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JULY 2020

BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (Infographics)


The BMP-3 infantry fighting is a Soviet amphibious infantry fighting vehicle. It entered production and was adopted to service with the Soviet Army in the late 1980s.

The BMP-3 has been exported to Azerbaijan, Kuwait, South Korea, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and other countries. The vehicle is still being produced.

BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (Infographics)

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  • Sean Glennie

    Forgot to mention the BMP-3M and later variants:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm8M33dQ20A — Episode aired in the mid-2000s before higher resolutions (720p, 1080, etc) came available. The black & white footage was shot in the mid-1980s during state testing for the vehicle before it first entered service with Soviet ground forces in 1987.


    [The base model of the BMP-3 can be identified by a single hatch on the gunner
    sight and a big infrared spotlight mounted to the left hand side of the
    coaxial 30mm autocannon. The lack of a laser range finder on top of the guns
    indicates that this vehicle uses the SOZh day/night sight with
    integrated laser range finder. This is the most common variant of BMP-3
    in service. There are only a few dozen BMP-3Ms upgraded with advanced thermal
    sights in service. Note that BMD-4Ms use more advanced sensors, but this
    vehicle is only in service with airborne troops.”]