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JULY 2020

Bloomberg: Turkey Proposed U.S. To Study Russian-made S-400 Systems


Bloomberg: Turkey Proposed U.S. To Study Russian-made S-400 Systems

Illustrative image: Sergei Malgavko/TASS

Turkey has proposed the United States to study Russian-made S-400 missile defense system when Ankara will get them from Moscow, Bloomberg claimed citing anonymous sources.

According to Bloomberg’s claims, by this, Turkey was seeking to settle the S-400 deal issue with the US. However, the media outlet provided no evidence to confirm the claims. Most likely this report is another attempt to media organizations affilated with the US establishment to undermine the Russian-Turkish deal.

Furthermore, the report came amid a decision by the US State Department to allow a possible sale of Patriot missile defense systems to Ankara. MORE HERE



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  • gustavo

    Well, this so simple. OTAN (Turkey) will get the S-400, and someone thinks that OTAN will not find out how this system was built,,,,, he does not anything about technology development.

    • Daniel Miller

      you cant just “find out how the systems is built” thats not how it works also not to mention turky will recive a downgraded export vestion of the system.

  • Jesus

    Bloomberg’s anonymous sources are mere lies concocted by the deep state.
    Not much different than sources who claimed Indians showed off a Russian nuclear submarine (they are leasing) to the Americans.

  • Nosferatu

    Wy would Turkey tell this to US before Russia delivered the system? Its just US information pressure to force Russia to cancel the delivery out of fear Turkey will give it to US to study. But Russians have tought about it long time ago and know how to solve this issue

  • The problem is that S400 blueprints are known for many, many years. That’s why Moscow sell them anybody , who pays, Turkey, Saudi, India … you name it.

    • viktor ziv

      Not blueprints (no earnings), but hardware. Also there is export version and only russian version. For example, when Yugoslavia bought Mig-29s from CCCP, those were without radar and targeting systems, just pure shells with engines.

  • Xoli

    Of course Turkey would allow his friends to study the weapons.Just as it voted against Russia in the UNSC resolution.All USA puppets use innocent countries or individuals names just to be in USA good books.If their meet Putin their pretend and say bad things agains their friends and after leaving their turn against Putin.Nato is seven headed snake.

  • verner

    not likely just a ruse from a devoted israel supporter, like bloomberg

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Russia’s a moron. Sell them to Iran, Iran would never let Zionist from the US or Israel go steal Russian state secrets.
    Lebanon and Syria and Iran should have these, not NATO countries lol.

    • Shawn

      Don’t worry, the Russians are not stupid. They have already learned hard lessons from previous sales to the Chinese, where the Chinese went ahead & ripped off, blatantly copying their technology, weapons & then selling them for less to various clients.The Russians know that any S-400 batteries sold to Turkey are likely to fall into American hands in the near future. As a result, the Turks are only receiving an inferior export version & the Russians have stated that most of their new hardware/software are specially designed & fitted with counter measures to prevent buyers from being able to reproduce the products.

      • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

        Correct, (Soviet) Russia have done this for decades, selling “export versions” to its customers, espacially watered down export to customers that will most likely loose them in combat or turn their back on them after the sale.

  • Sinbad2

    The Turks are just making fun of the Americans.
    The US offers Turkey Patriots, and Turkey responds by offering to let the US look at the S400’s it intends to buy.
    Effectively Turkey is saying, maybe you should learn how to make good missiles like these Russian missiles.

  • Django

    Seems completely logical. First you buy weaponry that costs you billions, to have it studied by your friend and foe so that you can also throw your hoped-for sovereignty on the rubbish dump again … What sense does this have? And do you really think that the Russians would be so naïve not to cover these kinds of situations in advance? In addition, news from Bloomberg you have to take with at least a kilo of salt. Zionist nonsense from the bottom shelf!

  • Sukhoi-35

    Whether true or not, it would be an export s400 version with different capabilities, programming, and engineering. It’s all about the radars and command control portals – which will be export versions as well. The real good stuff is not sold to other countries but kept by Russia for itself. Just like the USA keeps the F-22 and doesn’t sell it but sells the F-35.