also, I offered answers to same questions if they were directed at myself. To me this was fair and clearly different than Jew’s habit of answering a question with a question. Now regarding your “proofs” that Putin is “Zionist in disguise”. You provide some words of Jew rabbi claiming that “Obama and Putin are puppets of people of Israel”. Why do you even imagine that I should believe some zio brainwashing his own “sheeple”. The only actual fact about that interview is that someone said something. The rest is an opinion at best. Why don’t you provide some actual facts to prove your point? Let’s start with couple of simple things:

Did Russia further lost or regained its sovereignty during last ~15 years? Did living standards of Russian population fall or rise during last ~ 15 years?

But honestly, I post the above mostly for readers of SF. I don’t see much sense engaging in open debate (truth seeking) with someone who can’t answer where he is from, how old he is and what nationality he is.


“Kolya” Wipe your nose, Tudor. More later.


Good morning, Tudor ! So, you mortally offended by my “trying to accuse” you. Well, you confirmed old and simple truth obviously unknown to you – looking at the same different people see different. I would be much pleased if someone attempted to accuse me this way. I would laugh. You are obsessed with yourself, with your ill intentions, and this didn’t allow you to take notice of people, laughing sincerely. Jews in Israel laughed also listening to this song. Laugh is best remedy. Laugh is best weapon. Laugh unite people. All is good that unite people, all is bad that separate, split them up. Sad conclusion follows – you are not good. OK, now I wiil try to play up to you. Enjoy with “your president”. http://communitarian.ru/novosti/politika/novyy_kursk_putina_prichinoy_katastrofy_nad_sinaem_moglo_stat_popadanie_izrailskoy_rakety_08112015/



Good evening, Tudor ! You live in your cuckoo-land and know nothing ! Here is more positive information for you: https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/102290/russian-president-putin-becomes-landlord-tel-aviv/#cEKzPe6v3JMQfWdh.97 Congratulation, I rejoice with you ! Greetings to all your buddies shabbos goys !

Tudor Miron

Still having problems to answer simple questions: Where you are from, how old are you and what is your nationality. Hiding something? We can get back to debate whener you find courage to answer. Until you do, I would prefer to pause this debate.


“Still having problems to answer simple questions:..Hiding something?” Yes. My blood spoiled with Ukrainian 1/8-th. Feel ashamed with that.

Hide Behind

Syria is as good a place as any for the powers that be to condition the populace acceptance of perpetual war. Not so much war as warfare, where all the modern tools of warfare can be experimented with. Of course you need willing and unwilling participants and where better to find them than middle East and Africa, where race ethnicity, religious, and just plain primative barbaric and unsophisticared cultures can be easily inflamed to violence. The Balkans were exploited so easily by Euro and US warfare experts because of long simmering hatred and impulsive unsophisticated populaces. YES the nations leadership’s also in the main know how to manipulate subject to the lowest basic group think. Every “uncivilized” emotion of Eurocentric and Allies is allowed free reign, and warfare is always war against civilization as a whole. Wether US or Allies gave middle to separatist. All US NATO armed local allies in region are seperatist, or Turkey knowing ways to get a dead Russians body from enemy occupied lands is immaterial, the game of war making and one upmanship between the majors will continue Russia gets a Martyr, which will get other wannabe hero’s to join, Turk dead get hero burials, and all the indigent fighters mothers father’s tell kids go get revenge. US has worship rites of its military every sporting event, tv ads and it matters not education trigger time on people of Trumps Sh.thole nations are easy kills. SKILLS of grunts. Psychology of civilians in and out of theater are studied. The means of delivering heath are studied and new improvements towards more efficient means are developed. Each player of power vying for seats closest to the New Order Throne; each smiling when they meet, all the while each improving political financial means so when comes tome they fight each other Mayne they will survive.


Wow, that was quick.


Makes you think who provided the Manpads to Al Qaeda. Also, makes you think that 911 was the mother of all ‘false-flag’ operations….ever.

Tudor Miron

Rest in peace brave soldier. Your Motherland would not forget you.


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Humanity; not just his motherland, will remember him like Iranians remember Arash the Archer, for their sacrifice and fortitude in the face of Evil. As the Swiss tell the story of William Tell, though with a happier ending, Roman Filipov has become a legend.

Tudor Miron

Thanks for your kind words and understanding, Amir.


RIP hero you will always be the Hero who fought alone against a gang of Terrorists and never given up to be captured or else. May God bless you and may God give some peace and closure to your family.

Tudor Miron

I just wanted to add a little poem that I found today. Dedicated to Roman Filipov. It’s in Russian.

Горит на склоне сбитый 25-й, Осколок Родины среди сирийских скал. Три магазина, АПС, граната — И это весь мой грозный арсенал.

Очередями лупят, не прицельно, Патронов, видимо, им некуда девать, Но невдомёк врагам, что офицера Живого в плен они не смогут взять.

Я огрызаюсь выстрелом и матом, Такая тактика, минутный перекур. Уже готова на подрыв граната — Успеть бы только выдернуть чеку.

Обидно, да… греха таить не буду, Хотелось многое ещё бы совершить, Но здесь сейчас, за каменистой грудой, Я знаю точно, братья, будем жить!

Мелькает ближе свора бородатых, Нюх потерявшие, споткнутся невзначай. Вот и настал черёд моей гранаты… Обратно в небо… Родина, прощай!


Tudor, I upvoted your “little poem”, although it is anonymous, which calls in question your sincerity; I applied the blind eye to some absurdities, such as Я знаю точно, братья, будем жить! and Обратно в небо… whereas А если в землю надо лечь, так это ж только раз is more intelligible and close to heart. And it is not for Motherland, but for oil-pumping stations, which we have more than plenty for our needs. But this “little poem” was dedicated to one brave man and I was mournful of him and of his family. So, I took it, with reservations for myself, at face value. And one day, when you were 9 years old, my friend was captain Filippov. Now I want to add one more “little poem”, dedicated to 14 000 dead Soviet (Russian) soldiers. (You may raise an objection against this, because as comrade Stalin said one day “death of one man is tragedy, if many – statistics”).Contrary to yours it is not anonymous. It was written by Evgeny Evtushenko, pillar of Soviet poetry, Secretary of the Union of Writers (USSR).

Русский парень лежит на афганской земле, Муравей – мусульманин ползёт по скуле. Очень трудно ползти, мертвый сильно небрит, И тихонько ему муравей говорит: “Зачем ты пришёл с оружием к нам, Здесь впервые услышавший слово ислам, ……………………………………………………………….. Что ты дашь моей родине, нищей, босой, Если в собственной – очередь за колбасой… ……………………………………………………………….. This “seasoned siberian boy”, as soon as sausage disappeared from sale, took to his heels to US.

Astar Roth

Rest in peace, martyr.


RIP tovarish Roman Filipov, a very brave man who made the ultimate sacrifice for Mother Russia. The great Russian nation never forgets its HEROES.

Cheryl Brandon

Rest in peace Roman;You died too soon but, you died fighting terrorism. You did what you were trained to do;Thankfully, you did not give the destructive/divisive/Rats the opportunity to kidnapp and torture you or BEHEAD you. You pulled your grenade, taking power away from those disgraceful rats. Condolences. RIP. Parents and relatives and Russians should be very proud of you,

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